7 Top Tips for the Best Customer Data Management

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Hundreds of data breaches occur every year that result in billions of private records becoming exposed. If you're like most business owners, you want to do what you can to avoid bad-actors gaining access to your customer data and also want to avoid the hefty price tag that comes along with that occurrence.

But how can you be proactive in protecting data?

As it turns out, proper customer data management workflows come down to a handful of foundational tips that can reduce your chances of running into problems substantially.

Below, we rapidly fire-off 7 things that we think are worth mulling over.

  1. Make Data Management a Priority

Everybody talks about customer data management and safety but few make managing data a priority.

The average cost of a data breach is 3.9 million dollars. Let that number propel you towards actually instituting foundational changes to make your data practices safer.

  1. Don't Take More Data Than You Need

Modern companies are addicted to data and try to collect it at every turn. The more data that you collect though, the more liability that you're carrying.

Consider what customer data is absolutely crucial to your business operations. Retain that data ethically and dump the rest.

  1. Conduct Employee Training

Many data breaches occur because low-level staff members make simple errors like leaving their company computer logged in or downloading odd packages onto their system. Avoiding these occurrences can be done simply by educating your team on proper workflows.

There are a lot of companies out there that will come down to your office and give on-site training that can bring people into the know.

  1. Prompt Customers to Change Their Passwords Frequently

Customer data management isn't just about covering your liability. It's about covering your customers.

Make sure that the people who do business with you don't lose their sensitive data because they're using outdated passwords. Prompt them to change their login credentials every so often.

  1. Have a Robust Backup Solution

If your website is hacked and taken offline, having a backup of all of your data is key to being able to recover.

Most websites will have automatic backups made of their databases multiple times per week.

  1. Understand Current Regulations

Regulations surrounding data security evolve every day. Making sure that your company is abreast on what's required of you can keep you on the cutting edge of protection and may also cover you in the event of a lawsuit.

A business lawyer or security consultant should be able to bring you up to speed on this subject.

  1. Work With a Security Consultant

You already work with marketing/tech firms like this company. Why not splurge on hiring a security consultant?

A good consultant can analyze your specific risk and walk you through circumventing issues. They can be invaluable to your survival in the modern digital era.

Wrapping Up Tips for Customer Data Management

Customer data management is becoming increasingly important as laws change and risks grow. Our tips have hopefully served as a jumping-off point for improving your workflows.

If you need more tips, there's a breadth of information available in the blog section of this website that you should consider reading now.