Neopets Blackmarket

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Neopets is unarguably one of the most cherished online games especially for the early internet users. It was launched back in 1999 and has been around for more than 2 decades now, still serving as a popular online virtual world for a great number of players. Like all other popular online gaming sites, Neopets has a black market where players can buy and sell game items, game currency and game mascots for real money. This is just like purchasing gold for other online games like World of Warcraft etc.

Can you buy Neopoints, unconverted Neopets or items?

Yes, it is possible to buy virtual Neopets goods from third-party sites using your real money. There are countless sites on the internet that are not officially affiliated with Neopets in any regard but still sell Neopets items like Neopoints, pets, petpets and even whole accounts.

Buy Neopoints:

The digital currency officially used by Neopets to conduct business in the Neopian world is Neopoints. Just like the real world uses dollars and euros to conduct everyday business, the Neopian world uses Neopoints. The common objective for every player in the game is to obtain the highest amount of Neopoints but doing that organically requires a lot of time and effort even if you’re doing everything right. This is where online websites come in. They allow you to buy them in bulks and deals starting from offers like 5 million Neopoints to hundreds of millions of them.

Buy unconverted Neopets

Unconverted Neopets are quite rare and offer a great variety of unique expressions and poses that are more detailed than other normal Neopets. Due to all these endearing factors, Neopets gamers are very passionate about owning them. You can choose and spend countless hours trading these UCs or can buy them online.

Is it legal?

No, this whole process of buying Neopets items from any site other than Neopets is illegal. These third-party sites have various items on display that you can actually buy using your internet payment options. You can buy Neopoints, buy Neopoints items and you can also buy unconverted Neopets.

There are a wide array of virtual items available like Draik Eggs and paintbrushes that you can buy and integrate into your accounts. It should be noted that many of the sites that offer services like these are themselves scams and you can lose a lot of money to them without getting anything in return.

If you’re still going to buy these items like this, make sure the site has a good reputation and is being used by others.

What about Neocash or Neocash Cards?

This third-party business however, does not include the redeeming of Neocash to buy items from NC Mall. Neopets blackmarket should not be confused with the Neocash or Neocash Cards, which are completely legal and allowed by the game itself, you can buy neocash cards without worries.

What is the risk involved?

As discussed earlier, Neopoints and other items sure can be bought from other websites but all this is against the terms and policies of Neopets. This means that if you buy unconverted neopets or anything else against Neopets’ terms of service your account can end up being permanently frozen and taken down.