Reasons Why You Should Buy Holiday Cards From Mixbook.com

It is that season of the year when we all get to reach out to our dear ones. You also may be planning to visit your loved ones or family friends. However, with many such essential persons in your life, it may difficult to share love in person. That is why holiday photo cards have always been part of our tradition to convey your message and celebrate with each other this season. With our cards, you are well represented in every heart that you care for in life. Express your sentiments in a variety of our uniquely crafted cards.

Choice of greetings

Our cards do not greet your loved ones casually. We have taken our time to read your mind and write your thoughts on the card. Our choice of words is meant to ensure you touch the recipient's heart. They will miss you more and remember you after the holiday season is over. More so, we have written down the words in a thousand ways to give you a broad range of ways to express your feelings.

Unique photo collections

You will be bored when you receive similar cards from different persons. Hence, you will love the way our photographers have taken the whole year collecting the best images for each card. This ensures that your card will be standing out among the rest. Additionally, we have matched the pictorials with each greeting and message.

Custom designs

If you want a card that puts your message down precisely the way you want to, our designers are top-notch. We will make a card just the way you want it and write your message on it. The card may include a memorable photo you took and wish to share and reminisce with your dear one. Besides we can also inscribe the name or nickname of your dear on it to give it a personal feel.

High Quality

Your lovely and sincere message is from the bottom of your heart, and it is not erasable. We ensure that the same words are not transferred to the reader as they are and do not fade with time. We have therefore endeavored to use the best quality print paper. The photos come out so naturally. It is also easy to write your message on our cards with any pen.

Our choice of paper does not blot when you use an ink pen or slide your ball pen. Furthermore, our cards are sturdy to withstand any careless mishandling by the mail carrier. They will also resist high humidity and reach distant destinations during winter wrinkle-free.


We do not just type words to fill the cards. Our designers use modern application software to write them down carefully. Your words will come out in highly expressive lettering. Our classic styles range from free handwriting to artistic calligraphy to meet your taste. This ensures that your message comes out clearly and is easy to read from a distant.

Doorstep delivery

Our help desk is available 24/7. We ensure you spend most of your holiday with your family. We also understand the weather may not be convenient to go window shopping. Just choose your cards online, and we will deliver them wherever you may be and on time.

Reach us any time this holiday season for any inquiries about your best choice of the holiday photo cards. We will warmly serve you and help you celebrate with your loved ones traditionally and in style.