Experts’ Global has assembled the best GMAT simulations – Complete with extensive video explanations

Mock tests are a pivotal part of GMAT preparation. They are where the aspirant must unite all that they have learned, into a comprehensive understanding of the GMAT. That is why one absolutely must take the quality of the mock tests, when deciding on a GMAT prep program.

There are a number of crucial factors that go into determining the quality of such tests. In order to gain an accurate understanding of one’s level of readiness, one must make use od mock tests that accurately represent the nature of the GMAT, both in terms of scoring and questions. Strong analytics will also be very helpful in this regard.

In these factors, Experts’ Global’s mock test series stands out, far beyond the rest.

Great Number of Tests
Experts’ Global certainly offers more GMAT practice tests, than any other firm does. In contrast to most other firms, who offer only six tests, Experts’ Global offers a full 15. This is an integral part of the Experts’ Global prep strategy, as their philosophy is that frequent test taking is the best way to develop one’s test strategies. Not to mention that taking so many tests is also the best way to develop the stamina needed for the GMAT.

High Quality Questions
Experts’ Global has taken great care to ensure that their mock test questions cover the same scope of concepts that the real GMAT questions do, while maintaining the appropriate levels of difficulty and complexity. Just as much care has been taken to ensure that the testing screen that the questions are hosted on is also as close to the real GMAT’s as possible. The timers on the screen even turn red if you take longer on any given question than you would be able to on the GMAT. Take a look at Experts’ Global’s free GMAT practice test and see if you concur.

GMAT-like Scoring
Experts’ Global’s mock test scoring system is probably the most accurate, in terms of scoring. Consistently, Experts’ Global’s students have reported that mock test scores have matched up almost exactly, with their GMAT Prep scores (the official mock tests).

Excellent Analytics
Experts’ Global has developed an excellent analytics system for their mock tests. This system breaks down the students performance, for them, after every mock and also allows them to get a sense of their overall strengths and weaknesses, by analyzing their performance, over a number of mocks, as well. It also helps the students with time management, by letting them know which areas they take the most and the least time in.

Self-Study Resources
Experts’ Global’s mock tests are rooted in self-study and the firm has made it a point to include a number of resources to help with the same. Each mock test question has a detailed explanation video. These videos are very helpful, not only for developing accuracy but also for speed, since the explanations have been designed to provide extremely time efficient ways of solving the questions. Experts’ Global also provides their students with a set of 10 e-books that cover all GMAT sentence correction concepts, in extreme detail.

In order to make GMAT test prep as convenient, as possible, Experts’ Global has also developed a number of highly practical features, as well. For example, there are the “sticky notes”, small, colored, pop-up screens that are used to take notes and can then be saved in one convenient place. There is also the “flag” button, that lets you save the especially important questions, for later reference.