The Tomorrow Librarian: Harold Billings' Legacy as Director of the University of Texas Libraries 1978-2003

PCL opens as the main UT Library branch

Originally conceived to function as a social science and humanities research library, what is now the bustling main branch of the UT Libraries was completed in 1977. Millions of volumes were moved from the tower and other smaller branches to the new location.

The library is named for Dr. Ervin S. Perry and Dr. Carlos E. Castaneda. When he was appointed to assistant professor in 1964, Dr. Perry was the first black person to hold a position of that level at UT. Dr. Castaneda was born in Mexico and later became a naturalized American citizen, received three degrees from UT, and was influential in establishing UT's Latin American Collection. 

As acting director, Billings spoke at the dedication of the new library building on "The Library: Past, Present, and Future."

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