The Tomorrow Librarian: Harold Billings' Legacy as Director of the University of Texas Libraries 1978-2003


This exhibit was funded by University of Texas Libraries and created by Graduate Research Assitants, Ginny Barnes and Rachael Zipperer in October 2018. This Scalar exhibit is the permanent companion to the physical exhibit on view in the Perry Castañeda Library's Scholar Commons November 1st 2018.  

Thank you to everyone that assisted with the research process for this exhibit, first and foremost, Bernice Billings and Carol Billings Blood for sharing both insight into and artifacts from Harold's life. There was a tremendous amount we need to learn about UTL and PCL history, so thank you to Tom Staley, Don Carleton, and everyone who we interviewed and who participated in our online survey. Special thanks to Richard Holland for his time and showing us some of the shared interests and collections over which he and Harold bonded. Finally, thanks to Victoria Peña and Nicole Rodriguez for their assistance in the early stages of this project. 


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