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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Playing Basketball

One of the wonderful attributes of basketball is the game can be played alone, as a casual game, or as a competitive sport. It is a game filled with physical activity, skill, and heart healthy cardiovascular exercise.

There are several health benefits related to playing this fast paced game.

1.           Basketball Burns Calories

Basketball is a game filled with running, jumping, and aerobic style movements. It takes a lot of fuel to propel your body in the movements basketball requires, and that means you burn a lot of calories while you play.
The average player who weighs 165 pounds will burn as many as 600 calories during one hour of a basketball game. A player that weighs 250 pounds could burn as many as 900 calories while they play for an hour. 

2.      Basketball is a Great Cardiovascular Exercise

Basketball is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. The sport requires you to run, jump, and turn quickly. These activities increase your heart rate and get the blood pumping quickly through your veins.

The increased cardiovascular activity will help to prevent you from having a stroke and can reduce the chances that you will develop cardiovascular disease later in life. You can say that this type of exercise increases your lifespan, and reduces traumatic events like heart attacks. 

3.      Increases the Strength in Your Bones

The exercise that you get when you play basketball involves a lot of weight bearing activity and that weight bearing activity helps your bones to form new tissue. Your bones become stronger because the bone mass is increased.

You also develop stronger muscles and those muscles help to support your bones and joints. You will have fewer bone breaks later in life if you strengthen your bones using a physical activity such as basketball.

4.      Decreases Stress

Physical activity is one of the best methods for reducing stress and improving your mental health. Physical activity can often alleviate the symptoms of depression and increase your mood.

Stress is one of the leading causes of depression, sickness, and malaise among people. We get stressed by our environments, our relationships, our jobs, and simply by life. Physical activity like basketball can relieve that stress and improve our mental outlook.

Playing basketball also helps you to maintain your mental prowess. This is a game that makes you constantly have to think about where to move, and how to move so that you avoid contact with the other players. That mental awareness is an activity that helps to increase the speed in which you can make decisions.

You will find that through playing sports like basketball you have a decreased risk of developing dementia, or other mental disorders later in life.

5.      Improves Coordination

You have probably heard the phrase, “just like riding a bike”. This saying insinuates that once you have developed the coordinated skills that enable you to perform an action like bike riding your body will always be capable of performing that action.

A lot of people do not realize that our coordination can begin to lessen as we age. The only way to keep our coordination levels at their maximum capacity is to keep doing things that test us, and make us use coordination skills.

6.      Increases Stamina

The repetitious exercises involved in the playing of basketball help you to increase the amount of stamina or staying power that you possess. When you first begin to play you will often find that you tire after twenty or thirty minutes. As you continue to play you discover that you can play for longer amounts of time without tiring.

Your stamina increases and your staying power increase as long as you play regularly. You will find that you can play for longer periods of time, run further, and jump higher with regular playing.

7.      Improves Lung Capacity

When you engage in regular physical exercise that involves running and jumping then you strengthen your lungs. You have to take in bigger amounts of air in order to build up the running and jumping skills that you need. When you take in larger amounts of air you stretch your lungs.

The stretching of your lungs will increase the amount of air you can take into your lungs at one time. Your increased lung capacity will benefit you in every area of your life.

8.      Increases Back Muscles

Playing basketball can strengthen the muscles in your back. It also strengthens and develops your core muscles, your neck muscles, and your deltoids. By strengthening these muscles you lessen the chances that you will have muscle strain or pain later in life.

9.      Helps you to Avoid Diseases like Diabetes
Regular exercise can help you to maintain proper glucose levels and reduce your risk of developing serious diseases like diabetes later in life. Basketball helps you to maintain proper weight control, and body mass index so Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol are less likely as you age.
10.  Increased Confidence
Do not overlook the confidence building effect that playing basketball has on you. As you play basketball you develop better muscle tone, you get stronger, and you feel better. These things have an effect on the amount of confidence that you have in yourself.
When you are confident in yourself then you have less stress and mental fatigue. You have a sense of pride in your abilities and you have a more positive attitude about everything in your life.
A good level of self-confidence improves your health both mentally and physically. You smile more and you are genuinely happier.
Final Thoughts
Playing basketball is one of the great things you can do for your life. Do not worry if at first you cannot play for long periods, or if you cannot shoot the ball as well as you would like. Play for a regular amount of time each week and your skills will improve, you will gain stamina, and you will have fun.