Geographies of Injustice

Geographies of Injustice

Geographies of Injustice is a working group of interdisciplinary scholars who are interested in asking how spatial politics intersects with inequality and social difference (race, caste, and ethnicity). The members of this group focus on marginalized and stigmatized spaces, e.g., “slums,” “favelas,” and “ghettos,” and examine the gendering of those spaces, e.g., how motherhood and the family structure are devalued and destructured in these spaces, and how creative life-making strategies might redress histories of stigma and exclusion. They ask how we might generate public facing pedagogy and outreach that has the capacity to redress spatial inequality through design, policy, activism, and cultural production. To that end, the Geographies of Injustice working group collaborates with an array of site-specific scholars, activists, urban planners, students, and community organizers to formulate both new pedagogies and research methods to develop strategies for social equity and spatial desegregation. Connections across Rio, Mumbai, and select cities in the United States (Mississippi Delta, Detroit, New York) are a special focus of the working group.

This working group is sponsored by the Center for the Study of Social Difference at Columbia University. It is led by Profs. Ana Paulina Lee (LAIC), and Anupama Rao (HistoryMESAASICLS).

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