Wltoys Helicopter Flight Experience For Wltoys V911S V911-S

  The Wltoys V911S RC Helicopter has been produced and sold for half a year, but it is almost no test reviews for this RC helicopter on the Internet. Recently, I bought one with a discount on Black Friday. Let's make a brief comment Reviews here .

First full picture

As can be seen from the figure, the biggest difference compared with Wltoys V911 Heli is that there is no Balance bar, no counterweight. This is the most attractive place for me. The original remote control is still the kind of very bad feeling. At present, it seems that there is no upgrade control available. In particular, the remote control of this small aircraft is not compatible with the original Wltoys V911! Especially tried, incompatible, friends who want to buy should pay attention. Besides, there is an obvious feature that the connection between the wing and the drive shaft is not hard-wired, but a single screw connection like many toy airplanes, so that when the wing hits an obstacle, it is less likely to be damaged. The most vulnerable part of the wing tip is reinforced and the wing tip is not easily damaged.

Then take a full picture of a small plane

The battery compartment of the Wltoys V911S small aircraft is much larger than the Wltoys V911. In addition to the original 250mah battery, the measured 300mah battery can also be put down.

Tail rotor section, plastic protective case outside the battery

The main circuit board is no longer a Bare board, but a complete Board with a protective shell.

This small aircraft can be controlled, it is easier to get started, but the body is light, the movement is fast, the rudder must be slow and slow to find the feel.

Some Common questions below for the Wltoys helicopter-V911S Model.

A) What is the difference between Wltoys v911-2 or Wltoys v911s helicopter ?

Newcomers play first, want to buy a Wltoys v911-2 or v911s, what is the difference between the two, buy which is better

A: There is no difference in the balance bar. There is a balance bar in the windless (indoor) environment will be very stable, the wind will be blown away directly; 911s 6g gyroscope is more advanced, but the aircraft is light and the center of gravity is not good, indoor and outdoor flying are very floating, the main advantage is resistance The wind is much better than the Wltoys W911-2. Novice indoor practice recommended Wltoys V911-2.

B) I wanted to buy Wltoys v911 Heli ​​before I saw Wltoys V911S, I bought one, how, compared with Wltoys v911 Helicopter, there is no upgrade, Google can not find the information of Wltoys v911s, help?

A: The Wltoys V911S has no ailerons. It is more flexible than the Wltoys V911. Its power and battery life are also stronger than the 911. As long as it loses control, it will not blow up when it collects oil. The machine officially opened the trip to the straight machine. The rest day was 6 electric power, and the bombing machine totaled more than 100 times. It has been playing for more than a month and only changed the tail motor. Getting started is good.

C) What is the difference between the Meijiaxin F47 and the F48, and how much difference in performance will be? I want to buy 48, but I don't know if the value is worth it. Thank you!

A: One hammer machine, one is aileron-free, and the difference is huge. . . Novices playing 48 are too costly, and it is too much trouble to get started. It doesn't matter if the simulator is not bombing. . . .

MJX F48 main motor compared with MJX F47 Remote Control Helicopter:

F48 is shared with the F47 tail motor. Only the F48 wire has been upgraded. The original F47 tail motor will not be hot on the F48.

The steering gear of the steering gear F48 did not improve. Only the motor arrangement in the steering gear changed.

F48 is consistent with the F47 steering gear. The servo of the F47 is normally used on the F48.

D) Wltoys 911S helicopter is always right-handed, and the indoor and outdoor are the same. The bias is very serious. How to adjust?

A: There is a kind of function called fine-tuning, to understand, and if the balance bar is bent, it will also be awkward.

Right-off after take-off. Twist the left aileron steering arm. Twist slowly and try slowly. If you can't leave the ground, explain the problem.

You are shaking the plane and see if it is a bend on the horizontal axis of the spindle.

The swashplate is not flat Obviously, the main axis of your machine has been bent.