Fort Snelling

Interactive Map

This map details the exile route that the Dakota people were forced to take from the concentration camp at Fort Snelling to the Crow Creek Reservation in South Dakota. This map is interactive and throughout this map there are points that are clickable along with the route itself. These interactive features contain information about each location and the exile route as it relates to the Dakota people and the US Dakota War. 

Be sure to exit out of the box to the right that says either Layers, Measure, or Share before attempting to click interactive points! You can do this by clicking the X in the top right corner.
(Map Use Instructions and Suggested Activity available underneath map.)

Map Use Instructions

The purple route is clickable along with the individual green pushpins. Select one by clicking on it and a box will appear with information. Feel free to zoom in and out to get different perspectives at the areas that are addressed in this map. 

The box to the right of the map first appears as a Measurement tool. If you hit the up arrow it will switch to the Layers option. If you click the down arrow you will be taken to the Share option. Once you have gone through each of these options hit the X button in the top right corner. This needs to be done because the interactive points do not respond well to clicking while this is open. If you would like for this feature to reappear simply go to the box in the top left corner and underneath the title Dakota Exile Route and there is the Layers button, the Measurement button, and the Share button. Click the Layers option to make this box return to the map. Same goes for the other features.

Suggested Activity

Once you have gone through and learned about each location on the map do this activity!

Use the measurement tool to measure how far the Dakota people traveled on their exile to the Crow Creek Reservation. Do this by bringing back the measurement box (instructions listed above) and then selecting the second measurement option in the box. If you hold your cursor over this option it should say distance. Do your best to follow the purple route. This can be done by individual clicks. Once you double click your measurement will end. 

You can also use the search option to enter in an address and see how far away it is from one of the sites included in this map. You can even measure it like you did before to see the distance between the address you entered and one of the locations on the map.

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