Food In America: The Senior Seminar in Food History at CSU-Pueblo

Course Schedule

August 21:  Syllabus Review; Introduction to Food History

August 23:  Introduction to Zotero and
August 28: Brainstorming Topics/Composing a Prospectus
August 30: Introduction to Library Research

September 4: Smith Discussion
September 6: Library Research Day 2

September 11: Carroll Reading Discussion
September 13: Advanced Scalar instruction
September 18: Horowitz Discussion
September 20:  Presentations on First Draft Prospectuses
September 25: Finding Digital Food History Sources/Copyright w/ special guest Jonathan Poriitz

September 27: Library Research Day 3
October 2: Freedman Discussion
October 4: No In Person Class Today
October 9: Wallach Discussion
October 11: In Class Research Day.

October 16: In Class Writing Day.

October 18: Write Scalar Flowcharts with

October 23: Scalar Flowchart DiscussionOctober 25: Class Cancelled 

October 30: Preliminary Research Presentations
November 1: Introduction to job placement services w/ Michelle Gjerde

November 6: No In Person Class Today
November 8: Film, "Food Chains," Part 1

November 13: Film, "Food Chains," Part 2, Discussion and schedule individual meetings  

November 15: Class cancelled

Week of November 27 and 29: Individual Meetings (scheduled individually, two if necessary!)

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