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Meadow Rhodes, Author

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Is Technology Useful For Your Child?

Technology is a Tool for Motivation

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Certain technologies have proven to be great motivators for middle school students.  Computer games targeting students help teach students learn.  Hands on technology gives students the opportunity to become physical learners.  They are not being lectured to.  They are included in the process of learning.  By being an active learner the students can take control of their own education.  Technology can motivate students and raise their excitement level when it comes to learning new material.

Debunks Myths

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Lately technology has gotten a bad rap.  It is known for its negative side effects as opposed to its more positive ones.  Although it is a fact that too much technology can cause psychological and physical effects, technology in moderation can be a good thing.  Small doses of technology can be beneficial toward a child’s success.  In this article we see how these allegations of negative effects play out from the perspective of a teen.   Preteens feel as if their parents are forcing them to interact with other children in an outdoor setting.  They feel that with the use of technology they can interact with people on their own terms.  Also, the article makes the important point that not all teens use technology.  In some cases the parents are more tech savvy than their child.  The article says that not all technology wide will turn into addiction.  Most of the time technology is just a tool used to learn and interact.  The main point of the article is that teens, “must be allowed to make mistakes, for that is how they grow up”.  By giving a child a piece of technology we are giving them the freedom to use if for whatever purpose they choose.  The article believes that it is up to them to learn to take control of their own lives.

Gateway to the Path as an Adult

Being a preteen is the beginning of adulthood.  You are no longer considered a child and get your first taste of freedom.  The use of technology is the beginning of this relationship between freedom and trust.  With freedom comes your parent’s trust.  They trust you to use technology for useful endeavors.  You are given the pathway to adulthood and expected to perform responsibly.  This newfound power is useful for the developing preteen.  It gives them a sense of responsibility. 
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