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Meadow Rhodes, Author

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How Can Parents Help Limit Your Child's Technology Use?

The Differences Between Children and Adults

Young parents today grew up in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  While preteens today grew up in the 2000s.  Their parents did not grow up with the same technologies as children in today’s society.  Therefore, they are exploring the use of technology alongside their children.  Technology is new to them too.  The balance between parental usage and the usage of a child is still a new debate.  However, we can still see differences between the generations. 

According to:


Parents need to set rules with their children in order to maintain their technology usage.  The article feels that strict rules must be made to monitor your child.  From learning proper manners and etiquette to making Facebook restrictions children should follow their parent’s example. 

However, according to:


Parents are the ones that contribute to the use of technology.  This article feels that parents use technology just as much as their children, “teens aren’t the only ones distracted by their devices”.  Technology is new and exciting for a parent therefore they use it for every aspect of life.  From online websites, to work related purposes adults can use technology just as much or more than preteens.  These actions are then mimicked by their children.  They set the example and tone of the household.  If they text during dinner then their child will learn to do the same.

Parent’s Life Before Technology

A large factor is a child’s involvement with technology in their parent’s opinion on it.  The child has never lived without the use of technology therefore has never experienced life without executing these simple tasks.  However, the child’s parents have experienced life without technology.  By exploring this new world, they can get lost in the imaginary world of technological interactions. 

Parent’s Life After Technology

It is the parent’s job to maintain the use of the technology.  This video showcases an instance where the parent has relinquished their power over their child.  The parent pays for their child’s games.  The parent just wants their child to be happy.  In doing so, they contribute to the cycle of consumerism within the technological world.  The child is in control over their technology use, not the parent.  Although adults have access to the same technologies they will never be able to figure out how to work it the same as a naturally born “Digital Native”.  Technology comes easily to preteens because they have lived their entire life surrounded with similar devices.  Adults have had to learn over the years while it comes naturally to adolescents.  Technology now consumes the child’s life. 

Parents have had to struggle with these differences.  They have had to learn how to understand technology in order to understand their children.  This video shows parents being taught how to deal with the distance between themselves and their child.  The video shows parents trying to bond with their children without the use of technologies.  This is an important reminder to continue forming personal connections within your community. 
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