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Hotmail, which is also known as, appears to be one of the most popular email service providers in the world. Besides, it tends to be fairly easy to complete the Hotmail sign up process and get a new account on Hotmail! We will not only show you how to create a new Hotmail account but will also provide you with solutions to the most common sign up problems.

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How to Sign Up for Hotmail

In fact, you can create a new Hotmail account on any device – that’s why we will provide guides for both PC/laptops and mobile devices. The overall account registration process is not very difficult, even though it appears the most lengthy one at Hotmail (among other email service providers).

Hotmail Sign Up on PC / Laptop


As a matter of fact, the easiest way to sign up for Hotmail is to do so on a PC or laptop. The overall registration process takes from 2 to 5 minutes, and you are unlikely to face any difficulties if you will follow the guidelines below.

Create New Hotmail Account on Mobile Devices

But even if you can’t use your PC or laptop now, you can sign up for Hotmail on a mobile device. But in order to make it more convenient for you, we recommend you to download and install the Hotmail mobile app: Hotmail for Android and Hotmail for iOS.

Hotmail Sign Up Problems & Solutions

Do you experience problems while attempting to sign up for Hotmail? Here, we will provide solutions to the most common Hotmail sign up problems.

Outlook requires me to provide my phone number, but I don’t want to. And I can’t register because of it. In some rare instances, Outlook (i.e. Microsoft) requires the users to provide their phone numbers during the registration. Why this happens to certain users is, however, not known. We recommend you to try to sign up for Hotmail with a different IP address and from a different device – usually, this works and Outlook doesn’t require the mobile phone number anymore.

I can’t register my second account on Hotmail. What’s the problem? Currently, Hotmail (Outlook) doesn’t have limitations in regards to how many accounts you can register with it. So, if you can’t sign up for another Hotmail account, the problem is caused by something else. In such a case, we would recommend you to follow our instructions step by step and, if there is an issue, find out what causes it. If this doesn’t help, please contact the customer support of Hotmail.


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