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It’s really easy to sign up for Gmail, it only takes a few minutes of your time. We will help you step by step to Gmail sign up, in this way, you are sure that you are creating your account in the right way. Gmail sign up is completely free, you don’t have to pay for this service at all. All the services in Gmail are completely free to use, and you have a maximum storage of 15 GB (15000 MB) to store all your e-mail data. Have we already convinced you to sign up for a Gmail account? Alright, let’s start with the registration and login to the new hotmail account.

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How to sign up for a new Gmail account?

In the manual below, we will learn you how to sign up for a Gmail account. Before we start with this, we will tell you once again in a few lines where you can use your Gmail account for. If you register at Google, you will get one account for all their services. This means that, when you register for a Gmail account, you have access to all the other services of Google with the same account. Of course, you are free to sign up with different accounts at Google, this can be very handy when you when to use the services of Google separate. When you have more than 1 Gmail account, you will get the opportunity to add them all together to one account. The advantage of that is that you only have to Gmail login once and then have access to all your different account. Alright, we’ve talked enough about the profits of a Google account, let’s start with the registration!


Gmail sign up manual

1) First, visit the Gmail website. You can directly visit this website in your browser, or just click this link: www.gmail.com. You can also directly visit the registration form, for that, just click here: Gmail sign up
2) In the Gmail login interface, you will see a line ‘Create a new account’, please click this link.
3) After you have clicked the link, a new window should pop-up. In big letters it says ‘Create your Google account’, with a form with different lines.
4) We will start filling in the form you see on the right side of the website. The form contains multiple lines, all of them needs to be filled out. Let’s take a closer look to each of these lines beneath.
5) Have you entered all the information above correctly? Then please fill in the Captcha code and click ‘Next step’. A few additional questions can be asked.
6) Congratulations, you do now posses a new Gmail account. In order to view your e-mail, please login in your Gmail account.


You should put your first and last name in these lines, of course, we advise you to use your real name in your Gmail account.

Choose your username

This line is very important, you can choose how you want your e-mail address look like. Every e-mail address from Gmail ends with the ‘@gmail.com’ part, but you have the opportunity the tell Google what username you want before that.

Create a password & conform your password

In this part of the registration process, you need to choose a password for your new Gmail account. You will need this password every time you want to login to your account. It’s really important to choose for a strong and safe password, but you also need to be able to remind it. There are thousands of password generator on the internet, if you are not sure what strong password you need to choose.


In this line, you need to fill in your birthday. As you know, your birthdays contains a day, month and year. For everyone of these containments, Google created a new line.


In this line, you need to tell Google whether you are a female or a male, please select your gender.

Mobile phone


Google asks your mobile phone in order to contact you when there is something wrong with your password. Of course, your phone number won’t be used for advertising. Please enter, for the safety of your Gmail account, a legit mobile phone number.

Your current e-mail address

Do you already posses a e-mail address (at Gmail or any other e-mail service)? Please enter your current e-mail address in this line. Google will use this e-mail address to contact you about your account, when you lost your password or username. It is, again, really important to use legit information.

What actually is signing in to Gmail?- Gmail.com


After you’ve signed up for your Gmail account, it’s finally time to login to your brand new e-mail account. Signing in to Gmail is really easy and once you’ve done it a few times, you will almost be able to do it with your eyes closed! In order to be able to login to Gmail, you will need your username (your e-mail address) and the password you entered during the sign up process. With this information, you can verify that you are the owner of the Gmail account which will grant you access to the account. In order to login to your Gmail account, please follow the steps beneath.

How to sign in to Gmail?- www.gmail.com

1) Visit the Gmail website, located at the URL www.gmail.com
2) In the right above corner you will find a little line saying ‘Sign in’, just next to the ‘Create an
account’ button. Click the text ‘Sign in’ and you will automatically be forwarded to a new form.
3) The next form will ask you for your username and password. Enter your username in the first line (it’s your full username plus the @gmail.com extension, for example JohnJohnsen@gmail.com). In the second line enter the password you’ve created during the sign up process.
4) Below the ‘Sign in’ button you will find the line ‘Stay signed in’. If you don’t want to sign in to your Gmail account with your username and password at every visit, you can tick the box before ‘Stay signed in’. At your next visit, Gmail will automatically sign in to your account.
5) If you still have any questions regarding the login process, or you can’t remember your username and password, you can use the ‘Need help?’ line which is below the Sign in button. This link will forward you to a new page which gives you the options ‘I don’t know my password’, ‘I don’t know my username’, ‘I’m having other problems signing in’. Tick one of the options, continue by clicking the ‘Continue’ button and follow the rest of the process.
6) Once you think you’ve entered the correct username and password in the right fields, please click the ‘Sign in’ button.
7) There are 2 things that can happen now, some red fields may appear or you will be forwarded to your e-mail inbox. Once you entered the right information, you will be instant forwarded. Once 1 or more fields aren’t correct, you will be asked to correct these before Gmail can grant you access to your Gmail account. It’s possible that either your username or your password is wrong. If you can’t remember your username or password, please use the ‘Need help?’ link below the Gmail sign in form. You will be forwarded to a new page where you can reset your password or request your username (see step 5).
8) Congratulations, you will now be able to start using your Gmail account. For example, you can now send e-mails to your friends or relatives.

Gmail sign out

Once you are done reading and sending your e-mails, you might want to logout to your Gmail account. In this way, nobody else will be able to enter your account at the same computer. It’s quite important to sign out to Gmail once you stop using it. It’s quite easy to sign out to Gmail, please follow the steps beneath to make this happen.

  • 1) First, visit the Gmail.com website which is located at www.gmail.com. When you are still logged in you will automatically be forwarded to your e-mail inbox.
  • 2) In the top-right corner you will find an user icon, probably your own photo or the standard Gmail photo. Click on it, a new little window should pop-up. In the bottom of that window you will see a button saying ‘Sign out’. Click on this button and you will automatically be signed out to your account.
  • 3) The next time you want to use Gmail, you can simply go to their website and follow the steps you can find in the tutorial above this one.

Can I have multiple Gmail account?

Gmail is a free e-mail service, so you are allowed to create multiple Gmail accounts. Most people got a Gmail account for their business stuff and one for the personal (private) stuff. In this way, you can separate work with your private stuff. If you want to use these two account with 1 login, you can connect them in Gmail. By doing this, you don’t have to login to your Gmail accounts separately.

Why would I want to sign up for Gmail?

  • Gmail is one of the most famous e-mail services in the world. Currently billions of people are using their free service. When you want to receive and write e-mails, Hotmail and Gmail are one of the biggest and cheapest providers for that. You never have to pay for using Gmail, so it will be absolutely free at all times.
  • The two biggest e-mail providers (both Gmail and Hotmail) are updating their service every once in a while. You can also access their services from your mobile phone or tablet, by using the Gmail application which can also be downloaded for free.
  • The Gmail servers are really stable, so you will always be able to login to your account. Also Gmail really cares about protecting the accounts of their users, so it’s really hard to break in to your account for hackers.

Is Gmail a free service?

Yes, Gmail is a free service which you don’t have to pay for. You can always access your Gmail account for free at the www.gmail.com website. Not only Gmail is a free e-mail provider, also companies like Hotmail (Outlook) and Yahoo Mail offer their services completely for free.