Efficient Workout and Recovery: What you need to know

How do BCAAs Work and What Can They Offer You

If you have ever looked for a supplement that could enhance your workout and allow you to reap as many benefits as you can, you have probably stumbled upon BCAAs. BCCA stands for branched-chain amino acids and this is a pretty commonly used supplement by both professionals and people who train to stay healthy and look good.
In order to help you completely understand what the benefits of using BCAAs are, we are offering you these four questions and answers that will shed some light on the matter.

What are BCAAs?

Let’s not get down to the molecular level of things. What is important is that there are three BCAAs among all amino acids that are in charge of building muscle: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These are essential for our health.
They account for approximately 35% of the essential amino acids building muscle proteins. These amino acids are involved in the metabolism of glucose and they also promote protein synthesis.

Why and When to Use BCAA?

The muscle tissue is prone to breaking down due to dieting. While dieting is quite normal for professionals who want to get their bodies as lean as possible, they risk losing muscle mass in the process. This is also bad news for anyone else who is interested in building a hard body while on a low-calorie diet.

If you are dieting, your muscle mass will start to decrease and this is exactly when you should include BCAAs supplementation in your diet. Let’s see how BCAAs work.

How Do BCAA Work?

By using BCAAs supplements you will successfully prevent major muscle loss because BCAAs stimulate protein synthesis. One of the BCAAs is extremely good for this purpose – leucine. Besides the direct and positive effect on protein synthesis, BCAAs are known to increase the synthesis of parts of cells responsible for protein synthesis.

So instead of increasing only protein synthesis, BCAAs also increase each cell’s capacity to produce more proteins. When you add to this their ability to reduce the rate of muscle breakdown, you’ve got yourself a perfect supplement to help you achieve that lean body look.

BCAAs have one more benefit – improved workout intensity. This is because they are involved in the pathway of serotonin synthesis. Since BCAAs and acids responsible for serotonin creation use the same entry into the brain, your body will not be able to produce as much serotonin as before, and serotonin is responsible for that increased feeling of fatigue during training.

What Can BCAA Offer You?

Let’s sum up. BCAAs have three things to offer to anyone who decides to introduce them as a supplement, especially during a calorie-deficit diet:The supplements containing BCAAs are very powerful, as you can see from the previous examples. In short, BCAAs are useful for gaining and maintain muscle mass. This is why this supplement is very popular in both the bodybuilding and the fitness world.