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The Pros of Living in a Studio Apartment

If you are one of those who prefers to spend less on rent, but still maintain your lifestyle and not lose your privacy, then a studio apartment can be your thing.
Have you heard of studio or single stay apartments? These are those with slightly smaller spaces than a traditional apartment, and they are usually inhabited by a single person. For some people these are too small and for others are the best option. If you are thinking of changing your house, becoming independent or stop living with roomies, consider an apartment of this type.

Here, real estate experts from Ebbets Field Apartments, a housing complex located on the western edge of Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighborhood, steps from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, will share the advantages of living in a studio apartment.

The price

It is easier to find an apartment that suits your budget. Ebbets Field Apartments claim that if you are open to living in any area of ​​the city, you can find very cheap rents, or if you want to live alone and in a good area, the price will also be reasonable and you can pay it, since it does not have a cost as high as a conventional apartment.


Studio apartments are perfect for young adults who need to live alone, without family, or roomies, but don't want their entire salary to go on rent. You will have all the benefits of living alone with the necessary things in one place and all the comforts.


Currently, there are one-room apartments with very attractive amenities on the real estate market. Just as they can be located in buildings with a terrace or a pool, they can be equipped inside with facilities such as hammocks or small corners decorated for leisure. Ebbets Field Apartments, which is located on the former site of the baseball stadium, Ebbets Field, has to offer large studios, along with 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. Many of these studios have balcony and provide views of Prospect Park, the statue of liberty and the Manhattan skyline.


Most of the owners of these apartments offer them already furnished, precisely with the type of furniture that best fits in small spaces, be it bars, chairs, beds, armchairs or household appliances.

Ease of move

Ebbets Field Apartments landlord, Shalom Drizin, indicates that having little space forces you to be more organized. If that is not a problem for you and you are not a compulsive accumulator, then you will easily be able to live with everything you need. You will find a place to store everything and you will not be affraid of moving because you have too many belongings with you.


A small space it will be much easier to clean. In addition to that, Ebbets Field Apartments professionals argue that, if you use your wits, you can transform an apartment in a room into one with different sections. For example, you can divide areas with a screen, sliding door, or curtain and have a place for a desk or work table.

Now, when you know all the advantages that living in a studio apartment, you can start your search. For more information, read Ebbets Field Apartments articles on Sites Google.

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