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3 Things You Can't Miss When Buying Your First Apartment

Buying an apartment is the dream of many. However, what if when you move in, you realize that some things were not as you expected?
It is common for some aspects to be overlooked when buying an apartment for the first time, such as natural lighting or the size of the corridors within the premises.

In order to help you make the best decision, experts from Ebbets Field Apartments show you 3 things to keep in mind when buying your first apartment.


Corridors are generally viewed as unused space, where potential space for a room was misused. However, experts from Ebbets Field Apartments this could only be correct when the corridors have not been properly designed.

Generally, the design of a corridor is a factor that is not taken into account when buying an apartment. However, it is extremely important that you make sure that it is perfectly designed.

For example, an excessively long or poorly resolved corridor can generate a large amount of unused area, which will be almost impossible to take advantage of, which multiplying by the value per m2, can become wasted money.

According to Ebbets Field Apartments housing experts, the corridors can facilitate the internal circulation of the house, helping to separate the main rooms from the busiest areas. In addition, the corridors ensure that each of the spaces have sufficient ventilation and adequate lighting, in order to improve the hygienic conditions of the spaces.

Appropriate lighting

Natural light brings well-being and warmth to any apartment. In the same way, this influences the perception of the environment, since spaces that have good lighting will be perceived as more spacious and comfortable, providing a unique feeling of well-being.

In addition, having sufficient lighting, both natural and artificial, is not only limited to offering aesthetic advantages. According to Ebbets Field Apartments experts, it also has a significant impact on the quality of life of the department's residents.

Exposure to natural light in a home has many benefits, such as eliminating bacteria and mold that can form in the environment. In the same way, adequate lighting will positively influence your mood, productivity, and in general, your quality of life.

Functional and proportional spaces

When you want to buy an apartment for the first time, it is ideal that you make sure that each environment of the property has been designed with a purpose in mind; or if, on the contrary, they are a remnant area that was sought to be exploited. A key factor in determining whether they are meeting a target is their ratio.

The proportion of the environments, according to their use, have an important role in the correct division of functional spaces. For example, a 10ft x 10ft room is different from a 5ft x 20ft room, even though they both have the same area. Therefore, the same furniture or objects cannot be placed in both rooms.

Seeks that each environment has the necessary amplitude to circulate, keeping in mind the use that you will give to each room in your day to day. And if you want to have a more personalized area, flex spaces can be an excellent option for you.

Ebbets Field Apartments: An Ideal First Apartment Choice

Ebbets Field Apartments is a housing complex located in Crown Heights Neighborhood in New York. Each of its apartments has a proportional and flexible spaces, completely designed so that they can optimize space. Also, they have corridors and adequate lighting.

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