Aaron Tucker

Loss Sets

Artist’s Statement:

“Loss Sets” translates poems co-written by Jordan Scott and Aaron Tucker into sculptures printed by 3D printers.

If language is the material from which poetry is built, what becomes of poetry when it sheds language for pure form? What, if anything, is reconciled? What is reimagined? What is lost?

Within this nexus of translation and sculptural poetics, the project thus aims to respond to the multiples of contemporary loss (physical, environmental, artistic, personal).

The poetic form allows Jordan Scott and Aaron Tucker to explore the dirge, lament and elegy as means to grapple with loss and, ultimately, the failure of language to adequately represent trauma. The poems, written in collaboration, therefore bring two consciousnesses to the task of what can only be the failed task of reclamation. It is hoped that when joined with the algorithm and, finally, the 3D object itself, Scott and Tucker’s poetics of loss will take on a ‘translated’ physical form to be handled, manipulated, stolen or destroyed.

Images of Loss Sets 3
Photo credit: Lori Ricigliano

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