Digital Humanities Research Institute: Binghamton 2019

Small Groups: Your Data with Tableau


This small group session offers the opportunity to continue to work in Tableau. For this session, you can begin to use your own datasets in Tableau. If you do not have your own dataset but would still like to gain additional practice using Tableau, I will provide a sample datasets for your use. You may also use the dataset provided in the earlier tutorial.

Download the small groups session reference PowerPoint here.

Sample Datasets:

1850 Agricultural Census - Downloaded from the NHGIS-IPUMS, this dataset includes county-level data for the 1850 agricultural census, including shapefiles. See text documents for detailed description of the data. (Download Compressed Folder)

Salem Witch Trials - Dataset of accused witches available via Tulane University’s Salem Witchcraft: Explorations and Discoveries. Dataset includes data on gender and residence of the accused and month of the accusation. This dataset was used in Nancy Um's earlier data visualization session. (Download)

Women’s National Soccer Team Data - Get excited for the Women's World Cup with this collection of .csv documents downloaded from Included are: (1) Women's International Soccer - Historical Results by team and year - year-by-year records of win-loss-draw for each women’s national team that has competed in either the World Cup or the Olympics; (2) Women's Olympics - All Time League Table – all-time results for each women’s national team in the Olympic tournament; (3) Women's World Cup - All Time League Table - all-time results for each women’s national team in the World Cup tournament; (4) Women's World Cup - Dirtiest Matches – table of the dirtiest matches that occurred during all prior women’s World Cup. (Click the links above to download .csv files)


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