Digital Humanities Research Institute: Binghamton 2019

Introduction to the Command Line

Making sense of the command line:
a hands-on adventure of sorts

A session by Dianne Dietrich, Cornell University Library

Lesson Overview

This session will provide learners with an overview of common command line tools and utilities for listing, cleaning, organizing, and analyzing text files. At the end, there will be a series of challenges where learners will be asked to navigate through a set of 9,000 text files to find various clues. There is no expectation that learners should be able to complete all of the puzzles in this session, but there is the expectation that they do not give up if their first, second, or third approach does not work. The main goal of this session is to convince learners that they don’t need to fully understand every detail about the command line before they can start using it: one of the best ways to really learn this new skill is to practice as often as possible and get very comfortable making mistakes.

Tools and Datasets

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