Digital Humanities Research Institute: Binghamton 2019



This session will introduce attendees to two core skills for building websites: HTML (a markup language) and CSS (a style sheet language). Both are commonly-used for rendering information on the web today. In addition to learning the basics and basic differences of HTML and CSS, attendees will use a simple text editor (Sublime Text 3) and their computers to begin creating a website.

Example and Practice

We will start with a demo of a completed html website and viewing its changes as CSS rules are added to the page. 

Next, we will follow CUNY DHRI's guide for building a basic website here: DHRI Curriculum/html-css

Further Readings / Resources:

"Where to learn HTML and CSS and build your first website" by Richardson Dackam
W3schools - HTML, CSS, and other tutorials
"Learn to Code HTML and CSS", by Shay Howe
Khan Academy's "Intro to HTML/CSS: Making Webpages"
Codecademy's "HTML & CSS"
"Best HTML, CSS, Javascript Practice : Chrome Extension" by Jungwon Seo
"CSS for Beginners: What is CSS and How to Use it in Web Development?" by Cem Eygi
MS Visual Studio Code (another free text editor)
Google Fonts
Publishing your Website
Solo Learn [offers free html and then other paid courses]

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