Civic Imagination

Civic Imagination Project: Overview

"We cannot change the world unless we imagine what a better world might look like.” Henry Jenkins (2016) 

"Scratch an activist and you’re apt to find a fan. It's no mystery why: fandom provides a space to explore fabricated worlds that operate according to different norms, laws, and structures than those we experience in our lives. Fandom also necessitates relationships with others: fellow fans with whom to share interests, develop networks and institutions, and create a common culture. This ability to imagine alternatives and build community, not coincidentally, is a basic prerequisite for political activism." Steven Duncombe (2012a)

We define civic imagination as the capacity to imagine alternatives to current social, political, or economic conditions; one cannot change the world unless one can imagine what a better world might look like. Too often, our focus on contemporary problems makes it impossible to see beyond immediate constraints and engender a sense that youth voices and action are inconsequential.

This Atlas of the Civic Imagination contains a collection of stories that inspire the civic imagination originating from different parts of the world. Gathered from different places around the world, the stories fit four general genres:Contributors can then​ migrate, remix and re-create stories by combining elements from one or more submission.


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