Civic Imagination


After world war III, the world has one border and is divided by the East and the West. There is a wealthy family made up of Robertina from the East and Louis from the West. They live with their children in a mansion on the water in the East. They do not communicate with one another, they do not have dinner together, and are very disconnected. Each family member focuses on their materialistic lives and shops regularly. They mistreat and disrespect their "help" from the West regularly. One day, Robertina gets a disease called "Death's Fatigue". The doctors tell Robertina and family that the only cure for Death's Fatigue is to change the quality of connections that she has. For months on end she works on building stronger connections and repairing the relationships in her life. She accepts the people around her and truly connects with and understands the people in her life, but she still doesn't get better. She asks the doctor, "why am I not cured?" and the doctor replies, "there is one set of eyes that you haven't really seen". Robertina talks to everyone in her life to try to build the final relationship.

Robertina's disease gets the best of her one day and she starts to vomit and cannot move. She yells to her maid "LUCY, HELP ME!" and she looks around to try to find Lucy. She finds Lucy on the bathroom floor crying and looks into her employee's sad and tearful eyes. Then she realizes that her help is human too. 

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