Signs Of A Good Dentist

Having a reliable dentist Putney is essential for the oral health of you and your family. Everyone wants to visit the best dentist in town to get their treatments done. If you are looking for a dentist and are about to shortlist one, read the below points to understand the signs that show you that your dentist is a good one.  

The first thing you should do is look at their website. See what languages are offered there, if they have before and after photos of patients who went to that dentist, which kind of equipment they use. You can also find reviews about the dentist or ask friends for advice. If you don't know anyone personally who can recommend a good dentist, try asking your regular doctor or insurance agent. 

Remember, a good dentist is one that: 

- is open to questions 

- lets you know what they're going to do before doing it 

- has a friendly and professional manner, even by phone. Yes, some dentists have office hours at night or on Saturdays so that their patients can see them during the day. However, a good dentist will put up with your early morning calls or your second phone call when you missed the first one. And when they do answer, their tone of voice should be warm and reassuring. 

- has a clearly outlined treatment plan and will provide an estimate (not a quote!). Try to avoid any dentist who suggests things like "let's see how we can handle that in office", even if it's just to get through the day. 

- is well equipped, with the right technology and knowledge 

- will review possible side effects of any treatment plan (side effects can be anything from pain, sensitivity, bleeding gums or temporary tooth discolouration) and answer all questions you may have about them before starting a treatment.  

- has up-to-date knowledge of the most advanced techniques 

A good dentist is an active member of their industry. This means that your dentist should keep themselves informed about the latest developments in dentistry and attend courses now and then. They must also be up-to-date with the insurance companies requirements and know the dentist who has the most suitable payment plan for you. The sign of an excellent dentist is that they will offer to contact your insurance company themselves to find out about dental plans in your area. 

Another sign of a good dentist is that they will refer you to a periodontist, an orthodontist or any other specialist when the need arises. Also, they will share some tips on maintaining a good oral hygiene, so you can avoid cavities and other dental issues in the long run. 

Make sure to schedule your visits for regular check-ups every six months because prevention is everything regarding oral health. And if something doesn't feel right during your appointment, make sure to address it immediately with the dentist.  

A good dentist will make your visit a pleasant one, without a doubt. They should be friendly and approachable, at least as much as possible given the circumstances!