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Is it time to move away and try something new? The much reported ‘economic crisis’ is hitting everybody’s pockets and plans so much so that people have been made to change their approach to luxuries such as holidays and more important careers aspects too. Of course not everybody has been drastically affected by currency climate change, but many people may have had their eyes opened by circumstance and feel that a complete change to their way of life is in order, plus who wouldn’t want to escape things as they are!

Traveling abroad probably isn’t the first idea that pop’s into your head when struggling financially, but teaching abroad is one way in which you can certainly travel whilst gaining full time employment that will boost your CV for future ventures. Unemployment levels are at their highest since decades which means people need to seek out as many opportunities as possible and this is one which can slip under the radar. TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is the perfect way to get back onto the job ladder for those struggling for work and plus it allows you to travel at the same time. This could be perfect for those looking to escape for a few months and gain some perspective on their next step in their careers. A teaching background is not essential to be considered for a position, though it would obviously be a great benefit to your application.

Teaching English as a foreign language means that you could indeed travel abroad, but you could also remain in the country too. There is a variety of course that need covering so you will have plenty of options to be considered for based on your overall skill level. Even if teaching isn’t an area you are looking to pursue a career in it certainly offers you a stand out element on your CV showing such skills as leadership, punctuality and talent for organization. The courses you can embark on vary in their length which makes it easy for you if you don’t want to be doing this for too long, but if you do choose to travel abroad for your placement you can look forward to some decent weather for a change!

While times may seem hard and work tough to come by it certainly pays to do a bit of extensive research when looking for working opportunities. Trading cryptocurrencies can be a great way to increase profits especially because it's so easy to create your own bitcoin wallet. Access to the internet means that you are able to search through millions pages of information, much of which is dedicated to staff/job vacancies and work placement that will; a) help you gain experience and b) get you back on the job ladder.