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Peruvian cocaine as per the name suggests is originally from Peru country. Peru has reached the supreme position in the field of cocaine production over the years i.e. more than 25 years from now. Almost above 500 Metric tons of cocaine is been produced. This obviously incremented the drug trade drastically across the borders of the producing countries as well as remaining countries specially USA and Europe.

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In Peru, many hectors of farms of the coca plants are increasing every year above expectations. But due to Govt. restrictions has put down trending for such farming for implementing anti-drug policies to control this business. The other suitable countries even tried the Peru style farming and business but not that succeeded, because of those natural skills and inherits culture in Peru and its cocaine branding. In short, Peru has dominated this cocaine business over the world due to its natural and cultural values closely bonded with coca plant and cocaine.

The most interesting fact about the base ingredients of the Peruvian cocaine i.e. coca plant and leaves is that they do exist in Peru as coca leaves and tea in Marketplaces like tea stalls, Hotels and Pharmacy depots. In tea making from it is, chewing of those coca leaves and tea is prepared from centuries.

The great American brand Coca- Cola is nothing but the great old combination of caffeine with cocaine, as we know cocaine comes from coca leaf and caffeine was derived from kola dust. For this dried coca leaves specially required and procured from Peru to make the successful concentrated drink, coca-cola in the USA for ever till today.

This shows the importance and scalability of the great Peruvian coke and its business reach across the globe. The rapid growth factors of Peruvian cocaine production were due to coca farming eradication policies in close competitor country Colombia, absence of allied Govt. Strategy to Drug control, deep corruption level and New Criminal factors.

In new criminal factors, many mafias from Russia and Europe as well as USA and neighboring countries made their all trading operations from Peru, by centralizing its market. This increases again the trafficking and ever increasing requirements for the drug tremendously.

Thus, in over the entire remaining world, the overall demand for Peruvian cocaine is intact over the years. We claim our Peruvian cocaine has got 95 to 99 % Purity. We assure discreet deliveries in 2days anywhere in the world for our customer’s. 

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