Ballads and Performance: The Multimodal Stage in Early Modern England

"Ballads and Performance: The Multimodal Stage in Early Modern England" Table of Contents


1. Introduction: Multimedia and Multimodal Theatricality

I: Remediating Ballads and Plays

2. Shakespeare in Snippets: Ballads, Plays, and the Performance of Remediation

II. Marketing Theatricality: Producers and Consumers of/in Ballads and Plays

3. “Hear for your love, and buy for your money”: Ballads and Theater as Experiential Commodities


4. She’s Crafty, She Gets Around: Women’s Craft and Commodification in Ballads

III: Performing Knowledge, Senses, and Emotions

5. Dangerous Conjectures: Ophelia’s Ballad Performance


6. Ballads on the Brain: A Neurobiological Hypothesis

IV. Staging Deformity and Female Disease

7. The True Form and Shape of Caliban: Monstrous Birth at the Edge of the Human


8. “Greensickness carrion’: Re-reading Capulet through Broadside Ballads

V: Beyond the Last Act

9. Ballads+: The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet and its After-piece Jig


10. Afterword