Ballads and Performance: The Multimodal Stage in Early Modern England


This collection couldn’t have happened without the stimulating session I had the privilege to organize on “Shakespeare and Ballads” for the Shakespeare Association of America Conference, in Vancouver, 2015. Thanks are due to all the contributors in this session for sharing their essays and ideas on ballads and performance generally. Many of the participants in that SAA session revised and expanded their essays for inclusion in this issue, though the collection has expanded considerably both in contributors and scope.

Also deserving of great thanks is the Early Modern Center at UCSB, both its faculty and grads, who have been most supportive of this project as well as of the innovative multimedia e-press, the EMC Imprint. Particularly deserving of thanks is Bill Warner for first conceiving of the Imprint as a forum for sharing EMC projects, and Andrew Griffin who, as lead editor of the Imprint in its evolution into a peer-reviewed e-press, leads with insight and generosity. EMC grad, Phillip Cortes, has been invaluable in mounting the essays online, and Alexei Taylor, most creative in his graphic design. Finally, I’d like to thank the anonymous outside reviewer who offered helpful and supportive guidance.


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