Ferrari 488 Exhaust System For Optimum Performance

What exactly does a Ferrari 488 Exhaust System do?

Fuel consumption is optimized by an exhaust in good condition and prevents harmful exhaust gases from entering your Ferrari 488. It also limits the noise level. The exhaust plays an important role in the power utilization of a car!

Information about exhausts and exhaust parts

The breathing of your current combustion engine is essential for optimal performance. Just as with humans, inhaling clean air for a power source is essential. And ... excuse for the comparison, also an engine will perform better if it can easily get rid of its burnt gases. It forms a part of engine tuning.

Exhaust system function

First, an exhaust muffles control the noise from the engine. Secondly, it improves the performance of the same engine by offering the right counter-pressure. The third effect of the exhaust, in combination with a catalytic converter, is to render hazardous substances harmless by means of a chemical reaction.

Factory pipe

Exhaust is therefore an important and necessary part of your car. But that does not mean that we all have to drive around with the same factory pipe. If you want to feel and hear the ability of your car, you have to install a sports exhaust. Such a thing costs barely more than a regular exhaust, and it gives your car a completely different look.

More space

The effect of a sport exhaust is the same as that of a regular exhaust. A standard exhaust, however, is built so that the exhaust gases with as much resistance to find their way out, you have as little noise as possible.

TUBI Exhausts

TUBI exhausts use larger components that reduce resistance and give the gases more free play. The result: you hear your car blowing. Because the engine gets less counter pressure, a TUBI exhaust also provides more power, and you get more horsepower under your accelerator.

Benefits of TUBI exhausts

If you like it, TUBI Ferrari 488 exhaust system offers only advantages. But please note that you do not just place the first best drain pipe under your car. Use only original TUBI exhausts and pay attention to how you confirmed them. Excessive stresses at one point can lead to metal fatigue resulting in fractures or cracks. Work well with an essential part of the engine tuning system. In addition, TUBI exhausts are optimally protected against temperature differences, condensation, rain, snow and brine. Furthermore, not all exhausts are allowed in the USA. If you dream of fitting a short, thick pipe per cylinder as with American dragsters to jack up your car to Formula 1 noise level, then dream through. For the noise that such a system makes you need a permit and you really will not get it.

How to check if Ferrari 488 Exhaust System is leaking and what are the costs?

Very simple, keep the exhaust pipe closed with a cloth when the engine is running. Then you have to build up pressure without hearing a hissing sound, if that is the case then you know that the Ferrari 488 Exhaust System is sufficiently closed. If that is not the case and you hear hissing under the car, then you know that there is a leak where exhaust gas can escape.

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