Fascinating facts about Badminton

Is your favorite game badminton? I bet there are so many things that you do not know about this game. It does not matter if you play badminton or not there are so many things that you need to know about badminton to get your jaws dropped. Did you know badminton was not called badminton when it first originated but it was called battledore and shuttlecock, weird, isn’t it? Badminton has been one of the most favorite games of people in Asia.

 Did you know that 70% of the championships and tournaments that happen on national scale are won by Asian countries? You might know for how long the Olympics have been played but did you know badminton was not primarily included in the Olympic sports. Badminton was first included in the Olympics in 1992 and when the first match was played near 1.1 billion people tuned in to watch the game. You can estimate how excited people were when it first got reorganization on such a vast level.
Fascinating facts about Badminton Image by Vlad Vasnetsov from Pixabay

You must have guessed by now which continent is most engaged in playing badminton. If not then it is Asia. Badminton is basically considered to be an Asian game. With its initial roots from Asia this sport traveled worldwide and became the second most popular game in the world. Yes, you read it right. Not cricket or basketball but badminton is the second most played game in the whole world. Football being in the first position, football or soccer is the most popular game and is played by almost every country in the world and badminton is the second most played game, isn’t it cool?

A badminton racket is one of the most important equipment of badminton, and finding a badminton racket that suits your capabilities and compliment your playing style is hard to find.  A lot of people think that finding a badminton racket for them is easy but little do they know that it is not. If you are on a search for a badminton racket for yourself then you can try looking for best badminton rackets that are not only good for advanced players but are also good for beginners and intermediate players.

Now, back to the facts as per the research that have been done, you might know that the origin of badminton was first traced when it was played by Britishers in British India when they were stationed in  India.  But a lot of researchers have tracked the root of badminton back to china.  In china the game was called “Ti Zian Ji” and it was played by hit the shuttlecock with feet instead of badminton rackets. Badminton has come a long way, hasn’t it?

 Another baffling fact about badminton as a game is that shuttlecock that is used on professional games is made with the left side feathers of a goose. I know what your initial thought after reading this was, what isn’t it made with the side feather of the goose, right?  The left side feather is used because when the shuttle is hit it spins clockwise which is how it is supposed to be, if the right side feathers are used the shuttlecock will skin anti clockwise and it will ruin the game that way. I hope you were fascinated enough to keep your phone aside and encouraged to play this beloved game of badminton.