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How do you create an Alice email?

Alice is a brand owned by Telecom Italia. It is among the few popular email services in Italy such as Gmail, Istruzionemail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail. Alice's Internet services also include email. Let's see how to open an Alice email.

Alice Mail is a free e-mail box, with domain @ or @, made available to all ADSL / Fibra customers or TIM mobile line. You will have 3 GB of free space to store emails and the ability to send attachments up to 2 GB in size. Access the Alice Mail web page and select the "Register" button for the type of phone subscription you have (Read the note at the bottom of the page carefully).

You will be redirected to a registration form, divided into three basic steps. The first is to enter your personal data such as name, surname, mobile number, etc. The second part is dedicated to choosing the username and password necessary to access your personal area. The last window concerns contractual conditions and privacy.

You must read and accept the general conditions of contract and the clauses indicated pursuant to articles 1341 and 1342 of the civil code. In addition, you will have to decide whether or not to authorize Telecom to process your personal data. Lastly, you will need to click on the " Register " button to complete the process.

At this point, if you have performed the whole procedure correctly, you will be redirected to a page that will confirm the successful registration. So you can immediately start using the new email, Alice. In addition to accessing your webmail from a computer, you can also take advantage of the new Mobi Mail for smartphones and tablets, thus having your email Alice always in your pocket.

Alice also offers a free automatic protection service with dedicated antivirus and antispam. Spam is directly stored in a specific folder enabled for automatic deletion every twenty days. The antivirus will protect you from any infected attachments by scanning incoming emails.

Important: To use an Alice e-mail account, you must have a TIM ADSL / Fiber subscription or be a customer of the TIM mobile line offer. These are the only two alternatives to create an Alice account.

Alice Mail problems and solutions

In this guide, we will try to offer solutions to all the most well-known problems responsible for a malfunction of Alice's mail service.

Problems with Alice Mail? Incoming or outgoing mail is not working? Suddenly reports the error Feube001 or 71001? Don't worry, most of the time they are solvable problems, for some cases a greater effort is required. But let's not get lost in chatter and see immediately what are the solutions to the common problems with Alice Mail.

SMTP doesn't work

When the SMTP server is not working, Alice Mail does not send the emails, with the result that they will always remain in draft until the problem is resolved. Among the most common causes, there is an incorrect configuration of the SMTP port.

A solution is therefore the verification of the entered parameters. The correct ones are as follows:

SMTP outgoing mail server:

SMTP server port number: 587

If Alice still does not deliver the email you wrote to the chosen recipient, make sure that the email address entered in the sender field is correct.

Are you sending the weekly newsletter but the mail service doesn't want to know it works? Check that the number of senders entered: if you add more than 50 contacts the message is blocked for spam.

Failure to send the email may also depend on the presence of an antivirus program that conflicts with the @ mailbox. In this case, simply disable the antivirus or insert Alice Mail among the exceptions.

Alice Mail does not work inbound

Known issues with Alice accounts include not receiving incoming mail. The cause depends on the inclusion of your mail account in a blacklist external to the TIM portal. Typically, the resolution is automatic within 48 hours.

To find out if the email has ended up in one of the blacklists used by TIM to accept or reject a message, connect to each of these pages and perform a trivial search for the mailbox in use.




Inbox Not Visible

Several users have complained that they have seen the messages in their Inbox disappear suddenly. The causes can be two: involuntary deletion of emails moved to the trash; incorrect removal by TIM.

If the entire mail has been deleted by mistake, you can recover it from the trash (you have 7 days before the trash can empty automatically). Instead, if the responsibility lies with TIM, contact technical assistance, and explain what happened.

Alice Mail is disabled

The deactivation of the mailbox is often temporary and linked to a malfunction of the TIM services. So the problem is not up to you. Usually, the box returns working within 24 hours, although there are several confirmed cases for which there is talk of several days to regain full access to the account. If the failure continues for several days, contact support.

Another reason for the inability to use Mail Alice is related to forgetting the password or username to log in. If this is your case, the recovery procedure is as follows: first, go to and click on the link recover username and password; in the new screen that opens, enter the username and press the Recover password button. In a few seconds, you will receive an email containing a link to reset your password.

To retrieve the username instead click on the Recover Username button from this page, then complete the Captcha code and enter the phone number associated with the Alice account. Before seeing the username appear, wait for the green check to appear under the Verify field.

Feube001 error

The Feube001 error on Alice Mail makes it impossible to log in to the @ mailbox. At the origin of the service interruption, there is almost always a server-side problem dependent on your provider.

The best thing to do is to wait for a couple of hours. If the situation persists, contact support and indicate precisely the error code shown in the message.

Also try changing DNS, replacing them with Google (, or Cloudflare (,

In case you are not already doing this, an alternative remedy is to configure Alice's mail with a client such as Mail (Apple), Gmail, Outlook, or Thunderbird.

Error 71001

Error 71001 is received when the username or password is incorrectly entered when logging in. As a result, the user is unable to enter the email box.

The solution? To enter, just dial the right credentials, avoiding trivial typing errors. If you continue to receive the same error code and you think you have written the username and password correctly, perform the password or username recovery procedure already seen before.

Error 71003

Error code 71003 prevents access to the Alice Mail mailbox. The cause is to be found in a temporary problem linked to TIM's servers, the duration of which can vary from a few hours to a couple of days.

Wait a couple of hours waiting for the server problem to be fixed. If, however, the restoration of correct operation is delayed, send a written or voice report to the assistance.

Error 554

Error 554 indicates that the @ mail account has been included in a blacklist by the TIM antispam team. This happens when you become the protagonist of actions that are part of the spam activity or when you connect to Alice Mail with a public IP.

To unlock the account, simply restart the Wi-Fi modem. By doing so, you will force TIM to change the IP via the DHCP protocol.

Alice Mail doesn't work on Android

The failure of the Alice mail service on Android depends on an incorrect entry of the parameters when configuring the email box with domain @

To manage Alice Mail on Android you must manually add the account by setting the correct parameters:

  • username: (replace [name] with the name of your email box)

  • POP3 incoming mail server:

  • IMAP incoming mail server:

  • POP3 server port number: 110

  • IMAP server port number: 143

  • SMTP outgoing mail server:

  • SMTP server port number: 587

  • outgoing mail authentication (SMTP): required

If you choose Gmail, before entering the parameters, open the app, tap on the menu icon, and launch the settings. The next step is to select the Add account and Other options, then continue by typing the e-mail address.

Alice Mail does not work on Mac, iPhone, and iPad

A wrong configuration of Alice Mail parameters is at the root of the problems that owners of an account Alice encounter when using a Mac, an iPhone, or an iPad.

Similarly, as seen for Android, the disruption to the solution is very simple: set the correct values and server ports using the native e-mail client Mail. The parameters are the same as those used with Gmail.

Alice Mail doesn't work on Outlook

Why doesn't Alice Mail work on Outlook? Because of the parameters of the @ mailbox has been set incorrectly. So the exact same reason why there are problems with Gmail on Android and with Mail on macOS, iOS, and iPadOS devices.

On PC or smartphone open the Outlook client, tap on the profile icon, and then select the mailbox image to connect the Alice account. At the time of configuration, type the same parameters indicated for the Gmail client on Android paying particular attention to:

  • IMAP incoming mail server:

  • IMAP server port number: 143

  • STMP outgoing mail server:

  • SMTP server port number: 587

Alice Mail does not work on Firefox

If Alice Mail gives problems on Firefox using the Thunderbird mail client it is because the parameters set at the time of configuration are wrong. So the fault is ours: contrary to what one might think, it is good news that it depends on us and not on third parties.

In fact, just proceed with a normal configuration of the Alice mailbox using the parameters indicated on the official page dedicated to TIM Mail parameters.

Alice Mail support

The ' TIM technical assistance is the only online marketplace for solving problems of Alice Mail. The available channels are:

  • toll-free number 187

  • Facebook on the @TimOfficialPage page

  • Twitter to the @TIM_Official account

  • Forum Community We TIM

  • MyTIM app

The toll-free number 187 is active 24 hours a day, every day of the week from Monday to Sunday. The service is available both from a landline and a mobile phone, regardless of the telephone operator.

If you choose to ask for help on the Facebook page, first log in to the social platform, then connect to the @TimOfficialPage page and send a private message indicating in detail the problem.

TIM_Official is the Twitter support profile dedicated to reporting and resolving TIM user problems, including those related to the Alice Mail mail service.

The third official assistance channel to contact if Alice Mail does not work is the MyTIM app ( Android link - iOS link ), through which you can start a chat with Angie, TIM's virtual assistant. If the problem is too complex for a simple automatic answer, the assistant will put you in contact - always via chat - with a real operator.

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