Good Mattress, Good Sleep: Your Quick Guide to Best Queen-Size Mattresses

A queen-size mattress is the most widely used among other varieties of bed mattresses. Queen-size mattresses can give you additional comfort and adequate support. Its offers a product guarantee, premium quality, and good stability. A queen-size bed mattress has a wide space that is good for two individuals to sleep comfortably.

If you’re planning to change your old mattress into a brand new one, a queen-size bed mattress is the best choice for you. It is the standard size for the master’s bedroom and other bedrooms in the house, apartments, hotels, and condominiums. However, here are some factors why a queen-size mattress is the best option for you.

Durable Materials Used

A queen-size mattress is comfortable compared to others. Look for a latex foam queen-size mattress. It is more durable than the other types of bed mattresses. However, it is more expensive. The queen-size mattresses’ quality may differ for some reason; the top on the list is the types of materials used. Before buying the best queen size mattresses, better know and understand the materials that are high-quality and durable.

Given that the queen-size mattress is commonly used, there is nothing to worry about the accessories. The bed frame and cover sheets are widely available in the marketplace. High-quality materials; used to offer you the best quality of sleep. It should be soft and rigid when it comes to quality.

Provides Healthcare Benefit

Most people did not know that a queen-size mattress has an advantage to your body and health, especially for the elderly. Sleeping on a bed mattress that does not suit you can cause body pain. A queen-sized mattress will assist you in keeping your spine aligned. It alleviates back pain.

Acquiring ample time to sleep is a vital part of taking care of your health. However, for some reason, many cannot attain and experience sleep deprivation. Having a good quality of sleep is not just about how we lay down our body; it is also about the bed size mattress you use. Maybe it is too small for you. The good thing is, there are a great variety of queen-size mattresses available that suit you.


The queen-sized mattress is ideal for couples or those sleepers who can’t stay in one place and need extra space to move around while sleeping. A queen-size bed mattress is perfect for you if you have sufficient space in your room, but it is not advisable if you only have enough room which cannot accommodate a queen-size.

A standard queen-size mattress has a dimension of 152.5cm x 203.5cm or 60 inches x 80 inches. And for the extra size of the bed frame, you can approximately add another 2 to 5 inches. And to be able to fit your queen-size mattress, your room should not be less than 10 inches long and 10 inches wide.


Since queen-size mattresses are the most popular mattresses, you can easily find them in any mattress store. From bedsheet, cover, linen, a comforter to the bed frame. You can also check online for the manufacturers who have the best quality of queen-size mattresses.

Various Options

Unlike other mattress sizes, queen-size mattresses have different types of choices that are preferable to your needs. A queen-size mattress may vary; aside from the standard size, three non-standard queen bed sizes are available. Size versatility is what makes queen-size mattresses the best-selling mattress.

If you want to purchase a new mattress and want different choices, then a queen-size bed mattress is the best option. A queen-size mattress mostly fits in bedrooms like the guest room and master’s bedroom. Here are the other varieties of a queen-size bed mattress.

Split queen-size

A split queen-size has a double bed mattress. It contains two-bed mattresses, measuring 30 inches wide by 80 inches long, compile together and make up a standard queen-size mattress. However, using a split-queen may differ to some firmness level. The split queen and standard queen mattresses seem to be the same size but have different structures.

Olympic queen-size

An Olympic queen mattress is wider than the standard queen mattress and split queen-size. It provides extra comfort, especially for couples. Since this is not the standard size, it is hard to find in a marketplace or stores for mattresses. If this is your preferred kind of queen mattress; It is challenging for you to find accessories like bed linen and bed frames.

California queen-size

The California queen mattress and standard size queen mattress measurements are the same in inches wide. However, California queen mattresses are four inches longer than split, Olympic, and queen mattresses. If your height is 6ft tall, then California queen-size is perfect for you.


A queen-size mattress may seem excessive for just one person only. However, space is not a problem. Also, you cannot easily change the placement of your queen-size mattress because it is a bit heavy unless you have someone with you to help. If you were the type of sleeper who used to enjoy rolling around in bed, then a queen-size mattress is a perfect choice for you.