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American Indian Film Gallery

Cultures of Apache tribes and Hopi tribes

Emalie Schaefer, Author

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Apache and Hopi Educational Resource

Welcome Teachers,

We are Emalie, Cordelia, and Eric and we have collected and generated for you
and your students a presentation comparing key features of the Apache and Hopi
nations. This educational resource is designed for students who are in middle
school or junior high school though we encourage teachers at any level to use
this resource if you find it of use. While this presentation is designed to
assist you with teaching your students about two of the major tribes in
Arizona,it is of interest for people outside of the South West. We further hope
that this educational resource will help you and your students explore not only
the American South West but also the American Indian Film Gallery. The American
Indian Film Gallery is a bountiful resource for video material about the tribal
nations of the Americas. 

However, we caution you, the teacher, to watch the videos in the gallery first
before showing them to your students as many films are dated in their narration
and these narrations contain sentiments which first are not held by the
American Indian Film Gallery or the authors of this educational resources and
second portray the peoples of these tribes insensitively. Several of these
films have new narrations done by members of the tribes and when possible the
authors encourage using the newer narrations. That last opinion is not
necessarily the opinion of the American Indian Film Gallery.

We have designed for you an interactive presentation with the desire to allow
you and your students to navigate the presentation in multiple ways beside the
traditional linear layout. We felt that a more interactive lay-out would make
this more engaging and allow for you and your students to come to the
information from more than one angle.

There are two major paths which you can follow, one focused on the Apache and
the other on the Hopi, but the paths intersect regularly and can allow you to
focus on such things as arts and crafts, dwellings, and clothing. We have
concluded the major paths with lists of other references including the tribal
websites, books, and select films from the American Indian Film Gallery. At the
bottom of the page is the link to the first page of this educational resource.
We have also provided questions based on the information in the resource as a
possible assignment or a means to gauge how well your students understood the
material. We have also made for you a written and oral presentation with a
suggested rubric; we encourage you to change these materials as needed to suit
your pedagogical needs. We have designed this educational resource without
focusing on any particular state or regional educational standards as to reach
as many educators as possible and for you to adjust this to meet your standards
and pedagogical needs.        

We hope that this will prove useful for you and your students.

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