Alpha Lifestyle: Take control of your health, wealth, and happiness like an Alpha

Alpha Lifestyle: Part One

Take control of your health, wealth, and happiness like an alpha


Hey there curious reader!

Welcome to my first self-help book: Alpha Lifestyle - Written and published by Tanner P. 

A couple things before I start:

I will be publishing content as I write - This will be an on-going project of mine and I want to be able to add ideas and discoveries as I continue to grow. In other words, if you are skimming the book to find the final chapter, you're a few decades early. 

I write about anything and everything - If it pertains to health, wealth, or happiness in any way, I'm probably gonna write about it. 

I write like I'm having a conversation with my reader (you) - If you get offended reading words like "gonna, gotta, or gotcha," probably not the book for you.
Too harsh? (Tai Lopez would tell you that you might need thicker skin.) 

I may consider writing on suggested topics - If you'd like to pick my brain on a particular subject, be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts and questions. 


Chapter 1: Identify

Let's start out by identifying where you are right now in each of these three categories:


Your health should be your primary, #1 focus. Don't agree with that? Think about this: you are on this earth with one body, it's imperative that you keep yourself as healthy as you can to enjoy a long, pain-free life. What you eat today might not have a huge impact on you long term health, but your eating habits definitely do.

Have a tough time keeping a healthy lifestyle? Take advantage of living in the 21st century where we are blessed with endless resources available on the internet. There are DIY protein powders, healthy meal replacement shake ideas, daily vitamin recommendations, lists of natural weight loss supplements, I mean really the list could go on and on.

The bottom line is, no matter what your conditions might be, chances are someone out there has some helpful information on how to cope with or improve your situation.

Here are a few great resources available on the web for health and nutrition education:

  Health Ranks reviews the hottest health supplements and ranks them according to price, quality, and popularity. Make sure you do some research before trying a new supplement, especially stuff like potent nootropics, and be sure to explore all your options before making a purchase.

 Health Trends is a unique online platform that sorts health products using real-time metrics. They also have a discussion community allowing readers to login using their G+ or Facebook to leave their own product reviews.

 Body Nutrition uses research backed information on foods, diets, and a wide variety of supplements. A great place to learn about the similarities between diets, helping you learn exactly what you should and shouldn't be eating.


Your wealth and happiness go hand-in-hand, and you'll see why in a moment. When you are financially stable and have an income providing more than enough to cover your basic essential needs, you eliminate worlds of stress and mental anxiety. There are lots of careers out there that require you to trade your time for an income. Do you want to slave your hours away for the rest of your life building someone else's dream?

Let me propose a better solution: invest your times and money in yourself. There are plenty of business opportunities out there that allow you to be your own boss, maintain complete control, and create a passive income allowing you to have the free time to do whatever you want.

Having an online business is one of the best ways to generate your income passively. Your business can operate 24/7 and has unlimited opportunities for growth. This list ranks some of the best online business ideas to help you get started, or help you think of your own way to run an online business. 


Your happiness, although directly effected by wealth and health, is a third component because it is something you can directly work on to improve. Many iconic businessmen, such as Tim Ferris and Rick Rubin, attribute daily rituals and routines to their happiness.

Simple things like starting your day with 20 minutes of meditation or challenging yourself to read a new book every week can be great ways help you work on being more happy. Working on your happiness will also help improve your relationships with those you interact with.

Ask yourself: Between health, wealth, and happiness, which one could use the most improvement?

Once you identify which aspects of life that you want to improve, it becomes easier to get started in the right direction. But you have to really want it. Bad. 

How bad do you want results? More importantly, how willing are you to make difficult changes from your current lifestyle? 

"We like to incorporate the three pillars on a daily basis" says Mauri Laurkkanen from the Chigago Bulls. (Mauri is a former pest control expert for, a site that talks about pest control products.)

If you can improve on any of the three pillars every day, think of how much happier your life could be in a month...Let alone in a year.
Okay, that's all for now folks. Stay tuned for Alpha Lifestyle updates.