Archaeology of a Book: An experimental approach to reading rare books in archival contexts


Online Resources
El Catálogo Colectivo de Marcas de Fuego (Collective Catalog of Firebrands)
The Primeros Libros Project

Books and writing in the Pre-Columbian Americas
Elizabeth Hill Boone and Walter Mignolo, Writing Without Words (1994)
Frank L. Saloman, The Cord Keepers (2004)

Book production and collection in early colonial Mexico
Hortensia Calvo, "The Politics of Print." Book History 6 (2003).
 General survey of the role of print in early colonial Mexico. In English.
Geoffrey Ashall Glaister, Encyclopedia of the Book. 2nd Edition. (1996).
Encyclopedia and general history of topics related to printing history. European focus. English.
Julie Greer Johnson, The Book in the Americas (1988)
General survey, beautifully illustrated, based on a library exhibit. English.
Hans Lenz, Historia del papel en Mexico y cosas relacionadas 1525-1950 (2001)
Comprehensive study of the history of paper in Mexico. In Spanish.
Miguel Mathes, Santa Cruz de Tlatlelolco: la primera biblioteca academica de las Americas (1982)
Monograph uses surviving books and records to reconstruct the holdings at the library at Santa Cruz. In Spanish or English.
Ernesto de la Torre Villar, Breve historia del libro en Mexico (1987)
A brief historiography of printing in Mexico, for a general audience. In Spanish.
Hensley C. Woodbridge and Lawrence S. Thompson, Printing in Colonial Spanish America (1976)
Expanded and revised edition, with illustrations and thorough documentation. In English.

Sixteenth Century Mexico
Mark Z. Christensen, Nahua and Maya Catholicisms (2013)
Angel Ramos, La ciudad letrada (The Lettered City, 1984)

Printing in Early Modern Europe
Elizabeth Eisenstein, The Printing Press as an Agent of Change