How To See Palestine: An ABC of Occupation


I traveled to Palestine with the art-activist collective MTL, who enabled the entire visit. On the ground, Habshe Yossef made the connections, did the driving and generally facilitated all the encounters. He was so generous with his time and ideas, it was quite extraordinary. Thanks too to everyone at Aida, especially Mohammed; to the people at Qalqilya Zoo who welcomed us out of the blue; to Zochrot for setting up my visit to al-Aqarib; to those in the 48 who helped us at risk to themselves; to our generous hosts in Nablus; and to our guides in Hebron. Knowing that the Internet is watched by the regime makes me unwilling to put names that might put people at further risk: you know who you are.

An Arts and Culture grant from NYU-Steinhardt made the visit possible.

I've learned so much from so many activist friends, like Conor Tómas Read, Marina Sitrin, Pamela Brown, Kyle Goen, Paula Chakravarrty, Stephen Duncombe, Andrew Ross, Jessica Feldman, Maxime Boidy, Debra Timesh, Marissa Holmes, David Graeber, Alex Juhasz, and many more.

In academia, my thanks for enabling conversations and more to Ariella Azoulay, Eyal Weizman, A. Joan Saab, Wendy Chun, Lisa Nakamura, Jonathan Sterne, W.J.T. Mitchell and many more.

At Scalar, the whole team from Tara McPherson, friend, comrade, editor, to Craig Dietrich, Curtis Fletcher and everyone else.

Kathleen and Hannah were not sure about the wisdom of my going to Palestine but were ultimately very supportive and covered for me at home, as so often.