Urban Sights: Urban History and Visual Culture

Table of Contents

Urban Sights: Visual Culture & Urban History

Conflicting Visions of Renewal in Pittsburgh's Hill District, 1950-1968 by Laura Grantmyre
Conflicting Visions of the Lower Hill
Conflicting Visions of the Lower Hill’s Redeveloped Future
Conflicting Representations of Redevelopment’s Legacy
Lower Hill Conclusion

San Francisco Views: Robert Bechtle and the Reformulation of Urban Vision by Bridget Gilman
1. Painting the Bay Area
Spatial Fluidities
Interactive Timeline: Robert Bechtle Artwork Locations
2. Potrero Hill
Intersections and Repetitions
Twentieth and Arkansas Case Study
The (Anti) Panoramic Impulse
Exaggerated Cityscapes
3. The Sunset District
Developing the Neighborhood
Sunset Developer Map
'Little Boxes'
The Suburban City
4. Conclusion
'The Urban Fabric Grows'

Visualizing Iraq: Oil, Cinema, and the Modern City by Mona Damluji
Oil Films in Context
Origins of Iraqi Oil
Iraqi Oil and the Political Landscape
The Iraq Petroleum Company Medienverbund
Film Distribution
“A Truly National Enterprise”
Iraq's First Public Relations Picture
Imagining Oil as a Natural and National Resource
"The Trappings of Modernity"
Iraqis Behind the Camera

Filmic Witness to the 1964 Kitty Genovese Murder by Carrie Rentschler
The Cinema Archive as Witness
High-rise Anxiety and the Failure of Community
The Vertical City and Violence Against Women
The Psychological Interface between Individuals and the City
Re-Enacting Crime’s Witnesses in the City
Judgment in the City--Conclusion

Buses from Nowhere: Television and Anti-busing Activism in 1970s Urban America by Matt Delmont
Claude Kirk's Politics of Confrontation
A New Southern Strategy
Claude Kirk's Televised Stand in the Schoolhouse Door
The Silent Majority Watches Claude Kirk
The End of the Ride & Parents Against Forced Busing
Irene McCabe and Pontiac's National Action Group
Pontiac in the National Television Spotlight
Pontiac Beyond the TV Frame
Mothers' March on Washington
Buses from Nowhere - Conclusion