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Publishing The Art Bulletin

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Table of Contents compilation

1913 vol. 1, no. 1

The Bulletin of the College Art Association of America    

No Table of Contents    

Announcement of upcoming third annual meeting of the College Art Association 2
Officers and Directors 3
Committees 4
HOLMES SMITH Problems of the College Art Association 6
Papers Read before the College Art Association 11
Colleges and Associations Represented in the College Art Association 12
Constitution and By Laws 13

 January vol. 1, no. 2

The Bulletin of the College Art Association of America    

No Table of Contents    

Announcement of upcoming sixth annual meeting of the College Art Association 2
Officers, Directors, Committees, Members 3
The Program of the Fifth Annual Meeting of the College Art Association of America 7
Constitution 31

1917 January vol. 1, no. 3

The Bulletin of the College Art Association of America    

Front Matter    
Announcement of upcoming seventh annual meeting of the College Art Association 2
Contents 3
College Art Association Governance: Officers, Directors, Committees, Members 5
The Program of the Fifth Annual Meeting of the College Art Association of America 9

Papers Read at the Fifth Annual Meeting    
EDITH R. ABBOTT Reproductions for the College Museum and Art Gallery 17 
EDITH R. ABBOTT Discussion of the Report of a Committee of American Association of Museums on Training of Museum Workers 21
EDITH R. ABBOTT Non-technical Laboratory Work for the Student of the History of Art 91
ALFRED MANSFIELD BROOKS Architecture as an Academic Subject 68
GEORGE HENRY CHASE The Meleager in the Fogg Museum and Related Works in America 109
ALFRED VANCE CHURCHILL A Discussion of the Function and Value of the Outline or Syllabus in Teaching the History of Art 96
GEORGE HAROLD EDGELL Books for the College Art Library 13
WILLIAM M. HEKKING What Kind of Technical Art Shall be Taught to the A. B. Student? 32
JAMES R. HOPKINS What Kind of Technical Art Shall Be Taught to the A. B. Student? 28
ROSSITER HOWARD Non-technical Laboratory Work for the Student of the History of Art 82
DEBORAH KALLEN The Teaching of Drawing and Design in the Secondary Schools 51
CHAS. F. KELLEY Report of Secretary-Treasurer 11
HOMER EATON KEYES Report Committee on Legislation 21
EDWARD J. LAKE Report Committee on Membership 12
PHILIP VAN NESS MYERS The Hunter Artists of the Old Stone Age 98
JOHN PICKARD President’s Address 42
ARTHUR POPE The Teaching of Drawing and Design in the Secondary Schools 46
DAVID M. ROBINSON On Reproductions for the College Museum and Art Gallery 15 
DAVID M. ROBINSON Caricature in Ancient Art 65 
STELLA SKINNER Evolution of the Dwelling and its Furnishing as a Proper Study in the A. B. Course 58
HOLMES SMITH Investigation of Art Education in American Colleges and Universities 21
HOLMES SMITH How Can We Increase the Number of Future College Graduates Who Shall Have Received Some Artistic Inspiration through Art Instruction During Their Undergraduate Course? 76
FRANK B. TARBELL What People Enjoy in Pictures 75 
LOUIS WEINBERG What Kind of Technical Art Shall Be Taught to the A. B. Student? 35
FREDERIC A.WHITING Discussion of the Report of a Committee of American Association of Museums on Training of Museum Workers 25
GEORGE B. ZUG Non-Technical Laboratory Work for the Student of the History of Art 85
College Art Association of America Constitution 118 

1918 January vol. 1, no. 4
The Bulletin of the College Art Association of America

Front Matter
The Bulletin [announcement] 2
Contents [as below in Papers3 
Officers, Directors, Committees, Members 5
Program of Seventh Annual Meeting 9

HENRY TURNER BAILEY, Value of the Study of Art to Students in Colleges and Universities 102
E. RAYMOND BOSSANGE Technical and General Education in the Arts 48
ALFRED M. BROOKS Robbery and Restitution of Works of Art in the Present War 37
ALICE V. BROWN Standardization of Art Courses 110
SAMUEL P. CAPEN The Value of Art in a College Course 103
A. V. CHURCHILL Research Work and Graduate Teaching in Art 118
RALPH ADAMS CRAM The Place of the Fine Arts in Higher Education 129
J. C. DANA The Value of the Study of Art in Our Institutions of Higher Education 69
ARTHUR WESLEY DOW A Course in Fine Arts for Candidates for the Higher Degrees 114
EDWARD W. FORBES The Art Museum and the Teaching of the Fine Arts 120
BLAKE-MORE GODWIN Preparation of the Child for a College Course in Art 61
CLEMENT HEATON Design, Craftsmanship and the Imitation of Nature in Ancient Art 135
GERTRUDE S. HYDE Ways and Means of Securing Proper Recognition for Art Teaching in Our Colleges and Universities 58
CHARLES F. KELLEY Report of the Secretary and Treasurer 14
C. R. MOREY The Art of Auguste Rodin 145
JOHN PICARD Art’s Counter Offensive 19
ARTHUR POPE Books for the College Art Library 14
EDWARD ROBINSON Address of Welcome 11
DAVID M. ROBINSON Value of the Study of Art to the Students in Colleges and Universities 95
MARIE A. SAHM Private Art Collections in the United States 16
WALTER SARGENT The Value of Art Education in Colleges 83
JOHN SHAPLEY Report on Reproductions of Early Christian Monuments 14
JOHN SHAPLEY The Analysis of Beauty 43
JOHN C. VAN DYKE The Value of the Study of Art in Our Institutions of Higher Education 75
LLOYD WARREN Taste: Its Awakening and Development 88
ZUG, GEORGE B. ZUG Report of the Auditing Committee 14
Constitution 156


1919 September vol. 2, no. 1
The Art Bulletin of the College Art Association of America 
An Illustrated Quaterly Published by the College Art Association of America

Front Matter
The Art Bulletin [announcement] 2
Contents 3

JOHN PICKARD The Future of the College Art Association 5 

CHARLES R. MOREY The Sources of Romanesque Sculpture 10
ANANDA COOMARASWAMY The Significance of Oriental Art 17
HOMER SAINT GAUDENS Camouflage and Art 23
EDWIN M. BLAKE The Necessity of Developing the Scientific and Technical Bases of Art 31s 

Reviews 39

HOWARD CROSBY BUTLER Protection for the Historic Monuments and Objects of Art in Nearer Asia 46

Program of Eighth Annual Meeting 49
Minutes and Reports 52
Officers, Directors, Committees, Members 59

1919 September vol. 2, no. 2
ELLSWORTH WOODWARD Supply and Demand 71 
FERN RUSK SHAPLEY A Student of Ancient Ceramics, Antonio Pollajuolo 78
GUSTAVUS A. EISEN Antique Glass 87

Reviews 120 

JOHN SHAPLEY The Ninth Annual Meeting of the College Art Association of America 129
JOHN SHAPLEY Recent Contributions to Art History 129


1920 March vol. 2, no. 3

ALFRED M. BROOKS Drawing 137
BENJAMIN IVES GILMAN Thoughts for Saint Sylvester’s Day 148
EDWARD W. FORBES The Technical Study and Physical Care of Paintings 160
RICHARD F. BACH Schools, Colleges, and the Industrial Arts 171

Reviews 176

Program of the Ninth Annual Meeting of the College Art Association of America 182

1920 June vol. 2, no. 4 

DUNCAN PHILIPS J. Alden Weir 189 

LOUIS E. LORD A Russian Painter of the Nineteenth Century, Elyas Repin 213
ROSSITER HOWARD The History of Interior Decoration 219

Reviews 225

Minutes of the Ninth Annual Meeting of the College Art Association of America 228

1920 September vol. 3, no. 1

Books for the College Art Library
Encyclopaedic Works 5
  Theory 6
Criticism 7
Technique 7
Various Arts
Architecture 8
Sculpture 9
Painting 10
Minor Arts 10

Prehistoric 11

General 12
Egypt 13
Western Asia 13
Minoan and Mycenaean 14
Greek, Etruscan, and Roman
General 15
Architecture 16
Sculpture 17 
Painting and Minor Arts 17
General 19
Early Christian 20
Byzantine 21
General 21
Architecture 22
Sculpture 26
Painting 26
Minor Arts 27
General 28
Architecture 28
Sculpture 29
Italy 31
Spain 34
France 35
Germany 36
The Low Countries 36
Minor Arts 37

Mohammedan 38

Far Eastern
China and Japan 38
India 40

General 41
Architecture and Sculpture 42
General 42
France 42
England 43
America 45
Other Countries 46
Minor Arts 46

Periodicals 47 

Serial Productions 49

1920 December vol. 3, no. 2

ARTHUR EDWIN BYE Modern Dutch Art 69
REGINALD POLAND Art Association and Pageants 77
CHARLES A BENNETT A National Program of Industrial Art Education 84
JOHN SHAPLEY A Portrait of the Princesse de Lamballe 92

Reviews 98

The Tenth Annual Meeting of the College Art Association of America 101


1921 March vol. 3, no. 3

EDWIN M. BLAKE Dynamic Symmetry – A Criticism 107
P. P. CLAXTON The Fine Arts in the Education of the People 128

Reviews 132

Program of the Tenth Annual Meeting of the College Art Association of America 140

1921 June vol. 3, no. 4

DUNCAN PHILLIPS The Phillips Memorial Art Gallery 147
JOHN PICKARD Some Decorations in the New State Capitol at Jefferson City, Missouri 153
ARTHUR S. ALLEN The Application of the Munsell Color System to The Graphic Arts 158
ERWIN O. CHRISTENSEN Points of Approach in the Teaching of Elementary Art History 162

Reviews 168

Notes 178
Minutes of the Tenth Annual Meeting of the College Art Association of America

1921 September vol. 4, no. 1

A. D. FRASER The Age of the Extant Columns of the Olympieum at Athens 5
JOHN SHAPLEY A Note to Purgatorio X, 55–63 19
HOWARD FREEMONT STRATTON The Pageant in Colleges and Art Schools 27

Reviews 31

Eleventh Annual Meeting of the College Art Association of America 39
Dues of Active Members 39

1921 December vol. 4, no. 2

CORNELIA G. HARCUM A Statue of Aphrodite in the Royal Ontario Museum 45
ALFRED MANSFIELD BROOKS Our Substitute for Nature 59
C. R. MOREY The Origin of the Asiatic Sarcophagi 64

Reviews 71


1922 March vol. 4, no. 3

BENJAMIN IVES GILMAN Two Essays on Appreciation 85
ARTHUR EDWIN BYE The American School 90
A. D. FRASER Xenophon and the Boeotian Helmet 99

Reviews 109

1922 June vol. 4, no. 4

C. R. MOREY Christus Crucifer 117
HOLMES SMITH An Art Service Bureau 127
ARTHUR EDWIN BYE Boccaccio Boccaccino’s Mystic Marriage of St. Catharine 130
A. D. FRASER A New Athenian Discovery 139

Reviews 144

Program of the Eleventh Annual Meeting of the College Art Association of America 147

1922 September vol. 5, no. 1

GEORGIANA GODDARD KING The Rider on the White Horse 3
HELEN B. CHAPIN Themes of the Japanese Netsuké-Carver 10

Reviews 22

1922 December vol. 5, no. 2

FERN RUSK SHAPLEY and CLARENCE KENNEDY Brunelleschi in Competition with Ghiberti 31
WALTER HARING The Winged St. John the Baptist: Two Examples in American Collections 35

Reviews 41


1923 March vol. 5, no. 3

PHILIA CALDER NYE The Romanesque Signs of the Zodiac 55
A. D. FRASER A New Roman Tomb-Painting 58
JOHN SHAPLEY Another Sidamara Sarcophagus 61
ALFRED ANSFIELD BROOKS In Memoriam: Sir Christopher Wren 76

Reviews 77

1923 June vol. 5, no. 4

W. S. COOK The Earliest Painted Panels of Catalonia (I) 85
H. H. POWERS The Ludovisi Throne and the Boston Relief 102
DAVID M. ROBINSON An Original Greek Bronze Statuette in Munich 109

Reviews 111

Program of the Twelfth Annual Meeting 113

1923 September vol. 6, no. 1

ROGER SHERMAN LOOMIS The Origin and Date of the Bayeux Embroidery 3
ELLSWORTH WOODWARD Present Day Art in the South: Cause and Effect 8
M. S. DIMAND Mediaeval Textiles of Sweden 11
EDWIN M. BLAKE The Art Division of the American Ceramic Society 17

Reviews 20

1923 December vol. 6, no. 2

WALTER W. S. COOK The Earliest Painted Panels of Catalonia (II) 31

Reviews 65 


1924 March vol. 6, no. 3

ROGER SHERMAN LOOMIS Modena, Bari, and Hades 71
H. L. EBELING The Origin of the Corinthian Capital 75
M. S. DIMAND Medallion Carpets 82

Reviews 85

Thirteenth Annual Conference 93

1924 June vol. 6, no. 4

KATE DENNY MCKNIGHT The Ulysses Panels by Piero di Cosimo at Vassar College 99
ADÈLE COULIN WEIBEL A Romanesque Madonna 103
W. R. AGARD Roy Sheldon as Creator of Form 105

Reviews 107

1924 September vol. 7, no. 1

A. KINGSLEY PORTER Spain or Toulouse? And Other Questions 3
HELEN BURWELL CHAPIN The Theme of a Japanese Netsuké 26

Reviews 28 

1924 December vol. 7, no. 2

C. R. MOREY The Sources of Mediaeval Style 35
WALTER W. S. COOK Spanish and French Paintings in the Lehman Collection 51

Reviews 71
Fourteenth Annual Meeting 75


1925 March vol. 7, no. 3

ERNEST T. DEWALD The Art of the Scriptorium of Einsiedeln 79
R. M. RIEFSTAHL Turkish Bird Rugs and Their Design 91
JOHN SHAPLEY A Lost Cartoon for Leonardo’s Madonna with St. Anne 96

Reviews 103

1925 June vol. 7, no. 4

A. PHILLIP MCMAHON Some Aspects of Ignacio Zuloaga 117
MYRTILLA AVERY The Alexandrian Style at Santa Maria Antiqua, Rome 131
MARION LAWRENCE Maria Regina 150

Reviews s162

1925 September vol. 8, no. 1

A. AMES JR. Depth in Pictorial Art 5
ALFRED MANSFIELD BROOKS Drawings by Benjamin West 25
ROGER GILMAN The Paris Exposition: A Glimpse into the Future, by Roger Gilman 33
ARTHUR UPHAM POPE Research Methods in Muhammadan Art 43

Reviews 50

1925 December vol. 8, no. 2

WALTER W. S. COOK The Earliest Painted Panels of Catalonia (III) 57
H. H. POWERS Art and Economics 105
ERNEST T. DEWALD The Golden Book of Pfävers 112

Reviews 118


1926 March vol. 8, no. 3

THOMAS T. HOOPES An Ivory Casket in the Metropolitan Museum of Art 127
ARTHUR MCCOMB Francesco Ubertini (Bacchiacca) 141
HANS HENNING VON DER OSTEN Seven Parthian Statuettes 169

Reviews 175

Fifteenth Annual Meeting 182

1926 June vol. 8, no. 4

KENNETH CONANT Two Drawings of the Cathedral of Avila 191
WALTER W. S. COOK The Earliest Painted Panels of Catalonia (IV) 195
A. KINGSLEY PORTER Leonesque Romanesque and Southern France 235
JOSÉ PIJOAN Romanesque Baroque 251

Reviews 255

1926 September vol. 9, no. 1

DAVID M. ROBINSON Roman Sculptures from Colonia Caesarea (Pisidian Antioch) 5
FRANK JEWETT MATHER JR. An Enigmatic Venetian Picture at Detroit 70
STELLA BLOCH Chinese Art s76

Reviews 80

1926 December vol. 9, no. 2

JOSEPH WILPERT Early Christian Sculpture: Its Restoration and Its Modern Manufacture 89
PHYLLIS ACKERMAN Recently Identified Designers of Gothic Tapestries 142

Reviews 163


1927 March vol. 9, no. 3

W. R. VALENTINER Observations on Sienese and Pisan Trecento Sculpture 177
SIRARPIE der NERSESSIAN Two Slavonic Parallels of the Greek Tetraevangelia: Paris 74 223

Reviews 275

Notes 281
[Program of the Sixteenth Annual Meeting of the College Art Association]

1927 June vol. 9, no. 4

ANANDA K. COOMARASWAMY The Origin of the Buddha Image 287
EDWARD CAPPS JR. An Ivory Pyxis in the Museo Cristiano and a Plaque from the Sancta Sanctorum 331
MILDRED STAPLEY BYNE Gothic Painted Ceilings from Teruel 343
JOSEPH BRECK The Ficoroni Medallion and Some Other Gilded Glasses in the Metropolitan Museum of Art 353

Reviews 357

1927 September vol. 10, no. 1
Studies in the Late Antique Undertaken in the School of Classical Studies of the American Academy in Rome, 1925–1926

MARION LAWRENCE City-Gate Sarcophagi 1
FRANCIS HENRY TAYLOR The Sarcophagus of San Lorenzo 47
EDWARD CAPPS JR. The Style of the Consular Diptychs 61
LESLIE WEBBER JONES The Archetypes of the Terence Miniatures 103

1927 December vol. 10, no. 2

FISKE KIMBALL Luciano Laurana and the High Renaissance 125
WALTER W. S. COOK The Earliest Painted Panels of Catalonia (V) 153

Reviews 205


1928 March vol. 10, no. 3

THEODORE LESLIE SHEAR The Horse of Sardis 215
CORRADO RICCI The Art of Scenography 231
A. D. FRASER A Roman Portrait in Chicago 258
NICHOLAS N. MARTINOVITCH The Funeral of Sultan Murad III of Turkey 263
WALTER W. S. COOK A Romanesque Fresco in the Plandiura Collection 266
JOSEPH STRZYGOWSKI North and South in the History of American Art 274

Reviews 279

1928 June vol. 10, no. 4
WALTER W. S. COOK The Earliest Painted Panels of Catalonia (VI) 305
ALFRED M. BROOKS A Relief by Mestrovich 366
JOSEF STRZYGOWSKI The Authenticity of Early Christian Silver 370
ERNST DIEZ Moldavian Portrait Textiles 377

Reviews 386


1929 March vol. 11, no. 1

C. R. MOREY Notes on East Christian Miniatures 5
W. L. HILDBURGH Two Small Twelfth Century Crosses made at Cologne 104

Reviews 113

1929 June vol. 11, no. 2

ARTHUR EDWIN BYE Stained Glass Panels from the Workshop of Dirk Vellert in the Goldman Collection 125
AUGUST L. MAYER El Greco – an Oriental Artist 146
WALTER S. COOK Early Spanish Panel Painting in the Plandiura Collection (I) 155
A. PHILIP MCMAHON The New Protagoras: A Pedantic Dialogue 187
RUDOLF M. RIEFSTAHL The Date and Provenance of the Automata Miniatures 206
ANANDA K. COOMARASWAMY The Tree of Jesse and Indian Parallels or Sources 217

Reviews 221

1929 September vol. 11, no. 3

E. LOUISE LUCAS List of Books for the College Art Library 241

Reviews 295

1929 December vol. 11, no. 4

GEORGIANA GODDARD KING The Triumph of the Cross 317
WALTER W. S. COOK Romanesque Spanish Mural Painting (I) 327
EDWARD S. KING The Carolingian Frescoes of the Abbey of Saint-Germain d’Auxerre 359
EVELYN SANDBERG VAVALÀ A Chapter in Fourteenth Century Iconography: Verona 376

Reviews 415


1930 June vol. 12, no. 1

FRANK JEWETT MATHER JR. An Unrecognized Composition by Raphael 5
JOSEPH PIJOAN El Greco – A Spaniard 13
WALTER W. S. COOK Romanesque Spanish Mural Painting (II) 21
W. R. VALENTINER Leonardo as Verrocchio’s Coworker 43
W. A. CAMPBELL A Romanesque Processional Cross 90

Reviews 98

1930 June vol. 12, no. 2

LESTER D. LONGMAN Two Fragments of an Early Textile in the Museo Cristiano 115
PERRY B. COTT Siculo-Arabic Ivories in the Museo Cristiano 131
ANDREW S. KECK A Group of Italo-Byzantine Ivories 147
W. L. M. BURKE A Bronze Situla in the Museo Cristiano 163
MEHMET AĞA-OĞLU The Fatih Mosque at Constantinople 179

Reviews 196

1930 September vol. 12, no. 3

MICHEL V. ALPATOFF A Byzantine Illuminated Manuscript of the Palaeologue Epoch in Moscow 207
GEORGE E. MYLONAS A Bronze Statuette of Heracles 219
HELEN WOODRUFF The Physiologus of Bern 226
RAYMOND S. STITES The Bronzes of Leonardo Da Vinci 254
ALFRED NICHOLSON The Roman School at Assisi 270

Reviews 301

1930 December vol. 12, no. 4

RUDOLF M. RIEFSTAHL Selimiyeh in Konya 311
MARTIN A. CHARLES Hagia Sophia and the Great Imperial Mosques 321
YOORI A. OLSUFIEV The Development of Russian Icon Painting from the Twelfth to the Nineteenth Century 347
DAVID M. ROBB Niccolò: A North Italian Sculptor of the Twelfth Century 374

Reviews 421


1931 March vol. 13, no. 1

ALFRED VANCE CHURCHILL A Self-Portrait by Goya 5
GERTRUDE R. BENSON New Light on the Origin of the Utrecht Psalter 13
HELEN WOODRUFF The Iconography and Date of the Mosaics of La Daurade 80
E. BALDWIN SMITH The Chalice and Paten of William Archer 107

Reviews 118

1931 June vol. 13, no. 2

THEODORE LESLIE SHEAR The Lion Group at Sardis 127
J. DONALD YOUNG A Sarcophagus at Providence 138
LUCIANO HUIDOBRÓ The Art of the Reconquest in Castile (Valle de Mena) 160
RUDOLF M. RIEFSTAHL Primitive Rugs of the Konya Type in the Mosque of Beyshehir 177
HANS HENNING VON DER OSTEN The Ancient Seals from the Near East in the Metropolitan Museum 221

Reviews 242

1931 September vol. 13, no. 3

MEYER SCHAPIRO The Romanesque Sculpture of Moissac: Part I (1) 249
HIRSCH LOEB GORDON The Basilica and the Stoa in Early Rabbinical Literature: A Study in Near Eastern Architecture 353 
MILLARD MEISS Ugolino Lorenzetti 376 

Reviews 398

1931 December vol. 13, no. 4

JAMES J. RORIMER A Fourteenth Century Catalan Tomb at the Cloisters and Related Monuments 409
RUDOLF M. RIEFSTAHL Persian Islamic Stucco Sculptures 439 
BY MEYER SCHAPIRO The Romanesque Sculpture of Moissac: Part I (2) 464

Reviews 532 


1932 March vol. 14, no. 1

G. A. S. SNIJDER Antique and Mediaeval Gems on Bookcovers at Utrecht 5  
J. M. FRIESENEGGER The Ulric Crosses 55  
BERTHA H. WILES Tribolo in His Michelangelesque Vein 59  

Reviews  71

1932 June vol. 14, no. 2

W. L. HILDBURGH A Mediaeval Bronze Pectoral Cross 79
MARION LAWRENCE Columnar Sarcophagi in the Latin West 103

Reviews  186

1932 September vol. 14, no. 3

W. R. VALENTINER Carel and Barent Fabritius 197  
BENJAMIN ROWLAND JR. Gabriel Guardia: A Fifteenth Century Painter of Manresa 243
ELIZABETH A. ROSE The Meaning of the Reliefs on the Second Pier of the Orvieto Façade 258

Reviews  277  

1932 December vol. 14, no. 4

S. L. FAISON, JR. Barna and Bartolo di Fredi 285  
WALTER MUIR WHITEHILL, JR. The Destroyed Romanesque Church of Santo Domingo de Silos 316
BURTON YOST BERRY Old Turkish Towels 344
RUDOLF M. RIEFSTAHL Greek Orthodox Vestments and Ecclesiastical Fabrics 359

Reviews  374


1933 March vol. 15, no. 1

HAROLD R. WILLOUGHBY Codex 2400 and its Miniatures 3  
ARTHUR UPHAM POPE A Sasanian Garden Palace 75  

Reviews and Notes 86
G. A. SNIJDER Note to Antique and Medieval Gems on Bookcovers at Utrecht By G. A. Snijder, The Art Bulletin 1932 XIV, no. 1, pp. 5-52, 91

1933 June vol. 15, no. 2

MILLARD MEISS The Problem of Francesco Traini 97  
MOLLY OHL GODWIN Mediaeval Cloister Arcades from St.-Pons and Pontaut 174

Reviews  190

1933 September vol. 15, no. 3

JOAN EVANS Mediaeval Wheel-Shaped Brooches 197  
ERNEST T. DE WALD Notes on the Tuotilo Ivories in St. Gall 202  
ARIF MUFID BEY The Excavation of the Balaban Agha Mesdjidi in Istanbul 210
T. H. FOKKER The First Baroque Church in Rome 230  
HANS TIETZE Dürer in America 250  
GEORGE M. RICHTER Conscious and Subconscious Elements in the Creation of Works of Art 275  

Reviews and Notes  290
S. L. FAISON Note to Barna and Bartola de Fredi By S. L. Faison In The Art Bulletin Dec 1932 293

1933 December vol. 15, no. 4

T. H. FOKKER The Origin of Baroque Painting 299  
GEORG STUHLFAUTH A Greek Psalter with Byzantine Miniatures 310
SIRARPIE DER NERSESSIAN The Date of the Initial Miniatures of the Etchmiadzin Gospel 327 
RUDOLF M. RIEFSTAHL A Seljuq Koran Stand with Lacquer-Painted Decoration in the Museum of Konya 361
J. HEINRICH SCHMIDT Turkish Brocades and Italian Imitations 374  
JULIUS BAUM Fourteenth Century Alabaster Reliefs of the Epiphany 384 

Reviews and Notes 388
WLHELM NEUSS Note on the above Review of Die Apokalypse….By Wilhelm Neuss 391
JOSEPH PIJOAN Note on the Problem of the Apokalypse 393
AUGUST L. MAYER Note on Conscious and Subconscious Elements in the Creation of Works of Art By Martin Richter In The Art Bulletin XV 3 pp. 275-289 394 


1934 March vol. 16, no. 1

JEAN LAMBERT BROCKWAY Trumbull's Sortie 5  
W. FREDERICK STOHLMAN Assembling Marks on Limoges Champlevé Enamels as a Basis for Classification 14  
ALBERT C. PHELPS A Leaf from the Note-Book of Antonio San Gallo the Younger 19
BY J. B. C. GRUNDY Runge and Carové: An Unpublished Document of the Romantik 23  
RICHARD M. BAUM Hogarth and Fielding as Social Critics 30  
M. ALISON FRANTZ Byzantine Illuminated Ornament: A Study in Chronology 43

1934 June vol. 16, no. 2

ULRICH MIDDELDORF Giuliano da Sangallo and Andrea Sansovino 107  
GEORGIANA GODDARD KING The Journey of Ferrer Bassa 116  
R. WITTKOWER Michelangelo's Biblioteca Laurenziana 123  

Reviews 219

1934 September vol. 16, no. 3

GEORG PUDELKO The Early Works of Paolo Uccello 231  
H. BODMER The Aldobrandini Landscapes in the Doria-Pamphili Gallery 260
GEORGE MARTIN RICHTER Unfinished Pictures by Giorgione 272  
GEORGIANA GODDARD KING Iconographical Notes on the Passion 291  

Reviews 304

1934 September vol. 15, no. 4

ARTHUR UPHAM POPE The Historic Significance of Stucco Decoration in Persian Architecture 321
F. E. HYSLOP, JR. A Byzantine Reliquary of the True Cross from the Sancta Sanctorum 333
EDGAR C. SCHENCK A Painted Wooden Pyxis in the Museo Cristiano of the Vatican Library 341
STEPHAN POGLAYEN-NEUWALL Titian's Pictures of the Toilet of Venus and their Copies 358
RICHARD M. BAUM Joseph Nollekens: A Neo-Classic Eccentric 385

Reviews and Notes 396
GEORGE MARTIN RICHTER Note on Unfinished Pictures by Giorgione in The Art Bulletin XVI 1934 pp. 272-290 401


1935 March vol. 17, no. 1

M. ALPATOV Poussin Problems 5
ANANDA K. COOMARASWAMY Mediaeval Aesthetic: I. Dionysius the Pseudo-Aeropagite, and Ulrich Engelberti of Strassburg 31  
E. M. UPJOHN Buffington and the Skyscraper 48
GEORG PUDELKO The Minor Masters of the Chiostro Verde 71  
ULRICH MIDDELDORF Two Wax Reliefs by Guglielmo della Porta 90  
GEORGE W. ELDERKIN Echoes of Antiquity 99  

Reviews and Notes 102
[Correction] Note on Museo Cristiano articles in The Art Bulletin XVI 1934 pp. 333-357 102

1935 June vol. 17, no. 2

A. G. COTTON and R. M. WALKER Minor Arts of the Renaissance in the Museo Cristiano 119
S. L. FALSON JR. A Gothic Processional Cross in the Museo Cristiano 163
VICTOR LASAREFF The Mosaics of Cefalù 184

Reviews 233

1935 September vol. 17, no. 3

FREDERICK B. DEKNATEL The Thirteenth Century Gothic Sculpture of the Cathedrals of Burgos and Leon 243  
W. FREDERICK STOHLMAN Quantity Production of Limoges Champlevé Enamels 390  

Notes and Reviews 397
ALISON FRANTZ A Lost Manuscript from Megaspelion 397

1935 December vol. 17, no. 4

MEYER SCHAPIRO New Documents on St.-Gilles 415
ERWIN PANOFSKY The Friedsam Annunciation and the Problem of the Ghent Altarpiece 433  
GEORGIANA GODDARD KING The Virgin of Humility 474  
JULIUS BAUM The Porch of Andlau Abbey 492

Notes and Reviews 506  
PAUL S. WINGERT An Adoration in the Cluny Museum 506

Index Back Matter 


1936 March vol. 18, no. 1

MARY ALICE WYMAN The Helyas Legend as Represented on the Embriachi Ivories at the Metropolitan Museum of Art 5  
W. L. M. BURKE Lucas Cranach the Elder 25
JEAN LIPMAN The Florentine Profile Portrait in the Quattrocento 54  

Notes and Reviews 103
GEORGE E. MYLONAS The Stele of Kallistrate in the Museum of St. Louis 103

1936 June vol. 18, no. 2

DAVID M. ROBINSON The Cyniscus of Polyclitus 133  
DOROTHY KENT HILL A Copy of the Athena Parthenos 150  
DOROTHY MINER A Late Reichenau Evangeliary in the Walters Gallery Library 168  
MARVIN CHAUNCEY ROSS The Reliquary of Saint Amandus 187
C. R. MOREY A Group of Gothic Ivories in the Walters Art Gallery 199  
EDWARD S. KING Notes on the Paintings by Giovanni di Paolo in the Walters Collection 215  
STEPHEN V. GRANCSAY A Pair of Seventeenth Century Brescian Pistols 240  
GEORGE HEARD HAMILTON The Origin of Barye's Tiger Hunt 249  

Notes and Reviews 258  
MEYER SCHAPIRO, The New Vienna School; review of Otto Pächt, ed., Kunstwissenchaftiche Forschungen II 258

1936 September vol. 18, no. 3

ROBERT C. SMITH, Jr. João Frederico Ludovice, an Eighteenth Century Architect in Portugal 273  
BENJAMIN ROWLAND, JR. A Revised Chronology of Gandhãra Sculpture 387
S. A. CALLISEN A Bust of a Prelate in the Metropolitan Museum, New York 401
A. M. G. LITTLE Scaenographia 407  

Notes and Reviews 419
HERMANN W. WILLIAMS JR. Four Drawings Attributed to Christoph Jamnitzer 419

1936 December vol. 18, no. 4

MILLARD MEISS The Madonna of Humility 435  
PARKER LESLEY Two Triptychs and a Crucifix in the Museo Cristiano 465  
DAVID M. ROBB The Iconography of the Annunciation in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries 480  
DONALD DREW EGBERT The Grey-Fitzpayn Hours: An English Gothic Manuscript of the Fourteenth Century now in the Fitzwilliam Museum; Cambridge, MS. 242 527  
FRANKLIN M. BIEBEL The Mosaics of Hammam Lif 541  
JAMES GROTE VANDERPOOL A Comparison of Byzantine Planning at Constantinople and in Greece 552  

Reviews 570  


1937 March vol. 19, no. 1

GÉZA DE FRANCOVICH A Romanesque School of Wood Carvers in Central Italy 5  
BENJAMIN ROWLAND, JR. Notes on the Dated Statues of the Northern Wei Dynasty and the Beginning of Buddhist Sculpture in China 92  

Notes and Reviews 108
ALFRED NICHOLSON Croce and Modern Art 108
MEYER SCHAPIRO Further Documents on St. Gilles 111
HERMANN W. WILLIAMS Supplementary Note Regarding Four Drawings Attributed to Christoph Jamnitzer
GRANT MCCOLLEY The Three Editions of Filippo Morghen’s Raccolta 112
PAUL S. WINGERT An Ecole de Jean Goujoun Relief in the Louvre 118  

1937 June vol. 19, no. 2

EMERSON H. SWIFT The Bronze Doors of the Gate of the Horologium at Hagia Sophia 137  
ALEXANDER COBURN SOPER The Latin Style on Christian Sarcophagi of the Fourth Century 148  
ALEXANDRA CONSTANTINOWA LI Tresors of Brunetto Latini 203  
HERMANN BEENKEN The Annunciation of Petrus Cristus in the Metropolitan Museum and the Problem of Hubert van Eyck 220  
RUDOLF WITTKOWER Carlo Rainaldi and the Roman Architecture of the Full Baroque 242  

Notes and Reviews 314
JEROME KLEIN An Analysis of Poussin’s Et in Arcadia Ego 314
ANANDA K. COOMARASWAMY The Virgin Suckling St. Bernard 317

1937 September vol. 19, no. 3

JOHN S. THACHER The Paintings of Francisco de Herrera, The Elder 325
HAROLD E. WETHEY Anequín de Egas Cueman, A Fleming in Spain 381
EDWARD L. MILLS A Croup of Catalan Fourteenth Century Churches 403
HORST W. JANSON The Putto with the Death’s Head 423
S. A. CALLISEN The Evil Eye in Italian Art 450
GEORGE M. A. HANFMANN Studies in Etruscan Bronze Reliefs: The Gigantomachy 463
A. M. G. LITTLE Perspective and Scene Painting 486

Notes and Reviews 496
[No note in this issue]

1937 December vol. 19, no. 4

W. R. VALENTINER Andrea Dell’Aquila Painter and Sculptor 503
F. P. JOHNSON Oltos and Euphronios 537  
ERWIN PANOFSKY The First Two Projects of Michelangelo’s Tomb of Julius II 561
WALLACE SPENCER BALDINGER Formal Change in Recent American Painting 580

Notes and Reviews 592
JOSEPH PIJOAN The Parable of the Virgins from Dura-Europos 592
C. R. MOREY The Inscription on the Enameled Cross of Paschal I 595


1938 March vol. 20, no. 1

W. L. HIILDBURGH A Small, Unfinished Bronze Group Attributed to Benvenuto Cellini 5
FRANK JEWETT MATHER, JR. When was Titian Born? 13
VICTOR LASAREFF Studies in the Iconography of the Virgin 26
ANANDA COOMARASWAMY Mediaeval Aesthetic: II. St. Thomas Aquinas on Dionysius, and a Note on the Relation of Beauty to Truth 66  
DONALD MACRAE Emerson and the Arts 78

Notes and Reviews 96
ANTHONY BLUNT Poussin’s Et in Arcadia Ego 96
DOROTHY SHORR Some Notes on the Iconography of Petrarch’s Triumph of Fame 100
J. A. OLSUFYEV Recent Restorations of Ancient Russian Frescoes 106

1938 June vol. 20, no. 2

ALVAN C. EASTMAN A Survey of Formulae in the Miniature Painting of Western India 133
ALEXANDER COBURN SOPER The Italo-Gallic School of Early Christian Art 145
HJÖRVADUR HARVARD ÁRNASON Early Christian Silver of North Italy and Gaul 193

Notes and Reviews 227

1938 September vol. 20, no. 3

RICHARD M. BAUM A Rowlandson Chronology 237
BURTON YOST BERRY Old Turkish Towels (II) 251
ROBERT P. GRIFFING, JR. An Early Christian Ivory Plaque in Cyprus and Notes on the Asiatic Ampullae 266
HERMANN GOETZ Persians and Persian Costumes in Dutch Painting of the Seventeenth Century 280
ALFRED NEUMEYER Hans von Marées and the Classical Doctrine in the Nineteenth Century 291
WALTER FRIEDLAENDER The Inscription on the St. Louis Stele of 505 A.D. 312

Notes and Reviews 320
Walter Friedlaender La Tintura della Rosa (the Sacred and Profane Love) by Titian 320  

1938 December vol. 20, no. 4

PETER H. BRIEGER Principles of French Classical Painting 339  
VALENTIN MÜLLER A Chronology of Greek Sculpture 400 BC to 40 BC 359
ERWIN PANOFSKY Once More The Friedsam Annunciation and the Problem of the Ghent Altarpiece 419

Notes and Reviews 443  
ANANDA K. COOMARASWAMY Note on Review by Richard Florsheim of Is Art a Superstition or a Way of Life by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, in The Art Bulletin XX, p. 126f. 443  
GEORGE MARTIN RICHTER Note on Review by Frank Jewett Mather, Jr. of Giorgio del Castelfranco, called Giorgione in The Art Bulletin XIX, pp. 596-601 443


1939 March vol. 21, no. 1

JAMES B. FORD and G. STEPHEN VICKERS The Relation of Nuno Conçalves to the Pietà from Avignon, with a Consideration of the Iconography of the Pietà in France 5
HAROLD E. WETHEY Guillermo Sagrera 44
ELIZABETH READ SUNDERLAND The History and Architecture of the Church of St. Fortunatus at Charlieu in Burgundy 61

AUGUST L. MAYER Niccolò Aurelio, The Commissioner of Titian’s Sacred and Profane Love 89

Reviews 89

1939 June vol. 21, no. 2

WILFRID H. WELLS The Eastern Gate of the Kien-Chu Pass 103
ROBERT C. SMITH, JR. The Colonial Architecture of Minas Gerais in Brazil 110
S. A. CALLISEN The Iconography of the Cock on the Column 160
LYDIA NADEJENA The Pskov School of Painting 179

MARVIN CHAUNCY ROSS The Enameled Reliquary of Bañeres 192

Reviews 192

1939 September vol. 21, no. 3

EMIL KAUFMANN Étienne-Louis Boullée 213
ANDREW PIGLER The Importance of Iconographical Exactitude 228
ANDREW CARNDUFF RITCHIE Léonard Limosin’s Triumph of the Faith, with Portraits of the House of Guise 238
ELEANOR SVATIK A Euphronios Kylix 251
HOWARD COMFORT Some Roman Barbotine Bowls and their Connections 272

ANNE ARMSTRONG WALLIS A Pictorial Principle of Mannerism 280
PAUL A. UNDERWOOD Notes on Bernini’s Towers for St. Peter’s in Rome 283
BERNARD N. SCHILLING Victorian Decoration and the Gospel of Labor 287

Reviews 290

1939 December vol. 21, no. 4

MEYER SCHAPIRO From Mozarabic to Romanesque in Silos 313
PAUL S. WINGERT The Funerary Urn of Francis I 383

AMOS B. THACHER Fifteenth Century Design in a Nineteenth Century Rug 401
ERWIN PANOFSKY Note on the Importance of Iconographical Exactitude 402
ANANDA K. COOMARASWAMY Note on the Iconography of the Cock on the Column 402
CARSON WEBSTER Note on the Labors of the Months 403

Reviews 302


1940 March vol. 22, no. 1 

FISKE KIMBALL Mansart and Le Brun in the Genesis of the Grande Galerie de Versailles 1 
HANNS SWARZENSKI The Xanten Purple Leaf and the Carolingian Renaissance 7 
FREDERICK HARTT Carpaccio's Meditation on the Passion 25 

Book Reviews 36 

List of Books Received 57 

Notes for Contributors 59

1940 June vol. 22, no. 2 

DOROTHY C. SHORR The Mourning Virgin and Saint John 61
JULIUS S. HELD Jordaens' Portraits of his Family 70  
MARVIN CHAUNCEY ROSS An Eleventh-Century English Bookcover 83  
DONALD N. WILBER The Coptic Frescoes of Saint Menas at Medinet Habu 86  

Book Reviews 104  

List of Books Received 117  

1940 September vol. 22, no. 3 

ANDREW CARNDUFF RITCHIE The Evolution of Ingres' Portrait of the Comtesse d'Haussonville 119  
CHARLES DE TOLNAY Michelangelo Studies 127  
CHARLES L. KUHN Herman Scheerre and English Illumination of the Early Fifteenth Century 138  

MARY ANN FARLEY and FRANCIS WORMALD Three Related English Romanesque Manuscripts 157  
FRITZ SCHMALENBACH The Term Neue Sacklichkeit 161  
J. LEROY DAVIDSON Notes on Karlgren’s New Studies on Chinese Bronzes 165  

Book Reviews 167

List of Books Received 183  

1940 December vol. 22, no. 4 

MARTIN WEINBERGER A Bronze Bust by Hans Multscher 185  
HAROLD E. WETHEY A Madonna and Child by Diego de Siloe 190  
RENSSELAER W. LEE Ut Pictura Poesis: The Humanistic Theory of Painting 197  

MEYER SCHAPIRO The Carolingian Copy of the Calendar of 354 270  

Letters to the Editor 273  

Book Reviews 274

List of Books Received 285  

Index for Volume XXII 286


1941 March vol. 23, no. 1 

FISKE KIMBALL The Creation of the Style Louis XV 1
KARL LEHMANN-HARTLEBEN The Imagines of the Elder Philostratus 16  
W. R. TYLER A Spanish Romanesque Column in the Fogg Art Museum 45
MILLARD MEISS A Documented Altarpiece by Piero della Francesca 53  

MARVIN CHAUNCEY ROSS Fragments of a Byzantine Ivory Box 69

Exhibitions and Collections
HENRY-RUSSELL HITCHCOCK Frank Lloyd Wright at the Museum of Modern Art 73  
HANNS SWARZENSKI The Dumbarton Oaks Collection 77  

Letters to the Editor 80  

Book Reviews 82

1941 June vol. 23, no. 2 

MYRTILLA AVERY Miniatures of the Fables of Bidpai and of the Life of Aesop in The Pierpont Morgan Library 103  
ROBERT J. GOLDWATER Some Aspects of the Development of Seurat's Style 117 
S. A. CALLISEN The Equestrian Statue of Louis XIV in Dijon and Related Monuments 131  
ALEXANDER C. SOPER Early Chinese Landscape Painting 141  

Exhibition Reviews 
SIRARPIE DER NERSESSIAN Pagan and Christian Art in Egypt: An Exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum 165  
GEORGE C. VAILLANT Indian Art of the United States: an Exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art 167  
JOSEP GUDIOL The Goya Exhibition at Chicago 169  
HENRY P. MCILHENNY David to Toulouse-Lautrec at the Metropolitan Museum 170  

Letters to the Editor 173  

Book Reviews 174

List of Books Received 187

1941 September vol. 23, no. 3 

JAMES JOHNSON SWEENEY Picasso and Iberian Sculpture 191  
JOSEPH C. SLOANE, JR. Religious Influences on the Art of Jean-Louis Forain 199  
ANANDA K. COOMARASWAMY An Ivory Casket from Southern India 207  
ALBERT S. ROE A Steatite Plaque in the Museo Sacro of the Vatican Library 213  

ROGER HALE NEWTON Bulfinch's Design for the Library of Congress 221  

Exhibition Reviews
WALTER W. S. COOK The Exhibition of Spanish Painting at the Toledo Museum of Art 223  

Book and Periodical Reviews 225

List of Books Received 247

1941 December vol. 23, no. 4 

DORO LEVI The Allegories of the Months in Classical Art 251  
CHARLES P. PARKHURST, JR. The Madonna of the Writing Christ Child 292  
FISKE KIMBALL Sources and Evolution of the Arabesque of Berain 307
LUDWIG BACHHOFER Bronze Figures of the Late Chou Period 317

Book Reviews 332

Letters to the Editor 340  

List of Books Received 340  

Index for Volume XXIII 343


1942 March vol. 24, no. 1 

RICHARD KRAUTHEIMER The Carolingian Revival of Early Christian Architecture 1
ERWIN PANOFSKY Conrad Celtes and Kunz von der Rosen: Two Problems in Portrait Identification 39
WILLIAM BELL DINSMOOR The Literary Remains of Sebastiano Serlio: I 55  

Exhibition Reviews
AGNES MONGAN Italian Drawings 1330-1780: an Exhibition at the Smith College Museum of Art 92  

Books Reviews 95

List of Books Received 112  

Notes for Contributors 113

1942 June vol. 24, no. 2 

WILLIAM BELL DINSMOOR The Literary Remains of Sebastiano Serlio: II 115  
DOROTHY KENT HILL The Horse of Sardis Rediscovered 155  
GEORGE KUBLER Mexican Urbanism in the Sixteenth Century 160  
W. F. VOLBACH Oriental Influences in the Animal Sculpture of Campania 172  

Book and Periodical Reviews 181

Letters to the Editor 199  

List of Books Received 202

1942 September vol. 24, no. 3 

MEYER SCHAPIRO Cain's Jaw-Bone that Did the First Murder 205  
WOLFGANG STECHOW Shooting at Father's Corpse 213  
RUFUS GRAVES MATHER New Documents on Michelozzo 226  
LAURINE MACK BONGIORNO Notes on the Art of Silvestro dell'Aquila 232  
TALBOT HAMLIN The Greek Revival in America and Some of its Critics 244  
STANLEY MELTZOFF The Revival of the Le Nains 259 

Book and Periodical Reviews 287

List of Books Received 309

1942 December vol. 24, no. 4 

JOHN MC ANDREW and MANUEL TOUSSAINT Tecali, Zacatlán, and the Renacimiento Purista in Mexico 311  
H. W. JANSON Two Problems in Florentine Renaissance Sculpture 326  
OTTO GEORG VON SIMSON Philipp Otto Runge and the Mythology of Landscape 335  
ALEXANDER C. SOPER The Rise of Yamato-E 351  

CHARLES DE TOLNAY An Unpublished Record of Michelangelo 380  

Letters to the Editor 382

List of Books Received 412  

Index for Volume XXIV 413


1943 March vol. 25, no. 1 

CARL K. HERSEY The Church of Saint-Martin at Tours (903-1150) 1  
A. M. FRIEND, JR. Dürer and the Hercules Borghese-Piccolomini 40  
DORA PANOFSKY The Textual Basis of the Utrecht Psalter Illustrations 50  
GEORGE R. KERNODLE Renaissance Artists in the Service of the People: Political Tableaux and Street Theaters in France, Flanders, and England 59  
CATHERINE GRASSL New Researches on Chinese Bronzes 65  

Letters to the Editor 79  

Book Reviews 80

List of Books Received 95  

Notes for Contributors 96

1943 June vol. 25, no. 2 

FRANK JEWETT MATHER, JR. Giotto's St. Francis Series at Assisi Historically Considered 97  
WALTER HORN Romanesque Churches in Florence: A Study in Their Chronology and Stylistic Development 112  
ILSE FALK AND JENÖ LÁNYI The Genesis of Andrea Pisano's Bronze Doors 132  

ERICA TIETZE-CONRAT Neglected Contemporary Sources Relating to Michelangelo and Titian 154  

Letters to the Editor 160  

Book Reviews 162

List of Books Received 176

1943 September vol. 25, no. 3 

JOHN COOLIDGE The Villa Giulia, A Study of Central Italian Architecture in the Mid-Sixteenth Century177
HAROLD E. WETHEY The Early Works of Bartolomé Ordóñez and Diego de Siloe: I 226  
MARTIN S. SORIA Agustín Esteve and Goya 239  

Letters to the Editor 267  

Book Reviews 273

List of Books Received 288

1943 December vol. 25, no. 4 

KURT WEITZMANN Three Bactrian Silver Vessels with Illustrations from Euripides 289  
HAROLD E. WETHEY The Early Works of Bartolomé Ordóñez and Diego de Siloe: II 325  
ARMÉNAG SAKISIAN Notes on the Sculpture of the Church of Akhthamar 346  
OTTO MAENCHEN-HELFEN From China to Palmyra 358  

ALICE WOLF Jacopo de’ Barbari’s Apollo and Dürer's Early Male Proportion Figures 363  

Letters to the Editor 366  

Book Reviews 372

List of Books Received 386  

Index for Volume XXV 387


1944 March vol. 26, no. 1 

HUGH MORRISON Buffington and the Invention of the Skyscraper 1  
DIMITRIS TSELOS The Enigma of Buffington's Skyscraper 3  
MURIEL B. CHRISTISON How Buffington Staked His Claim: An Analysis of His Memories and Skyscraper Drawings 13  
GEORGE BISHOP TATUM The Paliotto of Sant’ Ambrogio at Milan 25  
PAUL FOOTEN ORTON Note on the Renaissance Panels of the Paliotto 46  

CREIGHTON E. GILBERT Michelangelo’s Madrigal, Gli sguardi che tu strazii 48  
GRETE RING An Austrian Triptych 51  

Book Reviews 53

Letters to the Editor 63  

List of Books Received 64  

Notes for Contributors 65

1944 June vol. 26, no. 2 

FREDERICK HARTT Raphael and Giulio Romano, with Notes on the Raphael School 67
LEONARD OLSCHKI Asiatic Exoticism in Italian Art of the Early Renaissance 95
LUDWIG BACHHOFER The Evolution of Shang and Early Chou Bronzes 107

E. TIETZ-CONRAT Titian as a Letter Writer 117

Book and Periodical Reviews 124

List of Books Received 139

1944 September vol. 26, no. 3 

ADOLF KATZENELLENBOGEN The Central Tympanum at Vézelay, Its Encyclopedic Meaning and Its Relation to the First Crusade 141  
TRUDE KRAUTHEIMER-HESS The Original Porta dei Mesi at Ferrara and the Art of Niccolo 152  
FRANK JEWETT MATHER, JR. The Problem of the Brancacci Chapel Historically Considered 175  
LAURINE MACK BONGIORNO The Date of the Altar of the Madonna in S. Maria del Soccorso, Aquila 188  

ALFRED NICHOLSON Again the St. Francis Series 193  
ULRICH MIDDELDORF Reinterpretation of a Tintoretto 195  

Book Reviews 197

List of Books Received 206

1944 December vol. 26, no. 4 

ERNST H. KANTOROWICZ The King's Advent and the Enigmatic Panels in the Doors of Santa Sabina207  
MEYER SCHAPIRO The Religious Meaning of the Ruthwell Cross 232  
JULIUS S. HELD Rembrandt's Polish Rider 246  
E. TIETZE-CONRAT The Holkham Venus in the Metropolitan Museum 266  

LIONELLO VENTURI Art and Taste 271  

Letters to the Editor 274  

Book Reviews 278

Index for Volume XXVI 287


1945 March vol. 27, no. 1 

KARL LEHMANN The Dome of Heaven 1  
MEHMET AGA-OGLU About a Type of Islamic Incense Burner 28  
PAUL FRANKL The Secret of the Mediaeval Masons 46  
ERWIN PANOFSKY An Explanation of Stornaloco's Formula 61  

VIRGINIA WYLIE A Copper-gilt Shrine in the Museo Sacro of the Vatican Library 65  
NATHALIE H. ZIMMERN A Peruvian Catafalque 66

Book Reviews 69

List of Books Received 81  

Letters to the Editor 82

1945 June vol. 27, no. 2 

HERWIN SCHAEFER The Origin of the Two-Tower Façade in Romanesque Architecture 85  
MARTIN S. SORIA Esteban March, Baroque Battle and Portrait Painter 109  
CREIGHTON E. GILBERT Milan and Savoldo 124

CHARLES DE TOLNAY Notes Concerning The Youth of Michelangelo: A Reply 139  
THOMAS T. WATERMAN Some Early Buildings of Barbados 146
HANS TIETZE AND E. TIETZE-CONRAT Venetian Drawings in the Hermitage 149  

Book Reviews 152

List of Books Received 164

Letters to the Editor 164

1945 September vol. 27, no. 3 

DAVID M. ROBB The Capitals of the Panteón de los Reyes, San Isidoro de León 165  
MILLARD MEISS Light as Form and Symbol in Some Fifteenth-Century Paintings 175  
MEYER SCHAPIRO Muscipula Diaboli: The Symbolism of the Mérode Altarpiece 182  
GRETE RING St. Jerome Extracting the Thorn from the Lion's Foot 188  

H. BUNKER WRIGHT and HENRY C. MONTGOMERY The Art Collection of a Virtuoso in Eighteenth-Century England 195  
E. TIETZE-CONRAT Titian's Battle of Cadore 205

Book Reviews 209

List of Books Received 217  

Letters to the Editor 218

1945 December vol. 27, no. 4 

WOLFGANG STECHOW The Love of Antiochus with Faire Stratonica in Art 221  
OTTO MAENCHEN-HELFEN Some Remarks on Ancient Chinese Bronzes 238  
LUDWIG BACHHOFER Some Remarks on Ancient Chinese Bronzes: Reply 243  
W. L. HILDBURGH Concerning a Questionable Identification of Mediaeval Catalan Champlevé Enamels 247  

Exhibition Review
JOHN MCANDREW New Installations in the Metropolitan Museum 260  

MARTIN WEINBERGER A Sixteenth-Century Restorer 266  
E. TIETZE-CONRAT The Wemyss Allegory in the Art Institute of Chicago 269  

Book Reviews 272

List of Books Received 280  

Letters to the Editor 280  

Index for Volume XXVII 281


1946 March vol. 28, no. 1 

MILLARD MEISS Italian Primitives at Konopiště 1
DOROTHY C. SHORR The Iconographic Development of the Presentation in the Temple 17
ROBERT GOLDWATER Puvis de Chavannes: Some Reasons for a Reputation 33

BENJAMIN ROWLAND, JR. Gandhāra and Early Christian Art: the Homme-Arcade and the Date of the Bīmarān Reliquary 44
GÜNTHER NEUFELD A Drawing by Leonardo 47
H.W. JANSON Titian's Laocoon Caricature and the Vesalian-Galenist Controversy 49
E. TIETZE-CONRAT Not Paolo but Carletto Caliari 53

Book Reviews 55

Letters to the Editor 64  

List of Books Received 64

1946 June vol. 28, no. 2 

OTTO BRENDEL The Interpretation of the Holkham Venus 65
E. TIETZE-CONRAT Titian’s Workshop in His Late Years 76
WALTER CREESE Fowler and the Domestic Octagon 89
CLAY LANCASTER Some Octagonal Forms in Southern Architecture 103

ROSALIE B. GREEN A Tenth-Century Ivory with the Response Aspiciens a Longe 112
EMANUEL WINTERNITZ A Lira da Braccio in Giovanni Bellini's The Feast of the Gods 114
ERNA MANDOWSKY Two Menelaus and Patroclus Replicas in Florence and Joshua Reynolds’ Contribution 115

Exhibition Review
GREGORY BATESON Arts of the South Seas 119

Book Reviews 124  

List of Books Received 137

1946 September vol. 28, no. 3 

ERWIN R. GOODENOUGH The Crown of Victory in Judaism 139
MEHMET AGA-OGLU Is the Ewer of Saint Maurice d’Agaune a Work of Sasanian Iran? 160
ROBERT GRINNELL Iconography and Philosophy in the Crucifixion Window at Poitiers 171

JAMES THOMAS FLEXNER Robert Feke: Active ca. 1741-ca. 1750 197

Book Reviews 203

List of Books Received 209

1946 December vol. 28, no. 4 

EDWARD B. GARRISON, JR. A Berlinghieresque Fresco in S. Stefano, Bologna 211
GERTRUDE COOR-ACHENBACH A Visual Basis for the Documents Relating to Coppo di Marcovaldo and His Son Salerno 233
JEAN CHARLOT Juan Cordero, A Nineteenth-Century Mexican Muralist 248

LEO C. COLLINS A Drawing by Hercules Seghers 267
JOSE LOPEZ-REY On Velazquez’s Portrait of Cardinal Borja 270
HENRY V.S. OGDEN and MARGARET S. OGDEN Some Additions and Corrections to Lugt’s Répertoire des catalogues de ventes publiques for the Years 1682-1725 275

Book Reviews 277

List of Books Received 285

Letters to the Editor 286

Index for Volume XXVIII 291


1947 March vol. 29, no. 1 

STEPHEN G. XYDIS The Chancel Barrier, Solea, and Ambo of Hagia Sophia 1
RICHARD KRAUTHEIMER Ghiberti and Master Gusmin 25
F. ANTAL Hogarth and His Borrowings 36

OTTO BENESCH A Group of Unknown Drawings by Matthäus Günther for Some of His Main Works 49

Book Reviews 53

Letters to the Editor 65

Books Received 72

1947 June vol. 29, no. 2 

ERNST H. KANTOROWICZ The Quinity of Winchester 73  
W. F. VOLBACH Venetian-Byzantine Works of Art in Rome 86  
JUSTUS BIER Riemenschneider's Tomb of Emperor Henry and Empress Cunegund 95  

ERWIN PANOFSKY Postlogium Sugerianum 119
EDWARD GANS and GUIDO KISCH The Cambyses Justice Medal 121
GROSE EVANS Notes on Titian's Venus and the Luteplayer 123  
JULIUS S. HELD Rubens and Virgil, A Self-Correction 125  
CARL B. CONE Edmund Burke's Art Collection 126

Book Reviews 133

Letters to the Editor 143  

List of Books Received 148

1947 September vol. 29, no. 3 

MICHEL ALPATOFF The Parallelism of Giotto's Paduan Frescoes 149  
WILLIAM S. HECKSCHER Bernini's Elephant and Obelisk 155  
CLAY LANCASTER Oriental Forms in American Architecture 1800-1870 183  

STEPHAN POGLAYEN-NEUWALL The Venus of the Cà d’Oro and the Origin of the Chief Types of the Venus at the Mirror from the Workshop of Titian 195  
H. V. S. OGDEN AND MARGARET S. OGDEN A Bibliography of Seventeenth-Century Writings on the Pictorial Arts in English 196  
W. PHOENIX BELKNAP The Identity of Robert Feke 201  
HELEN C. FRICK Madame Jean Antoine Houdon 207  

Book Reviews 213

Letters to the Editor 222  

List of Books Received 224

1947 December vo. 29, no. 4 

ALEXANDER COBURN SOPER The Dome of Heaven in Asia 225  
ADOLF KATZENELLENBOGEN The Sarcophagus in S. Ambrogio and St. Ambrose 249  
LESLEY LEWIS The Architects of the Chapel at Greenwich Hospital 260  

ROLAND H. BAINTON Dürer and Luther as the Man of Sorrows 269  

Book Reviews 273  

Letters to the Editor 284  

List of Books Received 287  

Index for Volume XXIX 289


1948 March vol. 30, no. 1 

Notes for Contributors iv 

ROBERT M. WALKER Illustrations to the Priscillian Prologues in the Gospel Manuscripts of the Carolingian Ada School 1  
W. L. HILDBURGH A Marble Relief Attributable to Donatello and Some Associable Stuccos 11  
RUFUS GRAVES MATHER Documents Mostly New Relating to Florentine Painters and Sculptors of the Fifteenth Century 20  

PENELOPE DAWSON A Perplexing Panel in the Jacquemart-André Collection in Paris 67  
HENRY ROX On Dürer's Knight, Death, and Devil 67  
MICHEL BENISOVICH Houdon's Statue of Voltaire Seated 70  

Book Reviews 73  

Letters to the Editor 78  

List of Books Received 80

1948 June vol. 30, no. 2 

F. ANTAL Observations on Girolamo da Carpi 81  
ALFRED NEUMEYER The Indian Contribution to Architectural Decoration in Spanish Colonial America104
FELICE STAMPFLE An Unknown Group of Drawings by Giovanni Battista Piranesi 122  

H. W. JANSON The Hildburgh Relief: Original or Copy? 143  
C. L. V. MEEKS Henry Austin and the Italian Villa 145  

Book Reviews 151  

Letters to the Editor 160  

List of Books Received 165

1948 September vol. 30, no. 3 

ALEXANDER C. SOPER Life-Motion and the Sense of Space in Early Chinese Representational Art 167  
ROBERT C. SMITH Jesuit Buildings in Brazil 187  
THEODORE SIZER A Tentative Short-Title Check-List of the Works of Col. John Trumbull 214  

EDOARDO ARSLAN New Findings on Canaletto 225  
F. SCHMID The Color Circles by Moses Harris 227  

Book Reviews 231  

Letters to the Editor 242  

List of Books Received 247

1948 December vol. 30, no. 4 

MARTIN S. SORIA Some Flemish Sources of Baroque Painting in Spain 249  
THEODORE SIZER A Tentative Short-Title Check-List of the Works of Col. John Trumbull: II 260  
WINTHROP O. JUDKINS Toward a Reinterpretation of Cubism 270  

LANGDON WARNER Shinto, Nurse of the Arts 279  

Book Reviews 283  

List of Books Received 294  

Index to Volume XXX 297


1949 vol. 31, no. 1 

BENJAMIN ROWLAND, JR. The Hellenistic Tradition in Northwestern India 1
HANS TIETZE and E. TIETZE-CONRAT The Allendale Nativity in the National Gallery 11  
THEODORE SIZER A Tentative Short-Title Check-List of the Works of Col. John Trumbull: III 21  
ALFRED FRANKENSTEIN Harnett, True and False 38  

LLOYD GOODRICH Harnett and Peto: A Note on Style 57  
EMIL KAUFMANN The Contribution of Jacques-François Blondel to Mariette's Architecture Françoise 58  

Book Reviews 61  

Letters to the Editor 74  

List of Books Received 76  

Notes for Contributors 77

1949 June vol. 31, no. 2 

HANNS SWARZENSKI The Anhalt Morgan Gospels 77  
JAMES S. ACKERMAN Ars Sine Scientia Nihil Est. Gothic Theory of Architecture at the Cathedral of Milan 84  
DORA PANOFSKY Narcissus and Echo; Notes on Poussin's Birth of Bacchus in the Fogg Museum of Art 112  

MAGDA DE BÀRÀNY-OBERSCHALL Localization of the Enamels of the Upper Hemisphere of the Holy Crown of Hungary 121  
E. TIETZE-CONRAT Mantegna's Parnassus; A Discussion of a Recent Interpretation 126  
EMIL KAUFMANN Jean-Jacques Lequeu 130  
CLARENCE KENNEDY The Selection of Copy for Illustrations 135  

Book Reviews 143  

List of Books Received 155

1949 September vol. 31, no. 3 

CARL D. SHEPPARD, JR. Iconography of the Cloister of Monreale 159  
GÜNTHER NEUFELD Leonardo da Vinci's Battle of Anghiari: A Genetic Reconstruction 170  
CRAIG HUGH SMYTH The Earliest Works of Bronzino 184  

RICHARD KRAUTHEIMER Some Drawings of Early Christian Basilicas in Rome: St. Peter's and S. Maria Maggiore 211  
RICHARD KRAUTHEIMER The Acclamation Scene on the Doors of Santa Sabina x 215  
DENIS MAHON Guercino's Paintings of Semiramis 217  
EDGAR WIND Mantegna's Parnassus: A Reply to Some Recent Reflections 224  

Book Reviews 233  

Letters to the Editor 246  

List of Books Received 247

1949 December vol. 31, no. 4 

ROBERT SCRANTON Group Design in Greek Architecture 247  
ERNST KITZINGER The Mosaics of the Cappella Palatina in Palermo: An Essay on the Choice and Arrangement of Subjects 269  
NIKOLAUS PEVSNER Richard Payne Knight 293  

MIRELLA LEVI D’ANCONA Is the Kaniska Reliquary a Work from Mathurā? 321  
ROBERT C. SMITH A Philadelphia Allegory 323  

Book Reviews 327

List of Books Received 337  

Index to Volume XXXI 339


1950 March vol. 32, no. 1

W. L. HILDBURGH English Alabaster Tables of About the Third Quarter of the Fourteenth Century 1  
R. C. TAYLOR Francisco Hurtado and His School 25  
CLAY LANCASTER Adaptations from Greek Revival Builders' Guides in Kentucky 62  

P. BOSCH-GIMPERA The Chronology of Rock Paintings in Spain and in North Africa 71  

Book Reviews 77  

Letters to the Editor 88

List of Books Received 89  

Notes for Contributors 90

1950 June vol. 32, no. 2 

HELMUT SCHLUNK The Crosses of Oviedo: A Contribution to the History of Jewelry in Northern Spain in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries 91  
FREDERICK HARTT Lignum Vitae in Medio Paradisi: The Stanza d’Eliodoro and the Sistine Ceiling 115  

ALEXANDER C. SOPER Early Buddhist Attitudes Toward the Art of Painting 147  
ROBERT A. KOCH The Sculptures of the Church of Saint-Maurice at Vienne, the Biblia Pauperum and the Speculum Humanae Salvationis 151  

Book Reviews 157

List of Books Received 169

1950 September vol. 32, no. 3 

SELMA JÓNSDÓTTIR The Portal of Kilpeck Church: Its Place in English Romanesque Sculpture 171  
FREDERICK HARTT Lignum Vitae in Medio Paradisi: The Stanza d'Eliodoro and the Sistine Ceiling (cont'd.) 181  

ERWIN WALTER PALM A Vault with Cosmotheological Representations at the Imperial Monastery of the Dominicans on the Island of Hispaniola 219  
C. L. V. MEEKS Picturesque Eclecticism 226  

Book Reviews 237

Letters to the Editor 256

List of Books Received 257

1950 December vol. 32, no. 4 

Dedication to Charles Rufus Morey front matter, 3 unnumbered pages

CLARK D. LAMBERTON The Accidental Factor in Constituting Isolation in Early Christian Art 259  
GLANVILLE DOWNEY Justinian as a Builder 262  
ANDREW S. KECK Observations on the Iconography of Joshua 267  
DIMITRI TSELOS The Joshua Roll: Original or Copy? 275  
JOHN R. MARTIN An Early Illustration of The Sayings of the Fathers 291  
WILLIAM H. FORSYTH Provincial Roman Enamels Recently Acquired by The Metropolitan Museum of Art 296  
GEORGE H. FORSYTH, JR. St. Martin's at Angers and the Evolution of Early Mediaeval Church Towers308
CARL D. SHEPPARD, JR. A Chronology of Romanesque Sculpture in Campania 319  
W. FREDERICK STOHLMAN The Star Group of Champlevé Enamels and Its Connections 327  
WALTER W. S. COOK Wooden Altar Frontals from Castile 331  
FRANKLIN M. BIEBEL The Angelot of Jean Barbet 336  

Bibliography of the Principal Publication of Charles Rufus Morey 345  

Index to Volume XXXII 350


1951 March vol. 33, no. 1 

SCHUYLER CAMMANN The Symbolism of the Cloud Collar Motif 1
EDWARD B. GARRISON Toward a New History of Early Lucchese Painting 11  
ERWIN PANOFSKY Two Roger Problems: The Donor of The Hague Lamentation and the Date of the Altarpiece of the Seven Sacraments 33  

EDGAR WIND Typology in the Sistine Ceiling: A Critical Statement 41  
RICHARD BERNHEIMER Some Drawings by Benedetto Castiglione 47  
RUDOLF BERLINER Two Contributions to the Criticism of Drawings Related to Decorative Art 51  

Book Reviews 57  

Letters to the Editor 70

List of Books Received 73

Notes for Contributors 75

1951 June vol. 33, no. 2 

ALEXANDER C. SOPER Notes on Hōryūji and the Sculpture of the Suikō Period 77  
MILLARD MEISS A New Early Duccio 95  
RUTH BERENSON KATZ John La Farge, Art Critic 105  

DAVID R. COFFIN Tintoretto and the Medici Tombs 119  
PAUL F. NORTON Latrobe and Old West at Dickinson College 125  

Book Reviews 133  

List of Books Received 151

1951 September vol. 33, no. 3 

ROSALIE B. GREEN The Flabellum of Hohenbourg 153  
LOUIS GRODECKI The Transept Portals of Chartres Cathedral: The Date of Their Construction According to Archaeological Data 156  
MARTIN S. SORIA Zurbarán's Altar of Saint Peter 165  
JAMES M. CARPENTER Cézanne and Tradition 174  

RANSOM R. PATRICK John Neagle, Portrait Painter, and Pat Lyon, Blacksmith 187  
BARBARA N. PARKER and JOHN F. TOWNSEND The Identity of Robert Feke Reconsidered in the Light of W. Phoenix Belknap's Notes 192  

Book Reviews 195  

List of Books Received 216

1951 December vol. 33, no. 4 

JOHN R. MARTIN The Death of Ephraim in Byzantine and Early Italian Painting 217  
JUSTUS BIER Riemenschneider’s St. Jerome and His Other Works in Alabaster 226  
MARILYN ARONBERG A New Facet of Leonardo's Working Procedure 235  
JOSEPH C. SLOANE Paul Chenavard 240  

ROBERT KOCH Geertgen Tot Sint Jans in Bruges 259  
WOLFGANG LOTZ Antonio Gentili or Manno Sbarri? 260  
FREDERICK HARTT Pagnini, Vigerio, and the Sistine Ceiling: A Reply 262  

Book Reviews 275  

List of Books Received 292  

Index to Volume XXXIII 292


1952 March vol. 34, no. 1 

MIRELLA LEVI D'ANCONA Amarāvatī, Ceylon, and Three Imported Bronzes 1  
RICHARD BERNHEIMER The Martyrdom of Isaiah 19  
CARL D. SHEPPARD, JR. A Stylistic Analysis of the Cloister of Monreale 35  

ALBERT BUSH-BROWN Giotto: Two Problems in the Origin of His Style 42  
BATES LOWRY Notes on the Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae and Related Publications 46  

Book Reviews 51  

List of Books Received 71  

Notes for Contributors 73

1952 June vol. 34, no. 2 

KATHI MEYER The Eight Gregorian Modes on the Cluny Capitals 75  
THEODOR E. MOMMSEN Petrarch and the Decoration of the Sala Virorum Illustrium in Padua 95  
ALAN GOWANS Thomas Baillairgé and the Québecois Tradition of Church Architecture 117  

RICHARD DELBRUECK Notes on the Wooden Doors of Santa Sabina 139  

Book Reviews 147

List of Books Received 172

1952 September vol. 34, no. 3 

CHARLES R. MOREY Castelseprio and the Byzantine Renaissance 173  
CREIGHTON GILBERT On Subject and Not-Subject in Italian Renaissance Pictures 202  
HAROLD E. WETHEY Alonso Cano's Drawings 217  

GLANVILLE DOWNEY Notes on the Topography of Constantinople 235  
E. A. LOWE The Uncial Gospel Leaves Attached to the Utrecht Psalter 237  

Book Reviews 239

List of Books Received 254

1952 December vol. 34, no. 4 

DIMITRI TSELOS Unique Portraits of the Evangelists in an English Gospel- Book of the Twelfth Century257
CHANDLER R. POST Unpublished Early Spanish Paintings in American and English Collections 279  
CHARLES SEYMOUR, JR. A Group of Royal Portrait-Busts from the Reign of Louis XIV 285  
CLAY LANCASTER Oriental Contributions to Art Nouveau 297  

GERTRUDE COOR-ACHENBACH A Dispersed Polyptych by the Badia a Isola Master 311  

Book Reviews 317  

List of Books Received 343


1953 March vol. 35, no. 1 

K. A. C. CRESWELL Problems in Islamic Architecture 1  
OTTO G. VON SIMSON Compassio and Co-redemptio in Roger van der Weyden's Descent from the Cross 9  
CARROLL L. V. MEEKS Romanesque Before Richardson in the United States 17  
FRITZ NOVOTNY Reflections on a Drawing by Van Gogh 34  

MIRELLA LEVI D’ANCONA The Bust of Antonio Galli in the Frick Collection 45  
KENNETH LINDSAY The Genesis and Meaning of the Cover Design for the First Blaue Reiter Exhibition Catalogue 47  
MILLARD MEISS Trecento Scramble 52  

Book Reviews 57  

Letters to the Editor 85  

List of Books Received 87  

Notes for Contributors 89  

Index to Volume XXXIV 91

1953 June vol. 35, no. 2 

PAUL FRANKL The Crazy Vaults of Lincoln Cathedral 95  
E. B. GARRISON A Lucchese Passionary Related to the Sarzana Crucifix 109  
VINCENT J. SCULLY, JR. Romantic Rationalism and the Expression of Structure in Wood: Downing, Wheeler, Gardner, and the Stick Style, 1840-1876 121  

GLANVILLE DOWNEY The Dating of the Syrian Liturgical Silver Treasure in the Cleveland Museum 143  
RUDOLF BERLINER A Relief of the Nativity and a Group from an Adoration of the Magi 145  

Book Reviews 152

Letters to the Editor 175  

List of Books Received 178

1953 September vol. 35, no. 3 

GALE GUTHRIE CALLAHAN Revaluation of the Refectory Retable from the Cathedral at Pamplona 181  
JOSEPH A. BAIRD Eighteenth Century Retables of the Bajío, Mexico: The Querétaro Style 195  
CLAY LANCASTER Japanese Buildings in the United States Before 1900: Their Influence upon American Domestic Architecture 217  

W. PHOENIX BELKNAP Feke and Smibert: A Note on Two Portraits 225  
DENIS MAHON Art Theory and Artistic Practice in the Early Seicento: Some Clarifications 226  

Book Reviews 233  

Letters to the Editor 257

List of Books Received 265

1953 December vol. 35, no. 4 

LOTTE BRAND PHILIP The Prado Epiphany by Jerome Bosch 267  
MICHEL N. BENISOVICH Drawings of the Sculptor Augustin Pajou in the United States 295  

WALTER W. S. COOK The Wooden Altar Frontal from Buira 299  
E. TIETZE-CONRAT A Sheet of Raphael Drawings for the Judgment of Paris 300  
I. L. ZUPNICK The Aesthetics of the Early Mannerists 302  

Book Reviews 307  

Letters to the Editor 329  

List of Books Received 331  

Index to Volume XXXV 333


1954 March vol. 36, no. 1 

MICHAEL SULLIVAN Pictorial Art and the Attitude Toward Nature in Ancient China 1  
KATHI MEYER St. Job as a Patron of Music 21  
GEORGE LEVITINE The Influence of Lavater and Girodet's Expression des Sentiments de L’Ame 33
WALLACE S. BALDINGER Takeuchi Seihō: Painter of Post-Meiji Japan 45  

ERWIN ROSENTHAL The Crib of Greccio and Franciscan Realism 57  
DAVID G. CARTER Reflections in Armor in the Canon Van de Paele Madonna 60
FRANZ LANDSBERGER Rembrandt and Josephus 62  

Book Reviews 65  

Letters to the Editor 85  

List of Books Received 87

Notes for Contributors 89

1954 June vol. 36, no. 2 

TORGIL MAGNUSON The Project of Nicholas V for Rebuilding the Borgo Leonino in Rome 89  
CECIL GOULD Leonardo's Great Battle-Piece A Conjectural Reconstruction 117  
LORENZ EITNER Two Rediscovered Landscapes by Géricault and the Chronology of His Early Work 131  

Book Reviews 143

Letters to the Editor 167  

List of Books Received 171

1954 September vol. 36, no. 3 

MEHMET AGA-OGLU Remarks on the Character of Islamic Art 175  
N. ALLEN PATTILLO, JR. Botticelli as a Colorist 203

MILLARD MEISS Addendum Ovologicum 221  
E. TIETZE-CONRAT The Church Program of Michelangelo's Medici Church 222  
CHARLOTTE HEATON-SESSIONS Drawings Attributed to Correggio at the Metropolitan Museum of Art 224  
BERNICE F. DAVIDSON Vasari's Deposition in Arezzo 228  

Book Reviews 233  

List of Books Received 249

1954 December vol. 36, no. 4 

ELIZABETH ROSENBAUM The Andrews Diptych and Some Related Ivories 253  
RICHARD BERNHEIMER Gothic Survival and Revival in Bologna 263  
WINSTON WEISMAN Commercial Palaces of New York: I845-1875 285

Book Reviews 304

List of Books Received 319

Index to Volume XXXVI 323


1955 March vol. 37, no. 1 

ALEXANDER C. SOPER The Illustrative Method of the Tokugawa Genji Pictures 1  
ARNOLFO B. FERRUOLO Botticelli's Mythologies, Ficino's De Amore, Poliziano's Stanze per la Giostra: Their Circle of Love 17  
J. B. BURY The Borrominesque Churches of Colonial Brazil 27

WOLFGANG STECHOW Shooting at Father's Corpse: A Note on the Hazards of Faulty Iconography 55  
GEORGE LEVITINE Literary Sources of Goya's Capricho 43 56

Book Reviews 61  

Letters to the Editor 79

List of Books Received 82  

Notes for Contributors 83

1955 June vol. 37, no. 2 

MARILYN ARONBERG LAVIN Giovannino Battista: A Study in Renaissance Religious Symbolism 85  
JUSTUS BIER Riemenschneider as a Goldsmith's Model Maker 103  
OTTO J. BRENDEL Borrowings from Ancient Art in Titian 113  
JEAN S. BOGGS Edgar Degas and the Bellellis 127 

Book Reviews 137

List of Books Received 151

1955 September vol. 37, no. 3 

GERTRUDE COOR-ACHENBACH Contributions to the Study of Ugolino di Nerio's Art 153  
DAVID R. COFFIN Pirro Ligorio and Decoration of the Late Sixteenth Century at Ferrara 167  
JAMES GRADY Nature and the Art Nouveau 187  

KARL LEHMANN Sta. Costanza 193  
CHRISTINE OZAROWSKA KIBISH Lucas Cranach's Christ Blessing the Children: A Problem of Lutheran Iconography 196
KARL KIRALIS A Possible Revision in Blake's Jerusalem 203  

Book Reviews 205

Letters to the Editor 235

List of Books Received 238

1955 December vol. 37, no. 4 

RENSSELAER W. LEE Charles Rufus Morey, 1877-1955 iii-vii

FOLKE NORDSTRÖM Peterborough, Lincoln, and the Science of Robert Grosseteste: A Study in Thirteenth Century Architecture and Iconography 241  
JOHN R. SPENCER Spatial Imagery of the Annunciation in Fifteenth Century Florence 273  
LORENZ EITNER The Open Window and the Storm-Tossed Boat: An Essay in the Iconography of Romanticism 281  

KARL LEHMANN Sta. Costanza: An Addendum 291  

Book Reviews 293

Lists of Books Received 305  

Index to Volume XXXVII 307


1956 March vol. 38, no. 1 

DIMITRI TSELOS A Greco-Italian School of Illuminators and Fresco Painters: Its Relation to the Principal Reims Manuscripts and to the Greek Frescoes in Rome and Castelseprio 1  
CORNELIUS C. VERMEULE The Dal Pozzo-Albani Drawings of Classical Antiquities 31  
M. ROY FISHER Assisi, Padua, and the Boy in the Tree 47  

Book Reviews 53  

List of Books Received 71

Note to Contributors 73

1956 June vol. 38, no. 2 

BERTA SEGALL Notes on the Iconography of Cosmic Kingship 75  
ELIZABETH ROSENBAUM The Evangelist Portraits of the Ada School and their Models 81  
JOHN RUPERT MARTIN Immagini della Virtù: The Paintings of the Camerino Farnese 91  
THEODORE SIZER Col. John Trumbull's Works: A Final Report 113  

GERTRUDE COOR-ACHENBACH The Missing Panel from a Dispersed Polyptych by the Badia a Isola Master 119  

Book Reviews 121

List of Books Received 135

1956 September vol. 38, no. 3 

WILLIAM S. A. DALE An English Crosier of the Transitional Period 137  
ROSALIND GRIPPI A Sixteenth Century Bozzetto 143  
HEREWARD LESTER COOKE, JR. The Documents Relating to the Fountain of Trevi 149  
GEORGE EHRLICH Chautauqua 1880-1900: Education in Art History and Appreciation 175  

JAMES R. JOHNSON Modern and Mediaeval Stained Glass: A Microscopic Comparison of Two Fragments 185  

Exhibition Reviews
MILLARD MEISS The Exhibition of French Manuscripts of the XIII-XVI Centuries at the Bibliothèque Nationale 187  

Book Reviews 197  

List of Books Received 205

1956 December vol. 38, no. 4 

DOROTHY C. SHORR The Role of the Virgin in Giotto's Last Judgment 207  
JUSTUS BIER St. Andrew in the Work of Tilmann Riemenschneider 215  
RICHARD BERNHEIMER Theatrum Mundi 225  
MICHEL N. BENISOVICH The Drawings of Stradanus (Jan van der Straeten) in The Cooper Union Museum for the Arts of Decoration, New York 249  

Book Reviews 253  

List of Books Received 265  

Index to Volume XXXVIII 267


1957 March vol. 39, no. 1 

ELAINE P. LOEFFLER A Famous Antique: A Roman Sarcophagus at The Los Angeles Museum 1  
JAMES D. BRECKENRIDGE Et Prima Vidit: The Iconography of the Appearance of Christ to His Mother9  
PAUL FRANKL The Chronology of Chartres Cathedral 33  
MARVIN J. EISENBERG An Early Altarpiece by Lorenzo Monaco 49  
CARLA GOTTLIEB The Brussels Version of the Mérode Annunciation 53  

ROBERT BRANNER Three Problems from the Villard de Honnecourt Manuscript 61

Book Reviews 67  

Letters to the Editor 81

List of Books Received 83  

Notes for Contributors 85

1957 June vol. 39, no. 2 

DIMITRI TSELOS The Influence of the Utrecht Psalter in Carolingian Art 87  
LILIAN M. C. RANDALL Exempla as a Source of Gothic Marginal Illumination 97  
CHARLES D. CUTTLER The Lisbon Temptation of St. Anthony by Jerome Bosch 109  
PETER SELZ The Aesthetic Theories of Wassily Kandinsky and Their Relationship to the Origin of Non-Objective Painting 127  

HOWARD HIBBARD A Representation of Fides by Ambrogio Lorenzetti 137  
JERROLD ZIFF The Reconstruction of an Altarpiece by Andrea Vanni 138  
EDWARD R. DE ZURKO Alberti's Theory of Form and Function 142  

Book Reviews 147  

List of Books Received 169

1957 September vol. 39, no. 3 

WILLIAM H. FORSYTH The Virgin and Child in French Fourteenth Century Sculpture: A Method of Classification 171  
CARMEN GÓMEZ-MORENO A Reconstructed Panel by Fra Angelico and Some New Evidence for the Chronology of his Work 183  
DELPHINE FITZ DARBY Ribera and the Blind Men 195  

JOSEFA WEITZMANN-FIEDLER A Pyramus and Thisbe Bowl in the Princeton Museum 219
JAMES R. JOHNSON Stained Glass and Imitation Gems 221  
RACHEL WISCHNITZER Rembrandt, Callot, and Tobias Stimmer 224  
JOHN M. STEADMAN The Iconographical Background of Quarles’ Flesh and Spirit 231  

Book Reviews 233  

List of Books Received 249

1957 December vol. 39, no. 4 

PAUL F. NORTON The Lost Sleeping Cupid of Michelangelo 251  
FRANCIS H. DOWLEY D’Angiviller’s Grands Hommes and the Significant Moment 259  
ROBERT ROSENBLUM The Origin of Painting: A Problem in the Iconography of Romantic Classicism 279

RICHARD PAUL WUNDER Addenda to Elaine Loeffler’s A Famous Antique 291  
MEYER SCHAPIRO Notes on Castelseprio 292
PAUL FRANKL Unnoticed Fragments of Old Stained Glass in Notre-Dame de Paris 299  
PHILIPP FEHL Questions of Identity in Veronese's Christ and the Centurion 301 
ROBERT ENGGASS Bernini, Gaulli, and the Frescoes of the Gesù 303  

Book Reviews 307

List of Books Received 323  

Index to Volume XXXIX 325


1958 March vol. 40, no. 1 

JOHN BECKWITH The Werden Casket Reconsidered 1  
JULES DESNEUX Underdrawings and Pentimenti in the Pictures of Jan Van Eyck 13  
W. HERRMANN Antoine Desgodets and the Académie Royale d'Architecture 23  
HERSCHEL B. CHIPP Orphism and Color Theory 55  

EMMERICH AND CHRISTA BACK-VEGA A Lost Masterpiece by Caravaggio 65
BEATRICE FARWELL Sources for Delacroix's Death of Sardanapalus 66  
JOHN COOLIDGE Wilhelm Lehmbruck’s Walking Girl 71  

Book Reviews 75  

List of Books Received 92  

Notes for Contributors 93

1958 June vol. 40, no. 2 

WALTER SPINK On the Development of Early Buddhist Art in India 95  
PIETER SINGELENBERG The Iconography of the Etschmiadzin Diptych and the Healing of the Blind Man at Siloe 105  
HOWARD SAALMAN Filippo Brunelleschi: Capital Studies 113  
JULIUS S. HELD Le Roi à la Ciasse 139  

ELIZABETH M. HAJÓS The Concept of an Engravings Collection in the Year 1565: Quicchelberg, Inscriptiones vel Tituli Theatri Amplissimi 151  
ROBERT L. HERBERT Seurat and Jules Chéret 156  

Reviews 159  

Letters to the Editor 170  

Erratum 170  

List of Books Received 171

1958 September vol. 40, no. 3 

MIRELLA LEVI D’ANCONA Some New Attributions to Lorenzo Monaco 175
JOHN WHITE and JOHN SHEARMAN Raphael's Tapestries and Their Cartoons: I. The Tapestries 193  
MARY ANNE GRAEVE The Stone of Unction in Caravaggio's Painting for the Chiesa Nuova 223  
CLAY LANCASTER The American Bungalow 239  

CLARENCE KENNEDY Niccolo Pisano and the Silver Altar at Pistoia 255  
HENRY MILLON The Architectural Theory of Francesco di Giorgio 257  

Book Reviews 263  

List of Books Received 275

1958 December vol. 40, no. 4 

PRUDENCE R. MYER The Great Temple at Bodh-Gayā 277  
JOHN WHITE and JOHN SHEARMAN Raphael's Tapestries and their Cartoons, II: The Frescoes in the Stanze and the Problem of Composition in the Tapestries and Cartoons 299

MICHAEL JAFFÉ Rubens and Giulio Romano at Mantua 325  
GEORGE LEVITINE Addenda to Robert Rosenblum's “The Origin of Painting: A Problem in the Iconography of Romantic Classicism” 329  
R. R. WARK Thicknesse and Gainsborough: Some New Documents 331  
F. SCHMID Some Observations on Artists' Palettes 334  
HANS NAEF Ingres’ Portraits of the Marcotte Family 336  

Book Reviews 347  

Letters to the Editor 374  

List of Books Received 375  

Index to Volume XL 379


1959 March vol. 41, no. 1 

CHARLES SEYMOUR, JR. The Younger Masters of the First Campaign of the Porta della Mandorla, 1391-1397 1  
IRVING LAVIN The Sources of Donatello's Pulpits in San Lorenzo 19
PHYLLIS WILLIAMS LEHMANN Theodosius or Justinian? A Renaissance Drawing of a Byzantine Rider 39  
PAUL D. KNABENSHUE Ancient and Mediaeval Elements in Mantegna's Trial of St. James 59  
CREIGHTON GILBERT The Archbishop on the Painters of Florence, 1450 75  
HOWARD SAALMAN Early Renaissance Architectural Theory and Practice in Antonio Filarete's Trattato di Architettura 89  

Book Reviews 108

Letters to the Editor 127

List of Books Received 131

Notes for Contributors 133

1959 June vol. 41, no. 2 
DIMITRI TSELOS English Manuscript Illustration and the Utrecht Psalter 137  
MICHELANGELO MURARO Domenico Veneziano at San Tarasio 151  
FREDERICK HARTT The Earliest Works of Andrea del Castagno: Part One 159  
LEO STEINBERG Observations in the Cerasi Chapel 183  

RENÉE ARB A Reappraisal of the Boston Museum's Duccio 191  
ALAIN DE LEIRIS Manet’s Christ Scourged and the Problem of His Religious Paintings 198  

Book Reviews 203  

Letter to the Editor 222  

List of Books Received 223

1959 September vol. 41, no. 3 

FREDERICK HARTT The Earliest Works of Andrea del Castagno: Part Two 225  
DONALD POSNER Charles LeBrun's Triumphs of Alexander 237  

HILDEGARDE GIESS The Sculpture of the Cloister of Santa Sofia in Benevento 249  
VIRGINIA WYLIE EGBERT The Portal of the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Higham Ferrers 256  
JAMES H. STUBBLEBINE An Altarpiece by Guido da Siena 260  

CARROLL WINSLOW BRENTANO A 1526 Cellini Letter 269  

Book Reviews 271  

List of Books Received 281

1959 December vol. 41, no. 4 

HELEN I. ROBERTS St. Augustine in St. Jerome's Study: Carpaccio’s Painting and Its Legendary Source 283  
EDWARD E. LOWINSKY Epilogue: The Music in St. Jerome's Study 298  
PATRICIA EGAN Poesia and the Fête Champêtre 303  
BERNICE DAVIDSON Drawings by Perino del Vaga for the Palazzo Doria, Genoa 315  

MEYER SCHAPIRO A Note on the Mérode Altarpiece 327  
JOHN R. SPENCER The Dome of Sforzinda Cathedral 328  
DAVID IRWIN James Barry, and the Death of Wolfe in 1759 330  

Book Reviews 333  

Letters to the Editor 351

List of Books Received 359  

Index to Volume XLI 363


1960 March vol. 42, no. 1 

TERESA G. FRISCH The Twelve Choir Statues of the Cathedral at Reims: Their Stylistic and Chronological Relations to the Sculpture of the North Transept and of the West Façade 1 
LILIAN M. C. RANDALL A Mediaeval Slander 25 
JAMES E. SNYDER The Early Haarlem School of Painting: 1. Ouwater and the Master of the Tiburtine Sibyl 39 

ERNST H. KANTOROWICZ The Archer in the Ruthwell Cross 57 
F. HAMILTON HAZLEHURST The Artistic Evolution of David's Oath 59 
EVERARD M. UPJOHN A Minor Poet Meets Hiram Powers 63

Book Reviews 67 

Errata 81 

List of Books Received 83

Notes for Contributors 85

1960 June vol. 42., no 2 

KARL SCHEFOLD Origins of Roman Landscape Painting 87 
MILLARD MEISS Toward a More Comprehensive Renaissance Palaeography 97 
JAMES E. SNYDER The Early Haarlem School of Painting: II. Geertgen Tot Sint Jans 113 
ALBERTO MARTINI The Early Work of Bartolomeo della Gatta 133 

GERTRUDE COOR-ACHENBACH The Early Nineteenth-CenturyAspect of a Dispersed Polyptych by the Badia a Isola Master 143 

Reviews 145 

Letter to the Editor 168 

List of Books Received 169

1960 September vol. 42, no. 3 

WEN FONG The Problem of Ch'ien Hsuan 173 
W. HERRMANN The Problem of Chronology in Claude-Nicolas Ledoux's Engraved Work 191 

JACQUES GUILMAIN Interlace Decoration and the Influence of the North on Mozarabic Illumination 211 
ROBERT M. WALKER The Demon of the Portinari Altarpiece 218
RICHARD PAUL WUNDER Castiglione Pen Drawings in the Cooper Union Museum 219

Book Reviews 225

List of Books Received 239

1960 December vol. 42, no. 4 

KYLE M. PHILLIPS, JR. Subject and Technique in Hellenistic-Roman Mosaics: A Ganymede Mosaic from Sicily 243 
HORST DE LA CROIX Military Architecture and the Radial City Plan in Sixteenth Century Italy 263 

HELEN J. DOW Two Italian Portrait-Busts of Henry VIII 291 
ANDREW CIECHANOWIECKI Notes on the Ownership of Rembrandt's Polish Rider 294 
LEE JOHNSON The Etruscan Sources of Delacroix’s Death of Sardanapalus 296

Book Review 301

List of Books Received 313

Letters to the Editor 315


1961 March vol. 43, no. 1 

KARL M. BIRKMEYER The Arch Motif in Netherlandish Painting of the Fifteenth Century: Part One 1  
PAMELA ASKEW The Parable Paintings of Domenico Fetti 21  

CLARENCE KENNEDY The Selection of Copy for Illustrations 47  
PAUL FRANKL Reconsiderations on the Chronology of Chartres Cathedral 51  
JACK WASSERMAN Palazzo Spada 58  

Book Reviews 65

List of Books Received 79

Notes for Contributors 80  

1961 June vol. 43, no. 2 

MIRELLA LEVI D'ANCONA Bartolomeo di Fruosino 81  
KARL M. BIRKMEYER The Arch Motif in Netherlandish Painting of the Fifteenth Century: A Study in Changing Religious Imagery, Part Two 99  
CARROLL L. V. MEEKS The Real Liberty of Italy: The Stile Floreale 113  

ROBERT BRANNER Jean D' Orbais and the Cathedral of Reims 131  
DWIGHT C. MILLER Important Drawings by Marcantonio Franceschini at Cooper Union 132  
JOHN WALKER MCCOUBREY Gros' Battle of Eylau and Roman Imperial Art 135  

Book Reviews 141  

Erratum 167

List of Books Received 168

1961 September vol. 43, no. 3 

WILLIAM C. LOERKE The Miniatures of the Trial in the Rossano Gospels 171  
CURTIS SHELL The Early Style of Fra Filippo Lippi and the Prato Master 197  
ROBERT KLEIN Pomponius Gauricus on Perspective 211  

TH WARREN HOFFMAN Some Engravings Executed by the Master E.S. for the Benedictine Monastery at Einsiedeln 231  
CHARLES I. MINOTT A Group of Stained-Glass Roundels at The Cloisters 237  

Book Reviews 241

List of Books Received 259

1961 December vol. 43, no. 4 

MICHELANGELO MURARO The Statutes of the Venetian Arti and the Mosaics of the Mascoli Chapel263  
A. RICHARD TURNER Two Landscapes in Renaissance Rome 275  
HOWARD HIBBARD The Early History of Sant'Andrea della Valle 289  

MARILYN ARONBERG LAVIN Giovannino Battista: A Supplement 319  
GERALD ACKERMAN Gian Battista Marino's Contribution to Seicento Art Theory 326  

Book Reviews 337  

List of Books Received 357  

Letters to the Editor 359  

Index to Volume XLIII 363


1962 March vol. 44, no. 1 

IRVING LAVIN The House of the Lord: Aspects of the Role of Palace Triclinia in the Architecture of Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages 1  
PAUL FRANKL Lincoln Cathedral 29  
ROBERT BRANNER Paris and the Origins of Rayonnant Gothic Architecture Down to 1240 39

MARCIA ALLENTUCK Haydon's Christ's Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem: An Unpublished Letter 53  
HAROLD E. DICKSON Barnard and Norway 55  

Reviews 61  

Letter to the Editor 82

Errata 82

List of Books Received 83

Notes for Contributors 85

1962 June vol. 44, no. 2 

DAVID IRWIN Gavin Hamilton: Archaeologist, Painter, and Dealer 87  
GEORGE P. MRAS Literary Sources of Delacroix's Conception of the Sketch and the Imagination 103  
THEODORE REFF Cézanne, Flaubert, St. Anthony, and the Queen of Sheba 113  

FELTON GIBBONS Giovanni Bellini and Rocco Marconi 127  
MAURICE L. SHAPIRO Renaissance or Neo-Classic? A Forgery After the Antique Reconsidered 131  

Book Reviews 137

List of Books Received 153

Documents 155

Letters to the Editor 168

1962 September vol. 44, no. 3 

TIMOTHY K. KITAO Prejudice in Perspective: A Study of Vignola's Perspective Treatise 173  
JOSÉ GUDIOL Iconography and Chronology in El Greco's Paintings of St. Francis 195  
ALFRED MOIR Alonzo Rodriguez 205  
FRANCIS H. DOWLEY Some Drawings by Benedetto Luti 219  

LAWRENCE D. STEEFEL, JR. An Unnoticed Detail in Petrus Christus' Nativity in the National Gallery, Washington 237  
EUGENE B. CANTELUPE The Anonymous Triumph of Venus in the Louvre: An Early Italian Renaissance Example of Mythological Disguise 238

Book Reviews 243  

Letters to the Editor 253

List of Books Received 257

1962 December vol. 44, no. 4 

WALTER HORN (TEXT) and ERNEST BORN (DRAWINGS) Two Timbered Mediaeval Churches of Cheshire: St. James and St. Paul at Marton and St. Oswald at Lower Peover 263  
DELPHINE FITZ DARBY Ribera and the Wise Men 279  
HERWIN SCHAEFER Tiffany's Fame in Europe 309  

KARL M. BIRKMEYER Notes on the Two Earliest Paintings by Rogier van der Weyden 329  
ANNE COFFIN HANSON A Group of Marine Paintings by Manet 332  

Book Reviews 337

List of Books Received 369  

Letters to the Editor 372  

Index to Volume XLIV 375


1963 March 45, vol. 32, no. 1 

DARIO COVI Lettering in Fifteenth Century Florentine Painting 1  
URSULA SCHLEGEL Observations on Masaccio's Trinity Fresco in Santa Maria Novella 19  
ANNE MARKHAM Desiderio da Settignano and the Workshop of Bernardo Rossellino 35  

MILLARD MEISS Notes on Three Linked Sienese Styles 47  
DON DENNY The Trinity in Enguerrand Quarton's Coronation of the Virgin 48  
PRISCILLA E. MULLER An Unpublished Drawing by Francisco Pacheco 52  
FELTON GIBBONS New Evidence for the Birth Dates of Gentile and Giovanni Bellini 54  

Letter to the Editor 59

Book Reviews 61

List of Books Received 85

1963 June vol. 45, no. 2 

R. A. CORDINGLEY Stokesay Castle, Shropshire: The Chronology of its Buildings 91
CHARLES G. DEMPSEY Poussin and Egypt 109  
JAMES R. JOHNSON The Stained Glass Theories of Viollet-Le-Duc 121  

MAURICE L. SHAPIRO Donatello's Genietto 135  
M. B. MC NAMEE, S.J Further Symbolism in the Portinari Altarpiece 142  
MILTON J. LEWINE The Sources of Rubens' Miracles of St. Ignatius 143  
THEODORE REFF Cezanne's Dream of Hannibal 148  

Book Reviews 153

List of Books Received 171

Letters to the Editor 173

1963 September vol. 45, no. 3 

KURT WEITZMANN Thirteenth Century Crusader Icons on Mount Sinai 179  
JACK WASSERMAN The Quirinal Palace in Rome 205  

OLGA KOSELEFF GORDON Two Unusual Calendar Cycles of the Fourteenth Century 245  
S. J. FREEDBERG Drawings for Sabastiano or Drawings by Sebastiano: The Problem Reconsidered 253  
HOWARD S. MERRITT The Legend of St. Achatius: Bachiacca, Perino, Pontormo 258  
JOHN RUPERT MARTIN The Butcher's Shop of the Carracci 263  
GEORGE P. MRAS Ut Pictura Musica: A Study of Delacroix's Paragone 266  
DAVID GEBHARD The Problem of Space in the Ottoman Mosque 271

Book Reviews 277

List of Books Received 297

1963 December vol. 45, no. 4 

PAUL FRANKL The Chronology of the Stained Glass in Chartres Cathedral 301  
GIAMPIERO BORLINI The Façade of the Certosa in Pavia 323  
IRIS H. CHENEY Francesco Salviati's North Italian Journey 337  

MEYER SCHAPIRO The Bowman and the Bird on the Ruthwell Cross and Other Works: The Interpretation of Secular Themes in Early Mediaeval Religious Art 351  
ROBERT BRANNER A Note on Pierre de Montreuil and Saint-Denis 355
THOMAS F. MATHEWS, S.J. Piero di Cosimo's Discovery of Honey 357  
MALCOLM CAMPBELL An Antique Source for an Early Drawing by Pietro da Cortona 360  
JOSÉ LÓPEZ-REY A Portrait of Philip IV by Juan Bautista Maino 361  
ALBERT ALHADEFF Michelangelo and the Early Rodin 363  

Book Reviews 369

List of Books Received 397

Letters to the Editor 399

Index to Volume XLV 403


1964 March vol. 46, no. 1 

MILLARD MEISS The Art Bulletin at Fifty 1  
R. W. LIGHTBOWN Correggio and Begarelli: A Study in Correggio Criticism 7  
DORA WIEBENSON Subjects from Homer's Iliad in Neoclassical Art 23  
JOHN W. McCOUBREY The Revival of Chardin in French Still-Life Painting, 1850-1870 39
SARA LICHTENSTEIN Cézanne and Delacroix 55  

VIRGINIA WYLIE EGBERT St. Nicholas: The Fasting Child 69  
ROBERT A. KOCH Flower Symbolism in the Portinari Altar 70  
JESSIE POESCH Sources for Two Dürer Enigmas 78  
STEPHEN E. OSTROW Annibale Carracci and the Jason Frescoes: Toward an Internal Chronology 86  
GUY WALTON Pierre Puget's Projects for the Church of Santa Maria Assunta di Carignano 89

Book Reviews 95

Letters to the Editor 119  

List of Books Received 121  

Note to Contributors 124

1964 June vol. 46, no. 2 

SHEILA EDMUNDS The Missals of Felix V and Early Savoyard Illumination 127  
EDITH A. STANDEN The Sujets de la Fable Gobelins Tapestries 143  
EDGAR KAUFMANN, JR. Memmo's Lodoli 159  
SEYMOUR HOWARD Boy on a Dolphin: Nollekens and Cavaceppi 177  
FREDERICK CUMMINGS Charles Bell and The Anatomy of Expression 191  

ARCHER ST. CLAIR The Apotheosis Diptych 205  
JOSEPH POLZER The Lucca Reliefs and Nicola Pisano 211  
EVERETT P. FAHY, JR. New Evidence for Dating Giovanni Bellini's Coronation of the Virgin 216  
EUGENE B. CANTELUPE Titian's Sacred and Profane Love Re-examined 218  
CHIARA PERINA Some Unpublished Paintings by Giuseppe Bazzani 227  
AMALIA BARIGOZZI BRINI Five Unpublished Drawings by Carlo Carloni 231  
ADOLPH S. CAVALLO John Baptist Jackson in Scotland 233

Book Reviews 239

List of Books Received 267

1964 September vol. 46, no. 3 

DAVID W. SCOTT A Restoration of the West Portal Relief Decoration of Saint-Sernin of Toulouse 271  
MOJMÎR S. FRINTA The Master of the Gerona Martyrology and Bohemian Illumination 283  
TRUDE KRAUTHEIMER-HESS More Ghibertiana 307  
CHARLES SEYMOUR, JR. Dark Chamber and Light-Filled Room: Vermeer and the Camera Obscura 323  
GORDON HENDRICKS The First Three Western Journeys of Albert Bierstadt 333  

MAURICE L. SHAPIRO The Virtues and Vices in Ambrogio Lorenzetti's Franciscan Martyrdom 367  
ANNE MARKHAM TELPAZ Some Antique Motifs in Trecento Art 372  
MARVIN B. BECKER Notes on the Monte Holdings of Florentine Trecento Painters 376  
LEONETTO TINTORI and MILLARD MEISS Additional Observations on Italian Mural Technique 377  
TADEUSZ DOBRZENIECKI The Toruń Quinity in the National Museum in Warsaw 380  
HOWARD SAALMAN The Authorship of the Pazzi Palace 388  
WEBSTER SMITH Giulio Clovio and the Maniera di Figure Piccole 395  
ALAIN DE LEIRIS Manet, Guéroult and Chrysippos 401

Book Reviews 405

Letters to the Editor 425  

List of Books Received 431

1964 December vol. 46, no. 4 

RAMSAY MACMULLEN Some Pictures in Ammianus Marcellinus 435  
JOSEPH POLZER Aristotle, Mohammed and Nicholas V in Hell 457  
HOWARD SAALMAN Santa Maria del Fiore: 1294-1418 471  
JACK WASSERMAN Giacomo della Porta's Church for the Sapienza in Rome and Other Matters Relating to the Palace 501  
JAN BIALOSTOCKI The Descent from the Cross in Works by Peter Paul Rubens and His Studio 511  

MOJMÍR S. FRINTA A Note on Theophilus, Maker of Many Wonderful Things 525  
MICHAEL MALLORY Toward a Chronology for Paolo di Giovanni Fei 529  
EGON VERHEYEN An Iconographic Note on Altdorfer's Visitation in the Cleveland Museum of Art 536  
LAUREN SOTH Two Paintings by Correggio 539  
EARL E. ROSENTHAL Michelangelo's Moses, dal di sotto in sù 544  
BERNICE F. DAVIDSON Introducing Michaeli Grechi Lucchese 550  
THEODORE REFF Copyists in the Louvre, 1850-1870 552  
JEAN C. HARRIS A Little-known Essay on Manet by Stéphane Mallarmé 559

Book Reviews 565

Letters to the Editor 589  

List of Books Received 591  

Index to Volume XLVI 593


1965 March vol. 47, no. 1 

EDWARD GILBERT Brixworth and the English Basilica 1  
MILLARD MEISS An Illuminated Inferno and Trecento Painting in Pisa 21 
JAMES H. TURNURE The Late Style of Ambrogio Figino 35  
FRANCIS H. DOWLEY Carlo Maratti, Carlo Fontana, and the Baptismal Chapel in Saint Peter's 57  
KENNETH WOODBRIDGE Henry Hoare's Paradise 83  

GUNTHER NEUFELD On the Genesis of the Madonna del Sacco 117  
WALTER FRIEDLAENDER Titian and Pordenone 118  
PAMELA ASKEW A Melancholy Astronomer by Giovanni Serodine 121  
WILLIAM A. CAMFIELD Juan Gris and the Golden Section 128  

Book Reviews 135

List of Books Received 149

Notes to Contributors 152

1965 June vol. 47, no. 2 

FREDERICK A. COOPER A Reconstruction of Duccio's Maestà 155  
GUSTINA SCAGLIA Three Renaissance Drawings of Church Façades 173
S. J. FREEDBERG Observations on the Painting of the Maniera 187
MILTON J. LEWINE Vignola's Church of Sant'Anna de' Palafrenieri in Rome 199  
CARL GOLDSTEIN Studies in Seventeenth Century French Art Theory and Ceiling Painting 231

ROBERT L. MC GRATH The Martyrdom of the Maccabees on the Brescia Casket 257
MOJMÍR FRINTA An Investigation of the Punched Decoration of Mediaeval Italian and Non-Italian Panel Paintings 261
ALBERT BOIME Seurat and Piero della Francesca 265  

Book Reviews 273  

Letters to the Editor 307

List of Books Received 311

1965 September vol. 47, no. 3 

RAB HATFIELD Five Early Renaissance Portraits 315  
JAMES H. BECK Niccolò dell' Arca: A Reexamination 335  
IRVING L. ZUPNICK Pontormo's Early Style 345  

PÁL KELEMEN El Greco's Roman Catholicism: A Document Reconsidered 355  
GUY WALTON Some Unnoticed Works by Pierre Puget 356  

Book Reviews 361

Letters to the Editor 397  

List of Books Received 403

1965 December vol. 47, no. 4 

SEYMOUR SLIVE An Unpublished Head of Christ by Rembrandt 407  
STAALE SINDING-LARSEN Palladio's Redentore, a Compromise in Composition 419  
GEORGE KUBLER Vicente Carducho's Allegories of Painting 439  
ROBERT L. ALEXANDER Courbet and Assyrian Sculpture 447  
RONALD MARTIN STEINBERG The Iconography of the Teatro dell'Acqua at the Villa Aldobrandini 453  
CURTIS SHELL Francesco d'Antonio and Masaccio 465  
RICHARD W. WALLACE The Genius of Salvator Rosa 471  
SAMUEL Y. EDGERTON, JR. The Murder of Jane McCrea: The Tragedy of an American Tableau d'Histoire 481  

FELTON GIBBONS Two Allegories by Dosso for the Court of Ferrara 493  
BERNHARD KERBER Designs for Sculpture by Andrea Pozzo 499  
JAMES F. O'GORMAN An Interpretation of Andrea del Sarto's Bogherini Holy Family 502  
WALTER S. GIBSON A New Identification for a Panel by the St. Barbara Master 504  
PHYLLIS DEARBORN MASSAR Source of a Rare École de Fontainebleau Etching 506  
HENRI ZERNER Observations on Dupérac and the Disegni de le Ruine di Roma e Come Anticamente Erono 507  

Book Reviews 513

List of Books Received 539  

Letters to the Editor 541  

Index to Volume XLVII 545


1966 March vol. 48, no. 1 

WILLIAM. HINKLE The King and the Pope on the Virgin Portal of Notre-Dame 1  
HAROLDE. WETHEY and ALICE SUNDERLAND WETHEY Herrera Barnuevo and his Chapel in the Descalzas Reales 15  
THEODORE REFF Cézanne and Hercules 35  
ATHENA TACHA SPEAR A Contribution to Brancusi Chronology 45  
BERNICE F. DAVIDSON Some Early Works by Girolamo Siciolante da Sermoneta 55  

ROBERT BRANNER Manuscript-Makers in Mid-Thirteenth Century Paris 65  
JOHN COOLIDGE Rubens and the Decoration of French Royal Galleries 67
EDWARD F. FRY Cubism 1907-1908: An Early Eyewitness Account 70
JANE CAMPBELL HUTCHISON The Housebook Master and the Folly of the Wise Man 73
JEAN C. HARRIS Manet’s Race-Track Paintings 78
WILLIAM V. HOLTZ Sterne, Reynolds, and Hogarth: Biographical Inferences from a Borrowing 82
FRANCES HUEMER Some Observations on Rubens’ Mantua Altarpiece 84
MICHAEL MALLORY An Early Quattrocento Trinity 85
JUERGEN SCHULZ Titian’s Ceiling in the Scuola di San Giovanni Evangelista 89
JOHN R. SPENCER Volterra, 1466 95

DARIO A. COVI Four New Documents Concerning Andrea del Verrocchio 97  
IRVING LAVIN Michelangelo's Saint Peter's Pietà: New Photographs 103

Exhibition Reviews 
IRIS H. CHENEY Romanino in Brescia 105

Book Reviews 108

Letters to the Editor 122

Notes for Contributors 128

List of Abbreviations 130

1966 June vol. 48, no. 2 

MALCOLM CAMPBELL Medici Patronage and the Baroque: A Reappraisal 133  
HANS H. BUCHWALD Eleventh Century Corinthian-Palmette Capitals in the Region of Aquileia 147  
HENRY-RUSSELL HITCHCOCK The Schmuzers and the Rococo Transformation of Mediaeval Churches in Bavaria 159  
HOWARD L. ADELSON The Holy Lance and the Hereditary German Monarchy 177  
H. ALLEN BROOKS Frank Lloyd Wright and the Wasmuth Drawings 193

MILLARD MEISS and THEODORE G. JONES Once Again Piero della Francesca’s Montefeltro Altarpiece 203
ELEANOR P. SPENCER and WOLFGANG STECHOW Sts. Nereus and Achilleus in the Fifteenth Century 207
JAMES B. LYNCH, JR. Lomazzo and the Accademia della Valle di Bregno 210
GEORGE KUBLER Three Remarks on the Meninas 212
ANDRÉE M. HAYUM A New Dating for Sodoma’s Frescoes in the Villa Farnesina 215
ROBERT SOWERS On the Blues in Chartres 218
R. ROSS HOLLOWAY The Archaic Acropolis and the Parthenon Frieze 223
HENRICH PFIEFFER, S. J. On the Meaning of a Late Michaelangelo Drawing 227

FREDERICK HARTT IN COLLABORATION WITH GINO CORTI Andrea del Castagno: Three Disputed Dates 228  

State of Research 
DAVID ROSAND Rubens Drawings 235  

Exhibition Reviews 
BARRY HANNEGAN Guardi at Venice 248
MYRON LASKIN, JR. The Sixteenth Century in Paris 252

Book Reviews 259

List of Books Received 270

List of Abbreviations 272

1966 September-December vol. 48, no. 3/4 

GUNTHER NEUFELD Michelangelo's Times of Day: A Study of Their Genesis 273  
WALTER HORN and ERNEST BORN The Dimensional Inconsistencies of the Plan of Saint Gall and the Problem of the Scale of the Plan 285  
WILLIAM A. CAMFIELD The Machinist Style of Francis Picabia 309  
STANLEY FERBER Crucifixion Iconography in a Group of Carolingian Ivory Plaques 323  
DONALD E. GORDON Kirchner in Dresden 335

SAMUEL Y. EDGERTON, JR. Alberti's Perspective: A New Discovery and a New Evaluation 367
JAMES STUBBLEBINE Two Byzantine Madonnas from Calahorra, Spain 379
JOHN COOLIDGE Further Observations on Masaccio’s Trinity 382
ALFRED FRAZER The Iconography of the Emperor Maxentius’ Buildings in Via Appia 385
ALBERT ALHADEFF Rodin: A Self-Portrait in the Gates of Hell 393
PRUDENCE R. MYER Again the Kanishka Casket 396
PHILIPP P. FEHL Bernini’s Triumph of Truth over England 404
JAROSLAV PEŠINA and R. B. FRANCISCONO An Unknown Painting by Quentin Massys 406
FELTON GIBBONS Ferrarese Tapestries of Metamorphosis 409
PRISCILLA E. MULLER The Prague Crucifixion Signed Petrvs Kempener 412
ECKHARD SCHAAR Carlo Maratti and His Pupiles in the Baptismal Chapel of Saint Peter’s 414

THEODORE H. FEDER A Reexamination through Documents of the First Fifty Years of Roger Van der Weyden's Life 416  

State of Research 
ANNE COFFIN HANSON Notes on Manet Literature 432

Book Reviews 439

List of Books Received 460

Letters to the Editor 462


1967 March vol. 49, no. 1 

MARILYN ARONBERG LAVIN The Altar of Corpus Domini in Urbino: Paolo Uccello, Joos Van Ghent, Piero della Francesca 1  
THOMAS W. LYMAN Notes on the Porte Miègeville Capitals and the Construction of Saint-Sernin in Toulouse 25  
BARBARA EHRLICH WHITE Delacroix's Painted Copies after Rubens 37

RICHARD E. SPEAR The Early Drawings of Domenchino at Windsor Castle and Some Drawings by the Carracci 52
IRVING LAVIN An Ancient Statute of the Empress Helen Reidentified (?) 58
RICHARD J. BETTS Titian’s Portrait of Filippo Archinto in the Johnson Collection 59

EGON VERHEYEN Jacopo Strada's Mantuan Drawings of 1567-1568 62

Book Reviews 71

List of Books Received 84

Letters to the Editor 86

Notes for Contributors 88

List of Abbreviations 90

1967 June vol. 49, no. 2 

GEORGE LEVITINE Vernet Tied to a Mast in a Storm: The Evolution of an Episode of Art Historical Folklore 93
ELEANOR S. GREENHILL The Provenance of a Gothic Head 101
DAVID R. COFFIN The Plans of the Villa Madama 111

PETER S. WALCH Charles Rollin and Early Neoclassicism 123
FRED LICHT Goya’s Portrait of the Royal Family 127
DUARD W. LAGING The Methods Used in Making the Bronze Doors of Augsburg Cathedral 129
WAYNE V. ANDERSEN Cézanne, Tanguy, Choquet 137
JOSEPHINE von HENNEBERG An Unknown Portrait of St. Ignatius by Jacopino del Conte 140

J. CARSON WEBSTER A Check List of the Works of Eratus D. Palmer 143

State of Research 
Jan Van DER MEULEN Recent Literature on the Chronology of Chartres Cathedral 152

Exhibition Review 
JAMES D. BRECKENRIDGE Horder at Aarhus 173

Book Reviews 176

List of Books Received 193

List of Abbreviations 194

1967 September vol. 49, no. 3 

MANOLIS CHATZIDAKIS and GERRY WALTERS An Encaustic Icon of Christ at Sinai 197
LINDA NOCHLIN Gustave Courbet's Meeting: A Portrait of the Artist as a Wandering Jew 209
HOWARD D. RODEE Rubens' Treatment of Antique Armor 223

JACQUES GUILMAIN On the Classicism of the Classic Phase of Franco-Saxon Manuscript Illumination 231
MAURICE L. SHAPIRO A Renaissance Birth Plate 236
CRAIG S. HARBISON Counter-Reformation Iconography in Titian’s Gloria 244

JOHN A. MAHEY The Letters of James McNeill Whistler to George A. Lucas 247

Book Reviews 258

List of Books Received 275

List of Abbreviations 276

1967 December vol. 49, no. 4 

PETER SERENYI Le Corbusier, Fourier, and the Monastery of Ema 277  
WILLIAM. HINKLE The Cosmic and Terrestrial Cycles on the Virgin Portal of Notre-Dame 287  
EUGENE A. CARROLL Lappoli, Alfani, Vasari, and Rosso Fiorentino 297  
ROBERT N. BEETEM Delacroix and His Assistant Lassalle-Bordes: Problems in the Design of the Luxembourg Dome Mural 305

URSULA NILGEN and RENATE FRANCISCONO The Epiphany and the Eucharist: On the Interpretation of Eucharistic Motifs in Mediaeval Epiphany Scenes 311
GERALD M. ACKERMAN Lomazzo’s Treatise on Painting 317
CARL GOLDSTEIN Louis XIV and Jason 327
JAMES H. STUBBLEBINE Cimabue’s Frescoes of the Virgin at Assisi 330

State of Research 
DIMITRI TSELOS Defensive Addenda to the Problem of the Utrecht Psalter 334

Book Reviews 350

List of Books Received 372

Letters to the Editor 374

List of Abbreviations 375

Index to Volume XLIX 376


1968 March vol. 50, no. 1 

PAMELA ASKEW The Question of Fetti as Fresco Painter: A Reattribution to Andreasi of Frescoes in the Cathedral and Sant'Andrea at Mantua 1  
LAURINE MACK BONGIORNO The Theme of the Old and the New Law in the Arena Chapel 11  
RICHARD W. WALLACE Salvator Rosa's Democritus and L'Umana Fragilità 21  
LINDA SEIDEL A Romantic Forgery: The Romanesque Portal of Saint-Étienne in Toulouse 33  
MIRELLA LEVI D'ANCONA The Doni Madonna by Michelangelo: An Iconographic Study 43

LILIANE CHÂTELET-LANGE and RENATE FRANCISCONO The Grotto of the Unicorn and the Garden of the Villa di Castello 51
JOHN SANDBERG Whistler Studies 59
HELEN RESENAU The Sphere as an Element in the Montgolfier Monuments 65
MAURICE L. SHAPIRO Klee’s Twittering Machine 67
CECIL A. HEWETT Some Developments in Carpentry, Illustrated by Essex Millwrighting 70
BERNHARD KERBER and RENATE FRANCISCONO Giuseppe Bartolomeo Chiari 75

THEODORE REFF Some Unpublished Letters of Degas 87

Exhibition Review
GUY WALTON Eighteenth Century French Drawings in Paris 95

Book Reviews 98

List of Books Received 110

Letters to the Editor 112

Notes to Contributors 114

List of Abbreviations 116

1968 June vol. 50, no. 2 

CARL NORDENFALK An Illustrated Diatessaron 119  
DAVID VAN FOSSEN A Fourteenth-Century Embroidered Florentine Antependium 141  
R. WARD BISSELL Artemisia Gentileschi – A New Documented Chronology 153  
RICHARD POMMER Costanzo Michela and Santa Marta in Agliè: A Guarinesque Rarity 169

ROBERT BRANNER The Manerius Signatures 183
JOHN L. WARD A New Look at the Friedsam Annunciation 184
ERICH SCHLEIER Domenichino, Lanfranco, Albani, and Cardinal Montalto’s Cycle 188

FRANK R. DIFEDERICO Documentation for the Paintings and Mosaics of the Baptismal Chapel in Saint Peter's 194

Book Reviews 199

List of Books Received 212

List of Abbreviations 214

1968 September vol. 50, no. 3 

ILENE HAERING FORSYTH Magi and Majesty: A Study of Romanesque Sculpture and Liturgical Drama 215  
IRVING LAVIN Sculpture and Liturgical Drama Five New Youthful Sculptures by Gianlorenzo Bernini and a Revised Chronology of His Early Works 223  
KATHERINE K. GORDON Madame de Pompadour, Pigalle, and the Iconography of Friendship 249

WEBSTER SMITH Definitions of Statua 263
MARVIN TRACHTENBERG An Antique Model for Donatello’s Marble David 268
NAOMI MILLER The Form and Meaning of the Fontaine des Innocents 270
H. W. JANSON Rodin and the Carrier-Belleuse: The Vase des Titans 278

JOHN T. PAOLETTI Quercia and Federighi 281

Book Reviews 285

Letter to the Editor 296

List of Books Received 297

List of Abbreviations 298

1968 December vol. 50, no. 4 

DONALD L. EHRESMANN The Frankfurt Three Kings Portal, Madern Gerthener, and the International Gothic Style on the Middle Rhine 301  
JAMES H. BECK The Historical Taccola and Emperor Sigismund in Siena 309  
MARILYN ARONBERG LAVIN Piero della Francesca's Flagellation: The Triumph of Christian Glory 321  
LEO STEINBERG Michelangelo's Florentine Pietà: The Missing Leg 343

JOHN L. WARD A New Attribution for the Madonna Enthroned in the Thyssen Bornemisza Collection 354
FELTON GIBBONS Jacopo Bertucci of Faenza 357
CHARLES DEMPSEY Et Nos Cedamus Amori: Observations on the Farnese Gallery 363
ALAN P. WALLACH Cole, Byron, and the Course of Empire 375

Book Reviews 380

List of Books Received 388  

List of Abbreviations 389

Index to Volume XL 390


1969 March vol. 51, no. 1 

JOHN WHITE Donatello's High Altar in the Santo at Padua. Part One: The Documents and Their Implications 1  
JOHN McANDREW Sant'Andrea della Certosa 15  
DAVID ROSAND Rubens's Munich Lion Hunt: Its Sources and Significance 29  
MICHAEL MALLORY A Lost Madonna del Latte by Ambrogio Lorenzetti 41  
ALBERT BOIME Thomas Couture and the Evolution of Painting in Nineteenth-Century France 48  
GORDON HENDRICKS Thomas Eakins's Gross Clinic 57

State of Research
CARL D. SHEPPARD Byzantine Carved Marble Slabs 65  

ERIC VAN SCHAAK An Unpublished Letter by Francesco Albani 72  

Exhibition Reviews 
GEORGE HENDERSON European Gothic 75
PETER WALCH Angelica Kauffman and Her Contemporaries 83
LOUIS HAWES British Romanticism 88

Book Reviews 91

Letters to the Editor 101  

List of Books Received 102  

Notes for Contributors 103

1969 June vol. 51, no. 2 

COLIN EISLER The Golden Christ of Cortona and the Man of Sorrows in Italy. Part One 107  
JOHN WHITE Donatello's High Altar in the Santo at Padua. Part Two: The Reconstruction 119  
EVERETT FAHY The Earliest Works of Fra Bartolommeo 142  
LISE VOGEL Circus Race Scenes in the Early Roman Empire 155  
CARL F. BARNES, JR. Brunet's Romanesque Capital 161  
KATHRYN BLOOM Lorenzo Ghiberti's Space in Relief: Method and Theory 164  
M. A. GOUKOVSKJ A Representation of the Profanation of the Host: A Puzzling Painting in the Hermitage and Its Possible Author 170  
EMMA H. MELLENCAMP A Note on the Costume of Titian's Flora 174  
MARTIN KEMP J-L. David and the Prelude to a Moral Victory for Sparta 178

Book Reviews 184

List of Books Received 200

1969 September vol. 51, no. 3 

SUZANNE LEWIS The Latin Iconography of the Single-Naved Cruciform Basilica Apostolorum in Milan205
ERICA CRUIKSHANK DODD On the Origins of Medieval Dinanderie: The Equestrian Statue in Islam 220  
COLIN EISLER The Golden Christ of Cortona and the Man of Sorrows in Italy: Part Two 233  
DEBRA DIENSTFREY PINCUS A Hand by Antonio Rizzo and the Double Caritas Scheme of the Tron Tomb 247  
ANTHONY CUTLER Garda, Källunge, and the Byzantine Tradition on Gotland 257  
CHARLES ILSLEY MINOTT The Theme of the Mérode Altarpiece 267
CHARLES D. CUTTLER Bosch and the Narrenschiff: A Problem in Relationships 272  
GABRIEL P. WEISBERG Félix Bracquemond and Japanese Influence in Ceramic Decoration 277

THEODORE REFF More Unpublished Letters of Degas 281

Book Reviews 290

List Of Books Received 312  

1969 December vol. 51, no. 4 

ANNE MARKHAM SCHULZ The Tomb of Giovanni Chellini at San Miniato al Tedesco 317
BARBARA EHRLICH WHITE Renoir’s Trip to Italy 333
JOSELITA RASPI SERRA English Decorative Sculpture of the Early Twelfth Century and the Como-Pavian Tradition 352
CARMEN GOMEZ-MORENO, ELIZABETH H. JONES, ARTHUR K. WHEELOCK, JR., and MILLARD MEISS A Sienese St. Dominic Modernized Twice in the Thirteenth Century 363
MARILYN ARONBERG LAVIN Piero della Francesca’s Montefeltro Altarpiece: A Pledge of Fidelity 267

CLIFFORD MALCOLM BROWN Una Testa de Platone Antica con la Punta dil Naso di Cera: Unpublished Negotiations between Isabella d'Este and Niccolò and Giovanni Bellini 372

Exhibition Reviews 
R.-A. D’HULST Jordaens 378
ROLF KULTZEN Seicento Painting in Friuli 389

Book Reviews 392

Letters To The Editor 410

List Of Books Received 413

Index To Volume LI 415


1970 March vol. 52, no. 1 

URSULA SCHLEGEL The Christchild as Devotional Image in Medieval Italian Sculpture: A Contribution to Ambrogio Lorenzetti Studies 1 
NORMA F. BROUDE The Macchiaioli: Effect and Expression in Nineteenth-Century Florentine Painting 11 
GEORGE HENDERSON An Apocalypse Manuscript in Paris: B.N. MS Lat. 10474 22 
IRIS H. CHENEY Notes on Jacopino del Conte 32 
JAYNIE ANDERSON The Sala di Agostino Carracci in the Palazzo del Giardino 41 
ANN SUTHERLAND HARRIS A Contribution to Andrea Camassei Studies 49 
JOHN VARRIANO Martino Longhi the Younger and the Facade of San Giovanni Calibita in Rome 71 
DAMIE STILLMAN The Gallery for Lansdowne House: International Neoclassical Architecture and Decoration in Microcosm 75

LOREN W. PARTRIDGE Vignola and the Villa Farnese at Caprarola-Part I 81

Book Reviews 88

Letters To The Editor 111

List Of Books Received 112

1970 June vol. 52, no. 2  

DOROTHY GLASS The Archivolt Sculpture at Sessa Aurunca 119 
IRVING LAVIN and MARILYN ARONBERG LAVIN Duquesnoy's Nano di Créqui and Two Busts by Francesco Mochi 132 
MOLLY TEASDALE SMITH Conrad Witz's Miraculous Draught of Fishes and the Council of Basel 150 
JOSEPHINE VON HENNEBERG An Early Work by Giacomo della Porta: The Oratorio del Santissimo Crocifisso di San Marcello in Rome 157 
ERICH SCHLEIER Panico, Gentileschi, and Lanfranco at San Salvatore in Farnese 172 
DONALD POSNER Antonio Maria Panico and Annibale Carracci 181 
ALFRED MOIR Some Caracciolo Drawings in Stockholm 184 
ALBERT BOIME Notes on Daubigny's Early Chronology 188

MARILYN ARONBERG LAVIN A Seventeenth-Century Painter's Supplies: Document of Payment to Andrea Camassei 192

Book Reviews 195

List Of Books Received 225

Letters To The Editor 228

1970 September vol. 52, no. 3 

MILLARD MEISS The Original Position of Uccello's John Hawkwood 231 
RAB HATFIELD Some Unknown Descriptions of the Medici Palace in 1459 232 
MARIE MIKHAILOVA Bridges of Ancient Rome: Drawings in The Hermitage Ascribed to Fra Giacondo 250 
JONATHAN BROWN Hieroglyphs of Death and Salvation: The Decoration of the Hermandad de la Caridad, Seville 265 
JENNIFER MONTAGU Antonio and Gioseppe Giorgetti: Sculptors to Cardinal Francesco Barberini 278
ESTHER PASZTORY Hieratic Composition in West African Art 299

Book Reviews 307

List Of Books Received 257

Letters To The Editor 360

1970 December vol. 52, no. 4  

LUCY FREEMAN SANDLER A Pucelle Follower in England 363 
HANS OST Santa Margherita in Montefiascone: A Centralized Building Plan of the Roman Quattrocento 373 
BARBARA G. LANE Petrus Christus: A Reconstructed Triptych with an Italian Motif 390 
ROBERT W. BERGER Charles Le Brun and the Louvre Colonnade 394 
NORMA F. BROUDE The Macchiaioli as Proto-Impressionists: Realism, Popular Science and the Re-shaping of Macchia Romanticism, 1862-1886 404 
WHITNEY CHADWICK Masson's Gradiva: The Metamorphosis of a Surrealist Myth 415

Book Reviews 423

List Of Books Received 474


1971 March vol. 53, no. 1 

CHARLES STERLING Observations on Petrus Christus 1 
JOHN L. WARD A Proposed Reconstruction of an Altarpiece by Rogier Van der Weyden 27 
JOSEPH POLZER Masaccio and the Late Antique 36 
CREIGHTON GILBERT Piero della Francesca's Flagellation: The Figures in the Foreground 41 
FRANK R. DIFEDERICO Francesco Trevisani and the Decoration of the Crucifixion Chapel in San Silvestro in Capite 52
ALBERT BOIME The Second Republic's Contest for the Figure of the Republic 68

HARDY GEORGE Turner in Venice 84

State Of Research 
E. HAVERKAMP-BEGEMANN The Present State of Rembrandt Studies 88

Book Reviews 105

Letters To The Editor 135

List Of Books Received 136

Notes For Contributors 139

1971 June vol. 53, no. 2 

HERBERT L. KESSLER Hic Homo Formatur: The Genesis Frontispieces of the Carolingian Bibles 143 
HOWARD HELSINGER Images on the Beatus Page of Some Medieval Psalters 161 
JAMES H. BECK Masaccio's Early Career as a Sculptor 177 
DAVID ROSAND Titian in the Frari 196 
PAUL TURNER The Beginnings of Le Corbusier's Education, 1902-07 214

MILLARD MEISS with Sharon Off The Bookkeeping of Robinet d'Estampes and the Chronology of Jean de Berry's Manuscripts 225 
DARIO A. COVI A Documented Altarpiece by Cosimo Rosselli 236

Book Reviews 239

Letters to the Editor 281

List of Books Received 285

1971 September vol. 53, no. 3 

H. W. VAN OS Giovanni di Paolo's Pizzicaiuolo Altarpiece 289 
PETER W. PARSHALL Albrecht Dürer's St. Jerome in His Study: A Philological Reference 303  
MOJMÎR S. FRINTA Note on the Punched Decoration of Two Early Painted Panels at the Fogg Art Museum: St. Dominic and the Crucifixion 306  
MILLARD MEISS A Note on the Marciana Dante and Its Signature 310  
JACK WASSERMAN The Dating and Patronage of Leonardo's Burlington House Cartoon 312  
PHILIPP FEHL Michelangelo's Crucifixion of St. Peter: Notes on the Identification of the Locale of the Action 327  
HILDEGARD UTZ The Labors of Hercules and Other Works by Vincenzo de' Rossi 344  
NIELS LUNING PRAK Seurat's Surface Pattern and Subject Matter 367  
WOLFGANG PEHNT Gropius the Romantic 379  
DOUGLAS FRASER Note on the Stone Nomoli Figures of Sierra Leone 393

Book Reviews 394

Letters to the Editor 429

List of Books Received 430

1971 December vol. 53, no. 4 

ISA RAGUSA The Egg Reopened 435  
JAMES SNYDER The Early Haarlem School of Painting, Part III: The Problem of Geertgen tot Sint Jans and Jan Mostaert 445  
CARL F . BARNES, JR. The Location of the Sainte-Chapelle Stained Glass in the Cathedral of Soissons 459  
THOMAS BRACHERT A Musical Canon of Proportion in Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper 461  
LOREN W. PARTRIDGE The Sala d'Ercole in the Villa Farnese at Caprarola, Part I 467  
WOLFGANG STECHOW Rembrandt's Woman with the Arrow 487  
DANIEL A. FINK Vermeer's Use of the Camera Obscura - A Comparative Study 493

Exhibition Review 
WILLIBALD SAUERLÄNDER The Year 1200, A Centennial Exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, February 12 – May 10, 1970 506

Book Reviews 517

Letters to the Editor 552

List of Books Received 556


1972 March vol. 54, no. 1 

MARTIN WERNER The Madonna and Child Miniature in the Book of Kells: Part I 1  
ROBERT BRANNER The Johannes Grusch Atelier and the Continental Origins of the William of Devon Painter 24  
ADELAIDE L. BENNETT Additions to the William of Devon Group 31  
CURTIS SHELL Two Triptychs by Giovanni dal Ponte 41  
DONALD STONE, JR. The Source of Titian's Rape of Europa 47  
LOREN W. PARTRIDGE The Sala d'Ercole in the Villa Farnese at Caprarola, Part II 50

ELEANOR M. TUFTS Luis Meléndez, Documents on His Life and Work 63

Museum Report 
J. D. BRECKENRIDGE Lateranus Redivivus 69

Book Reviews 77

Letters to the Editor 116

List of Books Received 122

Notes for Contributors 125

1972 June vol. 54, no. 2 

MARTIN WERNER The Madonna and Child Miniature in the Book of Kells: Part II 129  
EDWARD B. GARRISON Note on the Survival of Thirteenth-Century Panel Paintings in Italy 140  
GERMANO MULAZZANI A Confirmation for Bramante: The Christ at the Column of Chiaravalle 141  
DAVID SUMMERS Michelangelo on Architecture 146  
IRVING LAVIN Bernini's Death 158  
JOHN DUNCAN MACMILLAN Holman Hunt's Hireling Shepherd: Some Reflections on a Victorian Pastoral 187  

SHERWOOD A. FEHM, JR. Notes on the Statutes of the Sienese Painters Guild 198

Book Reviews 201

Letters to the Editor 232

List of Books Received 236

1972 September vol. 54, no. 3 

MICHAEL D. LEVIN Some Jewish Sources for the Vienna Genesis 241  
W. EUGENE KLEINBAUER Zvart'nots and the Origins of Christian Architecture in Armenia 245  
W. B. MCNAMEE The Origin of the Vested Angel as a Eucharistic Symbol in Flemish Painting 263  
CHARLES DEMPSEY Masaccio's Trinity: Altarpiece or Tomb? 279  
MADLYN KAHR Delilah 282  
THOMAS PELZEL Winckelmann, Mengs and Casanova: A Reappraisal of a Famous Eighteenth-century Forgery 300  
THEODORE REFF Degas's Tableau de Genre 316

Book Reviews 338

Letters to the Editor 376

List of Books Received 377

1972 December vol. 54, no. 4 

DONALD POSNER Watteau's Reclining Nude and the Remedy Theme 383  
EVELYN B. HARRISON Preparations for Marathon, the Niobid Painter and Herodotus 390  
MICHAEL TAYLOR The Prophetic Scenes in the Tree of Jesse at Orvieto 403  
MICHAEL A. JACOBSEN Vulcan Forging Cupid's Wing 418  
MARIANNA JENKINS The Iconography of the Hall of the Consistory in the Palazzo Pubblico, Siena 430  
JOYCE WADDELL BAILEY Map of Texúpa (Oaxaca, 1579): A Study of Form and Meaning 452  
ROBERT W. BERGER Rubens and Caravaggio: A Source for a Painting from the Medici Cycle 473  
PATRICK A. HEELAN Toward a New Analysis of the Pictorial Space of Vincent Van Gogh 478  
BERNARD HANSON D. W. Griffith: Some Sources 493  
BERYL BARR-SHARRAR Some Aspects of Early Autobiographical Imagery in Picasso's Suite 347 516

Reviews 534

List of Books Received 566

Index to Volume LIV 568


1973 March 55, no. 1 

KURT WEITZMANN The Heracles Plaques of St. Peter's Cathedra 1
JACQUES GUILMAIN A Note on the Arabesques in the Diatessaron, Florence, Bibl. Laur., Orient. 81 38  
ARTURO CARLO QUINTAVALLE Piacenza Cathedral, Lanfranco, and the School of Wiligelmo 40  
ROBERT L. MODE San Bernardino in Glory 58  
ROBERT MUNMAN Antonio Rizzo's Sarcophagus for Nicolò Tron: A Closer Look 77  
JOHN I. PAV Wenceslaus Hollar in Germany, 1627-1636 86  
BARBARA EHRLICH WHITE The Bathers of 1887 and Renoir's Anti-Impressionism 106

State of Research 
HOWARD HIBBARD Recent Books on Earlier Baroque Architecture in Rome 127

Book Reviews 136

Letters to the Editor 162

List of Books Received 165

Notes for Contributors 168

1973 June vol. 55, no. 2 

JOHN WILLIAMS San Isidoro in León: Evidence for a New History 170  
JAMES H. STUBBLEBINE Duccio and His Collaborators on the Cathedral Maestà 185  
DON DENNY Some Symbols in the Arena Chapel Frescoes 205  
LAURIE SCHNEIDER Donatello's Bronze David 213  
DAVID ROSAND Theater and Structure in the Art of Paolo Veronese 217  
MADLYN KAHR Rembrandt and Delilah 240  
JOHN RUPERT MARTIN A Lost Oil Sketch by Rubens Rediscovered 260  
DORA WIEBENSON The Two Domes of the Halle au Blé in Paris 262

Book Reviews 280

List of Books Received 316

1973 September vol. 55, no. 3 

WALTER CAHN Observations on Corbeil 321  
LINDA SEIDEL The Façade of the Chapterhouse at La Daurade in Toulouse 328  
JOHN WHITE Measurement, Design and Carpentry in Duccio's Maestà, Part I 334  
ALAN BORG and ROBERT MARK Chartres Cathedral: A Reinterpretation of Its Structure 367  
PHILIPP FEHL Raphael's Reconstruction of the Throne of St. Gregory the Great 373  
FREDERICK A. COOPER Jacopo Pontormo and Influences from the Renaissance Theater 380  
DIANA M. BUITRON The Alexander Nelidow: A Renaissance Bronze? 393  
LAWRENCE A. SILVER The Sin of Moses: Comments on the Early Reformation in a Late Painting by Lucas van Leyden 401  
WOLFRAM PRINZ The Four Philosophers of Rubens and the Pseudo-Seneca in Seventeenth-Century Painting 410  
IRVING LAVIN Afterthoughts on Bernini's Death 429  
ALAN C. BIRNHOLZ Notes on the Chronology of El Lissitzky's Proun Compositions 437

Reviews 440

Letters to the Editor 475

List of Books Received 447

1973 December vol. 55, no. 4 

MILLARD MEISS A New Monumental Painting by Filippino Lippi 479  
MEYER SCHAPIRO The Miniatures of the Florence Diatessaron (Laurentian Ms Or. 81): Their Place in Late Medieval Art and Supposed Connection with Early Christian and Insular Art 495  
CARL NORDENFALK The Diatessaron Miniatures Once More 532  
JOHN WHITE Measurement, Design and Carpentry in Duccio's Maestà, Part II 547  
CAROL DUNCAN Happy Mothers and Other New Ideas in French Art 570  
PHILIPP P. FEHL Thomas Sully's Washington's Passage of the Delaware: The History of a Commission 584  
WILLIAM L. PRESSLY The Praying Mantis in Surrealist Art 600

Book Reviews 616

List of Books Received 635

Index to Volume LV 657  


1974 March vol. 56, no. 1 

ELEANOR M. TUFTS A Second Melendéz Self-Portrait: The Artist as Still Life 1  
PAUL F. WATSON A Desco da Parto by Bartolomeo di Fruosino 4  
MILLARD MEISS Once Again Filippino's Panels from San Ponziano, Lucca 10  
ANNE H. VAN BUREN and SHEILA EDMUNDS Playing Cards and Manuscripts: Some Widely Disseminated Fifteenth-Century Model Sheets 12  
SAUL LEVINE The Location of Michelangelo's David: The Meeting of January 25, 1504 31
ALICE M. KAPLAN Dürer's Raphael Drawing Reconsidered 50
IRVING LAVIN Divine Inspiration in Caravaggio's Two St. Matthews 59  
ANTOINE SCHNAPPER Two Unknown Ceiling Paintings by Mignard for Louis XIV 82  
FRANCES SUZMAN JOWELL Thoré-Bürger and the Revival of Frans Hals 101

Book Reviews 118

Letters to the Editor 150

List of Books Received 152

Notes for Contributors 154

1974 June vol. 56, no. 2  

Medieval Issue (dedicated to the memory of Robert Branner 1927-1973) front matter, unnumbered page

WARREN SANDERSON A Group of Ivories and Some Related Works from Late Carolingian Trier 159  
ROBERT DESHMAN Anglo-Saxon Art After Alfred 176  
LARRY M. AYRES The Work of the Morgan Master at Winchester and English Painting of the Early Gothic Period 201  
GEORGIA SOMMERS WRIGHT A Royal Tomb Program in the Reign of St. Louis 224  
CHARLES L. KUHN Riemenschneider in the Harvard Collections 244

KURT WEITZMANN An Addendum to The Heracles Plaques of St. Peter's Cathedra 248  
CREIGHTON GILBERT The Egg Reopened Again 252

State of Research
WOLFGANG STECHOW Recent Dürer Studies 259

Reviews 271

Letters to the Editor 309

List of Books Received 312

1974 September vol. 56, no. 3 

DOROTHY GLASS Romanesque Sculpture in Campania and Sicily: A Problem of Method 315  
MARCIA B. HALL The Tramezzo in Santa Croce, Florence, Reconstructed 325  
GEORGE GOLDNER Notes on the Iconography of Piero della Francesca's Annunciation in Arezzo 342  
MARILYN ARONBERG LAVIN Notes on the Iconography of Piero della Francesca's Fresco of Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta before St. Sigismund: ΘΕΩΙ ΑΘΑΝΑΤΩΙ ΚΑΙ ΤΗΙ ΠΟΛΕΙ 345  
ANN H. ALLISON Antique Sources of Leonardo's Leda 375  
LEO STEINBERG Pontormo's Capponi Chapel 385  
MYRA NAN ROSENFELD Sebastiano Serlio's Drawings in the Nationalbibliothek in Vienna for his Seventh Book on Architecture 400  
ROSAMOND E. MACK Girolamo Muziano and Cesare Nebbia at Orvieto 410  
MICHAEL KÜHLENTHAL The Alberini Sarcophagus: Renaissance Copy or Antique? 414  
ROBERT H. WESTIN Antonio Raggi's Death of St. Cecilia 422

Book Reviews 430

List of Books Received 468

1974 December vol. 56, no. 4 

ELLEN N. DAVIS The Vapheio Cups: One Minoan and One Mycenean? 472  
CAROL F. LEWINE Vulpes Fossa Habent or the Miracle of the Bent Woman in the Gospels of St. Augustine, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, ms 286 488  
WILLIAM AUGUST STEINKE The Influence of English Decorated Style on the Continent: Saint James in Torun and Lincoln Cathedral 505  
CHARLES RANDALL MACK The Rucellai Palace: Some New Proposals 517  
MICHAEL A. JACOBSEN Savoldo and Northern Art 530  
MARIE TANNER Chance and Coincidence in Titian's Diana and Actaeon 535  
CATHERINE SLOANE Two Statues by Bernini in Morristown, New Jersey 551  
NATALIE ROSENBERG HENDERSON Le Sueur's Decorations for the Cabinet des Muses in the Hótel Lambert 555  
SUSAN DONAHUE KURETSKY Rembrandt's Tree Stump: An Iconographic Attribute of St. Jerome 571  
NORMA BROUDE New Light on Seurat's Dot: Its Relation to Photo-Mechanical Color Printing in France in the 1880's 581

IRVING LAVIN Addenda to Divine Inspiration 590

Books Reviews 592

Letters to the Editor 625

List of Books Received 627

Index to Volume LVI 629


1975 March vol. 57, no. 1 

ELLEN KOSMER The noyous humoure of lecherie 1
MICHAEL MALLORY Thoughts Concerning the Master of the Glorification of St. Thomas 9
BARBARA G. LANE Depositio et Elevatio: The Symbolism of the Seilern Triptych 21
WEBSTER SMITH On the Original Location of the Primavera 31
ANNE H. VAN BUREN The Canonical Office in Renaissance Painting: Raphael's Madonna at Nones 41
ALFRED FRAZER A Numismatic Source for Michelangelo's First Design for the Tomb of Julius II 53
DAVID ROSAND Titian's Light as Form and Symbol 58
CATHERINE WILKINSON The Escorial and the Invention of the Imperial Staircase 65
MILES CHAPPELL Cigoli, Calileo, and Invidia 91
LAWRENCE D. STEEFEL, JR. A Neglected Shadow in Poussin's Et in Arcadia Ego 99
CARL GOLDSTEIN Towards a Definition of Academic Art 102
WILLIAM INNES HOMER Picabia's Jeune fille américaine dans l'etat de nudité and Her Friends 110

MILLARD MEISS Not an Ostrich Egg? 116

Book Reviews 117

Letters to the Editor 148

List of Books Received 150

1975 June vol. 57, no. 2 

CARLA LORD Three Manuscripts of the Ovide moralisé 161  
JAMES H. STUBBLEBINE Byzantine Sources for the Iconography of Duccio's Maestà 176  
MARKJ. ZUCKER Parri Spinelli's Lost Annunciation to the Virgin and Other Aretine Annunciations of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries 186  
JOHN L. WARD Hidden Symbolism in Jan van Eyck's Annunciations 196  
THOMAS L. GLEN A Note on Nicolas Poussin's Rebecca and Eliezer at the Well 221
MADLYN MILLNER KAHR Velázquez and Las Meninas 225  
JERRY D. MEYER Benjamin West's Chapel of Revealed Religion: A Study in Eighteenth-Century Protestant Religious Art 247

Book Reviews 266

Letters to the Editor 303

List of Books Received 309

1975 September vol. 57, no. 3 

DARRELL D. DAVISSON The Iconology of the S. Trinita Sacristy, 1418-1435: A Study of the Private and Public Functions of Religious Art in the Early Quattrocento 315  
LEONARD J. SLATKES Hieronymous Bosch and Italy 335  
NANCY THOMSON DE GRUMMOND VV and Related Inscriptions in Giorgione, Titian, and Dürer 346  
ELISABETH B. MACDOUGALL The Sleeping Nymph: Origins of a Humanist Fountain Type 357  
JUERGEN SCHULZ Michelangelo's Unfinished Works 366  
HOWARD SAALMAN Michelangelo: S. Maria del Fiore and St. Peter's 374  
JOHN P. OLESON A Reproduction of an Etruscan Tomb in the Parco dei Mostri at Bomarzo 410  
SUSAN KOSLOW Frans Hals's Fisherboys: Exemplars of Idleness 418

ANN PLOGSTERTH A Reconsideration of the Religious Iconography in Hartt’s History of Italian Renaissance Art 433

Book Reviews 438

Letters to the Editor 466

List of Books Received 468

Notes for Contributors 470

1975 December vol. 57, no. 4 

ERIC YOUNG A Rediscovered Painting by Pedro Berruguete and Its Companion Panels 473  
BARBARA G. LANE Ecce Panis Angelorum: The Manger as Altar in Hugo's Berlin Nativity 476  
RONA GOFFEN Icon and Vision: Giovanni Bellini's Half-Length Madonnas 487  
CHARLES SCRIBNER, III Sacred Architecture: Rubens's Eucharist Tapestries 519  
JAMES A. WELU Vermeer: His Cartographic Sources 529  
RONALD W. JOHNSON Dante Rossetti's Beata Beatrix and the New Life 548

CARLA GOTTLIEB The Window in the Eye and Globe 559  
N. RANDOLPH PARKS The Placement of Michelangelo's David: A Review of the Documents 560

Book Reviews 571

Letters to the Editor 605

List of Books Received 610

Index to Volume LVII 613


1976 March vol. 58, no. 1 

CECELIA F. KLEIN The Identity of the Central Diety on the Aztec Calendar Stone 1  
MOSHE BARASCH A Silenus Surviving in Nicola Pisano 13  
BRADLEY J. DELANEY Giusto de' Menabuoi in Lombardy 19  
DIANE FINIELLO ZERVAS Ghiberti's St. Matthew Ensemble at Orsanmichele: Symbolism in Proportion36  
PETER GLUM Divine Judgment in Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights 45  
DAVID ROSAND Titian's Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple and the Scuola della Carità 55  
MARCIA B. HALL Michelangelo's Last Judgment: Resurrection of the Body and Predestination 85  
BARRY WIND Annibale Carracci's Scherzo: The Christ Church Butcher Shop 93  
GEORGE S. LECHNER Tommaso Campanella and Andrea Sacchi's Fresco of Divina Sapienza in the Palazzo Barberini 97

KURT W. FORSTER The Palazzo Rucellai and Questions of Typology in the Development of Renaissance Buildings 1109

State of Research 
FRANÇOISE FORSTER-HAHN Recent Scholarship on Caspar David Friedrich 113

Book Reviews 117

Letters to the Editor 148

List of Books Received 152

Notes for Contributors 155

1976 June vol. 58, no. 2

FRANKLIN TOKER A Baptistery Below the Baptistery of Florence 157  
THALIA GOUMA-PETERSON The Parecclesion of St. Euthymios in Thessalonica: Art and Monastic Policy Under Andronicos II 168  
CHRISTIANE L. JOOST-GAUGIER A Rediscovered Series of Uomini Famosi from Quattrocento Venice 184  
NAOMI MILLER Musings on Maulne: Problems and Parallels 196  
CHARLES H. CARMAN Cigoli's Annunciation at Montughi: A New Iconography 215  
BRUCE W. CHAMBERS The Pythagorean Puzzle of Patrick Lyon 225  
MARCIA GOLDBERG William Rimmer's Flight and Pursuit: An Allegory of Assassination 234  
WILLIAM H. TRUETTNER Scenes of Majesty and Enduring Interest: Thomas Moran Goes West 241  
MARCIA POINTON William Dyce as a Painter of Biblical Subjects 260  
FREDERICK S. LEVINE The Iconography of Franz Marc's Fate of the Animals 269

WARREN SANDERSON Discussion Some Leaves of a Franco-Saxon Atelier at Trier and Echternach: An Addendum to Ivories from Trier 278  
MICHAEL VICKERS Theodosius, Justinian, or Heraclius? 281

Book Reviews 283

Letters to the Editor 315

List of Books Received 320

1976 September vol. 58, no. 3 

ANNE MCGEE MORGANSTERN Pierre Morel, Master of Works in Avignon 323  
MARION SPEARS GRAYSON The Northern Origin of Nicolas Froment's Resurrection of Lazarus Altarpiece in the Uffizi Gallery 350  
BARBARA HOCHSTETLER MEYER The First Tomb of Henry VII of England 358  
CRAIG HARBISON Dürer and the Reformation: The Problem of the Re-dating of the St. Philip Engraving 369  
ELIZABETH CROPPER On Beautiful Women, Parmigianino, Petrarchismo, and the Vernacular Style 374  
BERNICE DAVIDSON The Decoration of the Sala Regia under Pope Paul III 395 
THOMAS BUSER Jerome Nadal and Early Jesuit Art in Rome 424

Book Reviews 434

Letters to the Editor 473

List of Books Received 478

Notes for Contributors 480

1976 December vol. 58, no. 4 

WILLIAM M. HINKLE The Gospels of Cysoing: The Anglo-Saxon and Norman Sources of the Miniatures 485
JAMES SYNDER Jan van Eyck and Adam's Apple 511  
CHRISTINE HASENMUELLER MCCORKEL The Role of the Suspended Crown in Jan van Eyck's Madonna and Chancellor Rolin 517
GERALDINE WIND The Benedictine Program of S. Giovanni Evangelista in Parma 521  
CAROLYN VALONE Giovanni Antonio Dosio: The Roman Years 528  
CHARLES L. KUHN The Mairhauser Epitaph: An Example of Late Sixteenth-Century Lutheran Iconography 542  
JAMES RUBIN Painting and Politics II: J. L. David's Patriotism, or the Conspiracy of Gracchus Babeuf and the Legacy of Topino-Lebrun 547  
LINDA R. EDDY An Antique Model for Kauffmann's Venus Persuading Helen to Love Paris 569  
JOHN ZUKOWSKY Monumental American Obelisks: Centennial Vistas 574  

RICHARD E. SPEAR Johann Liss Reconsidered 582  
JOHN L. WARD A Reexamination of Van Gogh's Pictorial Space 593  

State of Research 
PRISCILLA E. MULLER Contributions to the Study of Spanish Drawings 604

Book Reviews 612

Letters to the Editor 639

List of Books Received 643

Index to Volume LVIII 645


1977 March vol. 59, no. 1 

ELOISE M. ANGIOLA Nicola Pisano, Federigo Visconti, and the Classical Style in Pisa 1  
ROBERT MUNMAN The Lombardo Family and the Tomb of Giovanni Zanetti 28  
RENSSELAER W. LEE Adventures of Angelica: Early Frescoes Illustrating the Orlando furioso 39  
ROBERT S. LIEBERT M.D. Michelangelo's Mutilation of the Florence Pietà: A Psychoanalytic Inquiry 47  
MARGARET A.S ULLIVAN Madness and Folly: Peter Bruegel the Elder's Dulle Griet 55  
ALLAN SHICKMAN Turning Pictures in Shakespeare's England 67  
HARRIET FEIGENBAUM CHAMBERLAIN The Influence of Galileo on Bemini's Saint Mary Magdalen and Saint Jerome 71  
DAMIE STILLMAN Chimney-Pieces for the English Market: A Thriving Business in Late Eighteenth-Century Rome 85  
NORMA BROUDE Degas's Misogyny 95

FAITH PAULETTE DREHER David Teniers II Again 108

State of Research 
REINHOLD HELLER Recent Scholarship on Vienna's Golden Age, Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele 111

Book Reviews 119

Letters to the Editor 156

List of Books Received 157

Notes for Contributors 159

1977 June vol. 59, no. 2 

KAREN GOULD Illumination and Sculpture in Thirteenth-Century Amiens: The Invention of the Body of Saint Firmin in the Psalter and Hours of Yolande of Soissons 161  
JAMES MARROW Circumdederunt me canes multi: Christ's Tormentors in Northern European Art of the Late Middle Ages and Early Renaissance 167  
MICHAEL VICKERS A Greek Source for Antonio Pollaiuolo's Battle of the Nudes and Hercules and the Twelve Giants 182  
ERIKA LANGMUIR The Triumvirate of Brutus and Cassius: Nicolò dell'Abate's Appian Cycle in the Palazzo Comunale, Modena 188  
DAVID KUNZLE Bruegel's Proverb Painting and the World Upside Down 197  
DONALD POSNER Jacques Callot and the Dances Called Sfessania 203  
EDWARD J. SULLIVAN Jacques Callot's Les Bohémiens 217  
DIANE WOLFTHAL Jacques Callot's Miseries of War 222  
ALAN WALLACH The Voyage of Life as Popular Art 234  
FRANÇOISE FORSTER-HAHN Adolph Menzel's Daguerrotypical Image of Frederick the Great: A Liberal Bourgeois Interpretation of German History 242

Book Reviews 262

Letters to the Editor 304

List of Books Received 310

1977 September vol. 59, no. 3 

FRANÇOIS BUCHER A Rediscovered Tracing by Villard de Honnecourt 315  
CLAIRE RICHTER SHERMAN Some Visual Definitions in the Illustrations of Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics and Politics in the French Translations of Nicole Oresme 320  
SUSAN J. DELANEY The Iconography of Giovanni Bellini's Sacred Allegory 331  
DAVID SUMMERS Contrapposto: Style and Meaning in Renaissance Art 336  
NANCY WARD NEILSON Camillo Procaccini: Toward a Reconstruction of the Emilian Years 362  
CHARLES SCRIBNER III In Alia Effigie: Caravaggio's London Supper at Emmaus 375  
WILLIAM BARCHAM Canaletto and a Commission from Consul Smith 383  
DONALD M. REYNOLDS The Unveiled Soul: Hiram Powers's Embodiment of the Ideal 394  
MATHEW HERBAN III The Origin of Paul Gauguin's Vision After the Sermon: Jacob Wrestling with the Angel (1888) 415

MARILYN ARONBERG LAVIN The Antique Source for the Tempio Malatestiano’s Greek Inscriptions 421

Reviews 423

Letters to the Editor 461

List of Books Received 466

1977 December vol. 59, no. 4 

ROBERT GRIGG Symphōnian Aeidō tēs Basileias: An Image of Imperial Harmony on the Base of the Column of Arcadius 469  
VIRGINIA C. RAGUIN The Isaiah Master of the Ste.-Chapelle in Burgundy 483  
JUDITH B. SOBRÉ Bartolomé de Cárdenas, the Piedat of Johan de Loperuelo, and Painting at Daroca (Aragon) 494  
ANDRÉE HAYUM The Meaning and Function of the Isenheim Altarpiece: The Hospital Context 501  
Z. ZAREMBA FILIPCZAK New Light on Mona Lisa: Leonardo's Optical Knowledge and His Choice of Lighting 518  
MARK J. ZUCKER Raphael and the Beard of Pope Julius II 524  
WILLIAM HOOD and CHARLES HOPE Titian's Vatican Altarpiece and the Pictures Underneath 534  
CLAUDIA LAZZARO-BRUNO The Villa Lante at Bagnaia: An Allegory of Art and Nature 553  
GRACE A. H. VLAM The Calling of Saint Matthew in Sixteenth-Century Flemish Painting 561  
JEFFREY M. MULLER Rubens's Museum of Antique Sculpture: An Introduction 571  
SEYMOUR HOWARD Thomas Jefferson's Art Gallery for Monticello 583  
JAMES RUBIN Guerin's Painting of Phedre and the Post-Revolutionary Revival of Racine 601

KATHRYN HORSTE An Addition to the Documentation on the Façade of the Chapterhouse at La Daurade in Toulouse 618

Book Reviews 622

Letters to the Editor 657

List of Books Received 662

Index to Volume LIX 664


1978 March vol. 60, no. 1 

MOJMÍR S. FRINTA The Quest for a Restorer's Shop of Beguiling Invention: Restorations and Forgeries in Italian Panel Painting 7  
JOHN M. RUSSELL The Iconography of the Friedsam Annunciation 24  
J. BEAUDOIN ROSS Jean Cousin the Elder and the Creation of the Tapestries of Saint Mamas 28  
GEORGIA WRIGHT Caravaggio's Entombment Considered in Situ 35  
MADLYN MILLNER KAHR Danäe: Virtuous, Voluptuous, Venal Woman 43
ROBERT B. SIMON Poussin, Marino, and the Interpretation of Mythology 56  
MARY CRAWFORD VOLK On Velázquez and the Liberal Arts 69  
PRISCILLA E. MULLER Maino, Crayer, Velázquez and a Miniature of Philip IV 87  
HARRIET E. SENIE The Tomb of Leo XI by Alessandro Algardi 90  
ROBERT ENGGASS New Attributions in St. Peter's: The Spandrel Figures in the Nave 96  
MARK ASHTON Allegory, Fact, and Meaning in Giambattista Tiepolo's Four Continents in Würzburg 109  
SARA LICHTENSTEIN The Baron Gros and Raphael 126  
LINDA NOCHLIN Lost and Found: Once More the Fallen Woman 139

Reviews 154

Letters to the Editor 192

List of Books Received 198

1978 June vol. 60, no. 2 

WALTER C. LEEDY, JR. The Origins of Fan Vaulting 207
FRANKLIN K.B. TOKER Florence Cathedral: The Design Stage 214
GÖTZ POCHAT Brunelleschi and the Ascension of 1422 232
PIERO MORESELLI The Proportions of Ghiberti’s Saint Stephen: Vitruvius’s De Architectura and Alberti’s De Statua 235
ELOISE M. ANGIOLA Gates of Paradise and the Florentine Baptistery 242
EDWIN HALL and HORST UHR Auerola and Fructus: Distinctions of Beatitude in Scholastic Thought and the Meaning of Some Crowns in Early Flemish Painting 249
DIANE O. SCILLIA Van Mander on Ouwater and Geertgen 271
PAMELA ASKEW Ferdinando Gonnzaga’s Patronage of the Pictorial Arts: The Villa Favorita 274
ULRICH HIESINGER The Paintings of Vincenzo Camuccini, 1771-1844 297
WILLIAM HAUPTMENT Allusions and Illusions in Gleyre’s Le Soir 321
ZIVA AMISHAI-MAISELS Gauguin’s Early Tahitian Idols 331
MARIANNE W. MARTIN Reflections on De Chirico and Arte Metafisica 342

Reviews 354

Letters to the Editor 387

List of Books Received 399

1978 September vol. 60, no. 3 

KATHLEEN CORRIGAN The Ivory Scepter of Leo VI: A Statement of Post-Iconoclastic Imperial Ideology 407  
MICHAEL VICKERS Some Preparatory Drawings for Pisanello's Medallion of John VIII Palaeologus 417  
JUERGEN SCHULZ Jacopo de' Barbari's View of Venice: Map Making, City Views, and Moralized Geography Before the Year 1500 425  
NICHOLAS ADAMS Baldassare Peruzzi and the Siege of Florence: Archival Notes and Undated Drawings 475  
HOWARD SAALMAN Michelangelo at St. Peter's: The Arberino Correspondence 483  
LOREN W. PARTRIDGE Divinity and Dynasty at Caprarola: Perfect History in the Room of Farnese Deeds 494  
MORTON C. ABROMSON Clement VIII's Patronage of the Brothers Alberti 531  
IRVING LAVIN On the Pedestal of Bernini's Bust of the Savior 548

Reviews 550

1978 December vol. 60, no. 4 

ERIC FERNIE The Proportions of the St. Gall Plan 583  
JAMES MARROW A Book of Hours from the Circle of the Master of the Berlin Passion: Notes on the Relationship between Fifteenth-Century Manuscript Illumination and Printmaking in the Rhenish Lowlands590
ANNE HAGOPIAN VAN BUREN The Canonical Office in Renaissance Painting, Part II: More About the Rolin Madonna 617  
EDITH WARREN HOFFMAN A Reconstruction and Reinterpretation of Guillaume Fillastre's Altarpiece of St.-Bertin 634  
WENDY WOOD A New Identification of the Sitter in Jan van Eyck's Timotheus Portrait 650  
BARBARA LANE Rogier's Saint John and Miraflores Altarpieces Reconsidered 655  
WALTER S. GIBSON Some Flemish Popular Prints from Hieronymus Cock and His Contemporaries 673  
FAITH PAULETTE DREHER The Artist as Seigneur: Chateaux and Their Proprietors in the Work of David Teniers II 682

JEREMY BANGS Pieter Bruegel and History 704

Reviews 706

Letters to the Editor 741

List of Books Received 745

Index to Volume LX 747


1979 March vol. 61, no. 1 

WAYNE BEGLEY The Myth of the Taj Mahal and a New Theory of Its Symbolic Meaning 7  
MADELINE HARRISON CAVINESS Conflicts Between Regnum and Sacerdotium as Reflected in a Canterbury Psalter of ca. 1215 38
HELEN S. ETTLINGER The Iconography of the Columns in Titian's Pesaro Altarpiece 59  
JAMES TURNER The Structure of Henry Hoare's Stourhead 68  
ELIZABETH JOHNS Washington Allston's Dead Man Revived 78  
ADA SHADMI BANKS Two Letters from Girodet to Flaxman 100

NORMAN E. MULLER Reflections in a Mirror: Ambrogio Lorenzetti's Depiction of the Trinity 101

Reviews 103

List of Books Received 158

Notes for Contributors 160

1979 June vol. 61, no. 2 

JEFFREY C. ANDERSON The Illustration of Cod. Sinai. Gr. 339 167  
JERRILYNN D. DODDS The Paintings in the Sala de Justicia of the Alhambra: Iconography and Iconology 186  
RONA GOFFEN Nostra Conversatio in Caelis Est: Observations on the Sacra Conversazione in the Trecento 198  
ESTHER G. DOTSON An Augustinian Interpretation of Michelangelo's Sistine Ceiling, Part 1 223  
JULIUS S. HELD Rubens and Aguilonius: New Points of Contact 257  
ANN UHRY ABRAMS Politics, Prints, and John Singleton Copley's Watson and the Shark 265  
CONSTANCE CAIN HUNGERFORD Meissonier's Souvenir de guerre civile 277  
JAMES L.YARNALL Meryon's Mystical Transformations 289

Reviews 301

Letters to the Editor 336

1979 vol. 61, no. 3 

BARBARA ABOU-EL-HAJ Consecration and Investiture in the Life of Saint Amand, Valenciennes, Bibl. Mun. MS 502 342  
ANNE HAGOPIAN VAN BUREN The Model Roll of the Golden Fleece 359  
CHARLES M. ROSENBERG The Iconography of the Sala degli Stucchi in the Palazzo Schifanoia in Ferrara 377  
BERNICE F. DAVIDSON Pope Paul III's Additions to Raphael's Logge: His Imprese in the Logge 385  
ESTHER GORDON DOTSON An Augustinian Interpretation of Michelangelo's Sistine Ceiling, Part II 405  
WILLIAM BARCHAM Giambattista Tiepolo's Ceiling for S. Maria di Nazareth in Venice: Legend, Traditions, and Devotions 430  
EDWARD J. NYGREN James Ward's Exhibition Pictures of 1838: Controversy in Paint 448  
BARBARA L. MICHAELS An Introduction to the Dating and Organization of Eugène Atget's Photographs 460

CLAIRE RICHTER SHERMAN A Second Instruction to the Reader from Nicole Oresme, Translator of Aristotle's Politics and Economics 468

Reviews 470

Letters to the Editor 505

List of Books Received 511

1979 December vol. 61, no. 4 

SUZANNE SPAIN The Promised Blessing: The Iconography of the Mosaics of S. Maria Maggiore 518  
FLORENS DEUCHLER Duccio Doctus: New Readings for the Maestà 541  
JOHN R. SPENCER Filarete, the Medallist of the Roman Emperors 551
FRANCES HUEMER A Dionysiac Connection in an Early Rubens 562  
THOMAS WORTHEN Poussin's Paintings of Flora 575  
GRIDLEY MCKIM-SMITH On Velázquez's Working Method 589
R. W. LISCOMBE Richard Payne Knight: Some Unpublished Correspondence 604  
NICOLAI CIKOVSKY, JR. The Ravages of the Axe: The Meaning of the Tree Stump in Nineteenth-Century American Art 611

MARY CRAWFORD VOLK Addenda: The Madrid Academy 627

Reviews 628

Letters to the Editor 661

List of Books Received 664

Index to Volume LXI 668


1980 March vol. 62, no. 1 

ERNST KITZINGER A Virgin's Face: Antiquarianism in Twelfth-Century Art 6 
BARBARA BUHLER WALSH A Note on Giotto's Visions of Brother Agostino and the Bishop of Assisi, Bardi Chapel, S. Croce, Florence 20 
ROBERT H. ROUGH Enrico Scrovegni, the Cavalieri Gaudenti, and the Arena Chapel in Padua 24 
CREIGHTON E. GILBERT Some Findings on Early Works of Titian 36 
ALICE AND HAROLD WETHEY Titian: Two Portraits of Noblemen in Armor and Their Heraldry 76 
MARY D. GARRARD Artemesia Gentileschi's Self-Portrait as the Allegory of Painting 97 
IRVING LAVIN A Further Note on the Ancestry of Caravaggio's First Saint Matthew 113 
GEORGE AND LINDA BAUER Bernini's Organ-Case for S. Maria del Popolo 115 
JOHN DRISCOLL Charles Sheeler's Early Work: Five Rediscovered Paintings 124 
FRANCIS R. KOWSKY The William Dorsheimer House: A Reflection of French Suburban Architecture in the Early Work of H. H. Richardson 134

PHILIP FOSTER Donatello Notices in Medici Letters 148

Reviews 151

Letters to the Editor 183

List of Books Received 184

1980 June vol. 62, no. 2

ANN WHARTON EPSTEIN Middle Byzantine Churches of Kastoria: Dates and Implications 190 

A Group of Quattrocento Studies 
ROBERT MUNMAN The Evangelists From The Cathedral Of Florence: A Renaissance Arrangement Recovered 207 
JAMES H. STUBBLEBINE, MARY GIBBONS, FRANK COSSA, SHARON SITT and GEORGE CHAPMAN Early Masaccio: A Hypothetical, Lost Madonna And A Disattribution 217
MARTHA DUNKELMAN Donatello’s Influence On Mantegna' S Early Narrative Scenes 227

A Group of 17th-Century Studies 
SCOTT A. SULLIVAN Rembrandt's Self-Portrait With A Dead Bittern 236 
JUDITH BERNSTOCK Bernini's Memorial To Maria Raggi 243 
MARY CRAWFORD VOLK New Light On A Seventeenth-Century Collector: The Marquis Of Leganés256
HENRY ADAMS A Fish By John Lafarge 269 

Notes and Documentation 
BARBARA G. LANE Early Italian Sources for the Braque Triptych 281 
DAVID W. BRISSON Piero della Francesca’s Egg Again 284 
JOHN M. FREW James Bentham’s History of Ely Cathedral: A Forgotten Classic of the Early Gothic Revival 290 
GERALD L. CARR Benjamin West’s Altar Painting for St. Marylebone Church 293

Letters to the Editor 304

Reviews 305

Letters to the Editor 340

List of Books Received 342

1980 September vol. 62, no. 3 

Venetian Painters of the Renaissance 
PETER HUMFREY Cima Da Conegliano, Sebastiano Mariani, And Alvise Vivarini At The East End Of S. Giovanni In Bragora In Venice 350 
DIANE GALIS Concealed Wisdom: Renaissance Hieroglyphic And Lorenzo Lotto's Bergamo Intarsie 363 
MADLYN MILLNER KAHR Velázquez's Las Hilanderas: A New Interpretation 376 
LYNN R. MATTESON The Poetics And Politics Of Alpine Passage: Turner's Snowstorm: Hannibal And His Army Crossing The Alps 385 
NORMA FREEDMAN BROUDE The Troubetzkoy Collection And The Influence Of Decamps On The Macchiaioli 398 
ANN JENSEN ADAMS The Birth Of A Style: Henry Hobson Richardson And The Competition Drawings For Trinity Church, Boston 409 

Artists of the Early 20th Century 
WILLARD BOHN The Abstract Vision Of Marius De Zayas 434 
CHARLOTTE STOKES The Scientific Methods Of Max Ernst: His Use Of Scientific Subjects From La Nature 453 
DIANE GHIRARDO Politics Of A Masterpiece: The Vicenda Of The Decoration Of The Façade Of The Casa Del Fascio, Como, 1936-39 466

Letters 479

Reviews 483

Letters about Reviews 509

Corrections 509

List of Books Received 510

Notes for Contributors 512

1980 December vol. 62, no. 4 

Studies of French Medieval Architecture 
SERGIO LUIS SANABRIA Metrics And Geometry Of Romanesque And Gothic St. Bénigne, Dijon 518 
STEPHEN MURRAY The Choir Of The Church Of St. Pierre, Cathedral Of Beauvais: A Study Of Gothic Architectural Planning And Constructional Chronology In Its Historical Context 533 

CHARLES DEMPSEY Some Observations On The Education Of Artists In Florence And Bologna During The Later Sixteenth Century 552 
ELIZABETH CROPPER Poussin And Leonardo: Evidence From The Zaccolini Mss 570 

Roman Capitol in the 18th Century
ROGER CUSHING AIKIN Romae De Dacia Triumphantis: Roma And Captives At The Capitoline Hill 583 
JOHN PINTO Filippo Juvarra's Drawings Depicting The Capitoline Hill 598 
ROBERT SOBIESZEK Sculpture As The Sum Of Its Profiles: François Willème And Photosculpture In France, 1859-1868 617

Notes and Documentation 
BARBARA BRAUER The Prayer on the Shore 631 
MICHAEL GODBY A Note on Schiacciato 635 
DONALD A. ROSENTHAL Géricault’s Expenses for the Raft of the Medusa 638 
NANCY J. TROY Mondrian’s Designs for the Salon de Madame B…, à Dresden 640

Letters 647

Reviews 648

Letter about Review 681

Notice 681

List of Books Received 682

Index to Volume LXII 684


1981 March vol. 63, no. 1 

MARILYN LOW SCHMITT Traveling Carvers In The Romanesque: The Case History Of St.-Benoît-Sur-Loire, Selles-Sur Cher, Méobecq 6 

Studies of Florentine Masters of the Quattrocento
PATRICIA ROSE Bears, Baldness And The Double Spirit: The Identity Of Donatello's Zuccone 31 
ANITA FIDERER MOSKOWITZ Donatello's Reliquary Bust Of Saint Rossore 41 
FRANCIS AMES-LEWIS Drapery Pattern-Drawings In Ghirlandaio's Workshop And Ghirlandaio's Early Apprenticeship 49 
GAIL GEIGER Filippino Lippi S Carafa Annunciation: Theology, Artistic Conventions, And Patronage 62 

FERGUSON O'MEARA In The Hearth Of The Virginal Womb: The Iconography Of The Holocaust In Late Medieval Art Carra 75 

Studies of Individual Paintings of Bosch and Bruegel
VIRGINIA TUTTLE Bosch's Image Of Poverty 88 
LAURINDA S. DIXON Bosch's Garden Of Delights Triptych: Remnants Of A Fossil Science 96 
MARGARET A. SULLIVAN Peter Bruegel The Elder's Two Monkeys: A New Interpretation 114 

Notes and Documentation 
PIERO MORSELLI Some Unknown Works of Giuliano da Sangallo and Tommaso di Piero Trombetto for the Hospital of the Dolce in Prato 127 
LIEF HOLM MONSSEN Rex Gloriose Martyrum: A Contribution to Jesuit Iconography 130

Book Reviews 138

List of Books Received 175

1981 June vol. 63, no. 2 

ANNEMARIE WEYL CARR Two Manuscripts By Joasaph In The United States 182 

Studies on Bernini 
JOY KENSETH Bernini's Borghese Sculptures: Another View 191 
JUDITH BERNSTOCK Bernini's Memorials To Ippolito Merenda And Alessandro Valtrini 210 
ROBERT W. BERGER Bernini's Louis XIV Equestrian: A Closer Examination Of Its Fortunes At Versailles 232 
DAVID ROSAND AND ELLEN ROSAND Barbara Di Santa Sofia And Il Prete Genovese: On The Identity Of A Portrait By Bernardo Strozzi 249 

Romanticism in France and England 
KENNETH BENDINER Wilkie In Turkey: The Tartar Messenger Narrating The News Of The Victory Of St. Jean D 'Acre 259 
BETH SEGAL WRIGHT Scott’s Historical Novels And French Historical Painting 1815-1855 268 
DAVID MOWER Antoine Augustin Préault (1809-1879) 288 

IGNACIO MORENO Pontormo’s Passion Cycle at the Certosa del Galluzzo 308

Corrections 312

Letters 312

Book Reviews 316

Letters About a Review 346

Dissertation Topics, 1980 347

List of Books Received 350

1981 September vol. 63, no. 3 

EVELYN M. KAIN An Analysis Of The Marble Reliefs On The Façade Of S. Zeno, Verona 358  

Painting and Sculpture After the Black Death 
CHRISTIE KNAPP FENGLER Bartolo Di Fredi's Old Testament Frescoes In S. Gimignano 374
NANCY RASH FABBRI AND NINA RUTENBERG The Tabernacle Of Orsanmichele In Context 385
MARGARET PLANT Portraits And Politics In Late Trecento Padua: Altichiero's Frescoes In The S. Felice Chapel, S. Antonio 406  

Flemish Imagery of the Late Renaissance 
WALTER S. GIBSON Artists And Rederijkers In The Age Of Bruegel 426  
SANDRA HINDMAN Pieter Bruegel's Children's Games, Folly, And Chance 447
GRACE VLAM Sixteenth-Century European Tapestries In Tokugawa, Japan 476  

PHILIP FOSTER Lorenzo de’ Medici and the Florence Cathedral Façade 495

Letters 500

Reviews 506

Correction 525

List of Books Received 526

1981 December vol. 63, no. 4 

Meanings in Early Medieval Art 
LOIS DREWER Fisherman And Fish Pond: From The Sea Of Sin To The Living Waters 533  
JANE ROSENTHAL Three Drawings In An Anglo-Saxon Pontifical: Anthropomorphic Trinity Or Threefold Christ? 547

JOSEPH POLZER The Master Of The Rebel Angels Reconsidered 563
MARGARET DEUTSCH CARROLL Rembrandt As Meditational Printmaker 585  
WENDY WASSYNG ROWORTH A Date For Salvator Rosa's Satire On Painting And The Bamboccianti In Rome 611  

Neoclassic Painting and Its Ties 
JOHN STEPHEN HALLAM The Two Manners Of Louis-Leopold Boilly And French Genre Painting In Transition 618  
NINA ATHANASSOGLOU Under The Sign Of Leonidas: The Political And Ideological Fortune Of David's Leonidas At Thermopylae Under The Restoration 633  

Notes and Documentation 
DEBORAH MARKOW Some Born-Again Christians in the Fourth Century 650  
GEORGE LEVITINE Jacques-Louis David and François-Anne David at the Police Station: An Incident of Homonymic Confusion 655  
G. E. BENTLEY, JR. Flaxman in Italy: A Letter Reflecting the Anni Mirabiles 1792–93 658  
NORMAN TURNER Subjective Curvature in Late Cézanne 665

Letters 669

Corrections 673  

Book Reviews 674

List of Books Received 696

Notes for Contributors 697

Index to Volume LXIII 698


1982 March vol. 64, no. 1 

FIKRET YEGÜL A Study In Architectural Iconography: Kaisersaal And The Imperial Cult 7  

Leonardo and Other Renaissance Florentines 
GUSTINA SCAGLIA Leonardo’s Non-Inverted Writing And Verrocchio's Measured Drawing Of A Horse32
JOHN R. SPENCER AND H. TRAVERS NEWTON On The Location Of Leonardo's Battle Of Anghiari 44  
PIERO MORSELLI Florentine Sixteenth-Century Artists In Prato: New Documents For Baccio Da Montelupo And Francesco Da San Gallo 52  

Aspects of 18th-Century Painting 
ANN UHRY ABRAMS Benjamin West's Documentation Of Colonial History: William Penn's Treaty With The Indians 59  
DONALD POSNER The Swinging Women Of Watteau And Fragonard 75  
ROBERT ENGGASS Visual Counterpoint In Venetian Settecento Painting 89  
PAULA REA RADISICH Eighteenth-Century Plein-Air Painting And The Sketches Of Pierre Henri De Valenciennes 98  
MARC GERSTEIN Degas's Fans 105  

Notes and Documentation 
DAVID L. CARLETON A Mathematical Analysis of the Perspective of the Arnolfini Portrait and Other Similar Interior Scenes by Jan Van Eyck 118  
PHYLLIS WILLIAMS LEHMANN The Basilica Aemilia and S. Biagio at Montepulciano 124  
MILES CHAPPELL A Note on Smibert’s Italian Sojourn 132

Letters 133

Book Reviews 141

Letters about Reviews 161

1982 June vol. 64, no. 2  

LAURIE FUSCO The Use Of Sculptural Models By Painters In Fifteenth-Century Italy 175  

The Early 17th Century in England and the Low Countries 
JOHN PEACOCK Inigo Jones's Stage Architecture And Its Sources 195  
JUDITH W. HURTIG Seventeenth-Century Shroud Tombs: Classical Revival And Anglican Context 217  
JEFFREY M. MULLER Rubens's Theory And Practice Of The Imitation Of Art 229  
ELISE GOODMAN Rubens's Conversatie A La Mode: Garden Of Leisure, Fashion, And Gallantry 247  
DAVID R. SMITH Rembrandt's Early Double Portraits And The Dutch Conversation Piece 259  

Landscape Motifs in Picasso and Klee 
PAUL TUCKER Picasso, Photography, And The Development Of Cubism 288  
MARK ROSENTHAL The Prototypical Triangle Of Paul Klee 299

MARY GRIZZARD An Identification of Martorell’s Commission for the Aragonese Corts 311  
JOHN FREW Gothic is English: John Carter and the Revival of the Gothic as England’s National Style 315

Letters 319

Correction 321

Book Reviews 321

Letters about Reviews 344

Dissertation Topics, 1981 345

List of Books Received 351

1982 September vol. 64, no. 3 

DONALD L. EHRESMANN Some Observations On The Role Of Liturgy In The Early Winged Altarpiece 359  

Styles in Venice 
DEBORAH STOTT Fatte À Sembianza Di Pittura: Jacopo Sansovino's Bronze Reliefs In S. Marco 370  
DIANA GISOLFI PECHUKAS Two Oil Sketches And The Youth Of Veronese 388  

Romantic Landscapes and Lions 
TIMOTHY MITCHELL From Vedute To Vision: The Importance Of Popular Imagery In Friedrich's Development Of Romantic Landscape Painting 414
PAUL D. SCHWEIZER John Constable, Rainbow Science, And English Color Theory 424
EVE TWOSE KLIMAN Delacroix's Lions And Tigers: A Link Between Man And Nature 446  

HOWARD COLLINS Major Narrative Paintings by Jacopo Bellini 466  
DUNCAN T. KINKEAD The Altarpiece of the Life of Saint Ambrose by Juan de Valdés Leal 472
MARK L. REED Constable, Wordsworth, and Beaumont: A New Constable Letter in Evidence 481

Letters 484

Review Article 488

Book Reviews 495

List of Books Received 525

1982 December vol. 64, no. 4 

J. L. BENSON Picture, Ornament, And Periodicity In Attic Geometric Vase-Painting 535  

English and French Churches of the High Middle Ages 
J. PHILIP MCALEER The Romanesque Transept And Choir Elevations Of Tewkesbury And Pershore 549  
STEPHEN GARDNER The Nave Galleries Of Durham Cathedral 564  
WILLIAM TAYLOR AND ROBERT MARK The Technology Of Transition: Sexpartite To Quadripartite Vaulting In High Gothic Architecture 579  

MARTHA WOLFF Some Manuscript Sources For The Playing-Card Master's Number Cards 587  
MARILYN DUNN Father Sebastiano Resta And The Final Phase Of The Decoration Of S. Maria In Vallicella 601  

ROBERT SOWERS A Hypothesis about the West Front of Chartres 622  
MICHAEL A. JACOBSEN The Meaning of Mantegna’s Battle of Sea Monsters 613  

Northern Renaissance Paintings and Prints 
ELLEN CALLMAN Campin’s Maiolica Pitcher 629  
LYNETTE BOSCH A Terminus Ante Quem for Two of Martin Schongauer’s Crucifixions 632  
PATRIK REUTERSWARD A New Clue to Bosch’s Garden of Delights 636
A Demon in ‘S-Hertogenbosch R.J. DINGLEY 639
KEITH P F. MOXEY Pieter Bruegel and the Feast of Fools 640

GEORGE F. LANDOW William Holman Hunt’s Oriental Mania and his Uffizi Self-Portrait 646

Letters 655

Book Reviews 657

Letters About a Review 680

List of Books Received 682

Notes for Contributors 684

Index to Volume LXIV 685


1983 March vol. 65, no. 1 

KATHLEEN J. SHELTON The Consular Muse Of Flavius Constantius 7
MEREDITH PARSONS LILLICH The Tric-Trac Window Of Le Mans 23

Leonardo, Titian, and Raphael, 1501-1513 
VIRGINIA BUDNY The Sequence Of Leonardo's Sketches For The Virgin And Child With Saint Anne And Saint John The Baptist 34  
SARAH WILK Titian's Paduan Experience And Its Influence On His Style 51  
JOHANN KONRAD EBERLEIN The Curtain In Raphael’s Sistine Madonna 61

OLAN A. RAND, JR. Philippe De Champaigne And The Ex-Voto Of 1662: A Historical Perspective 78  

Painting and Writing, 1870-1930 
LAURA L. MEIXNER Popular Criticism Of Jean-François Millet In Nineteenth-Century America 94  
SANDRA S. PHILLIPS The Art Criticism Of Walter Pach 106 
JANE H. HANCOCK Jean Arp's The Eggboard Interpreted: The Artist As A Poet In The 1920's 122  

JUDITH ZILCZER In the Face of War: The Last Works of Raymond-Duchamp Villon 138

Letters 145

Book Reviews 147

1983 March vol. 65, no. 2 

The Arts in Some Asian and African Regions 
IRMA B. JAFFE The Flying Gallop: East And West 183
ROBERT S. NELSON An Icon At Mt. Sinai And Christian Painting In Muslim Egypt During The Thirteenth And Fourteenth Centuries 201  
FREDERICK J. LAMP House Of Stones: Memorial Art Of Fifteenth-Century Sierra Leone 219  

Three Italian Painters 1460-1490 
PENNY HOWELL JOLLY Antonello Da Messina's Saint Jerome In His Study: An Iconographical Analysis 238  
DARIO A. COVI Verrocchio And Venice, 1469 253  
JEAN K. CADOGAN Reconsidering Some Aspects Of Ghirlandaio's Drawings 274  

A. KENT HIEATT Hans Baldung Grien's Ottawa Eve And Its Context 290  

DUNCAN T. KINKEAD The Last Sevillian Period of Francesco de Zurbarán 305  
MARGARET ARMBRUST SEIBERT A Political and a Pictorial Tradition in Gustave Courbet’s Real Allegory 311  
ALAN KRELL Manet’s Dejeuner sur L’Herbe in the Salon des Refusés: A Re-Appraisal 316  
ALICIA FAXON Cézanne’s Sources for Les Grandes Baigneuses 320  

PER JONAS NORDHAGEN The Archaeology of Wall Mosaics: A Note on the Mosaics in Sta. Maria Maggiore in Rome 323  
SUZANNE SPAIN The Restorations of the Sta. Maria Maggiore Mosaics 325

Review Article 329

Reviews 336

List of Books Received 350

List of Dissertation Topics 354

1983 September vol. 65, no. 3 

Architecture and Sculpture in Florence 1340-1430 
KATHLEEN GILES ARTHUR The Strozzi Chapel: Notes On The Building History Of Sta. Maria Novella 367  
BRENDA PRYER The Chasa Overo Palagio Of Alberti Di Zanobi: A Florentine Palace Of About 1400 And Its Later Remodeling 387  
DAVID G. WILKINS Donatello’s Lost Dovizia For The Mercato Vecchio: Wealth And Charity As Florentine Civic Virtues 401

Rome and the Neoclassicists 
HETTY JOYCE The Ancient Frescoes From The Villa Negroni And Their Influence In The Eighteenth And Nineteenth Centuries 423  
JOHN F. MOFFITT The Poet And The Painter: J.H.W. Tischbein's Perfect Portrait Of Goethe In The Campagna 440  
LOUIS HAWES Constable’s Hadleigh Castle And British Romantic Ruin Painting 455
GEORGE P. LANDOW Shadows Cast By The Light Of The World: William Holman Hunt's Religious Paintings 471  

VERNON HYDE MINOR The Mind’s Road to God: A Recorded Commission for Paolo Cavaceppi 485  
WENDY WASSYNG ROWORTH The Gentle Art of Persuasion: Angelica Kauffman’s Praxiteles and Phryne 488  
KAREN DOMENICI James Gillray: An English Source for David’s Les Sabines 493  

Review Article 495

Reviews 503

Corrections 525

List of Books Received 526

1983 December vol. 65, no. 4 

English Medieval Monuments 
J. PHILIP MCALEER The Romanesque Choir Of Tewkesbury Abbey And The Problem Of A Colossal Order 535  
MARION E. ROBERTS The Tomb Of Giles De Bridport In Salisbury Cathedral 559  

BERNICE F. DAVIDSON The Landscapes Of The Vatican Logge From The Reign Of Pope Julius III 587  
JUDITH W. HURTIG Death In Childbirth: Seventeenth-Century English Tombs And Their Place In Contemporary Thought 603  

Picasso Early and Late 
WILLIAM RUBIN From Narrative To Iconic In Picasso: The Buried Allegory In Bread And Fruitdish On A Table And The Role Of Les Demoiselles D'Avignon 615  
MARK ROSENTHAL Picasso's Night Fishing At Antibes: A Meditation On Death 649  

Brief Michelangelo Studies 
DAVID ALAN ROBERTSON Michelangelo’s Saint Proculus Renconstructed 658  
CARMEN C. BAMBACH A Note on Michelangelo’s Cartoon for the Sistine Ceiling: Haman 661
EDITH BALAS Michelangelo’s Florentine Slaves and the S. Lorenzo Façade 665

AMY GOLAHNY Rembrandt’s Early Bathsheba: The Raphael Connection 672  
HENRY ADAMS A New Interpretation of Bingham’s Fur Traders Descending the Missouri 675

JOHN L. WARD, DAVID L. CARLETON On the Mathematics of the Perspective of the Arnolfini Portrait and Similar Works of Jan Van Eyck 680

Letters 691

Reviews 692

Notes for Contributors 706

List of Books Received 707

Index to Volume LXV 709


1984 March vol. 66, no. 1 

Romanesque and Gothic Churches 
DON DENNY The Date Of The Conques Last Judgment And Its Compositional Analogues 7  
JOHN JAMES An Investigation Into The Uneven Distribution Of Early Gothic Churches In The Paris Basin 1140-1240 15  
WILLIAM CLARK and ROBERT MARK The First Flying Buttress: A New Reconstruction Of The Nave Of Notre-Dame De Paris 47  

Manuscripts from Pucelle to the Limbourgs 
STANLEY H. FERBER Jean Pucelle And Giovanni Pisano 65  
LUCY FREEMAN SANDLER Jean Pucelle And The Lost Miniatures Of The Belleville Breviary 73  
ANNE DAWSON HEDEMAN Valois Legitimacy: Editorial Changes In Charles V's Grandes Chroniques De France 97  
DONAL BYRNE Manuscript Ruling And Pictorial Design In The Work Of The Limbourgs, The Bedford Master, And The Boucicaut Master 118  
NANCY GRAY TROYER Telemaco Signorini And Macchiaioli Giapponismo: Report Of Research In Progress 136  

LINDA AND GEORGE BAUER The Winter Landscape with Skaters and Bird-Trap by Pieter Breugel the Elder 145  
ALESSANDRO NOVA The Chronology of the Demonte Chapel in S. Pietro in Rome 150

Letter 154

Reviews 155

List of Books Received 176

1984 June vol. 66, no. 2 

HAYDEN B.J. MAGINNIS Pietro Lorenzetti: A Chronology 183  
MARGARET ROLAND Van Dyck's Early Workshop, The Apostle Series, And The Drunken Silenus 211  
F. HAMILTON HAZLEHURST At Versailles 224  

Three French Painters, 1820-1848 
ROY HOWARD BROWN The Formation Of Delacroix's Hero Between 1822 and 1831 237  
ROBERT N. BEETEM Horace Vernet's Mural In The Palais Bourbon: Contemporary Imagery, Modern Technology, And Classical Allegory During The July Monarchy 254  
MICHAEL PAUL DRISKEL Painting, Piety, And Politics In 1848: Hippolyte Flandrin's Emblem Of Equality At Nîmes 270  
VIRGINIA M. ALLEN “One Strangling Golden Hair": Rossetti's Lady Lilith 285  

ANNE MORGANSTERN The Rest of Bosch’s Ship of Fools 295  

Late Baroque Painting and Its Markets 
DUNCAN KINKEAD Juan de Luzon and Sevillian Painting Trade with the New World in the Second Half of the 17th Century 303  
THOMAS PICKREL The Case of Domenico Castiglione, Mercante di Quadri 311  
RICHARD H. SAUNDERS John Smibert’s Italian Sojourn – Once Again 312
WILLIAM A. STEINKE An Archaeological Source for Delacroix’s Death of Sardanapalus 318  
JACQUELYNN BAAS AND RICHARD S. FIELD Emile Bernard’s Adoration of the Shepherds: New Light on Bernard Chronology 321

Discussion 324

Letters 327

Book Reviews 332

List of Books Received 352

List of Dissertation Topics 355

1984 September vol. 66, no. 3 

BARBARA HOCHSTETLER MEYER Leonardo's Battle Of Anghiari: Proposals For Some Sources And A Reflection 367  

Patrons and Programs in Rome and Florence in the 1560's 
BERNICE F. DAVIDSON Pius IV And Raphael's Logge 382  
GRAHAM SMITH Bronzino’s Allegory Of Happiness 390  
FREDRIKA H. JACOBS Vasari's Vision Of The History Of Painting: Frescoes In The Casa Vasari, Florence 399  

Rejected Rembrandts 
JOHN F. MOFFITT Who Is The Old Man In A Helmet? 417  
HENRY ADAMS If Not Rembrandt, Then His Cousin? 427  

ROBERT MCVAUGH A Revised Reconstruction Of The Casa Bartholdy Fresco Cycle 442  
TIMOTHY MITCHELL Caspar David Friedrich's Der Watzmann: German Romantic Landscape Painting And Historical Geology 452  
LAURETTA DIMMICK Robert Weir's Saint Nicholas: A Knickerbocker Icon 465  

Notes and Documentation 
ELLEN KONOWITZ The Program of the Carrand Diptych 484  
LUCY FREEMAN SANDLER The Handclasp in the Arnolfini Wedding: A Manuscript Precedent 488  
ELLEN CALLMANN Botticelli’s Life of Saint Zenobius 492  
CLIFFORD BROWN Major and Minor Collections of Antiquities in Documents of the Late Sixteenth Century 496  
SUSANNE WARMA Ecstasy and Vision: Two Concepts Connected with Bernini’s Teresa 508  
VERNON HYDE MINOR Filippo Della Valle as Metal Worker 511

List of Books Received 536

1984 December vol. 66, no. 4 

JUDITH CALVERT The Iconography Of The St. Andrew Auckland Cross 543

Cluny and St.-Denis
STEPHEN GARDNER Two Campaigns In Suger's Western Block At St.-Denis 574  

CRAIG HARBISON Realism And Symbolism In Early Flemish Painting 588  

Venetian Masters around 1500 
MICHELANGELO MURARO The Moors Of The Clock Tower Of Venice And Their Sculptor 603  
DAVID MARSHALL Carpaccio, Saint Stephen, And The Topography Of Jerusalem 610  
MICHAEL P. MEZZATESTA Marcus Aurelius, Fray Antonio De Guevara, And The Ideal Of The Perfect Prince In The Sixteenth Century 620  

Paintings of Performers in Expressionism and De Stijl
JANICE MC CULLAGH The Tightrope Walker - An Expressionist Image 633
NANCY J. TROY Figures Of The Dance In De Stijl 645  

PEG DE LAMATER Some Indian Sources In The Art Of Paul Klee 658

Letters 672

Review Article 681

Reviews 690

List of Books Received 708

Index to Volume LXVI 709


1985 March vol. 67, no. 1 

Latin American Monuments, Pre- and Post-Columbian 
MARY ELLEN MILLER A Re-Examination Of The Mesoamerican Chacmool 7  
LORENE POUNCEY Túmulos Of Colonial Perú 18  

Trecento Paintings and Architecture of Siena 
RUTH WILKINS SULLIVAN The Anointing In Bethany And Other Revelations Of Christ's Divinity On Duccio's Back Predella 32
H.W. VAN OS Tradition And Innovation In Some Altarpieces By Bartoli Di Fredi 50  
FRANKLIN TOKER Gothic Architecture By Remote Control: An Illustrated Building Contract Of 1340 67  

Social Structures Affecting 19th-Century Artists 
WILLIAM HAUPTMAN Juries, Protests, And Counter-Exhibitions Before 1850 95  
ALICE T. FRIEDMAN Academic Theory And A.-L.-T. Vaudoyer's Dissertation Sur L'architecture 110  
CAROL ZEMEL The Spook In The Machine: Van Gogh's Pictures Of Weavers In Brabant 123  

RICCARDO PACCIANI New Information on Raphael and Giuliano Leno in the Diplomatic Correspondence of Alfonso I D’Este 137  
CAROLYN M. CARTY Albrecht Dürer’s Adoration of the Trinity: A Reinterpretation 146

Letters 153

Reviews 155

List of Books Received 173

1985 June vol. 67, no. 2 

WEBSTER SMITH Observations On The Mona Lisa Landscape 183  

16th-Century Architecture and Mathematics 
HOWARD SAALMAN The New Sacristy Of San Lorenzo Before Michelangelo 199  
CATHERINE WILKINSON Juan De Herrera's Design For The Facade Of The Basilica Of The Escorial229  
EDWARD J. SULLIVAN Politics And Propaganda In The Sagrada Forma By Claudio Coello 243  

Buildings Around the World by Ramée, Sullivan, and Wright 
VENABLE TURNER Joseph-Jacques Ramée's First Career Paul 259  
LLOYD C. ENGELBRECHT Adler & Sullivan's Pueblo Opera House: City Status For A New Town In The Rockies 277  
KATHRYN SMITH Frank Lloyd Wright And The Imperial Hotel: A Postscript 296  

JEAN M. CASWELL The Wildenstein Nativity, A Miniature From the Morgan-Macon Golden Legend 311  
GEORGE KUBLER The Mirror in Las Meninas 316

Letters 317

Reviews 325

Letters about a Review 342

Books Received 345

Dissertation Topics 346

1985 September vol. 67, no. 3 

SUSAN SOLWAY A Numismatic Source Of The Madonna Of Mercy 359
CATERINA PIRINA Michelangelo And The Music And Mathematics Of His Time 368
SUZANNE PRESTON BLIER Nigerian Kings, Crowns, And Rights Of Succession: Obalufon Arts At Ife And Other Yoruba Centers 383

The Textile Motifs of Two Netherlandish Painters 
STEPHEN H. GODDARD Brocade Patterns In The Shop Of The Master Of Frankfurt: An Accessory To Stylistic Analysis 401
LINDA STONE-FERRIER Views Of Haarlem: A Reconsideration Of Ruisdael And Rembrandt 418

ELAINE SHEFER Deverell, Rossetti, Siddal, And The Bird In The Cage 437

The World Views of Two American Artists 
HENRY ADAMS John La Farge's Discovery Of Japanese Art 449 
FRANCIS NAUMANN and PAUL AVRICH Adolf Wolff: Poet, Sculptor And Revolutionist, But Mostly Revolutionist 486

CAROL SALUS Degas’ Young Spartans Exercising 501

Review Article 507

Book Reviews 515

List of Books Received 527

1985 December vol. 67, no. 4 

JACQUES GUILMAIN The Composition of the First Cross Page of the Lindisfarne Gospels: Square Schematism and the Hiberno-Saxon Aesthetic 535
ROBERT S. NELSON A Byzantine Painter in Trecento Genoa: The Last Judgment at S. Lorenzo 548  
EDWIN HALL AND HORST UHR Aureola super Auream: Crowns and Related Symbols of Special Distinction for Saints in Late Gothic and Renaissance Iconography 566  
LAURINDA S. DIXON Giovanni di Paolo's Cosmology 603  
INGE JACKSON REIST Divine Love and Veronese's Frescoes at the Villa Barbaro 614  
TROY THOMAS Expressive Aspects of Caravaggio's First Inspiration of Saint Matthew 636  
PATRICIA LEIGHTEN Picasso's Collages and the Threat of War, 1912-13 653  
WILLARD BOHM Picabia's Mechanical Expression and the Demise of the Object 673

Letters to the Editor 677

Reviews 679

Index to Volume LXVII 701

List of Books Received 704


1986 March vol. 68, no. 1  

From the Editor 6  
BRUNILDE SISMONDO RIDGWAY The State of Research on Ancient Art 7  

ROBERT MARK and PAUL HUTCHINSON On the Structure of the Roman Pantheon 24  
MARCIA KUPFER Spiritual Passage and Pictorial Strategy in the Romanesque Frescoes at Vicq 35  
CYNTHIA HAHN Joseph Will Perfect, Mary Enlighten, and Jesus Save Thee: The Holy Family as Marriage Model in the Mérode Triptych 54  
ROBERT L. MODE Adolescent Confratelli and the Cantoria of Luca della Robbia 67  
CHARLES DEMPSEY The Carracci Postile to Vasari's Lives 72  
ROBERTA J. M. OLSON Representations of Pope Pius VII: The First Risorgimento Hero 77  
PATRICIA MATHEWS Aurier and Van Gogh: Criticism and Response 94  
PHYLIS FLOYD Documentary Evidence for the Availability of Japanese Imagery in Europe in Nineteenth-Century Public Collections 105  
MARJORIE MUNSTERBERG A Biographical Sketch of Robert Macpherson 142

Letters 154

Reviews 155

1986 June vol. 68, no. 2 

ROBERT D. STEVICK The Shapes of the Book of Durrow Evangelist-Symbol Pages 182  
WILLIAM HOOD Saint Dominic's Manners of Praying: Gestures in Fra Angelico's Frescoes at S. Marco195  
NORMAN LAND Ekphrasis and Imagination: Some Observations on Pietro Aretino's Art Criticism 207  
JOHN VARRIANO Caravaggio and the Decorative Arts in the Two Suppers at Emmaus 218  
TROY THOMAS Un fior vano e fragile: The Symbolism of Poussin's Realm of Flora 225  
MARTIN KEMP Simon Stevin and Pieter Saenredam: A Study of Mathematics and Vision in Dutch Science and Art 237  
STEPHANIE S. DICKEY Judicious Negligence: Rembrandt Transforms an Emblematic Convention 253  
JAMES WELU Vermeer's Astronomer: Observations on an Open Book 263  
NINA ATHANASSOGLOU-KALLMYER Imago Belli: Horace Vernet's L'atelier as an Image of Radical Militarism under the Restoration 268  
CHARLES COLBERT Each Little Hillock hath a Tongue: Phrenology and the Art of Hiram Powers 281  
LAUREN SOTH Van Gogh's Agony 301

JOHN CUNNALLY Nero, Seneca, and the Medallist of the Roman Emperors 314  
GRACE VLAM Addenda to Sixteenth-Century European Tapestries in Tokugawa Japan 317  
GEORGE L. GORSE An Unpublished Description of the Villa Doria in Genoa during Charles V's Entry, 1533 319  
MICHAEL HIRST A Note on Michelangelo and the S. Lorenzo Façade 323

Letters to the Editor 326

Book Reviews 329

American and Canadian Dissertations 349

1986 September vol. 68, no. 3 

Editorial 358  

ROBERT L. THORP Architectural Principles in Early Imperial China: Structural Problems and Their Solution 360  
DALE KINNEY Spolia from the Baths of Caracalla in Sta. Maria in Trastevere 379  
MICHAEL W. COTHREN The Infancy of Christ Window from the Abbey of St.-Denis: A Reconsideration of Its Design and Iconography 398  
KEITH CHRISTIANSEN Caravaggio and L'esempio davanti del naturale 421  
DWIGHT MILLER Giacinto Gimignani's Allegory of Fortune 446  
K. PORTER AICHELE Paul Klee's Operatic Themes and Variations 450  
ARTHUR PONTYNEN A Winter Landscape: Reflections on the Theory and Practice of Art History 467

WILLIAM HOOD In Defense of Art History: A Response to Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway 480  

SUZANNE G. LINDSAY Emblematic Aspects of Fuseli's Artist in Despair 483

Letters 483

Reviews 489

List of Books Received 509

1986 December vol. 68, no. 4 

The State of Research 
LARRY SILVER Northern European Art of the Renaissance Era 518  
SANDRA HINDMAN The Illustrated Book: An Addendum to the State of Research in Northern European Art 536  

SUZANNE LEWIS Tractatus adversus Judaeos in the Gulbenkian Apocalypse 543  
DOROTHY GILLERMAN The Portal of St.-Thibault-en-Auxois: A Problem of Thirteenth-Century Burgundian Patronage and Founder Imagery 567  
ANDREW LADIS The Legend of Giotto's Wit and the Arena Chapel 581  
RUTH WILKINS SULLIVAN Some Old Testament Themes on the Front Predella of Duccio's Maestà 597  
ELIZABETH H. BEATSON, NORMAN E. MULLER, JUDITH B. STEINHOFF The St. Victor Altarpiece in Siena Cathedral: A Reconstruction 610  
JANE MAYO ROOS Rodin's Monument to Victor Hugo: Art and Politics in the Third Republic 632  
TIMOTHY ANGLIN BURGARD Picasso's Night Fishing at Antibes: Autobiography, Apocalypse, and the Spanish Civil War 657

Letters 673

Reviews 676

Letter about a Review 690

Index to Volume LXVIII 691

Notes for Contributors 695


1987 March vol. 69, no. 1 

JEFFREY HURWIT Narrative Resonance in the East Pediment of the Temple of Zeus at Olympia 6  
CHRISTINE SMITH Cyriacus of Ancona's Seven Drawings of Hagia Sophia 16  
HANS VAN MIEGROET New Documents Concerning Gerard David 33  
JANET COX-REARICK Bronzino's Crossing of the Red Sea and Moses Appointing Joshua: Prologomena to the Chapel of Eleonora di Toledo 45  
JOHN MICHAEL MONTIAS Vermeer's Clients and Patrons 68  
MARY D. SHERIFF Invention, Resemblance, and Fragonard's Portraits de Fantaisie 77  
WILLIAM L. PRESSLY Genius Unveiled: The Self-Portraits of Johan Zoffany 88  
YVONNE KORSHAK Paris and Helen by Jacques-Louis David: Choice and Judgment on the Eve of the French Revolution 102

State of Research 
DONALD KUSPIT Conflicting Logics: Twentieth-Century Studies at the Crossroads 117

Letters 133

Book Reviews 137

Letters about a Review 158

Lists of Books Received 159

1987 June vol. 69, no. 2 

The State of Research
WILLIAM HOOD Italian Renaissance Art 174  

KATHRYN HORSTE A Child is Born: The Iconography of the Portail Ste.-Anne at Paris 187  
GEORGE BAUER Experimental Shadow Casting and the Early History of Perspective 211  
JAMES P. ELKINS Piero della Francesca and the Renaissance Proof of Linear Perspective 220  
JONATHAN BROWN AND RICHARD L. KAGAN The Duke of Alcalá: His Collection and Its Evolution 231  
MARTHA D. POLLAK The Other Face of the Medal: Turin, 1673 256  
RICHARD A. ETLIN Corbusier, Choisy, and French Hellenism: The Search for a New Architecture 264  
DORIS A. BIRMINGHAM Masson's Pasiphaë: Eros and the Unity of the Cosmos 279

S.J. FREEDBERG, GERVASE JACKSON-STOPS, RICHARD E. SPEAR On Art History and the Blockbuster Exhibition 295

Letters 299

Reviews 300

Dissertation Topics, 1986 316

1987 September vol. 69, no. 3 

The State of Research 
THALIA GOUMA-PETERSON and PATRICIA MATHEWS The Feminist Critique of Art History 326  

ANNABEL JANE WHARTON Ritual and Reconstructed Meaning: The Neonian Baptistery in Ravenna358  
HOWARD SAALMAN Carrara Burials in the Baptistery of Padua 376  
DIANE DE GRAZIA and BERT W. MEIJER Mirola and Bertoia in the Palazzo del Giardino, Parma 395  
DAVID R. SMITH Irony and Civility: Notes on the Convergence of Genre and Portraiture in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Painting 407  
COLIN B. BAILEY Conventions of the Eighteenth-Century Cabinet de Tableaux: Blondel d'Azincourt's La première idée de la curiosité 431  
JOHN GAGE The Technique of Seurat: A Reappraisal 448  
ESTHER LEVINGER The Theory of Hungarian Constructivism 455  

Letters 467

Reviews 470

List of Books Received 486

1987 December vol. 69, no. 4 

The State of Research 
ELIZABETH CROPPER and CHARLES DEMPSEY Italian Painting of the Seventeenth Century 494
EGBERT HAVERKAMP-BEGEMANN Northern Baroque Art 510  

JOHN MALCOLM RUSSELL Bulls for the Palace and Order in the Empire: The Sculptural Program of Sennacherib's Court VI at Nineveh 520  
CAROLINE BRUZELIUS The Construction of Notre-Dame at Paris 540  
GAUDENZ FREULER Andrea di Bartolo, Fra Tommaso d'Antonio Caffarini, and Sienese Dominicans in Venice 570  
CORINE SCHLEIF The Proper Attitude Toward Death: Windowpanes Designed for the House of Canon Sixtus Tucher 587  
MICHAEL PAUL DRISKEL Singing The Marseillaise in 1840: The Case of Charlet's Censored Prints 604  
PETER MARK The Senegambiam Homed Initiation Mask: History and Provenance 626

JUDY AND PAUL GREEN Alberti's Perspective: A Mathematical Comment 641

Letters to the Editor 646

Book Reviews 651

List of Books Received 666

Index to Volume LXIX 669


1988 March vol. 70, no. 1 

The State of Research 
BARBARA STAFFORD The Eighteenth Century: Towards an Interdisciplinary Model 6  
RICHARD SHIFF Art History and the Nineteenth Century: Realism and Resistance 25  
JACK SPECTOR The State of Psychoanalytic Research in Art History 49  

ANTHONY CUTLER AND NICOLAS OIKONOMIDES An Imperial Byzantine Casket and Its Fate at a Humanist's Hands 77  
HENRY MAGUIRE The Art of Comparing in Byzantium 88  
VIVIAN PAUL The Beginnings of Gothic Architecture in Languedoc 104  
MEREDITH LILLICH The Ex-Voto Window at St.-Gengoult, Toul 123

CHARLES COLBERT Clark Mills and the Phrenologist 134

Letters to the Editor 138

Book Reviews 144

Letter about a Review 160

1988 June vol. 70, no. 2 

The State of Research 
HERBERT L. KESSLER On the State of Medieval Art 166  
WANDA CORN Coming of Age: Historical Scholarship in American Art 188  
MARVIN TRACHTENBERG Some Observations on Recent Architectural History 208  

JOHN LOWDEN Observations on Illustrated Byzantine Psalters 242  
PAMELA M. JONES Federico Borromeo as a Patron of Landscapes and Still Lifes: Christian Optimism in Italy ca. 1600 261  
GIOVANNA PERINI Carlo Cesare Malvasia's Florentine Letters: Insight into Conflicting Trends in Seventeenth-Century Italian Art Historiography 273  
ANDREW L. MCCLELLAN The Musée du Louvre as Revolutionary Metaphor during the Terror 300  
EDWARD KAUFMAN E.B. Lamb: A Case Study in Victorian Architectural Patronage 314

Book Reviews 346

List of Books Received 365

1988 September vol. 70, no. 3 

RUTH WILKINS SULLIVAN Duccio's Raising of Lazarus Reexamined 374  
PHYLLIS WILLIAMS LEHMANN Alberti and Antiquity: Additional Observations 388  
PETER HUMFREY Competitive Devotions: The Venetian Scuole Piccole as Donors of Altarpieces in the Years around 1500 401  
BERNICE F. DAVIDSON The Furti di Giove Tapestries Designed by Perino del Vaga for Andrea Doria424  
MARILYN R. DUNN Nuns as Art Patrons: The Decoration of S. Marta al Collegio Romano 451  
SEYMOUR HOWARD Bartolomeo Cavaceppi's Saint Norbert 478  
JONATHAN P. RIBNER Henri de Triqueti, Auguste Préault, and the Glorification of Law under the July Monarchy 486

JAMES BECK The Final Layer: "L'ultima mano" on Michelangelo's Sistine Ceiling 502  

FRANCIS H. DOWLEY AND YVONNE KORSHAK An Exchange on Jacques Louis David's Paris and Helen 504

Book Reviews 521

American and Canadian Dissertation Topics 536

List of Books Received 541

1988 December vol. 70, no. 4 

JEFFREY C. ANDERSON On the Nature of the Theodore Psalter 550  
DAVID A. LEVINE The Roman Limekilns of the Bamboccianti 569  
ALEXANDRA HERZ Cardinal Cesare Baronio's Restoration of SS. Nereo ed Achilleo and S. Cesareo de'Appia 590  
SIMONE ZURAWSKI New Sources for Jacques Callot's Map of the Siege of Breda 621  
NORMA BROUDE Edgar Degas and French Feminism, ca. 1880: The Young Spartans, the Brothel Monotypes, and the Bathers Revisited 640  
JUDY SUND The Sower and the Sheaf: Biblical Metaphor in the Art of Vincent van Gogh 660  
ALISON HILTON The Exhibition of Experiments in St. Petersburg and the Independent Sketch 677

Reviews 699

Correction 716

Index to Volume LXX 717


1989 March vol. 71, no. 1 

PAUL MEYVAERT The Book of Kells and Iona 6  
JEFFREY F. HAMBURGER The Use of Images in the Pastoral Care of Nuns: The Case of Heinrich Suso and the Dominicans 20  
KEITH V. SHAW with THERESA M. BOCCIA-SHAW Mantegna's Pre-1448 Years Reexamined: The S. Sofia Inscription 47  
VALERIE SHRIMPLIN-EVANGELIDIS Michelangelo and Nicodemism: The Florentine Pietà 58  
MARY PARDO The Subject of Savoldo's Magdalene 67  
DOROTHY JOHNSON Corporality and Communication: The Gestural Revolution of Diderot, David, and The Oath of the Horatii 92  
LINDA D. HENDERSON Francis Picabia, Radiometers, and X-Rays in 1913 114


Letter 128

Reviews 132

Letter about a Review 156

Books Received 157

1989 June vol. 71, no. 2 

KATHLEEN NOLAN Narrative in the Capital Frieze of Notre-Dame at Etampes 166  
RICHARD A. SUNDT The Jacobin Church of Toulouse and the Origin of Its Double-Nave Plan 185 
LYNN F. JACOBS The Marketing and Standardization of South Netherlandish Carved Altarpieces: Limits on the Role of the Patron 208  
ALISON LUCHS Tullio Lombardo's Ca' d'Oro Relief: A Self-Portrait with the Artist's Wife? 230  
ROGER J. CRUM Cosmos, the World of Cosimo: The Iconography of the Uffizi Façade 237  
ILENE D. LIEBERMAN Sir Francis Chantrey's Monument to George Washington: Sculpture and Patronage in Post-Revolutionary America 254  
ELIZABETH MILROY Consummatum est...: A Reassessment of Thomas Eakins's Crucifixion of 1880 269
MARGARET OLIN Forms of Respect: Alois Riegl's Concept of Attentiveness 285

ROBERT G. BABCOCK AND DIANE J. DUCHARME A Preliminary Inventory of the Vasari Papers in the Beinecke Library 300

D. STEPHEN PEPPER, ELIZABETH CROPPER AND CHARLES DEMPSEY An Exchange on the State of Research in Italian 17th-Century Painting 305

Letters 310

Book Reviews 312

American and Canadian Dissertations 1988 324

1989 September vol. 71, no. 3 

PETER FERGUSSON The Refectory at Easby Abbey: Form and Iconography 334  
EVELYN SAMUELS WELCH Galeazzo Maria Sforza and the Castello di Pavia, 1469 352  
ANN M. ROBERTS The Chronology and Political Significance of the Tomb of Mary of Burgundy 376
GÜLRU NECIPOGLU Süleyman the Magnificent and the Representation of Power in the Context of Ottoman-Hapsburg-Papal Rivalry 401  
LINDA STONE-FERRIER Gabriel Metsu's Vegetable Market at Amsterdam; Seventeenth-Century Dutch Market Paintings and Horticulture 428  
BARBARA C. BUENGER Max Beckmann's Ideologues: Some Forgotten Faces 453

LEO STEINBERG Michelangelo's Florentine Pieta: The Missing Leg Twenty Years Later 480

LUCY FREEMAN SANDLER, HERBERT L. KESSLER An Exchange on The State of Medieval Art History 506

Letter 508

Reviews 511

List of Books Received 533

1989 December vol. 71, no. 4 

Views and Overviews 
JOHN E. BOWLT Some Thoughts on the Condition of Soviet Art History 542  

LUCY FREEMAN SANDLER Notes for the Illuminator: The Case of the Omne bonum 551  
MARVIN TRACHTENBERG Archaeology, Merriment, and Murder: The First Cortile of the Palazzo Vecchio and Its Transformation in the Late Florentine Republic 565  
LAURINDA S. DIXON and PETRA TEN-DOESSCHATE CHU An Iconographical Riddle: Gerbrandt van den Eeckhout's Royal Repast in the Liechtenstein Princely Collections 610  
TOD A. MARDER Bernini and Alexander VII: Criticism and Praise of the Pantheon in the Seventeenth Century 628  
TIMOTHY F. MITCHELL Johann Christian Reinhart and the Transformation of Heroic Landscape, 1790-1800 646  
BERNARD BARRYTE History and Legend in T.J. Barker's The Studio of Salvator Rosa in the Mountains of the Abruzzi, 1865 660  
RENÉ DE COSTA Juan Gris and Poetry: From Illustration to Creation 674

Letters 693

Reviews 697

List of Books Received 708

Index to Volume LXXI 710


1990 March vol. 72, no. 1 

PAUL BINSKI The Cosmati at Westminster and the English Court Style 6 
BERNICE DAVIDSON The Navigatione d'Enea Tapestries Designed by Perino del Vaga for Andrea Dorea 35 
STEPHEN N. ORSO Praising the Queen: The Decorations of the Royal Exequies for Isabella of Bourbon 51 
DONALD POSNER Mme. de Pompadour as a Patron of the Visual Arts 74 
KATHRYN MOORE HELENIAK Old Kaspar: Pictorial Pacifism in the Napoleonic Period 106

MARILYN R. BROWN The DeGas-Musson Papers at Tulane University 118

Letters 131

Reviews 136

Books Received 167

1990 June vol. 72, no. 2 

MARTIN WERNER The Cross-Carpet Page in the Book of Durrow: The Cult of the True Cross, Adomnan, and Iona 174 
SUZANNE LEWIS The Apocalypse of Isabella of France: Paris, Bibl. Nat. Ms Fr. 13096 224 
LAURIE SCHNEIDER Leon Battista Alberti: Some Biographical Implications of the Winged Eye 261 
CAROL F. LEWINE Aries, Taurus, and Gemini in Raphael's Sacrifice at Lystra 271 
ELLEN JOHNSTON LAING Chinese Palace-Style Poetry and the Depiction of A Palace Beauty 284 
JOHN HUTTON Les Prolos Vagabondent: Neo-Impressionism and the Anarchist Image of the Trimardeur 296 
LISA FLORMAN Gustav Klimt and the Precedent of Ancient Greece 310

Book Reviews 327

Books Received 343

Dissertation Topics 346

Notes for Contributors 350

1990 September vol. 72, no. 3 

Views and Overviews 
J.M. MONTIAS Socio-Economic Aspects of Netherlandish Art from the Fifteenth to the Seventeenth Century 358 

VIDYA DEHEJIA On Modes of Visual Narration in Early Buddhist Art 374 
PAULA D. LEVETO The Marian Theme of the Frescoes in S. Maria at Castelseprio 393 
MAGDALENA ELIZABETH CARRASCO Spirituality in Context: The Romanesque Illustrated Life of St. Radegund of Poitiers (Poitiers, Bibl. Mun., MS 250) 414 
JONATHAN ALEXANDER Labeur and Paresse: Ideological Representations of Medieval Peasant Labor 436 
PHILIP J. JACKS The Simulachrum of Fabio Calvo: A View of Roman Architecture all'antica in 1527 453 
NINA ATHANASSOGLOU-KALLMYER An Artistic and Political Manifesto for Cézanne 482 

Reviews 493

1990 December vol. 72, no. 4 

Views and Overviews 
JOHN GAGE Color in Western Art: An Issue? 518 

PETER J. HOLLIDAY Time, History, and Ritual in the Ara Pacis Augustae 542 
DAN EWING Marketing Art in Antwerp, 1460-1560: Our Lady's Pand 558 
STEVEN MOYANO Quality vs. History: Schinkel's Altes Museum and Prussian Arts Policy 585 
PATRICIA LEIGHTEN The White Peril and L'Art nègre: Picasso, Primitivism, and Anticolonialism 609

JOHN F. MOFFITT Francisco Pacheco and Jerome Nadal: New Light on the Flemish Sources of the Spanish Picture-within-the-Picture 631 
PHYLLIS WILLIAMS LEHMANN A Roman Source for Klee's Athlete's Head 639

Letters 647

Reviews 649

Books Received 668

Index to Volume LXXII 670


1991 March vol. 73, no. 1 

PAMELA Z. BLUM The Sequence of Building Campaigns at Salisbury 6 
DONALD M. STADTNER A Fifteenth-Century Royal Monument in Burma and the Seven Stations in Buddhist Art 39 
JAMES ELKINS On the Arnolfini Portrait and the Lucca Madonna: Did Jan van Eyck Have a Perspectival System? 53 
CLAIRE J. FARAGO Leonardo's Color and Chiaroscuro Reconsidered: The Visual Force of Painted Images 63 
STEVEN F. OSTROW Gianlorenzo Bernini, Girolamo Lucenti, and the Statue of Philip IV in S. Maria Maggiore: Patronage and Politics in Seicento Rome 89 
AIMÉE BROWN PRICE Puvis de Chavannes's Caricatures: Manifestoes, Commentary, Expressions 119

Reviews 141

Books Received 163

1991 June vol. 73, no. 2 

Views and Overviews 
MIEKE BAL and NORMAN BRYSON Semiotics and Art History 174 

JEFFREY F. HAMBURGER A Liber Precum in Sélestat and the Development of the Illustrated Prayer Book in Germany 209 
ANTHONY COLANTUONO Dies Alcyoniae: The Invention of Bellini's Feast of the Gods 237 
JOSEPH SIRY Frank Lloyd Wright's Unity Temple and Architecture for Liberal Religion in Chicago, 1885-1909 257 
BRADFORD R. COLLINS Life Magazine and the Abstract Expressionists, 1948-51: A Historiographic Study of a Late Bohemian Enterprise 283

JACQUES DE CASO A Philological Imposture: Henri Jouin, Interpreter of David d'Angers 309 
MARILYN R. BROWN Two New Degas Letters in New Orleans 313

Reviews 315

Letter 344

Books Received 345

1991 September vol. 73, no. 3 

RICHARD BRILLIANT The Squeaking Wheel, or The Art Bulletin at Seventy-eight 358 

MICHAEL PAUL DRISKEL Et la lumière fut: The Meanings of David d'Angers's Monument to Gutenberg 359
ROBYN S. ROSLAK The Politics of Aesthetic Harmony: Neo-Impressionism, Science, and Anarchism 381
LINDA FREEMAN BAUER Moral Choice in Some Paintings by Caravaggio and His Followers 391
DONALD POSNER Pietro da Cortona, Pittoni, and the Plight of Polyxena 399
PATRICIA MATHEWS Returning the Gaze: Diverse Representations of the Nude in the Art of Suzanne Valadon 415
MARGARET SULLIVAN Bruegel's Proverbs: Art and Audience in the Northern Renaissance 431 
JETSKE SYBESMA The Reception of Bruegel's Beekeepers: A Matter of Choice 467
TIMOTHY ANGLIN BURGARD Picasso and Appropriation 479

Reviews 495

Letters 503

Books Received 508 

American and Canadian Dissertations, 1990 515

Abstracts of Articles, September 1991 521

1991 December vol. 73, no. 4 

RICHARD BRILLIANT Do Art Objects Have Rights? 534

MICHELLE I. MARCUS The Mosaic Glass Vessels from Hasanlu, Iran: A Study in Large-Scale Trait Distribution 537
ANNE DERBES A Crusading Fresco at the Cathedral of Le Puy 561 
ALBERT BOIME Alfred Rethel's Counterrevolutionary Death Dance 577 
MARTHA WARD Impressionist Installations and Private Exhibitions 599 
BARBARA LANE The Patron and the Pirate: The Mystery of Memling's Gdańsk Last Judgment 623
CARL GOLDSTEIN Rhetoric and Art History in the Italian Renaissance and Baroque 641 
JULIUS S. HELD Constantijn Huygens and Susanna van Baerle: A Hitherto Unknown Portrait 653 
DAVID CAST Finishing the Sistine 669

Reviews 685

Books Received 699

Abstracts of Articles, December 1991 702

Index to Volume LXXIII 703


1992 March vol. 74, no. 1

RICHARD BRILLIANT Slow-Burning Books, a Fast-Disappearing Heritage 6 

JULIA K. MURRAY The Hangzhou Portraits of Confucius and Seventy-two Disciples (Sheng xian tu): Art in the Service of Politics 7 
STEFAN GERMER In Search of a Beholder: On the Relation between Art, Audiences, and Social Spheres in Post-Thermidor France 19 
JOHANNA DRUCKER Harnett, Haberle, and Peto: Visuality and Artifice among the Proto-Modern Americans 37 
KAREN GOULD Jean Pucelle and Northern Gothic Art: New Evidence from Strasbourg Cathedral 51 
BRIGITTE BUETTNER Profane Illuminations, Secular Illusions: Manuscripts in Late Medieval Courtly Society 75 
CHRISTIANE HERTEL Irony, Dream, and Kitsch: Max Klinger's Paraphrase of the Finding of a Glove and German Modernism 91 
M.E. WARLICK Mythic Rebirth in Gustav Klimt's Stoclet Frieze: New Considerations of Its Egyptianizing Form and Content 115 
JAN L. DE JONG An Important Patron and an Unknown Artist: Giovanni Ricci, Ponsio Jacquio, and the Decoration of the Palazzo Ricci-Sacchetti in Rome 135 
IRIS CHENEY Comment: The Date of Francesco Salviati's French Journey 157

Reviews 159

Letters 172

Books Received 174

Abstracts of Articles, March 1992 177


1992 June vol. 72, no. 2 

RICHARD BRILLIANT The Return of the Independent Scholar 190 

MICHÈLE C. CONE Abstract Art as a Veil: Tricolor Painting in Vichy France, 1940-44 191 
WALTER S. GIBSON Bosch's Dreams: Responses to Bosch's Imagery in the Sixteenth Century 205 
HETTY JOYCE Grasping at Shadows: Ancient Paintings in Renaissance and Baroque Rome 219 
JEREMY WOOD Inigo Jones, Italian Art, and the Practice of Drawing 247 
MARY JACKSON HARVEY Death and Dynasty in the Bouillon Tomb Commissions 271 
CAROLE PAUL Mariano Rossi's Camillus Fresco in the Borghese Gallery 297

Reviews 327

Books Received 351

American and Canadian Dissertations, 1991 354

Abstracts of Articles, June 1992 360

1992 September vol. 72 no. 3 

RICHARD BRILLIANT Banking on the Data Banks 374

JOAN R. BRANHAM Sacred Space under Erasure in Ancient Synagogues and Early Churches 375
LINDA ELAINE NEAGLEY Elegant Simplicity: The Late Gothic Plan Design of St.-Maclou in Rouen 395
JOHN T. PAOLETTI Michelangelo's Masks 423
CATHERINE TURRILL Gian Maria Riminaldi and the Affair of the Busts 441
EDWARD L. GOLDBERG Velázquez in Italy: Painters, Spies, and Low Spaniards 453
DAVID PETERS CORBETT The Third Factor: Modernity and the Absent City in the Work of Paul Nash, 1919-36 457
MARY BERGSTEIN Lonely Aphrodites: On the Documentary Photography of Sculpture 475
CHARLES LACHMAN The Image Made by Chance in China and the West: Ink Wang Meets Jackson Pollock's Mother 499

Reviews 511

Letters 521

Books Received 532

Notes for Contributors 535

Abstracts of Articles, September 1992 536

1992 December vol. 74, no. 4 

RICHARD BRILLIANT Out of Site, Out of Mind 551 

LEO STEINBERG Who's Who in Michelangelo's Creation of Adam: A Chronology of the Picture's Reluctant Self-Revelation 552 
ANDREW MORROGH The Magnifici Tomb: A Key Project in Michelangelo's Architectural Career 567 
NINA ATHANASSOGLOU-KALLMYER Géricault's Severed Heads and Limbs: The Politics and Aesthetics of the Scaffold 599
SUZANNE GLOVER LINDSAY Some Evangelical Roots for Hébert's Toujours et Jamais 619 
GERARD CURTIS Ford Madox Brown's Work: An Iconographic Analysis 623 
LYNNE PUDLES Fernand Khnopff, Georges Rodenbach, and Bruges, the Dead City 637 
MARK ANTLIFF Cubism, Celtism, and the Body Politic 655 
MITCHELL SCHWARZER Cosmopolitan Difference in Max Dvořák's Art Historiography 669

Reviews 679

Books Received 695

Abstracts of Articles, December 1992 699

Index to Volume LXXIV 700


1993 March vol. 75, no. 1 

RICHARD BRILLIANT Articles, Definitive and Otherwise 6 

CHARLES BARBER From Transformation to Desire: Art and Worship after Byzantine Iconoclasm 7 
KATHLEEN M. OPENSHAW Weapons in the Daily Battle: Images of the Conquest of Evil in the Early Medieval Psalter 17 
DIANE WOLFTHAL A Hue and a Cry: Medieval Rape Imagery and Its Transformation 39 
CORINNE MANDEL Felix Culpa and Felix Roma: On the Program of the Sixtine Staircase at the Vatican 65 
JANIS C. BELL Zaccolini's Theory of Color Perspective 91 
JUDITH W. MANN The Annunciation Chapel in the Quirinal Palace, Rome: Paul V, Guido Reni, and the Virgin Mary 113 
H. PERRY CHAPMAN Persona and Myth in Houbraken's Life of Jan Steen 135 
JOAN K. STEMMLER The Physiognomical Portraits of Johann Caspar Lavater 151

Reviews 169

Books Received 188

Abstracts of Articles, March 1993 192

1993 June vol. 75, no. 2 

JOHN HUNTER Who Is Jan van Eyck's Cardinal Nicolo Albergati? 207
WENDY WASSYNG ROWORTH The Evolution of History Painting: Masaniello's Revolt and Other Disasters in Seventeenth-Century Naples 219
SUSAN LOCKE SIEGFRIED Naked History: The Rhetoric of Military Painting in Postrevolutionary France 235
CAROL OCKMAN Profiling Homoeroticism: Ingres's Achilles Receiving the Ambassadors of Agamemnon 259
JOHN R. CLARKE The Warren Cup and the Contexts for Representations of Male-to-Male Lovemaking in Augustan and Early Julio-Claudian Art 275
ROGER BENJAMIN The Decorative Landscape, Fauvism, and the Arabesque of Observation 295

Book Review Editor’s Statement 317

Reviews 319

Letters 338

Books Received 345

American and Canadian Dissertations, 1992 349

Abstracts of Articles, June 1993 357

1993 September vol. 75, no. 3 

RICHARD BRILLIANT Where's the Poetry? 374 

SUZANNE PRESTON BLIER Imaging Otherness in Ivory: African Portrayals of the Portuguese ca. 1492 375 
DAVID HALLE The Audience for Primitive Art in Houses in the New York Region 397 
ALBERT BOIME Henry Ossawa Tanner's Subversion of Genre 415 
JUDY SUND Columbus and Columbia in Chicago, 1893: Man of Genius Meets Generic Woman 443 
EUGENE DWYER André Thevet and Fulvio Orsini: The Beginnings of the Modern Tradition of Classical Portrait Iconography in France 467 
WOLFGANG ERNST Frames at Work: Museological Imagination and Historical Discourse in Neoclassical Britain 481 
MARGOT FASSLER Liturgy and Sacred History in the Twelfth-Century Tympana at Chartres 499

Reviews 521

Books Received 544

Abstracts of Articles, September 1993 548

1993 December vol. 75, no. 4 

RICHARD BRILLIANT Why Footnotes? 562 

EDITH PORADA Why Cylinder Seals? Engraved Cylindrical Seal Stones of the Ancient Near East, Fourth to First Millennium B.C. 563 
DONALD POSNER Concerning the Mechanical Parts of Painting and the Artistic Culture of Seventeenth-Century France 583 
CORINE SCHLEIF Nicodemus and Sculptors: Self-Reflexivity in Works by Adam Kraft and Tilman Riemenschneider 599 
PATRICIA G. BERMAN Edvard Munch's Self-Portrait with Cigarette: Smoking and the Bohemian Persona 627 
VOJTĚCH JIRAT-WASIUTYŃSKI Vincent van Gogh's Paintings of Olive Trees and Cypresses from St.-Rémy 647 
SUSAN SIDLAUSKAS Resisting Narrative: The Problem of Edgar Degas's Interior 671 
MARIE JEANNINE AQUILINO Painted Promises: The Politics of Public Art in Late Nineteenth-Century France 697 
JUDITH ZILCZER Decoding John Covert's Time, 1919 713

Reviews 723

Books Received 732

Abstracts of Articles, December 1993 735

Index to Volume LXXV, 1993 736


1994 March vol. 76, no. 1 

WILLIAM J. DIEBOLD The Ruler Portrait of Charles the Bald in the S. Paolo Bible 7 
M.F. HEARN Canterbury Cathedral and the Cult of Becket 19 
WALTER CAHN Architecture and Exegesis: Richard of St.-Victor's Ezekiel Commentary and Its Illustrations 53 
RICHARD STAPLEFORD Intellect and Intuition in Botticelli's Saint Augustine 69 
INGRID D. ROWLAND Raphael, Angelo Colocci, and the Genesis of the Architectural Orders 81 
LUCIA NUTI The Perspective Plan in the Sixteenth Century: The Invention of a Representational Language 105 
CAROLYN VALONE Women on the Quirinal Hill: Patronage in Rome, 1560-1630 129 
ROCHELLE ZISKIN The Place de Nos Conquetes and the Unraveling of the Myth of Louis XIV 147

Reviews 163

Books Received 183

Abstracts of Articles, March 1994 186

1994 June vol. 76, no. 2 

Editorial Ruminations 

BARBARA A. KELLUM The Construction of Landscape in Augustan Rome: The Garden Room at the Villa ad Gallinas 211 
BETTINA BERGMANN The Roman House as Memory Theater: The House of the Tragic Poet in Pompeii 225 
VALÉRIE MALENFER ORTIZ The Poetic Structure of a Twelfth-Century Chinese Pictorial Dream Journey 257 
ANNE BURKUS-CHASSON Elegant or Common? Chen Hongshou's Birthday Presentation Pictures and His Professional Status 279 
CLAIRE J. FARAGO Leonardo's Battle of Anghiari: A Study in the Exchange between Theory and Practice 301 
NATASHA STALLER Babel: Hermetic Languages, Universal Languages, and Anti-Languages in Fin de Siècle Parisian Culture 331

Reviews 355

Books Received 374

American and Canadian Dissertations, 1993 377

Abstracts of Articles, June 1994 384

1994 September vol. 76, no. 3 

A Range of Critical Perspectives 

LEE STEPHENS GLAZER Signifying Identity: Art and Race in Romare Bearden's Projections 411
JOEL ISAACSON Constable, Duranty, Mallarmé, Impressionism, Plein Air, and Forgetting 427
NEIL DE MARCHI HANS J. VAN MIEGROET Art, Value, and Market Practices in the Netherlands in the Seventeenth Century 451
MARC MICHAEL EPSTEIN The Elephant and the Law: The Medieval Jewish Minority Adapts a Christian Motif 465
JAMES CLIFTON Mattia Preti's Frescoes for the City Gates of Naples 479  
ANTONY EASTMOND An Intentional Error: Mis-Interpretation under Andronikos I Komnenos 502
EUGENE YUEJIN WANG Mirror, Death, and Rhetoric: Reading Later Han Chinese Bronze Artifacts 511

Book Reviews 535

Books Received 552

Abstracts of Articles, September 1994 556

1994 December vol. 76, no. 4 

A Range of Critical Perspectives 

ANNA C. CHAVE New Encounters with Les Demoiselles d'Avignon: Gender, Race, and the Origins of Cubism 597 
ANNE M. WAGNER Why Monet Gave Up Figure Painting 613 
MICHEAL PRESTON WORLEY The Image of Ganymede in France, 1730-1820: The Survival of a Homoerotic Myth 630 
MARILYN DUNN Piety and Patronage in Seicento Rome: Two Noblewomen and Their Convents 644 
ALESSANDRO NOVA Folengo and Romanino: The Questione della Lingua and Its Eccentric Trends 664 
BARBARA ZEITLER Cross-Cultural Interpretations of Imagery in the Middle Ages 680 
BETH COHEN From Bowman to Clubman: Herakles and Olympia 695

Books Reviews 716

Books Received 734

Abstracts of Articles, December 1994 737

Index to Volume LXXVI, 1994 738


1995 March vol. 77, no. 1 

A Range of Critical Perspectives 

Letter 24

RUTH E. ISKIN Selling, Seduction, and Soliciting the Eye: Manet’s Bar at the Folies-Bergère 25
ARLINE MEYER Re-dressing Classical Statuary: The Eighteenth-Century Hand-in-Waistcoat Portrait 45
BERNADINE BARNES Metaphorical Painting: Michelangelo, Dante, and the Last Judgment 65
JULIE A. HARRIS Redating the Arca Santa of Oviedo 83
DOROTHY HOOGLAND VERKERK Exodus and Easter Vigil in the Ashburnham Pentateuch 94
AMY MCNAIR Engraved Calligraphy in China: Recension and Reception 106
LAIDSLAV KESNER Likeness of No One: (Re)presenting the First Emperor’s Army 115

Book Reviews 133

Books Received 150

Abstracts of Articles, March 1995 153 

1995 June vol. 77, no. 2 

A Range of Critical Perspectives

NEIL McWILLIAM Monuments, Martyrdom, and the Politics of Religion in the French Third Republic 186
LAUREN M. O’CONNELL Redefining the Past: Revolutionary Architecture and the Conseil des Bâtiments Civil 207
DAGMAR EICHBERGER, LISA BEAVEN Family Members and Political Allies: The Portrait Collection of Margaret of Austria 225
JULIA I. MILLER Miraculous Childbirth and the Portinari Altarpiece 249
JOSEPH POLZER Andrea di Bonaiuto’s Via Veritatis and Dominican Thought in Late Medieval Italy 263
ADRIAN RANDOLPH The Bastides of Southwest France 290
DANIEL H. WEISS Architectural Symbolism and the Decoration of the Ste.-Chapelle 308

Book Reviews 321

Letters 341

Books Received 344

American and Canadian Dissertations, 1994 347

Abstracts of Articles, June 1995 354 

1995 September vol. 77, no. 3 

A Range of Critical Perspectives 

KEITH MOXEY Motivating History 
CATHERINE R. PUGLISI Guido Reni's Pallione del Voto and the Plague of 1630 403
LOREN PARTRIDGE The Room of Maps at Caprarola, 1573-75 413
GERALDINE A. J OHNSON Activating the Effigy: Donatello's Pecci Tomb in Siena Cathedral 445
ANNE DERBES Crusading Ideology and the Frescoes of S. Maria in Cosmedin 460
MARIA GEORGOPOULOU Late Medieval Crete and Venice: An Appropriation of Byzantine Heritage 479

Book Reviews 497

Letters 515

Books Received 517

Abstracts of Articles, September 1995 520

1995 December vol. 77, no. 4 

A Range of Critical Perspectives 

JAMES ELKINS Art History and Images That Are Not Art 
MICHELE L. MILLER J. M. W. Turner's Ploughing Up Turnips, near Slough: The Cultivation of Cultural Dissent 572
JOHN E. MOORE Prints, Salami, and Cheese: Savoring the Roman Festival of the Chinea 584
JOHN BELDON SCOTT Seeing the Shroud: Guarini's Reliquary Chapel in Turin and the Ostension of a Dynastic Relic 609
DANIEL ORTH BELL New Identifications in Raphael's School of Athens 638
MIMI HALL YIENGPRUKSAWAN The Phoenix Hall at Uji and the Symmetries of Replication 647

Book Reviews 673

Letters 696

Books Received 699

Abstracts of Articles, December 1995 702

Index to Volume LXXVII, 1995 703


1996 March vol. 78, no. 1 

A Range of Critical Perspectives 

GEORGES ROQUE Chevreul and Impressionism: A Reappraisal 
MARGARETTA M. LOVELL Picturing A City for a Single Summer: Paintings of the World's Columbian Exposition 40
ELLEN G. MILES and LESLIER EINHARDT Art conceal'd: Peale's Double Portrait of Benjamin and Eleanor Ridgely Laming 56
KATHLEEN PYNE Portrait of a Collector as an Agnostic: Charles Lang Freer and Connoisseurship 75
CAROLYN S. DEAN Copied Carts: Spanish Prints and Colonial Peruvian Paintings 98
KATHLYN MAUREAN LISCOMB Social Status and Art Collecting: The Collections of Shen Zhou and Wang Zhen 111
FIKRET K. YEGÜL The Thermo-Mineral Complex at Baiae and De Balneis Puteolanis 137

Book Reviews 162

Letter 178

Books Received 179

Abstracts of Articles, March 1996 182

1996 June June vol. 78, no. 2 

A Range of Critical Perspectives 

STEVEN F. OSTROW Cigoli's Immacolata and Galileo's Moon: Astronomy and the Virgin in Early Seicento Rome 218
KATHLEEN WILSON-CHEVALIER Sebastian Brant: The Key to Understanding Luca Penni's Justice and the Seven Deadly Sins 
MELINDA HEGARTY Laurentian Patronage in the Palazzo Vecchio: The Frescoes of the Sala dei Gigli 264
MARCIA KUPFER The Lost Wheel Map of Ambrogio Lorenzetti 286
ELIZABETH VALDEZ DEL ALAMO Lament for a Lost Queen: The Sarcophagus of Doña Blanca in Nájera 
HOLLY PITTMAN The White Obelisk and the Problem of Historical Narrative in the Art of Assyria 334

Book Reviews 356

Letters 370

American and Canadian Dissertations, 1996 372

Books Received 380

Abstracts of Articles, June 1996 383

1996 September vol. 78, no. 3 

A Range of Critical Perspectives 

PERRIN STEIN Amédée Van Loo's Costume turc: The French Sultana 
ANDREW MCCLELLAN Watteau's Dealer: Gersaint and the Marketing of Art in Eighteenth-Century Paris 439
SARAH R. COHEN Body as Character in Early Eighteenth-Century French Art and Performance 454
DAVID H. SOLKIN Samaritan or Scrooge? The Contested Image of Thomas Guy in Eighteenth-Century England 467
NICOLA COURTRIGHT Origins and Meanings of Rembrandt's Late Drawing Style 485
ELIZABETH ALICE HONIG Country Folk and City Business: A Print Series by Jan van de Velde 511
LINDA A. KOCH The Early Christian Revival at S. Miniato al Monte: The Cardinal of Portugal Chapel 527

Book Reviews 556

Letter 572

Books Received 575

Abstracts of Articles, September 1996 581

1996 December vol. 78, no. 4 

A Range of Critical Perspectives 

JOSEPH KOSUTH Writing (and) the History of Art: Intention(s) 

PAUL B. JASKOT Anti-Semitic Policy in Albert Speer's Plans for the Rebuilding of Berlin 
ERIC J. SEGAL Norman Rockwell and the Fashioning of American Masculinity 633
CANDACE CLEMENTS The Duc d'Antin, the Royal Administration of Pictures, and the Painting Competition of 1727 647
JULIE V. HANSEN Resurrecting Death: Anatomical Art in the Cabinet of Dr. Frederik Ruysch 663
SUSAN KOSLOW Law and Order in Rubens's Wolf and Fox Hunt 681
THOMAS WORTHEN Tintoretto's Paintings for the Banco del Sacramento in S. Margherita 707

Book Reviews 733

Letters 750

Books Received 752

Abstracts of Articles, December 1996 755


1997 March vol. 79, no. 1 

Range of Critical Perspectives 

ROBERT S. NELSON The Map of Art History 28
MATTHEW RAMPLEY From Symbol to Allegory: Aby Warburg's Theory of Art 
ROBERT S. LUBAR Unmasking Pablo's Gertrude: Queer Desire and the Subject of Portraiture 57
SUSAN SIDLAUSKAS Contesting Femininity: Vuillard's Family Pictures 
CHARLES A. CRAMER Alexander Cozen's New Method: The Blot and General Nature 112
PETER J. HOLLIDAY Roman Triumphal Painting: Its Function, Development, and Reception 130

Book Reviews 148

Books Received 170

Errata 173

Abstracts of Articles, March 1997 174

1997 June vol. 79, no. 2 

Editor’s Acknowledgments 186

A Range of Critical Perspectives 

SALLY M. PROMEY Sargent's Truncated Triumph: Art and Religion at the Boston Public Library, 1890-1925 217
CECILE WHITING Trompe l'oeil Painting and the Counterfeit Civil War 
SUSAN RATHER Carpenter, Tailor, Shoemaker, Artist: Copley and Portrait Painting around 1770 269
DOROTHY METZGER HABEL Bernini's d'Aste Family Tombs in S. Maria in Via Lata, Rome: A Reconstruction 291
GEORGE L. GORSE A Classical Stage for the Old Nobility: The Strada Nuova and Sixteenth-Century Genoa 301

Book Reviews 328

Letters 342

American and Canadian Dissertations, 1996 344

Books Received 351

Abstracts of Articles, June 1997 353

1997 September vol. 79, no. 3 

DORA APEL Heroes and Whores: The Politics of Gender in Weimar Antiwar Imagery 
PAULA YOUNG LEE The Musaeum of Alexandria and the Formation of the Museum in Eighteenth-Century France 385
KAREN LANG The Dialectics of Decay: Rereading the Kantian Subject 413
ANDREW HOPKINS Plans and Planning for S. Maria della Salute, Venice 440
MICHAEL SCHWARTZ Raphael's Authorship in the Expulsion of Heliodorus 467
MOSHE ARKIN One of the Marys ...: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Michelangelo's Florentine Pieta 
ROBERT DESHMAN Another Look at the Disappearing Christ: Corporeal and Spiritual Vision in Early Medieval Images 518

Book Reviews 547

Letters 562

Books Received 566

Abstracts of Articles, September 1997 570

1997 December vol. 79, no. 4 

JENNIFER L. SHAW Imagining the Motherland: Puvis de Chavannes, Modernism, and the Fantasy of France 
THERESE DOLAN Skirting the Issue: Manet's Portrait of Baudelaire's Mistress, Reclining 611
GENEVIEVE WARWICK Gift Exchange and Art Collecting: Padre Sebastiano Resta's Drawing Albums 630
ALEXANDER NAGEL Gifts for Michelangelo and Vittoria Colonna 
JACK M. GREENSTEIN On Alberti's Sign: Vision and Composition in Quattrocento Painting 669
SHARONE J. GERSTEL Saint Eudokia and the Imperial Household of Leo VI 699
IRINA ANDREESCU-TREADGOLD and WARREN TREADGOLD Procopius and the Imperial Panels of S. Vitale 708

Book Reviews 724

Letters 738

Books Received 741

Abstracts of Articles, December 1997 743

Index to Volume LXXIX, 1997 744


1998 March vol. 80, no. 1 

Editorial Note 

KATHERINE H. TACHAU Articles God's Compass and Vana Curiositas: Scientific Study in the Old French Bible Moralisée 7
MICHAEL T. DAVIS Splendor and Peril: The Cathedral of Paris, 1290-1350 34
JOHN DAVIS Eastman Johnson's Negro Life at the South and Urban Slavery in Washington, D.C. 67
KENNETH HALTMAN Antipastoralism in Early Winslow Homer 93
ALISA LUXENBERG Creating Disastres: Andrieu's Photographs of Urban Ruins in the Paris of 1871 113
GREGORY GALLIGAN The Self Pictured: Manet, the Mirror, and the Occupation of Realist Painting 139

Book Reviews 

Letters 193

Errata 195

Books Received 196

1998 June vol. 80, no. 2 

MEGAN CIFARELLI Gesture and Alterity in the Art of Ashurnasirpal II of Assyria 210
STEPHEN MURRAY Notre-Dame of Paris and the Anticipation of Gothic 229
AMY NEFF The Pain of Compassio: Mary's Labor at the Foot of the Cross 254
ANNE DERBES and MARK SANDONA Barren Metal and the Fruitful Womb: The Program of Giotto's Arena Chapel in Padua 274
BERND KRYSMANSKI We See a Ghost: Hogarth's Satire on Methodists and Connoisseurs 292
DARCY GRIMALDO GRIGSBY Nudity à la grecque in 1799 311
FREDERICK N. BOHRER Inventing Assyria: Exoticism and Reception in Nineteenth-Century England and France 336
PATRICIA A. MORTON National and Colonial: The Musée des Colonies at the Colonial Exposition, Paris, 1931 357

Book Reviews 378

Erratum 400

Letters 401

American and Canadian Dissertations, 1997 403

Books Received 410

1998 September vol. 80, no. 3 

ALFRED ACRES The Columba Altarpiece and the Time of the World 422
SHELLEY E. ZURAW The Public Commemorative Monument: Mino da Fiesole's Tombs in the Florentine Badia 452
CHRISTOPHER R. MARSHALL Causa di Stravaganze: Order and Anarchy in Domenico Gargiulo's Revolt of Masaniello 478
JOHN E. MOORE The Monument, or, Christopher Wren's Roman Accent 498
S. A. MANSBACH The Foreignness of Classical Modern Art in Romania 534
MICHELE C. CONE French Art of the Present in Hitler's Berlin 555

Book Reviews 568

Books Received 586

1998 December vol. 80, vol. 4 

JULIA K. MURRAY What is Chinese Narrative Illustration? 602
LOUISA C. MATTHEW The Painter's Presence: Signatures in Venetian Renaissance Pictures 616
MICHAEL ROSENTHAL Thomas Gainsborough's Ann Ford 649
ANDREW SCHULZ The Expressive Body in Goya's Saint Francis Borgia at the Deathbed of an Impenitent 666
ANNE-MARIE SANKOVITCH Structure/Ornament and the Modern Figuration of Architecture 6687
RACHAEL ZIADY DELUE Pissarro, Landscape, Vision, and Tradition 718

Book Reviews 737

Correction 759

Letter 759

Books Received 760

Index to Volume LXXX, 1998 762


1999 March vol. 81, no. 1 

JENIFER NEILS Reconfiguring the Gods on the Parthenon Frieze 6
JOHN POLLINI The Warren Cup: Homoerotic Love and Symposial Rhetoric in Silver 21
BENJAMIN C. WITHERS A Secret and Feverish Genesis: The Prefaces of the Old English Hexateuch 53
KATHRYN A. SMITH The Neville of Hornby Hours and the Design of Literate Devotion 72
LAURA JACOBUS Giotto's Annunciation in the Arena Chapel, Padua 93
E. MELANIE GIFFORD Van Eyck's Washington Annunciation: Technical Evidence for Iconographic Development 108
CAROL J. PURTLE Van Eyck's Washington Annunciation: Narrative Time and Metaphoric Tradition 117
CLAUDE CERNUSCHI Pseudo-Science and Mythic Misogyny: Oskar Kokoschka's Murderer, Hope of Women 126
S. A. MANSBACH An Introduction to the Classical Modern Art of Bulgaria 149

Note 163

Book Reviews 165

Books Received 176

1999 June vol. 81, no. 2 

LARRY SILVER Nature and Nature's God: Landscape and Cosmos of Albrecht Altdorfer 194
MICHAEL COLE Cellini's Blood 215
MARGARET A. SULLIVAN Aertsen's Kitchen and Market Scenes: Audience and Innovation in Northern Art 236
CYNTHIA LAWRENCE Before The Raising of the Cross: The Origins of Rubens's Earliest Antwerp Altarpieces 267
FRANCES MUECKE Taught by Love: The Origin of Painting Again 297
W. BARKSDALE MAYNARD Thoreau's House at Walden 303

Letters 326

American and Canadian Dissertations, 1998 327

Books Received 338

1999 September vol. 81, no. 3

KATHLYN MUREAN LISCOMB Li Bai, a Hero among Poets, in the Visual, Dramatic, and Literary Arts of China 354
PADMA KAIMAL Shiva Nataraja: Shifting Meanings of an Icon 390
ANN VAN DIJK The Angelic Salutation in Early Byzantine and Medieval Annunciation Imagery 420
DAVID M. GILLERMAN Cosmopolitanism and Campanilismo: Gothic and Romanesque in the Siena Duomo Facade 437
PETER PARSHALL The Art of Memory and the Passion 456
MARNI R. KESSLER Unmasking Manet's Morisot 473
NANCY FORGIONE The Shadow Only: Shadow and Silhouette in Late Nineteenth-Century Paris 490
ESTHER LEVINGER Czech Avant-Garde Art: Poetry for the Five Senses 513

Book Reviews 533

Books Received 543

1999 December vol. 81, no. 4 

JOCELYN PENNY SMALL Time in Space: Narrative in Classical Art 562
ROBERT A. MAXWELL Sealing Signs and the Art of Transcribing in the Vierzon Cartulary 576
DANIEL K. CONNOLLY Imagined Pilgrimage in the Itinerary Maps of Matthew Paris 598
PATRICIA EMISON Truth and Bizzarria in an Engraving of Lo stregozzo 623
BETH L. HOLMAN Exemplum and Imitatio: Countess Matilda and Lucrezia Pico della Mirandola at Polirone 637
KEITH CHRISTIANSEN Tiepolo, Theater, and the Notion of Theatricality 665
KATHLEEN CURRAN The Romanesque Revival, Mural Painting, and Protestant Patronage in America 693

Book Review 723

Letters 736

Books Received 737

Index to Volume LXXXI, 1999 742


2000 March vol. 82, no. 1 

SARAH GUBERTI BASSETT Excellent Offerings: The Lausos Collection in Constantinople 6
F.J.D. NEVOLA Per Ornato Della Cittá: Siena’s Strada Romana and Fifteenth-Century Urban Renewal 26
FREDRIKA H. JACOBS Aretino and Michelangelo, Dolce and Titian: Femmina, Masculo, Grazia 51
NANCY LOCKE Unfinished Homage: Manet’s Burial and Baudelaire 68
CHRISTIANE HERTEL Dis/Continuities in Dresden’s Dances of Death 83
SHERWIN SIMMONS Ernst Kirchner’s Streetwalkers: Art, Luxury, and Immorality in Berlin, 1913-1916 117
ANNA C. CHAVE Minimalism and Biography 149

DENNIS GERONIMUS The Birth Date, Early Life, and Career of Piero di Cosimo 164
LOUIS ALEXANDER WALDMAN Fact, Fiction, Hearsay: Notes on Vasari’s Life of Piero di Cosimo 171

Books Received 180

2000 June vol. 82, no. 2 

Editor’s Acknowledgments 194

ROSE WALKER The Wall Paintings in the Panteón de los Reyes at León: A Cycle of Intercession 200
ETHAN MATT KAVALER Renaissance Gothic in the Netherlands: The Uses of Ornament 226
GIANCARLO FIORENZA Dosso Dossi, Garofalo, and the Costabili Polyptych: Imaging Spiritual Authority 252
ELENA CALVILLO Romanitá and Grazia: Giulio Clovio’s Pauline Frontispieces for Marino Grimanie 280
THOMAS MCGRATH Color and the Exchange of Ideas between Patron and Artist in Renaissance Italy 298
ANDREA BOLLAND Desiderio and Diletto: Vision, Touch, and the Poetics of Bernini’s Apollo and Daphne 309
CHARLOTTE KLONK Mounting Vision: Charles Eastlake and the National Gallery of London 331

George R. Bent A Patron for Lorenzo Monaco’s Uffizi Coronation of the Virgin 348

Book Reviews 355

American and Canadian Dissertations 374

Books Received 386

2000 September vol. 82, no. 3 

Editor’s Note 406

RUTH E. LEADER The David Plates Revisited: Transforming the Secular in Early Byzantium 407
PENNY HOWELL Jolly Learned Reading, Vernacular Seeing: Jacques Daret’s Presentation in the Temple 428
MELISSA HYDE The Make-Up of the Marquise: Boucher’s Portrait of Pompadour at Her Toilette 453
SUZANNE GLOVER LINDSAY Mummies and Tombs: Turenne, Napoléon, and Death Ritual 476
KENNETH JOHN MYERS Art and Commerce in Jacksonian America: The Steamboat Albany Collection 503
CHARLES COLBERT Spiritual Currents and Manifest Destiny in the Art of Hiram Powers 529
JENNIFER L. ROBERTS Landscape of Indifference: Robert Smithson and John Lloyd Stephens in Yucatán 544

Book Reviews 568

Books Received 601

2000 December vol. 82, no. 4 

JACQUELINE E. JUNG Beyond the Barrier: the Unifying Role of the Choir Screen in Gothic Churches 622
PHILIP COTTRELL Corporate Colors: Bonifacio and Tintoretto at the Palazzo dei Camerlenghi in Venice 658
GILES KNOX The Unified Church Interior in Baroque Italy: S. Maria Maggiore in Bergano 679
MARY VIDAL David’s Telemachus and Eucharis: Reflections on Love, Learning, and History 702
MARK ANTLIFF The Fourth Dimension and Futurism: A Politicized Space 720
JUDY SUND Beyond the Grave: Twentieth-Century Afterlife of West Mexican Burial Effigies 734

Book Reviews 768 

Books Received 786

2001 March vol. 83, no. 1 

Editor’s Note 6

MICHAEL W. COTHREN Why Did Louis de Rocherolles Commission a Stained-Glass Window for Beauvais in 1522? 7
SARAH BLAKE MCHAM Donatello’s Bronze David and Judith as Metaphors of Medici Rule in Florence 32
MARCIA POINTON Surrounded with Brilliants: Miniature Portraits in Eighteenth-Century England
GREGORY P. LEVINE Switching Sites and Identities: The Founder’s Statue at the Buddhist Temple Korin'in 72

The State of Art History
MIMI HALL Yiengpruksawan Japanese Art History 2001: The State and Stakes of Research 105
YOSHIAKI SHIMIZU Japan in American Museums - But Which Japan? 123

Exhibition Review
WENDY WASSYNG ROWORTH Re-thinking Eighteenth-Century Rome, The Splendor of Eighteenth-Century Rome. Philadelphia Museum of Art and Museum of Fine Arts, Houston 135

Book Reviews 145

Letters 169

Books Received 171

2001 June vol. 83, no. 2 

PAUL REHAK Aeneas or Numa? Rethinking the Meaning of the Ara Pacis Augustae 190
LAWRENCE NEES On Carolingian Book Painters: The Ottoboni Gospels and Its Transfiguration Master 209
C. JEAN CAMPBELL The City’s New Clothes: Ambrogio Lorenzetti and the Poetics of Space 240
LOREN PARTRIDGE The Farnese Circular Courtyard at Caprarola: God, Geopolitics, Genealogy, and Gender 259
ELIZABETH ALICE HONIG Desire and Domestic Economy 294
JONATHAN M. REYNOLDS Ise Shrine and a Modernist Construction of Japanese Tradition 316

The State of Art History
KATHERINE FISCHER TAYLOR Architecture’s Place in Art History: Art or Adjunct? 342

Book Reviews 347

Letters 365

U.S. Dissertations 2000 367

2001 September vol. 83, no. 3 

THOMAS DALE Monsters, Corporeal Deformities, and Phantasms in the Cloister of St-Michel-de-Cuxa 402
SUSAN E. NELSON Revisiting the Eastern Fence: Tao Qian’s Chrysanthemums 437
GEORGIA COWART Watteau’s Pilgrimage to Cythera and the Subversive Utopia of the Opera-Ballet 461
MICHAEL LEJA Fakhins and Icons 479
BABATUNDE LAWAL Àwòrán: Representing the Self and Its Metaphysical Other in Yoruba Art 498
BLAKE STIMSON Andy Warhol’s Red Beard 527

The State of Art History 
DOUGLAS R. NICKEL History of Photography: The State of Research 548

Book Reviews 559

2001 December vol.  83, no. 4 

BRIGITTE BUETTNER Past Presents: New Year’s Gifts at the Valois Courts, ca. 1400 598
LARRY SILVER God in the Details: Bosch and Judgment(s) 626
THOMAS F. HEDIN The Petite Commande of 1664: Burlesque in the Gardens of Versailles 651
Nina Athanassoglou-Kallmyer Blemished Physiologies: Delacroix, Paganini, and the Cholera Epidemic of 1832 686
ANDREW CARRINGTON SHELTON Art, Politics, and the Politics of Art: Ingres’s Saint Symphorien at the 1834 Salon 711
ELIZABETH HUTCHINSON Modern Native American Art: Angel DeCora’s Transcultural Aesthetics 740

Book Reviews 757

2002 March vol. 84, no. 1 

MARIAN H. FELDMAN Luxurious Forms: Redefining a Mediterranean International Style, 1400-1200 B.C.E. 6
CYNTHEA J. BOGEL Canonizing Kannon: The Ninth-Century Esoteric Buddhist Altar at Kanshinji 30
ESTELLE LINGO The Greek Manner and a Christian Canon: François Duquesnoy’s Saint Susanna 65
ALBERT BOIME William Holman Hunt’s The Scapegoat: Rite of Forgiveness/Transference of Blame 94
ELIZABETH PRETTEJOHN Lawrence Alma-Tadema and the Modern City of Ancient Rome 115
ANDREW M. SHANKEN Planning Memory: Living Memorials in the United States during World War II 130

The State of Art History
MARK ANTLIFF Fascism, Modernism, and Modernity 148

Book Reviews 170

2002 June vol. 84, no. 2 

KATHERINE R. TSIANG Changing Patterns of Divinity and Reform in the Late Northern Wei 222
KATRIN KOGMAN-APPEL Hebrew Manuscript Painting in Late Medieval Spain: Signs of a Culture in Transition 246
CHRISTOPHER L. C. E. WITCOMBE The Chapel of the Courtesan and the Quarrel of the Magdalens 273
LOUIS ALEXANDER WALDMAN New Light on the Capponi Chapel in S. Felicita 293
ANNE BURKUS-CHASSON Between Representations: The Historical and the Visionary in Chen Hongshouís Yaji 315
ALAN WALLACH Thomas Cole’s River in the Catskills as Antipastoral 334

The State Of Art History
MARIËT WESTERMANN After Iconography and Iconoclasm: Current Research in Netherlandish Art, 1566-1700 351

Book Reviews 373

U.S. Dissertations, 2001 397

Books Received 409

2002 September vol. 84, no. 3 

FREDRIKA JACOBS (Dis)assembling: Marsyas, Michelangelo, and the Accademia del Disegno 426
PHILIP SOHM Caravaggio’s Deaths 449
MARC GOTLIEB The Painter’s Secret: Invention and Rivalry from Vasari to Balzac 469
CAROL GIBSON-WOOD Picture Consumption in London at the End of the Seventeenth Century 491

Exhibition Reviews
NINA EUGENIA SEREBRENNIKOV Pieter Bruegel the Elder: The Draftsman Revealed (Pieter Bruegel the Elder: Drawings and Prints. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York) 501
DAVID LUBIN Projecting an Image: The Contested Cultural Identity of Thomas Eakins (Thomas Eakins: American Realist. Philadelphia Museum of Art) 510

Book Reviews 523

Letter 539

Books Received 540

Book Reviews Online 548

Errata 549

2002 December vol. 84, no. 4  

HEPING LIU The Water Mill and Northern Song Imperial Patronage of Art, Commerce, and Science 566
STEPHEN J. CAMPBELL Fare una Cosa Morta Parer Viva: Michelangelo, Rosso, and the (Un)Divinity of Art 596
MICHAEL COLE The Demonic Arts and the Origin of the Medium 621
FINBARR BARRY FLOOD Between Cult and Culture: Bamiyan, Islamic Iconoclasm, and the Museum 641

The State of Art History
MICHAEL ANN HOLLY Mourning and Method 660

Exhibition Reviews
HOLLIS CLAYSON Some Things Bear Fruit? Witnessing the Bonds between Van Gogh and Gauguin. Van Gogh and Gauguin: The Studio of the South. The Art Institute of Chicago 670

Book Reviews 686

Errata 696

Letters 697

Books Received 701

Book Reviews Online 703

Index 704

2003 March vol. 85, no. 1

MARY-LOUISE TOTTON Narrating Animals on the Screen of the World 6
ROBERT BORK Into Thin Air: France, Germany, and the Invention of the Openwork Spire 25
MELISSA MCCORMICK Genji Goes West: The 1510 Genji Album and the Visualization of Court and Capital 54
MARIA RUVOLDT Michelangelo’s Dream 86
Jonathan Unglaub Poussin’s Esther before Ahasuerus: Beauty, Majesty, Bondage 114
AMY LYFORD Noguchi, Sculptural Abstraction, and the Politics of Japanese American Internment 137

The State of Art History
SHEILA S. BLAIR and JONATHAN M. BLOOM The Mirage of Islamic Art: Reflections on the Study of an Unwieldy Field 152

Exhibition Reviews
JOHN R. CLARKE Finding Lost Antioch: Exhibition, Catalogue, Programs (Antioch: The Lost Ancient City. Worcester Art Museum, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and the Baltimore Museum of Art) 185

Book Reviews 189

Books Received 201

Book Reviews Online 214

2003 June vol. 85, no. 2 

LAUREN HACKWORTH PETERSEN The Baker, His Tomb, His Wife, and Her Breadbasket: The Monument of Eurysaces in Rome 230
WEN C. FONG Why Chinese Painting Is History 258
EDUARDO DE J. DOUGLAS Figures of Speech: Pictorial History in the Quinatzin Map of about 1542 281
RICHARD E. SPEAR Scrambling for Scudi: Notes on Painters' Earnings in Early Baroque Rome 310
DAVID R. MARSHALL Piranesi, Juvarra, and the Triumphal Bridge Tradition 321
ANNE DYMOND A Politicized Pastoral: Signac and the Cultural Geography of Mediterranean France 353

The State of Art History
NATALIE BOYMEL KAMPEN On Writing Histories of Roman Art 371

Book Reviews 387

Letter 406

2003 September vol. 85, no. 3 

JOHN WILLIAMS Meyer Schapiro in Silos: Pursuing an Iconography of Style 442
PETER LOW You Who Once Were Far Off: Enlivening Scripture in the Main Portal at Vézelay 469
SARAH R. COHEN Rubens’s France: Gender and Personification in the Marie de Médicis Cycle 490
ANNABEL WHARTON Two Waldorf-Astorias: Spatial Economies as Totem and Fetish 523

The State of Art History
JOHN DAVIS The End of the American Century: Current Scholarship on the Art of the United States 544
SALLY M. PROMEY The "Return" of Religion in the Scholarship of American Art 581

Book Reviews 604

Books Received 622

Reviews Online 627

2003 December vol. 85, no. 4 

DANA E. KATZ The Contours of Tolerance: Jews and the Corpus Domini Altarpiece in Urbino 646
NEBAHAT AVCIOGLU A Palace of One’s Own: Stanislas I’s Kiosks and the Idea of Self-Representation 662
BRADLEY FRATELLO France Embraces Millet: The Intertwined Fates of The Gleaners and The Angelus 685
ROBIN E. KELSEY Viewing the Archive: Timothy O'Sullivan’s Photographs for the Wheeler Survey, 1871-74 702
JULIET KOSS Bauhaus Theater of Human Dolls 724
KRISTINA WILSON The Intimate Gallery and the Equivalents: Spirituality in the 1920s Work of Stieglitz 746
LISA FLORMAN The Difference Experience Makes in The Philosophical Brothel 769

Exhibition Review
LAURA WEIGERT Tapestry Exposed (Tapestry in the Renaissance: Art and Magnificence. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Edle Wirkung: Burgunder Tapisserien in Neuem Licht. Historisches Museum, Bern) 784

Book Reviews 797

Letter 814

Books Received 815

Reviews Online 820

Index 821

2004 March vol. 86, no. 1 

TRACY G. MILLER Water Sprites and Ancestor Spirits: Reading the Architecture of Jinci 6
JANET ROBSON Judas and the Franciscans: Perfidy Pictured in Lorenzetti’s Passion Cycle at Assisi 31
ANETA GEORGIEVSKA-SHINE From Ovid’s Cecrops to Rubens’s City of God in The Finding of Erichthonius 58
ZAHIRA VELIZ Signs of Identity in Lady with a Fan by Diego Velázquez: Costume and Likeness Reconsidered 75
EIK KAHNG L’Affaire Greuze and the Sublime of History Painting 96
MATTHEW S. WITKOVSKY Staging Language: Milĉa Mayerová and the Czech Book Alphabet 114

Book Reviews 163

Books Received 181

Reviews Online 189

2004 June vol. 86, no. 2 

Editor's Note 206  

JEROME SILBERGELD Beyond Suzhou: Region and Memory in the Gardens of Sichuan 207
NANCY SHATZMAN STEINHARDT The Tang Architectural Icon and the Politics of Chinese Architectural History 228
PATRICK DOORLY Dürer's Melencolia I: Plato's Abandoned Search for the Beautiful 255
CHARLOTTE HOUGHTON This Was Tomorrow: Pieter Aertsen's Meat Stall as Contemporary Art 277
SHEILA MCTIGHE Foods and the Body in Italian Genre Paintings, about 1580: Campi, Passarotti, Carracci301 
SUSAN RATHER Benjamin West, John Gait, and the Biography of 1816 324  
THOMAS SINGER In the Manner of Duchamp, 1942-47: The Years of the Mirrorical Return 346
Book Reviews 370

U.S. Dissertations, 2003 390

Books Received 407

Reviews Online 413

2004 September vol. 86, no. 3 

EUGENE J. JOHNSON Portal of Empire and Wealth: Jacopo Sansovino's Entrance to the Venetian Mint.430  
GIANCARLA PERITI From Allegri to Laetus-Lieto: The Shaping of Correggio's Artistic Distinctiveness459  
MARIA H. LOH New and Improved: Repetition as Originality in Italian Baroque Practice and Theory 477  
JONATHAN UNGLAUB Poussin's Reflection 505  
WENDY BELLION Extend the Sphere: Charles Willson Peale's Panorama of Annapolis 529  
YU-CHIH LAI Remapping Borders: Ren Bonian's Frontier Paintings and Urban Life in 1880s Shanghai 550  
GENNIFER WEISENFELD From Baby's First Bath: Kao Soap and Modern Japanese Commercial Design573

Book Reviews 599

Books Received 621

Reviews Online 627

2004 December vol. 86, no. 4 

SALLY J. CORNELISON Art Imitates Architecture: The Saint Philip Reliquary in Renaissance Florence 642
SHEILA BARKER Poussin, Plague, and Early Modern Medicine 659
PETER BENSON MILLER By the Sword and the Plow: Théodore Chassériau’s Cour des Comptes Murales and Algeria 690
TING CHANG Hats and Hierarchy in Gustave Courbet’s The Meeting 719
CAROL TROYEN Photography, Painting, and Charles Sheeler’s View of New York 731
KEITH MOXEY Impossible Distance: Past and Present in the Study of Dürer and Grünwald 750

Exhibition Review
GEOFFREY BATCHEN Light and Dark: The Daguerrotype and Art History (The Dawn of Photography: French Daguerrotypes, 1839-1855. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York) 764

Book Reviews 777

Books Received 788

Reviews Online 793

Index 794

2005 March vol. 87, no. 1 

ALEXA SAND Vision, Devotion, and Difficulty in the Psalter Hours of Yolande of Soissons 6
FUSAE KANDA Behind the Sensationalism: Images of a Decaying Corpse in Japanese Buddhist Art 24
TIMON SCREECH Pictures (the Most Part Bawdy): The Anglo-Japanese Painting Trade in the Early 1600s50
LYLE MASSEY Pregnancy and Pathology: Picturing Childbirth in Eighteenth-Century Obstetric Atlases 73
STEPHEN F. EISENMAN Communism in Furs: A Dream of Prehistory in William Morris’s John Ball 92
NINA ATHANASSOGLOU-KALLMYER Cézanne and Delacroix’s Posthumous Reputation 111
LESLIE TOPP Otto Wagner and the Steinhof Psychiatric Hospital: Architecture as Misunderstanding 130

Book Reviews 157

Books Received 171

Reviews Online 175

2005 June vol. 87, no. 2 

ADAM HERRING A Borderland Colloquy: Altar Q, Copán, Honduras 194
ETHAN MATT KAVALER Nature and the Chapel Vaults at Ingolstadt: Structuralist and Other Perspectives230
ANGELA VANHAELEN Iconoclasm and the Creation of Images in Emanuel de Witte’s Old Church in Amsterdam 249
JOSEPH M. SIRY Wright’s Baghdad Opera House and Gammage Auditorium: In Search of Regional Modernity 265
JUDITH BETTELHEIM Caribbean Espiritismo (Spiritist) Altars: The Indian and the Congo 312

Exhibition Review
SHARON E. J. GERSTEL The Aesthetics of Orthodox Faith (Byzantium: Faith and Power [1261-1557]. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York) 331

Book Reviews 342

U.S. Dissertations 353

Books Received 378  

Reviews Online 383

2005 September vol. 87, no. 3 

Editor’s Note 402

ALEXANDER NAGEL and CHRISTOPHER S. WOOD Toward a New Model of Renaissance Anachronism 403
CHARLES DEMPSEY Response: Historia and Anachronism in Renaissance Art 416
MICHAEL COLE Response: Nihil sub Sole Novum 421
CLAIRE FARAGO Response: Time Out of Joint 424
Nagel and Wood Reply 429

ANN MARIE YASIN Funerary Monuments and Collective Identity: From Roman Family to Christian Community 433
CECILY J. HILSDALE Constructing a Byzantine Augusta: A Greek Book for a French Bride 458
DAVID R. SMITH Portrait and Counter-Portrait in Holbein’s The Family of Sir Thomas More 484  
STEPHEN PERKINSON From Curious to Canonical: Jehan Roy de France and the Origins of the French School 507

Book Reviews 533

Books Received 549

Reviews Online 553

2005 December vol. 87, no. 4 

PETER SCOTT BROWN As Excrement to Sacrament: The Dissimulated Pagan Idol of Ste-Marie d'Oloron571
MITCHELL B. MERBACK Fount of Mercy, City of Blood: Cultic Anti-Judaism and the Pulkau Passion Altarpiece 589
CHRISTOPHER DREW ARMSTRONG Myth and the New Science: Vico, Tiepolo, and the Language of the Optimates 643
NANCY FORGIONE Everyday Life in Motion: The Art of Walking in Late-Nineteenth-Century Paris 664
SHANE MCCAUSLAND Nihonga Meets Gu Kaizhi: A Japanese Copy of a Chinese Painting in the British Museum 688

Exhibition Review
BARBARA LARSON The Artist as Ethnographer: Charles Cordier and Race in Mid-Nineteenth-Century France (Facing the Other: Charles Cordier, Ethnographic Sculptor. Dahesh Museum of Art, New York) 714

Book Reviews 723

Books Received 735

Reviews Online 741

2006 March vol. 88, no. 1 

ALEXANDER NEMEROV The Boy in Bed: The Scene of Reading in N. C. Wyeth’s Wreck of the “Covenant” 7
ERIC ROSENBERG Response: Romancing the Modern: Nemerov, Wyeth, and the Limits of American Art History 27
RACHAEL ZIADY DELUE Response: Seeing and Reading N. C. Wyeth and Robert Louis Stevenson 33
ALAN WALLACH Response: On Subliminal Iconography 42  
KATHLEEN PYNE Response: On Feminine Phantoms: Mother, Child, and Woman-Child 44
ALEXANDER NEMEROV The Author Replies 61

MEHMET-ALI ATAÇ Visual Formula and Meaning in Neo-Assyrian Relief Sculpture 69
ARIS SARAFIANOS The Natural History of Man and the Politics of Medical Portraiture in Manchester 102
STEPHEN BANN Photography by Other Means? The Engravings of Ferdinand Gaillard 119
JULIET KOSS On the Limits of Empathy 139

2006 June vol. 88, no. 2 

ELIZABETH MARLOWE Framing the Sun: The Arch of Constantine and the Roman Cityscape 223
ANDRÉE HAYUM A Renaissance Audience Considered: The Nuns at S. Apollonia and Castagno’s Last Supper 243
STEVEN F. OSTROW The Discourse of Failure in Seventeenth-Century Rome: Prospero Bresciano’s Moses267
VIVIEN GREEN FRYD The Ghosting of Incest and Female Relations in Harriet Hosmer’s Beatrice Cenci292
ANDREW M. SHANKEN The Uncharted Kahn: The Visuality of Planning and Promotion in the 1930s and 1940s 310
LABELLE PRUSSIN Judaic Threads in the West African Tapestry: No More Forever? 328
DAVID MCCARTHY Andy Warhol’s Silver Elvises: Meaning through Context at the Ferus Gallery in 1963354

Book Review Editor’s Note 
NANCY J. TROY, GEOFFREY BATCHEN, AMELIA JONES, PAMELA M. LEE, ROMY GOLAN, ROBERT STORR, JODI HAUPTMAN, DARIO GAMBONI: Interventions Reviews: Hal Foster, Rosalind Krauss, Yve-Alain Bois, and Benjamin H. D. Buchloh, Art since 1900: Modernism, Antimodernism, Postmodernism 373

Book Reviews 389

U.S. and Canadian Dissertations 403

Books Received 432

Reviews Online 438

2006 September vol. 88, no. 3  

MICHEL WEEMANS Herri met de Bles's Sleeping Peddler: An Exegetical and Anthropomorphic Landscape459
JILL BURKE Sex and Spirituality in 1500s Rome: Sebastiano del Piombo's Martyrdom of Saint Agatha 482
HANNEKE GROOTENBOER Treasuring the Gaze: Eye Miniature Portraits and the Intimacy of Vision 496
DOUGLAS FORDHAM Allan Ramsay's Enlightenment: Or, Hume and the Patronizing Portrait 508
SARAH BETZER Ingres's Studio between History and Allegory: Rachel, Antiquity, and Tragedie 525
JUNE HARGROVE Woman with a Fan: Paul Gauguin's Heavenly Vairaumati--a Parable of Immortality 552
ROBERT WILLIAMS AND CHRISTOPHER S. WOOD Andy Warhol’s Silver Elvises: Meaning through Context at the Ferus Gallery in 1963 567

Exhibition Review
SHEILA MCTIGHE The End of Caravaggio (Caravaggio: L'ultimo tempo 1606-1610, Museo di Capodimonte, Naples; Caravaggio: The Final Years, National Gallery, London) 583

Book Reviews 590

Books Received 609

Reviews Online 613

2006 December vol. 88, no. 4 

BISSERA V. PENTCHEVA The Performative Icon 631
CHRISTINA MARANCI Building Churches in Armenia: Art at the Borders of Empire and the Edge of the Canon 656
AMY NEFF Lesser Brothers: Franciscan Mission and Identity at Assisi 676
AMY POWELL A Point Ceaselessly Pushed Back: The Origin of Early Netherlandish Painting 707
MICHÉLE HANNOOSH Théophile Silvestre’s Histoire des artistes vivants: Art Criticism and Photography729
TERRY KIRK Framing St. Peter’s: Urban Planning in Fascist Rome 756

Book Reviews 777

Books Received 784

Reviews Online 789

Index 790

2007 March vol. 89, no. 1 

MICHAEL ANN HOLLY The Melancholy Art 7
STEPHEN MELVILLE Response: Epithalamium 18
HAYDEN WHITE Response: The Dark Side of Art History 21
KAREN LANG Response: The Far in the Near 26
STEPHEN BANN Response: Reasons to Be Cheerful 34
MICHAEL ANN HOLLY The Author Replies 40

LAURA AURICCHIO Self-Promotion in Adélaïde Labille-Guiard‘s 1785 Self-Portrait with Two Students 45  
MARGARET MACNAMIDHE Delécluze‘s Response to Delacroix‘s Scenes from the Massacres at Chios (1824) 63
CORDULA GREWE Historicism and the Symbolic Imagination in Nazarene Art 82
WEN-SHING CHOU Ineffable Paths: Mapping Wutaishan in Qing Dynasty China 108
CHARLES PALERMO The World in the Ground Glass: Transformations in P. H. Emerson‘s Photography 130

Exhibition Review
ALEX POTTS Robert Rauschenberg and David Smith: Compelling Contiguities 148

Book Reviews 160

Books Received 167

Reviews Online 177

2007 June vol. 89, no. 2 

EVA FROJMOVIC Giotto’s Circumspection 195
STELLA NAIR Localizing Sacredness, Difference, and Yachacuscamcani in a Colonial Andean Painting 211
SUSAN WALLER Realist Quandaries: Posing Professional and Proprietary Models in the 1860s 239
ANNE LEONARD Picturing Listening in the Late Nineteenth Century 266
ANNA INDYCH-LÓPEZ Mural Gambits: Mexican Muralism in the United States and the Portable Fresco 287
GORDON HUGHES Envisioning Abstraction: The Simultaneity of Robert Delaunay's First Disk 306
JULIA BRYAN-WILSON Hard Hats and Art Strikes: Robert Morris in 1970 333

Book Reviews 360

Books Received 402

Reviews Online 410

2007 September vol. 89, no. 3  

JONATHAN HAY The Mediating Work of Art 435  
PATRICIA BERGER Response: Shifting Biographies, Shifting Temporalities 463
EUGENE Y. WANG Response: Picture Idea and Its Cultural Dynamics in Northern Song China 435  
CHENG-HUA WANG Response: Trapped: A Northern Song Painting 486  
DAVID SUMMERS Response: How Is the Past in the Present? 493  
JONATHAN HAY The Author Replies 496  

CAROLYN DEAN The Inka Married the Earth: Integrated Outcrops and the Making of Place 502
LORENZO PERICOLO Visualizing Appearance and Disappearance: On Caravaggio's London Supper at Emmaus 519
ROBERT L. HERBERT Naive Impressions from Nature: Millet's Readings, from Montaigne to Charlotte Brontë 540  
TALINN GRIGOR Orient oder Rom? Qajar Aryan Architecture and Strzygowski's Art History 562  

Book Reviews 591

Addendum: U.S. and Canadian Dissertations 609  

Books Received 607  

Reviews Online 609  

2007 December vol. 89, no. 4  

FABIO BARRY Walking on Water: Cosmic Floors in Antiquity and the Middle Ages 627  
CHARLOTTE A. STANFORD The Body at the Funeral: Imagery and Commemoration at Notre-Dame, Paris, 1304–18 657
MICHELLE O’MALLEY Quality, Demand, and the Pressures of Reputation: Rethinking Perugino 674  
ALISON M. KETTERING Men at Work in Dutch Art, or Keeping One’s Nose to the Grindstone 694  
MICHAEL PAUL DRISKEL By the Light of Providence: The Glory Altarpiece at St. Paul’s Chapel, New York City 715
MARILYN R. BROWN Miss La La’s Teeth: Reflections on Degas and Race 738
DARIO GAMBONI Parsifal/Druidess: Unfolding a Lithographic Metamorphosis by Odilon Redon 766
CÉCILE WHITING A New England Lament: Charles Sheeler and Paul Strand in the 1940s 797  

Book Reviews 818

Books Received 827  

Reviews Online 833  

Index 835

2008 March vol. 90, no. 1 

TAMARA I. SEARS Constructing the Guru: Ritual Authority and Architectural Space in Medieval India 7
ALICIA WALKER Meaningful Mingling: Classicizing Imagery and Islamicizing Script in a Byzantine Bowl 32
MARK ROSEN The Republic at Work: S. Marco’s Reliefs of the Venetian Trades 54
STEFANIE SOLUM Attributing Influence: The Problem of Female Patronage in Fifteenth-Century Florence 76
LEO G. MAZOW Regionalist Radio: Thomas Hart Benton on Art for Your Sake 101

Book Reviews 123

Recent Books in the Arts 138

Reviews Online 150

2008 June vol. 90, no. 2 

CRISPIN BRANFOOT Imperial Frontiers: Building Sacred Space in Sixteenth-Century South India 171  
ANDREW SCHULZ Moors and the Bullfight: History and National Identity in Goya’s Tauromaquia 195  
SHAO-CHIEN TSENG Contested Terrain: Gustave Courbet’s Hunting Scenes 218
MARNIN YOUNG Heroic Indolence: Realism and the Politics of Time in Raffaëlli’s Absinthe Drinkers 235
EVA DÍAZ The Ethics of Perception: Josef Albers in the United States 260

Reviews 286

U.S. and Canadian Dissertations 307

Recent Books in the Arts 341

Reviews Online 346

2008 September vol. 90, no. 3  

CHRISTIAN K. KLEINBUB Raphael’s Transfiguration as Visio-Devotional Program 367  
PETER COOKE Gustave Moreau and the Reinvention of History Painting 394
ALICE Y. TSENG Kuroda Seiki’s Morning Toilette on Exhibition in Modern Kyoto 417  
ROSS ANDERSON The Medieval Masons’ Lodge as Paradigm for Peter Behrens’s Dombauhtte in Munich, 1922 441
ANNA C. CHAVE Revaluing Minimalism: Patronage, Aura, and Place 466  

Book Reviews 487

Recent Books in the Arts 501

Reviews Online 511

2008 December vol. 90, no. 4  

PARTHA MITTER Decentering Modernism: Art History and Avant-Garde Art from the Periphery 531
ALASTAIR WRIGHT Response: Thoughts on Difference in India and Elsewhere 549
REBECCA M. BROWN Response: Provincializing Modernity: From Derivative to Foundational 555
SALONI MATHUR Response: Belonging to Modernism 558
AJAY SINHA Response: Modernism in India: A Short History of a Blush 561
PARTHA MITTER The Author Replies 568

JACK M. GREENSTEIN The Body of Eve in Andrea Pisano’s Creation Relief 575
JENNIFER JANE MARSHALL In Form We Trust: Neoplatonism, the Gold Standard, and the Machine Art Show, 1934 597
CLAUDE CERNUSCHI and ANDRZEJ HERCZYNSKI The Subversion of Gravity in Jackson Pollock’s Abstractions 616

Exhibition Review 
KYMBERLY N. PINDER Missus Kara E. Walker: Emancipated, and On Tour (Kara Walker: My Complement, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love. Walker Art Center, Minneapolis) 640

Book Reviews 649

Recent Books in the Arts 659

Reviews Online 665

Index to Volume XC, 2008 666

2009 March vol. 91, no. 1  

ARIEL DORFMAN Picasso’s Closet 6
PEPE KARMEL Response: Suffering Machine: Ariel Dorfman and Picasso 30
PATRICIA LEIGHTEN Response: Artists in Times of War 35
MIEKE BAL Response: Ariel Dorfman’s Quest for Responsibility 44
ARIEL DORFMAN The Author Replies: Our Black-and-White Catastrophe 51

JUDY SUND Middleman: Antoine Watteau and Les Charmes de la Vie 59
JENNIFER JANE MARSHALL The Sultan’s Authority: Delacroix, Painting, and Politics at the Salon of 1845 83

Reviews 107

Reviews Online 122

2009 June vol. 91, no. 2  

STEPHANIE LEITCH Burgkmair’s Peoples of Africa and India (1508) and the Origins of Ethnography in Print 134
NORMA BROUDE G. B. Tiepolo at Valmarana: Gender Ideology in a Patrician Villa of the Settecento 160
LAURA MOROWITZ A Passion for Business: Wanamaker’s, Munkácsy, and the Depiction of Christ 184
BIBIANA OBLER Taeuber, Arp, and the Politics of Cross-Stitch 207

Reviews 230

Reviews Online 248

2009 September vol. 91, no. 3 

RACHEL KOUSSER Destruction and Memory on the Athenian Acropolis 263
ELENA BOECK Simulating the Hippodrome: The Performance of Power in Kiev’s St. Sophia 283
LYNN F. JACOBS Rubens and the Northern Past: The Michielsen Triptych and the Thresholds of Modernity 302
BRENDAN COLE Nature and the Ideal in Khnopff’s Avec Verhaeren: Un Ange and Art, or the Caresses 325
PHOEBE WOLFSKILL Caricature and the New Negro in the Work of Archibald Motley Jr. and Palmer Hayden 343

Reviews 366

2009 December vol. 91, no. 4 

MICHAEL SCHREFFLER Their Cortés and Our Cortés: Spanish Colonialism and Aztec Representation 407
EMMA BARKER Imaging Childhood in Eighteenth-Century France: Greuze’s Little Girl with a Dog 426
MATTHEW RAMPLEY Art History and the Politics of Empire: Rethinking the Vienna School 446
ROBERTA WUE Selling the Artist: Advertising, Art, and Audience in Nineteenth-Century Shanghai 463
KRISTA THOMPSON The Sound of Light: Reflections on Art History in the Visual Culture of Hip-Hop 481

Reviews 506

Reviews Online 527

Index to Volume XCI, 2009 528


2010 March-June vol. 92, nos. 1-2  

BYRON ELLSWORTH HAMANN The Mirrors of Las Meninas: Cochineal, Silver, and Clay 6
ADAM HERRING Response: Picturing Colonial Encounters 36
WALTER D. MIGNOLO Response: Las Meninas: A Decolonial Response 40
FELIPE PEREDA Response: The Invisible? New World 47
SUZANNE L. STRATTON-PRUITT Response: Why Drag in Velázquez? 52
EMILY UMBERGER AND FRANCESCA BAVUSO Response: Reflections on Reflections 54
BYRON ELLSWORTH HAMANN Interventions: The Author Replies 58

WINSTON KYAN Family Space: Buddhist Materiality and Ancestral Fashioning in Mogao Cave 231 61
RENZO BALDASSO Portrait of Luca Pacioli and Disciple: A New, Mathematical Look 83

Reviews 103

Reviews Online 114

2010 September vol. 92, no. 3 

MOLLY SWETNAM-BURLAND Aegyptus Redacta: The Egyptian Obelisk in the Augustan Campus Martius 135
AMARA L. SOLARI Circles of Creation: The Invention of Maya Cartography in Early Colonial Yucatán 154
RICHARD TAWS Material Futures: Reproducing Revolution in P.-L. Debucourt’s Almanach National 169
DARIUS A. SPIETH Giandomenico Tiepolo’s Il Mondo Nuovo: Peep Shows and the Politics of Nostalgia 188
ROSS BARRETT Rioting Refigured: George Henry Hall and the Picturing of American Political Violence 211
KEN D. ALLAN Ed Ruscha, Pop Art, and Spectatorship in 1960s Los Angeles 231

Reviews 250

Reviews Online 263

2010 December vol. 92, no. 4 

BRENDA LONGFELLOW Reflections of Imperialism: The Meta Sudans in Rome and the Provinces 275
ANGÉLICA J. AFANADOR-PUJOL The Tree of Jesse and the Relación de Michoacán: Mimicry in Colonial Mexico 293
PATRICIA L. REILLY Raphael’s Fire in the Borgo and the Italian Pictorial Vernacular 308
CHELSEA FOXWELL Merciful Mother Kannon and Its Audiences 326
TOM FOLLAND Robert Rauschenberg’s Queer Modernism: The Early Combines and Decoration 348

TERRY SMITH The State of Art History: Contemporary Art 366

Reviews 384

Reviews Online 396

Index to Volume XCII, 2010 398


2011 March vol. 93, no. 1 

FABIO BARRY The Mouth of Truth and the Forum Boarium: Oceanus, Hercules, and Hadrian 7
ROBERT H. SHARF The Buddha’s Finger Bones at Famensi and the Art of Chinese Esoteric Buddhism 38
JEEHEE HONG Theatricalizing Death and Society in The Skeletons’ Illusory Performance by Li Song 60
ELEANOR MOSEMAN At the Intersection: Kirchner, Kubišta, and Modern Morality, 1911–14 79

Reviews 101

Reviews Online 114

2011 June vol. 93, no. 2 

MARGARET A. SULLIVAN Bruegel the Elder, Pieter Aertsen, and the Beginnings of Genre 127  
ANNE L. SCHRODER Fragonard’s Later Career: The Contes et Nouvelles and the Progress of Love Revisited 150
JASON GAIGER Hegel’s Contested Legacy: Rethinking the Relation between Art History and Philosophy 178
ANDRÉ DOMBROWSKI History, Memory, and Instantaneity in Edgar Degas’s Place de la Concorde 195
ROBERT SLIFKIN Philip Guston’s Return to Figuration and the 1930s Renaissance of the 1960s 220

Reviews 243

Reviews Online 262

2011 September vol. 93, no. 3 

REBECCA MOLHOLT Roman Labyrinth Mosaics and the Experience of Motion 287
JOOST KEIZER Michelangelo, Drawing, and the Subject of Art 304
AMY FREUND The Citoyenne Tallien: Women, Politics, and Portraiture during the French Revolution 325
MICHAEL LOBEL John Sloan: Figuring the Painter in the Crowd 345

Reviews Online 384

Reviews 399

2011 December vol. 93, no. 4 

CONRAD RUDOLPH Inventing the Exegetical Stained-Glass Window: Suger, Hugh, and a New Elite Art 399
LIVIA STOENESCU Ancient Prototypes Reinstantiated: Zuccari’s Encounter of Christ and Veronica of 1594 423
JAMES M. CÓRDOVA Clad in Flowers: Indigenous Arts and Knowledge in Colonial Mexican Convents 449
CHRISTINE M. E. GUTH Hokusai’s Great Waves in Nineteenth-Century Japanese Visual Culture 468

Reviews 486

Reviews Online 502

Index to Volume XCIII, 2011 504


2012 March vol. 94, no. 1 

Editor’s Note

Regarding Art and Art History

Notes from the Field: Anthropomorphism

JULIA GELSHORN Two Are Better than One: Notes on the Interview and Techniques of Multiplication 32
PHILIP URSPRUNG Curiosity Is the Motor of the Entire Interview Project: Hans Ulrich Obrist in Conversation with Philip Ursprung 42

YUKIO LIPPIT Of Modes and Manners in Japanese Ink Painting: Sesshū’s Splashed Ink Landscape of 1495 50
ANDREI POP Henry Fuseli: Greek Tragedy and Cultural Pluralism 78
MONICA BLACKMUN VISONÀ Agent Provocateur? The African Origin and American Life of a Statue from Côte d’Ivoire 99

Reviews 130

Reviews Online
July–September 2011 144

2012 June vol. 94, no. 2 

Regarding Art and Art History

Notes from the Field: Appropriation

DAN KARLHOLM Misery, Beauty, and Other Issues: Linda Nochlin in Conversation with Dan Karlholm 187

SONYA S. LEE Repository of Ingenuity: Cave 61 and Artistic Appropriation in Tenth-Century Dunhuang 199
KISHWAR RIZVI The Suggestive Portrait of Shah ‘Abbas: Prayer and Likeness in a Safavid Shahnama 226
KATHERINE M. KUENZLI Architecture, Individualism, and Nation: Henry van de Velde’s 1914 Werkbund Theater Building 251
CHRISTINE POGGI Picasso’s First Constructed Sculpture: A Tale of Two Guitars 274

Reviews 299

Reviews Online 317

2012 June vol. 94, no. 3 

Regarding Art and Art History: Unexplained

Notes from the Field: Contingency

CAMMY BROTHERS, "A Way Must Be Found to Broaden Our Perspective": James Ackerman in Conversation with Cammy Brothers 362

JAŚ ELSNER Iconoclasm as a Discourse: From Antiquity to Byzantium 368
JESSICA MAIER Franceso Rosselli's Lost View of Rome: An Urban Icon and Its Progeny 395
ELIZABETH KINDALL Experiential Readings and the Grand View: Mount Jizu by Huang Xiangjian (1609-1673) 412
FREDERIC J. SCHWARTZ Architecture and Crime: Adolf Loos and the Culture of the "Case"437

Reviews 458

Reviews Online 472

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