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Publishing The Art Bulletin

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Decade: 2000s

2000 March vol. 82, no. 1 

SARAH GUBERTI BASSETT Excellent Offerings: The Lausos Collection in Constantinople 6
F.J.D. NEVOLA Per Ornato Della Cittá: Siena’s Strada Romana and Fifteenth-Century Urban Renewal 26
FREDRIKA H. JACOBS Aretino and Michelangelo, Dolce and Titian: Femmina, Masculo, Grazia 51
NANCY LOCKE Unfinished Homage: Manet’s Burial and Baudelaire 68
CHRISTIANE HERTEL Dis/Continuities in Dresden’s Dances of Death 83
SHERWIN SIMMONS Ernst Kirchner’s Streetwalkers: Art, Luxury, and Immorality in Berlin, 1913-1916 117
ANNA C. CHAVE Minimalism and Biography 149

DENNIS GERONIMUS The Birth Date, Early Life, and Career of Piero di Cosimo 164
LOUIS ALEXANDER WALDMAN Fact, Fiction, Hearsay: Notes on Vasari’s Life of Piero di Cosimo 171

Books Received 180

2000 June vol. 82, no. 2 

Editor’s Acknowledgments 194

ROSE WALKER The Wall Paintings in the Panteón de los Reyes at León: A Cycle of Intercession 200
ETHAN MATT KAVALER Renaissance Gothic in the Netherlands: The Uses of Ornament 226
GIANCARLO FIORENZA Dosso Dossi, Garofalo, and the Costabili Polyptych: Imaging Spiritual Authority 252
ELENA CALVILLO Romanitá and Grazia: Giulio Clovio’s Pauline Frontispieces for Marino Grimanie 280
THOMAS MCGRATH Color and the Exchange of Ideas between Patron and Artist in Renaissance Italy 298
ANDREA BOLLAND Desiderio and Diletto: Vision, Touch, and the Poetics of Bernini’s Apollo and Daphne 309
CHARLOTTE KLONK Mounting Vision: Charles Eastlake and the National Gallery of London 331

George R. Bent A Patron for Lorenzo Monaco’s Uffizi Coronation of the Virgin 348

Book Reviews 355

American and Canadian Dissertations 374

Books Received 386

2000 September vol. 82, no. 3 

Editor’s Note 406

RUTH E. LEADER The David Plates Revisited: Transforming the Secular in Early Byzantium 407
PENNY HOWELL Jolly Learned Reading, Vernacular Seeing: Jacques Daret’s Presentation in the Temple 428
MELISSA HYDE The Make-Up of the Marquise: Boucher’s Portrait of Pompadour at Her Toilette 453
SUZANNE GLOVER LINDSAY Mummies and Tombs: Turenne, Napoléon, and Death Ritual 476
KENNETH JOHN MYERS Art and Commerce in Jacksonian America: The Steamboat Albany Collection 503
CHARLES COLBERT Spiritual Currents and Manifest Destiny in the Art of Hiram Powers 529
JENNIFER L. ROBERTS Landscape of Indifference: Robert Smithson and John Lloyd Stephens in Yucatán 544

Book Reviews 568

Books Received 601

2000 December vol. 82, no. 4 

JACQUELINE E. JUNG Beyond the Barrier: the Unifying Role of the Choir Screen in Gothic Churches 622
PHILIP COTTRELL Corporate Colors: Bonifacio and Tintoretto at the Palazzo dei Camerlenghi in Venice 658
GILES KNOX The Unified Church Interior in Baroque Italy: S. Maria Maggiore in Bergano 679
MARY VIDAL David’s Telemachus and Eucharis: Reflections on Love, Learning, and History 702
MARK ANTLIFF The Fourth Dimension and Futurism: A Politicized Space 720
JUDY SUND Beyond the Grave: Twentieth-Century Afterlife of West Mexican Burial Effigies 734

Book Reviews 768 

Books Received 786

2001 March vol. 83, no. 1 

Editor’s Note 6

MICHAEL W. COTHREN Why Did Louis de Rocherolles Commission a Stained-Glass Window for Beauvais in 1522? 7
SARAH BLAKE MCHAM Donatello’s Bronze David and Judith as Metaphors of Medici Rule in Florence 32
MARCIA POINTON Surrounded with Brilliants: Miniature Portraits in Eighteenth-Century England
GREGORY P. LEVINE Switching Sites and Identities: The Founder’s Statue at the Buddhist Temple Korin'in 72

The State of Art History
MIMI HALL Yiengpruksawan Japanese Art History 2001: The State and Stakes of Research 105
YOSHIAKI SHIMIZU Japan in American Museums - But Which Japan? 123

Exhibition Review
WENDY WASSYNG ROWORTH Re-thinking Eighteenth-Century Rome, The Splendor of Eighteenth-Century Rome. Philadelphia Museum of Art and Museum of Fine Arts, Houston 135

Book Reviews 145

Letters 169

Books Received 171

2001 June vol. 83, no. 2 

PAUL REHAK Aeneas or Numa? Rethinking the Meaning of the Ara Pacis Augustae 190
LAWRENCE NEES On Carolingian Book Painters: The Ottoboni Gospels and Its Transfiguration Master 209
C. JEAN CAMPBELL The City’s New Clothes: Ambrogio Lorenzetti and the Poetics of Space 240
LOREN PARTRIDGE The Farnese Circular Courtyard at Caprarola: God, Geopolitics, Genealogy, and Gender 259
ELIZABETH ALICE HONIG Desire and Domestic Economy 294
JONATHAN M. REYNOLDS Ise Shrine and a Modernist Construction of Japanese Tradition 316

The State of Art History
KATHERINE FISCHER TAYLOR Architecture’s Place in Art History: Art or Adjunct? 342

Book Reviews 347

Letters 365

U.S. Dissertations 2000 367

2001 September vol. 83, no. 3 

THOMAS DALE Monsters, Corporeal Deformities, and Phantasms in the Cloister of St-Michel-de-Cuxa 402
SUSAN E. NELSON Revisiting the Eastern Fence: Tao Qian’s Chrysanthemums 437
GEORGIA COWART Watteau’s Pilgrimage to Cythera and the Subversive Utopia of the Opera-Ballet 461
MICHAEL LEJA Fakhins and Icons 479
BABATUNDE LAWAL Àwòrán: Representing the Self and Its Metaphysical Other in Yoruba Art 498
BLAKE STIMSON Andy Warhol’s Red Beard 527

The State of Art History
DOUGLAS R. NICKEL History of Photography: The State of Research 548

Book Reviews 559

2001 December vol.  83, no. 4 

BRIGITTE BUETTNER Past Presents: New Year’s Gifts at the Valois Courts, ca. 1400 598
LARRY SILVER God in the Details: Bosch and Judgment(s) 626
THOMAS F. HEDIN The Petite Commande of 1664: Burlesque in the Gardens of Versailles 651
Nina Athanassoglou-Kallmyer Blemished Physiologies: Delacroix, Paganini, and the Cholera Epidemic of 1832 686
ANDREW CARRINGTON SHELTON Art, Politics, and the Politics of Art: Ingres’s Saint Symphorien at the 1834 Salon 711
ELIZABETH HUTCHINSON Modern Native American Art: Angel DeCora’s Transcultural Aesthetics 740

Book Reviews 757

2002 March vol. 84, no. 1 

MARIAN H. FELDMAN Luxurious Forms: Redefining a Mediterranean International Style, 1400-1200 B.C.E. 6
CYNTHEA J. BOGEL Canonizing Kannon: The Ninth-Century Esoteric Buddhist Altar at Kanshinji 30
ESTELLE LINGO The Greek Manner and a Christian Canon: François Duquesnoy’s Saint Susanna 65
ALBERT BOIME William Holman Hunt’s The Scapegoat: Rite of Forgiveness/Transference of Blame 94
ELIZABETH PRETTEJOHN Lawrence Alma-Tadema and the Modern City of Ancient Rome 115
ANDREW M. SHANKEN Planning Memory: Living Memorials in the United States during World War II 130

The State of Art History
MARK ANTLIFF Fascism, Modernism, and Modernity 148

Book Reviews 170

2002 June vol. 84, no. 2 

KATHERINE R. TSIANG Changing Patterns of Divinity and Reform in the Late Northern Wei 222
KATRIN KOGMAN-APPEL Hebrew Manuscript Painting in Late Medieval Spain: Signs of a Culture in Transition 246
CHRISTOPHER L. C. E. WITCOMBE The Chapel of the Courtesan and the Quarrel of the Magdalens 273
LOUIS ALEXANDER WALDMAN New Light on the Capponi Chapel in S. Felicita 293
ANNE BURKUS-CHASSON Between Representations: The Historical and the Visionary in Chen Hongshouís Yaji 315
ALAN WALLACH Thomas Cole’s River in the Catskills as Antipastoral 334

The State Of Art History
MARIËT WESTERMANN After Iconography and Iconoclasm: Current Research in Netherlandish Art, 1566-1700 351

Book Reviews 373

U.S. Dissertations, 2001 397

Books Received 409

2002 September vol. 84, no. 3 

FREDRIKA JACOBS (Dis)assembling: Marsyas, Michelangelo, and the Accademia del Disegno 426
PHILIP SOHM Caravaggio’s Deaths 449
MARC GOTLIEB The Painter’s Secret: Invention and Rivalry from Vasari to Balzac 469
CAROL GIBSON-WOOD Picture Consumption in London at the End of the Seventeenth Century 491

Exhibition Reviews
NINA EUGENIA SEREBRENNIKOV Pieter Bruegel the Elder: The Draftsman Revealed (Pieter Bruegel the Elder: Drawings and Prints. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York) 501
DAVID LUBIN Projecting an Image: The Contested Cultural Identity of Thomas Eakins (Thomas Eakins: American Realist. Philadelphia Museum of Art) 510

Book Reviews 523

Letter 539

Books Received 540

Book Reviews Online 548

Errata 549

2002 December vol. 84, no. 4  

HEPING LIU The Water Mill and Northern Song Imperial Patronage of Art, Commerce, and Science 566
STEPHEN J. CAMPBELL Fare una Cosa Morta Parer Viva: Michelangelo, Rosso, and the (Un)Divinity of Art 596
MICHAEL COLE The Demonic Arts and the Origin of the Medium 621
FINBARR BARRY FLOOD Between Cult and Culture: Bamiyan, Islamic Iconoclasm, and the Museum 641

The State of Art History
MICHAEL ANN HOLLY Mourning and Method 660

Exhibition Reviews
HOLLIS CLAYSON Some Things Bear Fruit? Witnessing the Bonds between Van Gogh and Gauguin. Van Gogh and Gauguin: The Studio of the South. The Art Institute of Chicago 670

Book Reviews 686

Errata 696

Letters 697

Books Received 701

Book Reviews Online 703

Index 704

2003 March vol. 85, no. 1

MARY-LOUISE TOTTON Narrating Animals on the Screen of the World 6
ROBERT BORK Into Thin Air: France, Germany, and the Invention of the Openwork Spire 25
MELISSA MCCORMICK Genji Goes West: The 1510 Genji Album and the Visualization of Court and Capital 54
MARIA RUVOLDT Michelangelo’s Dream 86
Jonathan Unglaub Poussin’s Esther before Ahasuerus: Beauty, Majesty, Bondage 114
AMY LYFORD Noguchi, Sculptural Abstraction, and the Politics of Japanese American Internment 137

The State of Art History
SHEILA S. BLAIR and JONATHAN M. BLOOM The Mirage of Islamic Art: Reflections on the Study of an Unwieldy Field 152

Exhibition Reviews
JOHN R. CLARKE Finding Lost Antioch: Exhibition, Catalogue, Programs (Antioch: The Lost Ancient City. Worcester Art Museum, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and the Baltimore Museum of Art) 185

Book Reviews 189

Books Received 201

Book Reviews Online 214

2003 June vol. 85, no. 2 

LAUREN HACKWORTH PETERSEN The Baker, His Tomb, His Wife, and Her Breadbasket: The Monument of Eurysaces in Rome 230
WEN C. FONG Why Chinese Painting Is History 258
EDUARDO DE J. DOUGLAS Figures of Speech: Pictorial History in the Quinatzin Map of about 1542 281
RICHARD E. SPEAR Scrambling for Scudi: Notes on Painters' Earnings in Early Baroque Rome 310
DAVID R. MARSHALL Piranesi, Juvarra, and the Triumphal Bridge Tradition 321
ANNE DYMOND A Politicized Pastoral: Signac and the Cultural Geography of Mediterranean France 353

The State of Art History
NATALIE BOYMEL KAMPEN On Writing Histories of Roman Art 371

Book Reviews 387

Letter 406

2003 September vol. 85, no. 3 

JOHN WILLIAMS Meyer Schapiro in Silos: Pursuing an Iconography of Style 442
PETER LOW You Who Once Were Far Off: Enlivening Scripture in the Main Portal at Vézelay 469
SARAH R. COHEN Rubens’s France: Gender and Personification in the Marie de Médicis Cycle 490
ANNABEL WHARTON Two Waldorf-Astorias: Spatial Economies as Totem and Fetish 523

The State of Art History
JOHN DAVIS The End of the American Century: Current Scholarship on the Art of the United States 544
SALLY M. PROMEY The "Return" of Religion in the Scholarship of American Art 581

Book Reviews 604

Books Received 622

Reviews Online 627

2003 December vol. 85, no. 4 

DANA E. KATZ The Contours of Tolerance: Jews and the Corpus Domini Altarpiece in Urbino 646
NEBAHAT AVCIOGLU A Palace of One’s Own: Stanislas I’s Kiosks and the Idea of Self-Representation 662
BRADLEY FRATELLO France Embraces Millet: The Intertwined Fates of The Gleaners and The Angelus 685
ROBIN E. KELSEY Viewing the Archive: Timothy O'Sullivan’s Photographs for the Wheeler Survey, 1871-74 702
JULIET KOSS Bauhaus Theater of Human Dolls 724
KRISTINA WILSON The Intimate Gallery and the Equivalents: Spirituality in the 1920s Work of Stieglitz 746
LISA FLORMAN The Difference Experience Makes in The Philosophical Brothel 769

Exhibition Review
LAURA WEIGERT Tapestry Exposed (Tapestry in the Renaissance: Art and Magnificence. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Edle Wirkung: Burgunder Tapisserien in Neuem Licht. Historisches Museum, Bern) 784

Book Reviews 797

Letter 814

Books Received 815

Reviews Online 820

Index 821

2004 March vol. 86, no. 1 

TRACY G. MILLER Water Sprites and Ancestor Spirits: Reading the Architecture of Jinci 6
JANET ROBSON Judas and the Franciscans: Perfidy Pictured in Lorenzetti’s Passion Cycle at Assisi 31
ANETA GEORGIEVSKA-SHINE From Ovid’s Cecrops to Rubens’s City of God in The Finding of Erichthonius 58
ZAHIRA VELIZ Signs of Identity in Lady with a Fan by Diego Velázquez: Costume and Likeness Reconsidered 75
EIK KAHNG L’Affaire Greuze and the Sublime of History Painting 96
MATTHEW S. WITKOVSKY Staging Language: Milĉa Mayerová and the Czech Book Alphabet 114

Book Reviews 163

Books Received 181

Reviews Online 189

2004 June vol. 86, no. 2 

Editor's Note 206  

JEROME SILBERGELD Beyond Suzhou: Region and Memory in the Gardens of Sichuan 207
NANCY SHATZMAN STEINHARDT The Tang Architectural Icon and the Politics of Chinese Architectural History 228
PATRICK DOORLY Dürer's Melencolia I: Plato's Abandoned Search for the Beautiful 255
CHARLOTTE HOUGHTON This Was Tomorrow: Pieter Aertsen's Meat Stall as Contemporary Art 277
SHEILA MCTIGHE Foods and the Body in Italian Genre Paintings, about 1580: Campi, Passarotti, Carracci 301 
SUSAN RATHER Benjamin West, John Gait, and the Biography of 1816 324  
THOMAS SINGER In the Manner of Duchamp, 1942-47: The Years of the Mirrorical Return 346
Book Reviews 370

U.S. Dissertations, 2003 390

Books Received 407

Reviews Online 413

2004 September vol. 86, no. 3 

EUGENE J. JOHNSON Portal of Empire and Wealth: Jacopo Sansovino's Entrance to the Venetian Mint. 430  
GIANCARLA PERITI From Allegri to Laetus-Lieto: The Shaping of Correggio's Artistic Distinctiveness 459  
MARIA H. LOH New and Improved: Repetition as Originality in Italian Baroque Practice and Theory 477  
JONATHAN UNGLAUB Poussin's Reflection 505  
WENDY BELLION Extend the Sphere: Charles Willson Peale's Panorama of Annapolis 529  
YU-CHIH LAI Remapping Borders: Ren Bonian's Frontier Paintings and Urban Life in 1880s Shanghai 550  
GENNIFER WEISENFELD From Baby's First Bath: Kao Soap and Modern Japanese Commercial Design 573

Book Reviews 599

Books Received 621

Reviews Online 627

2004 December vol. 86, no. 4 

SALLY J. CORNELISON Art Imitates Architecture: The Saint Philip Reliquary in Renaissance Florence 642
SHEILA BARKER Poussin, Plague, and Early Modern Medicine 659
PETER BENSON MILLER By the Sword and the Plow: Théodore Chassériau’s Cour des Comptes Murales and Algeria 690
TING CHANG Hats and Hierarchy in Gustave Courbet’s The Meeting 719
CAROL TROYEN Photography, Painting, and Charles Sheeler’s View of New York 731
KEITH MOXEY Impossible Distance: Past and Present in the Study of Dürer and Grünwald 750

Exhibition Review
GEOFFREY BATCHEN Light and Dark: The Daguerrotype and Art History (The Dawn of Photography: French Daguerrotypes, 1839-1855. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York) 764

Book Reviews 777

Books Received 788

Reviews Online 793

Index 794

2005 March vol. 87, no. 1 

ALEXA SAND Vision, Devotion, and Difficulty in the Psalter Hours of Yolande of Soissons 6
FUSAE KANDA Behind the Sensationalism: Images of a Decaying Corpse in Japanese Buddhist Art 24
TIMON SCREECH Pictures (the Most Part Bawdy): The Anglo-Japanese Painting Trade in the Early 1600s 50
LYLE MASSEY Pregnancy and Pathology: Picturing Childbirth in Eighteenth-Century Obstetric Atlases 73
STEPHEN F. EISENMAN Communism in Furs: A Dream of Prehistory in William Morris’s John Ball 92
NINA ATHANASSOGLOU-KALLMYER Cézanne and Delacroix’s Posthumous Reputation 111
LESLIE TOPP Otto Wagner and the Steinhof Psychiatric Hospital: Architecture as Misunderstanding 130

Book Reviews 157

Books Received 171

Reviews Online 175

2005 June vol. 87, no. 2 

ADAM HERRING A Borderland Colloquy: Altar Q, Copán, Honduras 194
ETHAN MATT KAVALER Nature and the Chapel Vaults at Ingolstadt: Structuralist and Other Perspectives 230
ANGELA VANHAELEN Iconoclasm and the Creation of Images in Emanuel de Witte’s Old Church in Amsterdam 249
JOSEPH M. SIRY Wright’s Baghdad Opera House and Gammage Auditorium: In Search of Regional Modernity 265
JUDITH BETTELHEIM Caribbean Espiritismo (Spiritist) Altars: The Indian and the Congo 312

Exhibition Review
SHARON E. J. GERSTEL The Aesthetics of Orthodox Faith (Byzantium: Faith and Power [1261-1557]. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York) 331

Book Reviews 342

U.S. Dissertations 353

Books Received 378  

Reviews Online 383

2005 September vol. 87, no. 3 

Editor’s Note 402

ALEXANDER NAGEL and CHRISTOPHER S. WOOD Toward a New Model of Renaissance Anachronism 403
CHARLES DEMPSEY Response: Historia and Anachronism in Renaissance Art 416
MICHAEL COLE Response: Nihil sub Sole Novum 421
CLAIRE FARAGO Response: Time Out of Joint 424
Nagel and Wood Reply 429

ANN MARIE YASIN Funerary Monuments and Collective Identity: From Roman Family to Christian Community 433
CECILY J. HILSDALE Constructing a Byzantine Augusta: A Greek Book for a French Bride 458
DAVID R. SMITH Portrait and Counter-Portrait in Holbein’s The Family of Sir Thomas More 484  
STEPHEN PERKINSON From Curious to Canonical: Jehan Roy de France and the Origins of the French School 507

Book Reviews 533

Books Received 549

Reviews Online 553

2005 December vol. 87, no. 4 

PETER SCOTT BROWN As Excrement to Sacrament: The Dissimulated Pagan Idol of Ste-Marie d'Oloron 571
MITCHELL B. MERBACK Fount of Mercy, City of Blood: Cultic Anti-Judaism and the Pulkau Passion Altarpiece 589
CHRISTOPHER DREW ARMSTRONG Myth and the New Science: Vico, Tiepolo, and the Language of the Optimates 643
NANCY FORGIONE Everyday Life in Motion: The Art of Walking in Late-Nineteenth-Century Paris 664
SHANE MCCAUSLAND Nihonga Meets Gu Kaizhi: A Japanese Copy of a Chinese Painting in the British Museum 688

Exhibition Review
BARBARA LARSON The Artist as Ethnographer: Charles Cordier and Race in Mid-Nineteenth-Century France (Facing the Other: Charles Cordier, Ethnographic Sculptor. Dahesh Museum of Art, New York) 714

Book Reviews 723

Books Received 735

Reviews Online 741

2006 March vol. 88, no. 1 

ALEXANDER NEMEROV The Boy in Bed: The Scene of Reading in N. C. Wyeth’s Wreck of the “Covenant” 7
ERIC ROSENBERG Response: Romancing the Modern: Nemerov, Wyeth, and the Limits of American Art History 27
RACHAEL ZIADY DELUE Response: Seeing and Reading N. C. Wyeth and Robert Louis Stevenson 33
ALAN WALLACH Response: On Subliminal Iconography 42  
KATHLEEN PYNE Response: On Feminine Phantoms: Mother, Child, and Woman-Child 44
ALEXANDER NEMEROV The Author Replies 61

MEHMET-ALI ATAÇ Visual Formula and Meaning in Neo-Assyrian Relief Sculpture 69
ARIS SARAFIANOS The Natural History of Man and the Politics of Medical Portraiture in Manchester 102
STEPHEN BANN Photography by Other Means? The Engravings of Ferdinand Gaillard 119
JULIET KOSS On the Limits of Empathy 139

2006 June vol. 88, no. 2 

ELIZABETH MARLOWE Framing the Sun: The Arch of Constantine and the Roman Cityscape 223
ANDRÉE HAYUM A Renaissance Audience Considered: The Nuns at S. Apollonia and Castagno’s Last Supper 243
STEVEN F. OSTROW The Discourse of Failure in Seventeenth-Century Rome: Prospero Bresciano’s Moses 267
VIVIEN GREEN FRYD The Ghosting of Incest and Female Relations in Harriet Hosmer’s Beatrice Cenci 292
ANDREW M. SHANKEN The Uncharted Kahn: The Visuality of Planning and Promotion in the 1930s and 1940s 310
LABELLE PRUSSIN Judaic Threads in the West African Tapestry: No More Forever? 328
DAVID MCCARTHY Andy Warhol’s Silver Elvises: Meaning through Context at the Ferus Gallery in 1963 354

Book Review Editor’s Note 
NANCY J. TROY, GEOFFREY BATCHEN, AMELIA JONES, PAMELA M. LEE, ROMY GOLAN, ROBERT STORR, JODI HAUPTMAN, DARIO GAMBONI: Interventions Reviews: Hal Foster, Rosalind Krauss, Yve-Alain Bois, and Benjamin H. D. Buchloh, Art since 1900: Modernism, Antimodernism, Postmodernism 373

Book Reviews 389

U.S. and Canadian Dissertations 403

Books Received 432

Reviews Online 438

2006 September vol. 88, no. 3  

MICHEL WEEMANS Herri met de Bles's Sleeping Peddler: An Exegetical and Anthropomorphic Landscape 459
JILL BURKE Sex and Spirituality in 1500s Rome: Sebastiano del Piombo's Martyrdom of Saint Agatha 482
HANNEKE GROOTENBOER Treasuring the Gaze: Eye Miniature Portraits and the Intimacy of Vision 496
DOUGLAS FORDHAM Allan Ramsay's Enlightenment: Or, Hume and the Patronizing Portrait 508
SARAH BETZER Ingres's Studio between History and Allegory: Rachel, Antiquity, and Tragedie 525
JUNE HARGROVE Woman with a Fan: Paul Gauguin's Heavenly Vairaumati--a Parable of Immortality 552
ROBERT WILLIAMS AND CHRISTOPHER S. WOOD Andy Warhol’s Silver Elvises: Meaning through Context at the Ferus Gallery in 1963 567

Exhibition Review
SHEILA MCTIGHE The End of Caravaggio (Caravaggio: L'ultimo tempo 1606-1610, Museo di Capodimonte, Naples; Caravaggio: The Final Years, National Gallery, London) 583

Book Reviews 590

Books Received 609

Reviews Online 613

2006 December vol. 88, no. 4 

BISSERA V. PENTCHEVA The Performative Icon 631
CHRISTINA MARANCI Building Churches in Armenia: Art at the Borders of Empire and the Edge of the Canon 656
AMY NEFF Lesser Brothers: Franciscan Mission and Identity at Assisi 676
AMY POWELL A Point Ceaselessly Pushed Back: The Origin of Early Netherlandish Painting 707
MICHÉLE HANNOOSH Théophile Silvestre’s Histoire des artistes vivants: Art Criticism and Photography 729
TERRY KIRK Framing St. Peter’s: Urban Planning in Fascist Rome 756

Book Reviews 777

Books Received 784

Reviews Online 789

Index 790

2007 March vol. 89, no. 1 

MICHAEL ANN HOLLY The Melancholy Art 7
STEPHEN MELVILLE Response: Epithalamium 18
HAYDEN WHITE Response: The Dark Side of Art History 21
KAREN LANG Response: The Far in the Near 26
STEPHEN BANN Response: Reasons to Be Cheerful 34
MICHAEL ANN HOLLY The Author Replies 40

LAURA AURICCHIO Self-Promotion in Adélaïde Labille-Guiard‘s 1785 Self-Portrait with Two Students 45  
MARGARET MACNAMIDHE Delécluze‘s Response to Delacroix‘s Scenes from the Massacres at Chios (1824) 63
CORDULA GREWE Historicism and the Symbolic Imagination in Nazarene Art 82
WEN-SHING CHOU Ineffable Paths: Mapping Wutaishan in Qing Dynasty China 108
CHARLES PALERMO The World in the Ground Glass: Transformations in P. H. Emerson‘s Photography 130

Exhibition Review
ALEX POTTS Robert Rauschenberg and David Smith: Compelling Contiguities 148

Book Reviews 160

Books Received 167

Reviews Online 177

2007 June vol. 89, no. 2 

EVA FROJMOVIC Giotto’s Circumspection 195
STELLA NAIR Localizing Sacredness, Difference, and Yachacuscamcani in a Colonial Andean Painting 211
SUSAN WALLER Realist Quandaries: Posing Professional and Proprietary Models in the 1860s 239
ANNE LEONARD Picturing Listening in the Late Nineteenth Century 266
ANNA INDYCH-LÓPEZ Mural Gambits: Mexican Muralism in the United States and the Portable Fresco 287
GORDON HUGHES Envisioning Abstraction: The Simultaneity of Robert Delaunay's First Disk 306
JULIA BRYAN-WILSON Hard Hats and Art Strikes: Robert Morris in 1970 333

Book Reviews 360

Books Received 402

Reviews Online 410

2007 September vol. 89, no. 3  

JONATHAN HAY The Mediating Work of Art 435  
PATRICIA BERGER Response: Shifting Biographies, Shifting Temporalities 463
EUGENE Y. WANG Response: Picture Idea and Its Cultural Dynamics in Northern Song China 435  
CHENG-HUA WANG Response: Trapped: A Northern Song Painting 486  
DAVID SUMMERS Response: How Is the Past in the Present? 493  
JONATHAN HAY The Author Replies 496  

CAROLYN DEAN The Inka Married the Earth: Integrated Outcrops and the Making of Place 502
LORENZO PERICOLO Visualizing Appearance and Disappearance: On Caravaggio's London Supper at Emmaus 519
ROBERT L. HERBERT Naive Impressions from Nature: Millet's Readings, from Montaigne to Charlotte Brontë 540  
TALINN GRIGOR Orient oder Rom? Qajar Aryan Architecture and Strzygowski's Art History 562  

Book Reviews 591

Addendum: U.S. and Canadian Dissertations 609  

Books Received 607  

Reviews Online 609  

2007 December vol. 89, no. 4  

FABIO BARRY Walking on Water: Cosmic Floors in Antiquity and the Middle Ages 627  
CHARLOTTE A. STANFORD The Body at the Funeral: Imagery and Commemoration at Notre-Dame, Paris, 1304–18 657
MICHELLE O’MALLEY Quality, Demand, and the Pressures of Reputation: Rethinking Perugino 674  
ALISON M. KETTERING Men at Work in Dutch Art, or Keeping One’s Nose to the Grindstone 694  
MICHAEL PAUL DRISKEL By the Light of Providence: The Glory Altarpiece at St. Paul’s Chapel, New York City 715
MARILYN R. BROWN Miss La La’s Teeth: Reflections on Degas and Race 738
DARIO GAMBONI Parsifal/Druidess: Unfolding a Lithographic Metamorphosis by Odilon Redon 766
CÉCILE WHITING A New England Lament: Charles Sheeler and Paul Strand in the 1940s 797  

Book Reviews 818

Books Received 827  

Reviews Online 833  

Index 835

2008 March vol. 90, no. 1 

TAMARA I. SEARS Constructing the Guru: Ritual Authority and Architectural Space in Medieval India 7
ALICIA WALKER Meaningful Mingling: Classicizing Imagery and Islamicizing Script in a Byzantine Bowl 32
MARK ROSEN The Republic at Work: S. Marco’s Reliefs of the Venetian Trades 54
STEFANIE SOLUM Attributing Influence: The Problem of Female Patronage in Fifteenth-Century Florence 76
LEO G. MAZOW Regionalist Radio: Thomas Hart Benton on Art for Your Sake 101

Book Reviews 123

Recent Books in the Arts 138

Reviews Online 150

2008 June vol. 90, no. 2 

CRISPIN BRANFOOT Imperial Frontiers: Building Sacred Space in Sixteenth-Century South India 171  
ANDREW SCHULZ Moors and the Bullfight: History and National Identity in Goya’s Tauromaquia 195  
SHAO-CHIEN TSENG Contested Terrain: Gustave Courbet’s Hunting Scenes 218
MARNIN YOUNG Heroic Indolence: Realism and the Politics of Time in Raffaëlli’s Absinthe Drinkers 235
EVA DÍAZ The Ethics of Perception: Josef Albers in the United States 260

Reviews 286

U.S. and Canadian Dissertations 307

Recent Books in the Arts 341

Reviews Online 346

2008 September vol. 90, no. 3  

CHRISTIAN K. KLEINBUB Raphael’s Transfiguration as Visio-Devotional Program 367  
PETER COOKE Gustave Moreau and the Reinvention of History Painting 394
ALICE Y. TSENG Kuroda Seiki’s Morning Toilette on Exhibition in Modern Kyoto 417  
ROSS ANDERSON The Medieval Masons’ Lodge as Paradigm for Peter Behrens’s Dombauhtte in Munich, 1922 441
ANNA C. CHAVE Revaluing Minimalism: Patronage, Aura, and Place 466  

Book Reviews 487

Recent Books in the Arts 501

Reviews Online 511

2008 December vol. 90, no. 4  

PARTHA MITTER Decentering Modernism: Art History and Avant-Garde Art from the Periphery 531
ALASTAIR WRIGHT Response: Thoughts on Difference in India and Elsewhere 549
REBECCA M. BROWN Response: Provincializing Modernity: From Derivative to Foundational 555
SALONI MATHUR Response: Belonging to Modernism 558
AJAY SINHA Response: Modernism in India: A Short History of a Blush 561
PARTHA MITTER The Author Replies 568

JACK M. GREENSTEIN The Body of Eve in Andrea Pisano’s Creation Relief 575
JENNIFER JANE MARSHALL In Form We Trust: Neoplatonism, the Gold Standard, and the Machine Art Show, 1934 597
CLAUDE CERNUSCHI and ANDRZEJ HERCZYNSKI The Subversion of Gravity in Jackson Pollock’s Abstractions 616

Exhibition Review
KYMBERLY N. PINDER Missus Kara E. Walker: Emancipated, and On Tour (Kara Walker: My Complement, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love. Walker Art Center, Minneapolis) 640

Book Reviews 649

Recent Books in the Arts 659

Reviews Online 665

Index to Volume XC, 2008 666

2009 March vol. 91, no. 1  

ARIEL DORFMAN Picasso’s Closet 6
PEPE KARMEL Response: Suffering Machine: Ariel Dorfman and Picasso 30
PATRICIA LEIGHTEN Response: Artists in Times of War 35
MIEKE BAL Response: Ariel Dorfman’s Quest for Responsibility 44
ARIEL DORFMAN The Author Replies: Our Black-and-White Catastrophe 51

JUDY SUND Middleman: Antoine Watteau and Les Charmes de la Vie 59
JENNIFER JANE MARSHALL The Sultan’s Authority: Delacroix, Painting, and Politics at the Salon of 1845 83

Reviews 107

Reviews Online 122

2009 June vol. 91, no. 2  

STEPHANIE LEITCH Burgkmair’s Peoples of Africa and India (1508) and the Origins of Ethnography in Print 134
NORMA BROUDE G. B. Tiepolo at Valmarana: Gender Ideology in a Patrician Villa of the Settecento 160
LAURA MOROWITZ A Passion for Business: Wanamaker’s, Munkácsy, and the Depiction of Christ 184
BIBIANA OBLER Taeuber, Arp, and the Politics of Cross-Stitch 207

Reviews 230

Reviews Online 248

2009 September vol. 91, no. 3 

RACHEL KOUSSER Destruction and Memory on the Athenian Acropolis 263
ELENA BOECK Simulating the Hippodrome: The Performance of Power in Kiev’s St. Sophia 283
LYNN F. JACOBS Rubens and the Northern Past: The Michielsen Triptych and the Thresholds of Modernity 302
BRENDAN COLE Nature and the Ideal in Khnopff’s Avec Verhaeren: Un Ange and Art, or the Caresses 325
PHOEBE WOLFSKILL Caricature and the New Negro in the Work of Archibald Motley Jr. and Palmer Hayden 343

Reviews 366

2009 December vol. 91, no. 4 

MICHAEL SCHREFFLER Their Cortés and Our Cortés: Spanish Colonialism and Aztec Representation 407
EMMA BARKER Imaging Childhood in Eighteenth-Century France: Greuze’s Little Girl with a Dog 426
MATTHEW RAMPLEY Art History and the Politics of Empire: Rethinking the Vienna School 446
ROBERTA WUE Selling the Artist: Advertising, Art, and Audience in Nineteenth-Century Shanghai 463
KRISTA THOMPSON The Sound of Light: Reflections on Art History in the Visual Culture of Hip-Hop 481

Reviews 506

Reviews Online 527

Index to Volume XCI, 2009 528
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