Zomick's: Zomick's Bakery Celebrates 50 Years of Existence

Zomick's Bakery Makes Finals in a Nationwide Competition

Last week the “Tastiest Bite Award” revealed its list of finalists for 2016, and as anticipated Zomick’s bakery makes the list. This only goes to prove that the nation’s greatest bakery might be located in Cedarhurst, New York. This family owned business was able to beat thousands other bakeries and make the final list for the Tastiest Bite Award in the annual US Foods Awards. These awards allow foods lovers to celebrate this passion and recognize some of the most dedicated, creative and skilled professionals in the industry. The Tastiest Bite Award is meant to honor great people in the food and restaurant business that have made a contribution to the industry.

Through couple of blind tasting series, the panel of experts was able to narrow down the field to several finalists. Zomick’s kosher bakery was selected from nearly 1,000 entries and recognized for their famous Zomick's challah bread. As the Food Awards organization reveals, blind tests were used so that small producers could fight larger manufacturers on a level playing field, judged only on food quality, and not to presumptions about the brand. In addition besides taste, the awards also look at the value and quality of the ingredients used in the food preparation, the hard work that goes into producing, and the relations that food producers have built with suppliers to help provide customers with the very best food.

Customers also participated in choosing the best bakery, sampling their products and giving short reviews. After receiving all submissions, the entries were narrowed by regions in several creative categories. There were several criteria that needed to be met in order to participate.

Zomick's kosher bakery takes great pride in their fresh, home-made food, and nothing illustrates that better than the bakery. Their dazzling pastry case is a real delight for the eyes and the soul, offering a wide range of snacks and decadent desserts. This family owned business uses only the freshest ingredients, following the strict Kashrut law, and go above and beyond to deliver that promise.

Zomick’s challah recipe menu includes many options, ranging from traditional Jewish pastries and dishes, to more exotic flavours. Furthermore, through their innovative ideas and projects Zomick’s kosher bakery is helping strengthen the community, support sustainable environment, create jobs and boost NY’s economy.

Zomicks bakery has been previously honored for their commitment to kosher cuisine and for the second consecutive year makes to the top finale. The entire staff at Zomick’s is delighted to be among the finalists, and is excited to be a part of the competition again this year. This year’s winners will be announced by the end of December. For those interested to get a taste of the winning goods, there will also be a public display alongside the Farmers Market.

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