Zomick's Challah Recipe

Zomick’s Challah Recipe

Challah is pillow-soft egg bread traditionally eaten with the Sabbath meal. The bread is pareve, which means it contains neither dairy nor meat, two food groups that should not be mixed, according to Kashrut, the Jewish dietary law. That means that challah can be eaten with either dairy or meat dishes. Zomick’s challah recipe dates back to more than hundred years ago, and even today, the bakery still uses the same original recipe.

Although the ingredients are simple, the process of making challah can be quite lengthy, and requires patience and creativity. The dough should be nicely kneaded and left to rise at least twice before baking. Braiding challah may seem complicated, and it definitely takes practice to create a beautiful final product, but if you put some effort into it, for sure it will eventually pay off.

This braided bread traditionally served at the Sabbath table has a certain holiness that differentiates it from any other variety of bread. What makes this Jewish soul food so special is the unique mitzvah given to women, which provides an opportunity for a blessing while separating the challah.

As already mentioned, Zomick’s challah recipe is documented as authentic and original, in accordance with the traditional Kashrut rules.  Generally speaking, making challah is a pretty straight-forward process. This bread tastes equally good as it looks amazing. Inside the pillow soft bread is simultaneously rich and slightly sweet. Preparing the dough doesn’t require any impressive skills, as it is only enriched with eggs and oil. A few tablespoons of sugar are usually added for sweetness. The real magic in this loaf comes from braiding it. Whether it is a 6-braid challah, a 3-braid or a round shaped one, the final product is a real treat for the eye. For Jewish high holidays customers usually look for Zomick’s challah recipe with 6-braids, or round shaped loaves. In order to make it shiny and give the bread that nice finishing touch, all you need to do is brush the top with an egg. No matter whether it is a small or a big celebration, there is nothing quite like a nice, fresh baked loaf of challah bread. And for those who are not so handy in the kitchen there is always the option to get one of Zomick’s challah recipe breads.

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