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Hotmail Login

Hotmail login refers to Outlook login . If you are new here, we guide you thoroughly and make you create new Hotmail login account. Hotmail account requires to Hotmail sign in action. Without Hotmail account you can not sign in or login your Hotmail account.Hotmail is now Outlook if you go through history of Outlook. You can find that, previously Outlook was know as Hotmail. According to Hotmail wikipedia, Hotmail is founded in 1996.


 Hotmail Login Page

Hotmail entry named login page. Http user go through email using registration info entry method. People enter login username. About Hotmail sign in page. Though Hotmail login sometimes does not load correctly. It shows error or blank page. Hotmail Outlook login page is main page, also called entry page.

How to go to Hotmail login page is not new question. New Hotmail login need to understand about MSN page with entry field. This login page has 2 important aspects. One account sign in and other account sign up.

Hotmail basic tutorial quote how to go to page officially. Connect PC Personal computer with internet. Wifi or data pack. Install favorite browsers to run website online. Then follow instruction.

Note: Sign in page and sign up page are two useful web page of Hotmail mail. Each has own input method.

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Hotmail Login Tips

Understand this Hotmail login is simple but required exact landing page and official way. This means, even though Hotmail login is easy, you have to go through official process.

Things before login to Hotmail: Before able to sign in Hotmail you need Hotmail or Outlook email account. Without email you can not login Hotmail inbox. Dont worry, if you new to Hotmail, we provide you complete guide to how to get Hotmail account through our Hotmail sign up section.

Hotmail Login With Pictures

  1. Open browser and type or go through directly to
  2. Double check address spelling because you may find many website look like Hotmail.
  3. After you press Enter button, you may see URL address other than

Note: your browser will show: address like See in picture below.

  1. This is login page, here you find two different field. Sign up field and sign in field. If you have already an account then go to sign in field and enter your full Hotmail address.
  2. Enter password.
  3. Tap Sign in button appears in blue color.

What to do for new Hotmail login user

Well, you are new then, you need to complete whole Hotmail sign up. Hotmail sign up is free and easy. You only need few minute to complete Hotmail sign up. Remember this, if you have any other alternative email address or mobile number then, Hotmail sign up becomes official. Sometimes Hotmail needs verification, so you need mobile number. Hotmail sends verification code through SMS (Small Message Service) or Call. You need to enter sent code in sign up stage.

So prepare mobile number to get code. Now we assume everyone has access to mobile phone. You can use family mobile number to get code. You can also make Hotmail account without mobile phone but when you forgot Hotmail password, then to get recovery code you are better to input mobile number in sign up stage.

Hotmail Login Other Names

Hotmail login also called Hotmail sign in. Hotmail sign in means sign in your Hotmail and enter Hotmail inbox. Hotmail also called Outlook, so Outlook login is another name of Hotmail. Some users also called Live login.ff

Dont confused Hotmail login, Outlook login, MSN login or Microsoft account login are same thing.

Hotmail Login Page

Hotmail logging is linked to the Outlook login. On the off chance that you’re a new user, it directs you to make a brand new Hotmail email login account which requires sign in action. Without a Hotmail account, one cannot sign.

At present, Hotmail is Outlook as you learn the Outlook’s history. One can find, Outlook was beforehand known as the Hotmail. As indicated by Hotmail Wikipedia, it is established in 1996.

Hotmail login  page

Hotmail login  page likewise called the entry page is the main home page. Http client has to go through email utilizing signup information entry process. Sometimes Hotmail email login here and there does not load well. It indicates blunder error and a blank page.

hotmail sign in

Way to visit Hotmail login email page

Step by step instructions to visit the Hotmail login email page isn’t the new inquiry.  New users for Hotmail email login need to comprehend about the MSN page with an entry field. The login page consists 2 essential aspects. 

Hotmail basic instructions provide with steps to reach their page officially. Install your favourite web browser to visit the site online and then follow the instructions.

  • Enter into address bar – or
  • Once you press the Enter button, you’ll get the given web address within the address bar.
  • You can see the Microsoft Corporation [US] within the URL bar
  • The is the official Hotmail Email Login Page
  • Find the Outlook logo in the page
  • Once you have the Hotmail MSN account, select the Sign in the blank field, and then enter your username along with the password to access the Outlook inbox.
  • Before attempting signing up, and you aren’t sure the official page is opened, read the Microsoft’s Privacy Policy
  • If additional assistance required, contact with the Google+ Hotmail Email login page.
  • The Hotmail login page links you with the Outlook login experts. They will tutor you to get acquainted with more features the Live account provides.

Tips for Hotmail login  

Comprehending the Hotmail login will be simple however requires precise landing page and in an official way. This implies, despite the fact that the Hotmail login is simple, you need to pass through the official process.

Before logging in to Hotmail you require Hotmail or the Outlook account. Without this, you won’t be able to login into Hotmail inbox. However, don’t stress over, in case you are new to the Hotmail, they give you the complete manual for getting Hotmail account in their section of Hotmail sign up.

Guide for New user to Hotmail login  

Since you’re new then you have to complete entire Hotmail signing up. It is free as well as simple. You just need a couple of moments to finish Hotmail signup. Keep in mind this, in the event that you have some other optional email address and mobile number, Hotmail signup will be official. Seldom, Hotmail requires verification; therefore you require a mobile number. They send you the confirmation code via SMS or the Call. You have to enter the code in the sign-up field.

So get your mobile number ready to receive the code. You can likewise create a Hotmail email account without using a mobile phone however when you forget your Hotmail password, at that point to get the recovery code it’s smarter to put the mobile number in the Hotmail login  field.

Other names for Hotmail login

Hotmail login is also called the Hotmail sign in which implies signing into your Hotmail account and entering email inbox. Additionally called the Outlook, therefore Outlook login can be called Hotmail. A few users likewise call the live login.

Don’t get confused with Outlook login, Microsoft account login, Hotmail login and MSN login. They are all same.

outlook login

Hotmail Signing Up Tutorial  

  • Visit the home page of Hotmail or Outlook. There is the Signup link at the bottom of the Hotmail login page.
  • Click the link then you will be in the signing up page. You will see the Outlook signup form. Fill all the required fields to get your new Hotmail email account.

Hotmail login using single code

The more secure method for logging into the Hotmail account can be done using a single code.

This technique for logging in keeps you from using your password. This might be wanted in the event that you are utilizing a PC which other individuals also utilize.

Utilizing the single code means you got to have a registered phone number with the Microsoft. In the event that you haven’t done as such, this option won’t be accessible to you.

Subsequent to asking for the single code, it’ll be sent to you via text message.

It is basically a temporary key yet you can utilize just once before it lapses.

  • To logging in your Hotmail account utilizing a single code, first, choose the option which you can find at the base of signup form page. Then you’ll be directed to the single code login page.
  • Then fill the designated field with your email address.
  • Enter your cell phone number which you Microsoft registered and then click on submit button. Shortly, you’ll get the single code by means of text. Upon receiving, enter that code on the following page and select login.
  • You will have then successfully logged into your account utilizing the single code.

On the off chance that you are experiencing issues logging in with the single code, you can request another code. Just a specific number of the codes are admissible inside any provided day period. Keep in mind, only the most recent code can be used – previously used codes wind up plainly outdated when another code is asked.

Hotmail login – troubleshooting

In the event that you can’t login to your account, you are able to recover it by following the given steps:

Before recovering the account, ensure you entered the correct username and password since you can mistype a character, or forgot to turn off the CapsLock.

In the event that you don’t quite remember your account details, or you’re as yet not able to log in to your account, you’ll have to recover the details following the process below:

If you do not remember your sign up details, or you are still unable to access your Hotmail account, you will need to recover your details using the procedure below.

  • To start, tap on the button ‘I can’t get to my record’ catch under the login field.
  • Next, disclose the reason to Microsoft behind why you’re experiencing issues logging in. Then select the right button and after that ‘Next’.
  • It will direct you to recovery page. Fill your email address in the provided field and then click Next.
  • In case that you might want to get the recovery details by means of your cell phone, it has the option. But, you should have your cell phone number linked to the Hotmail account to utilize this choice.
  • On the following page, pick where you might want to get the recovery code. It will be your optional email address and enter it the button ‘send the code’.
  • Open a new tab, log inusing the optional email address there will an email from the Microsoft which contains your recovery code.
  • In the initial window, select the ‘I have a code’ option and type the code in the designated field and hit the next button.
  • Now you can log in to your account with success.

In case your account was infiltrated by the third party, make certain to secure your information. You can do this by changing the login details instantly.

Protecting your Hotmail account

If you have a Hotmail account, protection ought to be your most top priority. You can find various ways to protect your Hotmail account. The initial step is to guarantee that your account is secured by a secret password. As a rule, longer the passwords, more secure your account.

You should attempt to stay away from typical words such as common dictionary words, your name references, family members, job or anything which is directly related to you like phone number and address.

Hotmail email login authentication 

Another approach to protecting your account is to use its two-step login authentication. This will provide an additional layer of security. You will need to enter the code sent in your preferred email address and phone every time you want to login to your Hotmail account.

To set up, go to Security settings which you can find the link with ‘More security settings’.

Select ‘Security and Privacy‘ from the flat menu and afterwards tap the ‘Greater security settings‘ connection.

Similar to accessing other sensitive information you should first verify your account.

Once, verified, go down where there is ‘Two Step Verification‘ link and click on the ‘Set up two-stage confirmation‘.

In the directed page, read all requirements and then click on the button with “Next” on it.

There will be a page stating ‘how else can we verify your identity?’ select the preferred destination from the list to receive the code – your phone number, email address or application.

Enter your personal details and hit next.

In case you think the process is sophisticated, you can opt to receive your code by means of the app which you can download it from Apple App Store and Google Play.

Why use Hotmail Sign in 

There are a significant number of reasons an account holder might need to utilize Hotmail for mailing purposes. The highlights that Hotmail gives are extremely useful to the account owners. Some of the reasons are explained below.

Free services

While it’s free to create an account with Hotmail, the recovery process is free too. The mailing services are free. Hotmail account is absolutely free wherever you might be on the planet right now. Moreover, it ensures the best administrations compared to other similar services.

The simple to use and send messages is an extremely attractive feature to the users. Hotmail gives a platform that empowers you to compose a message as well as reply easily. The received emails are likewise visible as well as effectively available.


It is exceptionally dependable. You can send as well as receive message instantly.  Other provided services include SkyDrive, along with Xbox live. Create an account with Hotmail, it won’t disappoint by any means. You will have the capacity to get new innovation benefits which no other similar platforms can provide.

Hotmail is exceptionally secure, and it accordingly gives affirmation to the clients that all their messages and records are protected. They have protection features which can detect the spam, and warn you beforehand.

It can be linked with various social media platform including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Hotmail makes its user experience and ease of use very friendly.

The clients can likewise utilize video calls as well as Skype services which are the features Hotmail provides.  With Skype by Hotmail, you can speak with loved ones and acquaintances or friends who are far from them. Video calls additionally ease correspondence between the account holders. All these features don’t cost a penny and are just linked with little charges. Without a doubt, Hotmail has turned into a progressive platform. Therefore, Hotmail login page is subsequently changing consistently because of these alluring features. Numerous clients are presently opting for better options by Hotmail services.

New Features

Hotmail is among the preferred email services out there. At present, Hotmail provides services to over 600 million users. Sources say over 60% messages seen on cell phone devices by means of mobile browsers and apps through Hotmail.

POP Access: It gives free of cost PoP access. Presently, users can download Hotmail messages on their PC whatever the email service your clients use.

Scanning and protection: Now Hotmail provides much more solid email filtering features along with security alert.

Login: Hotmail users can now log into their account via mobile phone number along with email address. Users can see the email as well as phone number stated in the username field in the main Hotmail login page


Amazing Features You Get When You Make A Hotmail Account

Two great programmers, Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith, introduced the world of internet with Hotmail- free web based email service in 1996. Their idea was to offer their users a free mail service. Within no time, hotmail became the leading email service providers across the world, making every internet user wishing to create and operate an email account with the most popular Hotmail. It was shortly taken over by Microsoft and is now referred to as “Windows Live Hotmail”. Hotmail’s popularity is high, but not many users know the actual reason behind it. Any person would be happier if he gets to know a much faster and easier way to do something they are doing in the present. Read below and know about the tips and tricks Hotmail offers its users.

Why Make A Hotmail account?

It is possible for you to delete your Windows Live Hotmail account and re-open it when you desire. You could also access your Windows Live Hotmail account with the iPhone Mail. Apart from being able to send and receive mails, you could also customize folders and better organize your mail box. With the help of filters, your inbox is better organized as now mails from specific people would be available in folders specified by you, hence organizing the whole experience. Hotmail customer support is also easily accessible whenever the need arises. In case you lose your password, password recovery is not at all a difficult task. You could easily retrieve your password and get access to your account. You could add default signature to each mail you send out, per your personal needs. You could also bookmark the Hotmail inbox, which means once you sign in, you would directly land in your inbox and need not fill ID and password each time. You could also easily change the appearance of your inbox by changing background image, fonts and font sizes per your tastes. With storage capacity of 2GB being offered, space would never fall short. Hotmail would also send you Weekly Hotmail tip if you subscribe for them, hence introducing you to newer and better things each week.

So, make a Hotmail account and enjoy a wonderful emailing experience.

How to Open A Hotmail Account?

In today’s fast paced technological world, to own an email account has become a necessity for everyone as it helps them stay advanced on activities, around the world. The web world boasts number of service provider that offers their service to create their email account like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmailetc.

The service of Hotmail began in the year 1996 by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia. It was one of the premium and first webmail services to be available. In 1997, Microsoft acquired it and till today, Hotmail is one of the leading providers of messaging services across the globe with 360 million users and is offered in 36 languages.

Steps to Open A Hotmail Account

  1. Open in your browser. You would see two options-sign in and ‘sign up now’. Click onto sign up now.
  2. Fill up the simple form with your personal details like full name and an appropriate email address for yourself.
  3. You would have to ensure the email ID you choose is unique and not been taken by any one before.
  4. When selecting a password, ensure it is more than 8 characters long. Using a combination of upper case and lower case, alphabets and numbers is a means of creating a strong password.
  5. Give in the details and ZIP code of your country of residence.
  6. Enter your birth date and gender
  7. To be more secure, also enter your phone number. If you have an alternate email address, do enter that too. Don’t fear intrusion of privacy.
  8. To confirm that you are not a robot, but a real person, enter the exact Captcha displayed.
  9. The above mentioned simple steps to open a hotmail account just takes maximum of 2 minutes of your time and gives you the path to enter the web world and stay connected for a lifetime, completely free!!

Checking your hotmail account email login

Hotmail was the best of email providers, it was that good that whenever you wanted to email someone or receive a message you could both send and receive, but nowadays there isn’t Hotmail, if you are asking yourself why, then it’s probably because Hotmail has changed a lot to become the new Outlook, a very good and fresh service that promised to be even better than Hotmail, and guess what? They are making that promise a reality.

Let’s talk about the history of Hotmail and Outlook, which for your information both are almost the same: Its real name was Microsoft Hotmail and it was a free email service launched on July of 1996, it was one of the first email services that just needed a website to work, its original creators were Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith, then in 1997 Microsoft bought it for 400 million dollars. Hotmail was famous because it has many services involved such as Skydrive, the email service itself, people look for it because it was free for everybody, also Microsoft had developed a software called MSN or Messenger in order to chat with the contacts linked to your email account. But Hotmail was becoming more and more obsolete and also it had many problems, so Microsoft made a change since July of 2012 to February of 2013. If you don’t remember Hotmail here you can see its logo: Since February of this year (2013) we can now enjoy of using instead of but this change was really incredible and also Microsoft made a lot of work on this project. Outlook works exactly the same as Hotmail because both are webmails but Outlook is more likely a Hotmail 2.0 it means that it has many features that are really new and the possibilities to make amazing emails and also to share files, documents, etc, are plenty. Outlook, as expected, comes with the design of the brand new operating system Windows 8 which has a metro style and it is very flexible in too many aspects. Also with the new Outlook you can link your email account with the Social Networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook; Outlook is not using MSN anymore, but instead Skype which is a better service because it allows chatting, talking and making videoconferences with the best quality ever.

There is more, with Skydrive you can do even more, because you can store more files, photos, music, etc., for you to feel relaxed. And of course the logo is:

If you really love and appreciate all the work made from the Microsoft Team then you should try Outlook and sending and receiving emails, but there is more, remember that your email account should be private, then it’s good to know that your information in Outlook is much secure nowadays than before because Outlook has developed a protection of information, also you could notice that you won’t find even a little ad block in Outlook. Enjoy your digital life no matter where you are.

Hotmail Sign Up

Hotmail sign up (Outlook sign up) get ready to have an email address on Outlook. Hotmail is leading free email service. Everyday, 50,000 thousands users come to sign up Hotmail. Come and join free Hotmail and get email account.

Some people says, Hotmail sign up as Outlook sign up.

Hotmail Sign Up Tutorial With Pictures

Visite or In end of Hotmail login page, find Sign up now link. See in picture below to find exact location of Outlook sign up link.

Go directly to website.

Click sign up now link. Now you are in sign up page. You see Outlook sign up form as below. Fill up all the fields to get Hotmail email.

Note: in url check you are on right sign up page. Confirm looking web address as You can copy this address and paste url address bar and hit enter to go directly Outlook sign up page.

Learn the process of making Hotmail from Hotmail mobile site.

Our Hotmail sign up tutorial explain how to sign up Hotmail with your own email address. As new Hotmail user, you have choice to choose or email address. If one not available then you can choose second. This means you have choice to choose Hotmail email or Outlook email.

create account hotmail

create account hotmail

This post gives step-by-step instructions on using your Hotmail sign up details (username and password) to access your email account.  Before using your Hotmail sign up information to log in, it is necessary for the user to to create a hotmail account (see instructions). After you sign up to Hotmail, you will be able to manage your email account, send and receive email, as well as update your security information. Should you be having issues signing in to Hotmail, please see our troubleshooting section below.

Hotmail sign up Step-by-Step

Once you are sure that you have registered you can easily sign up to your Hotmail account.

Step 1: Type your username (a.k.a. your email address) into the first text field, making sure to include the ‘’ part. It may also be if you opted for that domain when you originally registered the account.
If you provided your telephone number when your registered, you can also use this as you username.

  • Step 2: In the next field, type your password, remembering to use the correct case. Should you be having difficulty signing in, please see our troubleshooting section below.
  • Step 3: If you would like to stay signed in for a longer period of time, check the ‘Keep me signed in’ box. However, be aware that others may be able to gain access to your account if the device is used by other people. This option is only really suitable for private machines.
  • Step 4: Lastly, click ‘sign up’ to be forwarded to your email inbox. From here you can manage you email, as well as access Office Online, OneDrive and other Microsoft apps.

Hotmail sign up via single use code

A more secure way of signing into your Hotmail account is to do so using a single use code.

This method of signing in prevents you from having to use your password. This may be desired if you are using a computer thought other people also use.

Using a single use code requires you to have registered a phone number with Microsoft. If you have not done so, this option will not be available to you.

After requesting a single use code, it will be forwarded to you by text message.

A single use code is simply a temporary password but you can use only once before it expires.

  1. Step 1: To sign upto Hotmail using a single use code, first click this option at the bottom of the standard sign up form. You will be forwarded to the single use code sign up page.
  2. Step 2: Type your e-mail address into the designated text field.
  3. Step 3: Enter the mobile phone number thought you registered with Microsoft and click the submit button. You should get the code via SMS shortly. Enter the code on the next page and select sign up.

You have now successfully signed into your Hotmail account using a single use code. From here you can easily manage your e-mail.

If you are having difficulties finding in with your single use code, try asking for another code. Only a certain number of codes are permissible within any given 24-hour time period. Remember the only the latest code will be usable – older codes become obsolete as soon as a new code is requested.

Hotmail sign up – troubleshooting

If you are unable to sign up to your Hotmail account, you can recover your account by following the steps below.

Before going through the account recovery process, make sure thought you were user and password hopping entered correctly it is easy to mis-type one character, or to forget to turn off capitalization your keyboard.

If you do not remember your sign up details, or you are still unable to access your Hotmail account, you will need to recover your details using the procedure below.

To begin, click the ‘I can’t access my account’ button under the sign-in form.

Next, tell Microsoft the reason why you are having difficulty signing in. Simply select the appropriate radio button and then ‘Next’.

This will take you to the account recovery page. Type in your email in the given field and select next.

If you would like to receive your recovery details via mobile phone, you can also select this option here. However, you will need to have a mobile phone number associated with your account to use this option.

On the next page, choose where you would like to receive your recovery code. This will more than likely be your alternative email address. Enter this email on select ‘send the code’.

In a new browser window, sign up to your alternative email account and open the email from Microsoft containing the recovery code.

In the original browser window, select ‘I have a code’ type cover the code into the designated text area, afterwards clicking next.

You should now be able to sign upto your account successfully.

If your account has been infiltrated by a third-party, be sure to protect your information by changing your sign-in details immediately.

See the next section on changing your Hotmail sign up password should this be the case.

How to change your Hotmail password

To change your Hotmail password, sign upto your account in the usual way and then click on ‘settings’ > ‘options’.

You will be forwarded to the options panel from where are you should choose ‘Account details-password, addresses and timezone.’

On this page, click the ‘Security and privacy’ menu item on the far right. Under the ‘Account security’ heading, click ‘Change password’.

Before you change your password, you have to verify thought you are the owner of the account by typing in a verification code that will be sent to your secondary email account.

You will have entered this email address when you originally created the account.

Type in your secondary email and select ‘Send code’.

Create a new window in your Internet riser sign up to your secondary email account.

Type in your secondary email and select ‘Send code’.

You can now proceed to enter your new password.

Securing your Hotmail account

As the owner of a Hotmail account, account security should be a top priority.

There are a number of ways in which you come increase the security of your Hotmail account.

The first step is to ensure that your Hotmail account is protected by a secure password.

Generally speaking, longer passwords are more secure.

You should try to avoid common words that might be found in a dictionary, as well as references to your name, the names of family members, profession or anything that has a direct relationship with you, such as your phone number or address.

You can get more information on creating a secure password by reading this post here.

Hotmail two-step authentication: set-up

Another way to secure your Hotmail account is to set up two-step authentication. This adds an extra layer of protection by requiring you to enter a code sent to the email address or phone of your choice each time you wish to sign up to Hotmail.

To set this up, navigate to the Security settings in your account via the options menu. Select ‘Security and Privacy’ from the horizontal menu and then click the ‘More security settings’  link.

As usual when accessing or changing sensitive information you will need to verify the account (see instructions in the ‘How to change your password’ section above).

After you have verified, scroll down until you get to ‘Two Step Verification’ and click ‘Set up two-step verification’.

On the following screen, read through the requirements and hit the ‘Next’ button.

hotmail two verification

On the ‘How else can we verify your identity?’ page choose where Hotmail should send the code. You can choose a phone number, an email address or app from the dropdown.

Enter your details and click Next.

If you find the process cumbersome, you can choose to get your code via app. This can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Hotmail sign up for mobile

To sign up to Hotmail on your mobile device, you come of course simply open your mobile browser and sign up in the normal way.

However, most people find it easier to sign up using the Hotmail app.

This is significantly more convenient, particularly if you access Hotmail regularly from your mobile device.

To install and sign up using the Hotmail application, follow the steps below. These instructions are written for users of the Android operating system.

To begin open Google Play and search the App store either ‘Hotmail’ or ‘’.

Tap the first search result ‘Microsoft Outlook’. Don’t be disconcerted that it doesn’t say ‘Hotmail’ – they are the same service.

Tap the green ‘Install’ button.

To provide the service, the app needs to access certain information on your phone. If you agree to allow the app access these details, tap the green ‘Accept’ button.

When the app has finished downloading and has installed you will be given the option to open it – tap the green ‘Open’ button.

Next, link your Hotmail account to the app. On the ‘Add an Account’ screen choose ‘’ from the options available.

On the sign up screen, enter your Hotmail email address and your password in the designated text fields.

Click sign up.

You have successfully signed in to your Hotmail account on your mobile device.

Hotmail Sign In

How to use the Hotmail Sign In services

Hotmail was formerly termed as the Window Live Hotmail. It is one of the well-known devices that Microsoft provides for free email services. Actually the name Hotmail does to still exist because in 2012. Microsoft did change its name to outlook. Com.

hotmail sign in

The history of Hotmail

Hotmail is the oldest free email service which was launched in the year 1996. It was then originally called the Hotmail and was founded by two people, Jack Smith, and Sabeera Bhatia. Hotmail sign in was then available to the users till the August 2012 when Microsoft renamed it to be The older Hotmail version had features such as spam filters and virus detecting services. The use of hot mail was very simple since it only required simple sign in Hotmail procedures. Today the use of Hotmail is very popular, and many users are happy with the new features introduced. The future of Hotmail is to ensure that the customers get the best services possible. The service that is of much of interest is the security of the users.

The difference between Hotmail and Gmail

Both Gmail and Hotmail are free platforms that provide email services. They do have some differences though. The main difference is that they belong to different companies, Hotmail web belongs to Microsoft while Gmail is based on Google. Hotmail is highly secured compared to Gmail. Hotmail has a medium to scan users’ emails. Hotmail offers more connections than the Gmail. Commonly, the Hotmail connects to Twitter, Google, and others while Gmail supports only a few social media. In Hotmail, it is possible to mark a message as reading with one click, unlike the Gmail. Hotmail offers viewing and editing services, for the word documents and the Excel documents. Gmail has an integrated Google Wallet that enables sending of money. Gmail has a limited space of a maximum of 15GB while the Hotmail offers unlimited storage space. The Gmail accounts are very volatile, unlike the Hotmail accounts. When a user does not use the account for nine months in Gmail, it will be blocked. Hotmail login restrictions is quite fair, that is it only expires if not used for nine months.

Why Microsoft claims that Hotmail is no longer available

With the revolution of Microsoft, it has changed so many of its features. In the year 2012, some of the Microsoft services were banned some were integrated, and others were made independent. For the Hotmail service, Microsoft did plan to completely phase out the service, and make a replacement with the Windows Live Mail. Eventually it did really scrap out the Hotmail service. Instead, it introduced a new service, the Outlook. Com. This service has newer features that replaced the older features in Hotmail; some include the user interface that was upgraded. The rebrand made people get confused and thought that Hotmail was completely scrapped out. Hotmail sign in has not changed.

Simple steps on how to create Hotmail account

Hotmail sign up is a bit lengthy procedure to follow, the following are the stepwise procedures to follow;

  1. The initial thing to do is to launch the official website. The homepage that you need to use is the Once you are on the homepage, you will be surprised to see the outlook page that opens. This should not puzzle you. Actually, Hotmail was rebranded to In the page, commonly at the bottom, you will find an option that directs you to open an account. Once you click on the option, you will be directed to the sign-up page. The Hotmail sign up page does require some personal information to be provided.
  2. Once you are on the sign-up page, the initial input that is required is the first and the last names. The names that you provide will be visible to other people when you send them a mail.
  3. The next requirement is the username. In most cases, the username will add up to your email. Therefore when housing the username, you can even provide other accounts.
  4. Sign in Hotmail does require the password for security issues. This is an essential step to take. The choice of a password should be very careful and safe. The password will help to prevent cases of hackers and other internet misuses. The password that is required should be strong enough. The password should be long enough and should have alphabetical characters together with numeric to enhance security and the strength of the password.
  5. Other personal information’s that are required include the country of origin, date of birth and gender. This information is very important for privacy issues.
  6. Next requirement is the contact address. The contact address in most case is the phone number that the person is currently using. This is used as a protective measure as one will be notified whenever another user tries to log in with a different gadget. The phone number provided should begin with the specific country code.
  7. This step requires the person to verify that they are actually human. The characters for verification can be numbers or alphabetical characters. Alternatively, to write the characters, you may choose to listen to the words. If the words are hard, there is an option of requesting for a new character.
  8. This is an optional requirement; you may choose to tick or like the promotional box. Once you decide to subscribe to the promotional services you have an option to opt out anytime you want.
  9. The final thing to do is to click the Create button that is found at the bottom of the fully filled information. If the information that you provided is invalid or incomplete, you will be redirected to correct the information. When all information is correct, your account will be automatically created and by creating it means you have accepted all terms and conditions.

How to recover the Hotmail account

Your Hotmail account may expire if not used for a long time. You may also forget the password to your account, and you want it recovered. Recovery is very simple; it involves providing the correct information that you provided when creating the account. Recovery also needs the provision of the correct security answers to the security questions that you provided when signing up.

The recovery steps are very simple; it involves the following simple steps;

  1. The initial step is to visit the Hotmail homepage website that is you go to
  2. In the homepage, you will find the option of recovery at the bottom of the login button. What you have to do is to click in that “can’t access your account” box.
  3. The next thing that you will see after clicking the button is the option of “I forgot my password’. Actually, there are many options provided, but you must choose the one that you are interested in.
  4. The reset popup comes up immediately you click the button above. ‘Reset your password” button will then be ticked.
  5. Before the last step, verification is necessary. The Captcha box is the next thing to fill. The correct characters must be filled. If the captcha is hard, you have an option of requesting for new characters. Once you have given the correct captcha, then next is to click the “next” button.
  6. For one to receive a new password, one should provide an email address alternative to the one used during sign up. The email address will then enable you to successfully reset your password.
  7. With all the correct information provided, you need to click the “submit” button. A pop-up message will notify you that your recovery link has been sent to your email. The next thing that you need to do is to login into your email to receive the recovery link.
  8. The recovery link provided in the email will direct you to Hotmail sign in the platform. Here you will be asked to provide a new password and confirm it. The password is the created, and you can use to sign into your account.

The simple procedure on how to login Hotmail      

To login into Hotmail is very simple. It only requires correct details. The following is a simple procedure to log in;

  1. You need to launch official website of Hotmail login page. Although the page was changed to outlook, the old details are still valid to be used when logging in. Log in Hotmail s very simple and to the point, unlike the other platforms that become hectic when logging in. The simplicity makes the Hotmail to be loved by many since no one wants the hustle of logging in.
  2. Sign in Hotmail is very simple, you will be required to fill in your email address, then followed by a valid password. If you have forgotten the password, then you need to recover it. When using personal computers, you will be asked whether you want to computer to remember your password. It is important to tick the option since it will help you when logging in.

There is another option that is provided by the Hotmail, to be used when logging in. This is an option of simply signing in with a single code. The limitation of using the code is that it is only provided once.

The importance of using Hotmail sign in

There are so many reasons why you may want to use Hotmail exclusively to send and receive emails. The features that Hotmail provides are very helpful to the users. The following are some of the attractive reasons for the users;

  1. Hotmail services are free. As the users do access free services to first create the Hotmail account. When recovering the account too, it is totally free. Additionally, sending and receiving of a message is totally free. Hotmail sign in is totally free to all users all over the world. It is also available to everyone in the globe and it guarantees the best services that one else has been able to provide.
  2. The ease with which the messages can be sent is very attractive. The Hotmail do provide a platform that enables the composing of messages and also for replying to the messages. The messages received are also visible and easily accessible.
  3. It is very reliable. One can receive instant messages. Other powerful services offered are the SkyDrive, and the Xbox live. Sign in Hotmail, and you will not regret at all. You will be able to get the new technology services that no other platform can offer.
  4. Hotmail is very secure, and it thus provides assurance to the users that their messages and accounts are safe. They do have security measures that can detect scams, and thus warn the user.
  5. It is able to connect to social media services, such as Twitter and LinkedIn. It makes the use of Hotmail enjoyable to the user that is it is user-friendly.
  6. The users can also use the video calls and chat in Skype with the enabled features of Hotmail. The features make the Hotmail platform to be user-friendly. With the Skype provided by the Hotmail, one can communicate with friends and families who are far away from them. The video calls also ease communication between the users. The features above are free and are only associated with small charges. Indeed Hotmail has become a revolutionary platform. The Hotmail sign in is thus increasing due to this attractive features. Many users are now opting for the best option of Hotmail service.
  7. The speed with which Hotmail sends and receives messages is very good. It does not have any delays of any kind. You are always assured of receiving instant messages, and you are also sure of sending the message with high speed. You need to sign in Hotmail to enjoy the services.



Hotmail free web based email service. Probably first in term of free email service provider. Founder of Hotmail are Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. Hotmail is founded in 1996. After Microsoft purchase Hotmail it is changed to Outlook.

Hotmail is free web based email. Now with new features Hotmail has changed to Outlook. Over 450 million subscribers are enjoying Hotmail. Get your now.

Some users also call Hotmail MSN account. Make Hotmail account.

Features of Hotmail mail includes, free email, best email filter system. Probably second best email service after Gmail. Hotmail login user can sync their account with Microsoft services OneDrive to store docs and files online with free up to GB.

5 minute of sign up action, get Outlook account and start composing email. You can send or keep it draft. Draft features of Hotmail present awesome tools to keep docs, and files without having extra knowledge like how Hotmail OneDrive works or how cloud storage online storage service works.

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Hotmail 2016 New Features

Hotmail is one of the top email service. Hotmail has more than 600 million active users as per 2016. Source says over 60% emails opened on mobile phone via mobile browsers and mobile app.

HOTMAIL POP Access: Hotmail provides free PoP access to its user. Now, people can download Hotmail email on their computer from any email clients.

Scanning and security: Now Hotmail offers even more strong email scanning features and security alert in the name of Outlook.

Mobile phone or email address: Hotmail subscribers can log in their account not only using email but also via mobile number. People can see email and phone number word in username field of Hotmail sign in page.

Hotmail sync with Office online: now subscriber can edit their email docs and attachment online using Microsoft Office Online service with the help on Hotmail. Login office online and edit document without downloading to computer.

Single file attachment: in Hotmail single file attachment can be up to 25MB. This size is huge for document. With the help of Hotmail and Skydrive you can send up to 10GB file in single email. In Hotmail advance tips we cover about how to get maximum in Hotmail.

Hotmail Alexa Rank: Hotmail Alexa ranks as per 2016 March shows Hotmail is under 5000 top website.

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