Common Causes of North Carolina Trucking Accidents

By Asheville Truck Accident Lawyer Lakota R. Denton – Nov 2018

Being involved in an accident involving a commercial truck or 18-wheeler is often a frightening and upsetting experience. Due to the length and mass of commercial motor vehicles, truck accidents often create significant and permanent injuries. These intricate accidents require an attorney who has the experience and knowledge to take care of commercial trucking claims.

Lakota R. Denton is an experienced Asheville truck accident lawyer that focuses on motor vehicle accidents including 18-wheeler and big rig trucking accidents that occur in the North Carolina area.

Reasons for Asheville NC Trucking Accidents

Driving a vehicle can be hard work. This is especially true when you make it a full-time job and spend hours on the road every day. That’s why I wanted to take the time to look at some common causes of trucking accidents to be aware of – and if you do find yourself in a North Carolina truck accident, the Asheville truck accident attorneys can help. 

1- Fatigue

I mentioned that driving is tiring work, but I want to make the dangers posed by driving while tired very clear. Being overworked and driving long distances with little rest can lead to drivers working while fatigued. This, in turn, can easily lead to reduced coordination and concentration, which significantly increases the chance of accidents.    Getting proper sleep is key for everyone but if you’re driving an 18 wheeler big rig, you really need your sleep.

2- Speeding

Driving too fast is another common cause of Asheville NC trucking accidents. It can be easy to drive more quickly than you should, especially when you’re on the road every day. It’s important to pay attention to posted speed limits and adhere to them at all times – they are posted for your safety, after all.   The reason people would be speeding is to make up time so they can get more sleep, so it’s a vicious circle.

3- Distractions

Distracted drivers also cause many Asheville truck wrecks. These distractions come in all different forms, too. Some drivers might be talking on the phone or texting while driving, which is extremely dangerous and leads to many car accidents every year. Sometimes, however, drivers simply glance away from the road for a moment to change the radio station or reach for a napkin and end up in an accident as a result. 

Semi truck accidents are often catastrophic. Serious, disabling injuries are more likely to happen in accidents involving 18-wheeler trucks than in accidents involving passenger vehicles.

Victims of commercial trucking accidents frequently have long hospital stays and months or years of physical therapy, in-home care, and other treatment ahead of them. An experienced Asheville truck accident attorney can be key in making sure you are compensated fairly for your injuries.

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