Ziko Roberto


Happy birthday images I walked through the empty city and asked myself what had happened. Was I dead and this is paradise? If so, damn few people had received an entrance ticket. Wherever I went, I seemed to be the only living being on God's green earth, which was not very green in Berlin anyway, but who cares. I went back home and opened the door. Nothing had changed, and there was no one there. The clock claimed it was 17:30, and my mother usually came home around 4:00 pm. Now she was not there.

Happy birthday images I went back to the place where I had hurt Sandra, where I had cut off her eye with the cursed knife in my hand. There was the car, four flat tires, there was the blood on the paving stones, but even here I saw no man. Sandy? I whispered. I'm fine, John, I've lost an eye, but I'm fine. Where are you, where is anyone? Westend Hospital, first floor, room 122. Take a bike and come here. Today all bikes belong to you! I ran to the hospital, I knew where it was, twenty minutes walk about. In front of a shop I saw two bicycles, neither chained or locked, and I took one. Everything belonged to me.

Happy birthday images I'm coming, Sandy! I know. No hurry, we all have time in the world. I shook my head and laughed. As I was cycling on a stolen bike, talking to the empty world, I received answers from a girl I might have even killed in my head. What are you laughing about? This is the craziest dream I've ever had, I giggled, but I think he likes me. This is not a dream, John. Come here, I'll explain everything. I even have tea for you. I cycled up the ramp and across the entrance hall. I did not expect anyone and there was no one. The lights were on, the elevator worked. I left the bike in the lobby and drove up to the first floor. There I knocked on the door, and this time I heard Sandra's voice with my ears.

Happy birthday images Come in, John. I entered, and there she was. Three beds, but only one patient, Sandra. No nurses, no doctors, no visitors. Hi, Sandy, nice to see you alive. Hi, I did not know how good you look without these worn-out and shabby clothes. It's crazy, but true. I noticed at that moment that I was naked. I just did not register it. Sandra smiled. No reason for excitement, you can not go from one world to the other except the bare body, everything you carry or have in your hands will be left behind, if you want you can grab a bathrobe necessary, but important is that you feel comfortable and have no problems.

Happy birthday images She pulled away the bedspread and got up, she too was naked. She showed me where the bathrobes hung. Take what you want, we'll find other clothes out there, if you want. There we were. Two naked seven year old children in an empty world. I looked at her right eye. It looked normal, happy birthday images but I knew it was blind. Right, John. We do not wear scars or injuries in this world, but what is missing is lacking, be it the light of the eye or, for example, hearing. Can you read My Mind? I can read yours and you mean. We do not need to open our mouths to entertain us. This is possible, but it takes longer.

I tried it instantly: Can you hear me? She grinned at me and nodded. Can I. But for me this is nothing new. I looked back at her blind eye and said, I think I should tell you how much I'm sorry for ... I did not want to hurt you, I had no idea you were so close behind me.  It was an accident, John, and it's all right, there's https://milkyway.cs.rpi.edu/milkyway/team_display.php?teamid=155157 no such thing as guilt or disgrace or punishment or fear, I know you never wanted to hurt me. We did not wear bathrobes. It did not matter if we wore something or not. We sat down on her bed and Sandra told me about this world. Happy birthday images.