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Gmail is a free email service provided by Google Inc and integrated with other Google services like Google Docs, Google Drive and YouTube. Google also offers premium services to businesses through G Suite. There’s also an HTML version of Gmail called Gmail Basic and the Gmail mobile app.


Gmail is the abbreviation of Google Mail, Gmail is a free service provided by Google that allows users to send and receive e-mail over the Internet. Gmail was originally considered a joke as it was announced on April 1, 2004.

Gmail Login, How to sign in to your

As you are new to Gmail, and if you are not sure, how to login to Gmail, then you are in right place. Below you can learn, how to login to Gmail.

Step 1: Gmail Sign In

To login to your Gmail account, first of all, visit or


Step 2: Gmail homepage

+ 2a: In most of the cases, when you visit, you will be taken to Gmail login page. Sometimes, you will be taken to Gmail homepage.


+ 2b: In case, if you are taken to Gmail homepage, then look for ” Gmail Sign in” button and click on it. you will be taken to Gmail login page. In case, you are directly taken to the login page, then follow the below steps.


Step 3: Enter Gmail Account Password

+ 3a: On Gmail login page, you have to enter your registered Gmail address.


+ 3b:

  • Click on next
  • You’ll be taken to a page, where you have to enter the password.
  • Enter the password, respecting upper case and lower case letters, and click on login

+ 3c: The login transition may take few seconds to proceed, till then you see this screen.


You just successfully logged into your Gmail account.


Note: Below are few points to keep in mind, while logging into your Gmail account.

Your registered email address is not case sensitive. Either you enter or, it won’t make a difference.

  • Since you are logging into, you need not to enter, you can directly enter your registered email address. if you registered Gmail address is, you can simply enter “example” in place of your email address. you need not to type during Gmail login.
  • Gmail password is case sensitive. If your password contains upper case letters and lower case letters, then you have to enter them carefully. If you enter upper case letter in place of lower case letters, you will get a warning saying ” wrong password “. So please be careful while entering the password.

Hope it helps. In case if you have any questions, feel free to comment below.