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What you need to know about an Epilator?

Tired of spending hours to get the perfect, smooth skin free from unwanted hair? Looking for a way to avoid razor cuts on your leg? We have got the product you need in your life. Watch all your problems disappear with this hair removal device known for working its magic in a matter of minutes.

What is it?

Let’s talk about the device in case you’ve come across it for the first time. An epilator is a device that helps to remove unwanted hair. It works with the aid of tweezers and rotating discs attached to it which grab the hair from the root and pull them out. This means it gives you the same results like a wax session does.
The size of the epilators makes it a portable device that can be squeezed into your handbag or suitcase easily. This is why an epilator is essential for those who travel often. The best part is, they are guaranteed to work on all types of hair. In fact, it has been noticed to make your hair grow back even thinner in size and growth once you start using it frequently.

Reasons why you need an epilator

Budget-friendly device

Has it become increasingly difficult for you to squeeze in time for a wax session every month out of your hectic schedule? Everyone prefers choosing a method that is cost-friendly. So instead of spending cash on expensive creams, razors and wax strips, spending money today on an epilator will work more likely in your favor. This machine will require no extra spending on your part after you’ve paid for it.

Quick fix in emergencies

In today’s time, we are always in search of ways to get something done quickly and achieve the best results at the same time! If you’re running late for work or if you have a party to be at in 10 minutes, you are going to leave the house with great-looking skin if you have an epilator lying around. Itis going to work in minutes leaving you with a beautiful and silky smooth skin to flaunt and feel good in!

Why is it better than waxing?

A lot of people find wax sessions to be time-consuming since not only does the process take time, there is also a lot of cleaning up involved after. Only a few people can master the art of waxing. This would mean exerting extra energy and spending excessive amount of time on something that does not even give the desired results. So, for those of you who are looking to get the finishing results as great as waxing gives, they need the epilator. That way you can save up a lot of time to do your necessary chores or some extra sleep.

Does it hurt?

The process of pulling out hair completely will hurt when you try it out for the first time. Give the device a chance to prove itself to you by using it frequently and you’ll find the pain bearable soon enough. However, if you still feel like you can’t handle it, then you should grab an epilator during a shower and use it when your pores open up allowing the skin to be in a relaxed state. The best epilator to use during a shower would have to be the waterproof ones like theBraun Silk Epil 9 or the Philips Satinelle HP6401.

So which one is the best?

If you’re on a search for the best epilator, look no further. Braun Silk-Epil, now available with a 40% wider head, guarantees removal of your facial hair with the aid of its Micro Grip Tweezer Technology allowing the long and wide tweezers to give a new, better dimension to epilating in comparison to waxing. A pulsating vibration helps to reduce the pain and irritation, allowing you to experience a gentle epilating session. Moreover, the Pivoting Head will help adjust to all body contours so you get to put in less effort.

What about the face?

To find the best epilator for face, you need the perfect tool to not just give your face a smooth, gentle feel but also be the right product for your hair. Whether you have thick or thin facial hair, the Braun 820 works on your upper lip, forehead, sideburns, chin, cheeks and even has the ability to remove hair near your eyebrows. It even comes with a cleansing brush to handle all the dirt in your deep pores. You are bound to consider this a worthwhile purchase once it proves itself to remove up to 0.02mm finest facial hair. Visit beautishe for the complete review on facial epilators.

Before purchasing

Picking what works best

Choosing the best epilator out of all available in the market is not an easy task. Let’s make your trip to the store a bit shorter. If you are someone who prefers shaving during the shower to save time, you can do that with a waterproof epilator as well. Go for an epilator available with a rechargeable battery to avoid the hassle of recharging.

After purchasing

Always exfoliate

Finding extra on the body is a pretty normal sight. If you have heard your friends or people talking about it, you should know there is a way to fix it. Switch up your routine byexfoliating before epilating and you’ll find no sign of extra hair.

Quick tips


It is always best to get all the knowledge and experiences people share to gain all the confidence you need before picking up a new item from the store. It is time you find a better alternative to the constant trips to the parlor or spending cash on razors or essentials creams. Watch epilators handle the sensitive side to your skin!

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