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Top Out-of-the-box Ideas For Wedding Favor Boxes


Being the party planner might have been on the hitlist and you have always planned every little gathering with intricacy to details. But when you talk about the wedding day, you are extra careful about everything because after all, it is your wedding day and you want everything to go normally. So, you’ve already worked your way around the centrepieces, hourly bites, and cocktails. 

But in all this quest, you must never forget about the wedding favor boxes because that’s how you are going to thank your family and friends for gathering up for your big day. These favour boxes need to be appealing and practical enough that everyone falls in love with them. In this article, we have added different yet out-of-the-box ideas for the wedding favour boxes. So, have a look!

Drawstring Bags 

These favour boxes will clearly bring off the festive outlook and you can wrap up cookies and other baked treats. After the amazing food at your wedding, people will be happy with these treats. You can plant these packed goodies on the dessert table and enjoy the sweetness! 

Suitcase Boxes


Well, these boxes are perfect for everyone who wants and love to travel. This is because these suitcase-themed boxes will complement your attitude, style, and taste. As for the inner components, it is better to add the country-specific candies because it will give the real taste your preferences and adventurous spirit. 


Mason Jars

This has to be most different and practical out there if you are planning a rustic wedding integrated with love. You can use the mason jars and fill them up with candies. On the other hand, if you are planning the country wedding, you might even add a small succulent as it makes the perfect decoration piece. 

Chalkboard Jars

These jars are the perfect containers for every wedded couple that wants to offer the sweet. You can add the chalkboard and put on the name of the guests. This entire set will create a customized outlook and your guests will remember the efforts for life. 

Pineapple Boxes 

No, we aren’t talking about adding the sweets into the pineapple cartridge, but we are talking about the pineapple-shaped favour boxes. These boxes are apt for beach weddings because they create an amazing outlook for tropical weddings. So sweet and appealing!

Tin Boxes 

These are the perfect favour boxes if you are into environment-friendly options. This is because you can clean up the tins and plant some little plants in the tin. This will not only make a favour box but also, it will make an apt decoration piece. 

Small Glass Bottles

Your guests will have all the champagne at your wedding but when it comes down to the favour boxes, you need to be vigilant about ideas. So, in case you are having the ocean wedding, you can take small glass bottles, fill them with shells and white sand that makes a memory for guests and good souvenir of your wedding, how thoughtful!