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Technology Is The Staple For This New Normal World


Eating a bat shouldn’t wreak havoc as it did for the year 2020, yes, we are talking about the COVID-19 which has limited everyone to their homes and four walls. The economies are crippling down, and businesses are closing down. Huge brands have stated bankruptcy, and Starbucks have permanently closed their coffee shops around the globe.

Employees are being laid off, and the crippling impact of coronavirus has impregnated the world. But is everything and every brand is drowning in waste? We don’t think so because some sectors have boomed during this time. Huawei experienced an increment in tablet sales, given the notion of work and school from home and unavailability of iPads in China. 

The online shopping leader, Amazon, has hired more than one lac, new warehouse workers because online shopping has increased the demand for products and goods. The college senior come billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg, stated the explosive increase in messaging and video calling on different social media platforms. But this isn’t all!

Microsoft experienced a surge in the number of online collaborations, which increased by 40% in the first week. Netflix had already taken over the box office sales, but with the closure of cinemas and theatres, YouTube and Netflix have outlined a new audience base. The pandemic has surely confined everyone to closed spaces, but it has enhanced reliance on technology. 

With this being said, the biggest tech rivals are gearing up for the audience because it’s mutually beneficial to them and the audience. This notion clearly outlines the new normal of digitalization and technology boom. In this article, we have outlined how the surge in online shopping and work from home has changed the paradigms of the tech sector. 

Data-Enabled Healthcare 

It seems like all other ailments and diseases have gone in the background because everyone is getting tested for COVID-19 and gaining the obvious treatment. However, this new information about the majority of the population has led to the development of widespread records. This data is really beneficial to outline the trends of different medical conditions. 

Also, the healthcare data has transformed into an opportunity for AI specialists, empowering them to design high-end solutions. These solutions will help reduce consumer anxiety because healthcare experts are able to outline the advanced solutions, helping them cope during these uncertain times. For instance, FluPhone is already working and measuring the spread of influenza. 

Digital Business Models 

Long gone the times when product-focused operations were the niche for businesses because digital business models are new yet successful roars out there. For instance, Nike, Best Buy, and Wayfair have started devising resistance in their business because they are adapting to the stable and scaled digital alternatives. The AI assets and data could be diversified to third-parties. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the digitalized economy is expected. 


The online shopping trends are increasing since everyone is ordering online with the closure of physical stores. The boom is evident in sanitary products, health products, and tinned food along with the pasta. This trend is here to stay because even if the world goes back to normal, online shopping is hassle-free and matches impeccably with the hectic and tight schedules. our purpose to write this article about innovations during covid pandemic