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National Guy’s Valentine’s Day Coming Soon!


But what most people do not know is that a month later, is the National Guy’s Valentine’s Day, and now that you know this, you might have some questions you want to be answered about this silent holiday. Don’t worry, we’ll answer them.

You might be asking if this is a real holiday, and yes it is, but its origin is a bit unusual.  March 14th became the National Guys Valentine’s Day because of Tom Birdsey a DJ for the WFNX radio station in Boston, Massachusetts.

Okay, let’s start with the first thing -- yes this is a real holiday although the way it came about is a little unusual. While performing in 2002 he proposed the idea of Guy’s Valentine’s Day which he nicknamed using an adult word. But of course, with a name like that people didn’t take it seriously. Although the proposal seemed silly and made in jest, it seemed like a good idea.  But with a name like that, the holiday would only be celebrated in secret by adults.

The Modern Guy’s Valentine’s Day

 So now you know the satirical origins of the March 14th Valentine’s Day, let’s see the present-day view. In 2016, the retail company LoveWorks®, started serious campaigns to popularize Guy’s Valentine’s Day.

A spokesperson for LoveWorks®, Heather Williams spoke on the importance of Guy’s Valentine’s Day saying “Guys are rarely the ones getting the attention they need (but won’t admit to needing) from their partners, and their partner’s families. We want to encourage a broader base of people to show their appreciation and affection for the men in their lives”. Heather also talked about the kindred nature of the holiday as anyone could participate in it.

So now that you have the modern view of Guy’s Valentine’s Day, you might be asking if the February 14th Valentine’s Day isn’t for men also.

The Valentine’s Day Conundrum

While we all know that Valentine’s Day is a day for the celebration of couples' love, you can’t deny the fact that it is mostly focused on females. Statistics show that the majority of the gifts bought for that day are for women.

LoveWorks® has also attested to this fact as the ratio of female gifts to male gift bought during that period is really high.  Male gifts are usually left on the shelves for longer than female gifts. And while Valentine’s Day isn’t technically a female’s holiday, it has become one unofficially in recent times.

 This has made some men feel left out.

In many ways, the Guy’s Valentine’s Day is a good thing because it allows both sexes to enjoy a day all to themselves, which is similar to the way Asian countries celebrate a similar reverse holiday.

Asian countries like Korea, Japan, and Taiwan celebrate the 14th of February with women buying and giving gifts to their partners, while the men reciprocate on the 14th of March; this day is known as the White day and was created so that men and women could each have individual days of affection.

Guy’s Valentine’s Day gives us a second day that we can appreciate each other.

Celebrating Guy’s Valentine’s Day

Now that you understand the reason behind the celebration of Guy’s Valentine’s Day, we should look at the fun aspect of celebrating it.

LoveWorks® has now made Guy’s Valentine’s Day to look more like the modern Valentine’s Day, as you can share gifts and presents with both male partners and male friends/family members: it isn’t just for couples or romantic partners.

On Guy’s Valentine’s Day, you can celebrate friendships with men close to you, by buying them beer, or taking them out to see a game; or spending a night in – Netflix and chill style for just the two of you.

Men in long-term relationships feel as if they are not being appreciated which can cause feelings of isolation and sadness down the road.

Guy’s Valentine’s Day offers a solution to that and ensures that men in relationships feel that they are loved. You too can celebrate this day in your own way.

March 14 is Guy’s Valentine’s Day – make your plans now!